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BBB Accredited Business Benefits

Peace of Mind - Consumers want to do business with someone they can trust. That’s why nearly 1.5 million consumers each year call this BBB, or visit our website, before making their buying decisions. Four out of five consumers say they would be more likely to buy from, or hire, a BBB Accredited Business because they can trust that the company has met and agreed to uphold the BBB’s high standards for ethical business practices. 

In a competitive marketplace, BBB Accreditation assures consumers that they are choosing a business with a proven track record for being honest, reliable and responsive. Since consumers often compare multiple companies, being accredited gives you a competitive edge.

Business Reviews - As a BBB Accredited Business, you will have a full-page, BBB Business Review that will build consumer confidence 24/7 by providing background information and business history. Your BBB Business Review confirms your Accreditation, excellent rating, dependable reputation, and commitment to marketplace ethics.

Referral Lists - Every day, hundreds of consumers ask the BBB to refer them to reliable and trustworthy businesses. By visiting and clicking on Find A BBB Accredited Business, consumers can search by key words, or they can select from a list of business categories to view BBB Accredited Businesses in their area. This feature allows the BBB to refer you to consumers who need your products/services and who are ready to spend money. What is it worth for you to be on the BBB referral list? What might it cost you not to be on it?

Request A Quote – This new feature allows anyone who views your BBB Business Review online to email you directly to receive a quote by providing their name, phone number, email address and best time to contact them, in addition to a description of their project.

Mediation and Arbitration  These cost-saving services are available to all BBB Accredited Businesses. Professionally-trained mediators and arbitrators will assist in resolving any consumer disputes that may arise between you and your customers that you cannot resolve yourself. BBB mediation and arbitration are fast, fair and inexpensive ways to settle disputes without going to court.

News & Alerts - As a BBB Accredited Business, you will receive business tips, news and alerts on the latest frauds and scams, and information about upcoming BBB programs on a monthly basis.

Accounts Receivable Collections – Collecting money you are owed can be difficult and time-consuming. The BBB has teamed up with VeriCore, LLC to provide discounted collections services to BBB Accredited Businesses that need assistance with slow or non-paying accounts.