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Madison Avenue Closeouts

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03/10/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

11/11/2014 I purchased 2 lots of Designer Handbags
for $4047.00 They were damaged, I since have returned and still have not received a refund.

On 11/11/2014 I purchased 2 Designer Handbag Lot on the reccomendation of Owner **********. When I received the Handbags they were damanged. I notified **** Immediately, left messages and emails that there was an issue. I was not returned a call within over 10 days. I finially recieved a message saying they were out of town and would get back to me as soon as possible and would work out the problem with me she requested picture and descriptions. on 11/24 spoke **** she had all the information pictures and had agreed that there has been a horrible mistake, she said even though I purchased from her she bought fromthe liquidation co. and they shipped directly to me and that she did not see the merchandise before it was send to me and was so sorry and wished they send her the goods instead of me. She was in total agreement that something was wrong and that the merchandise was indeed damaged. On Novemeber 30 I sent an email for an update and what was going to be done the last I had spoken to **** was on the November 24 and I still was not told of a resolution even though I was send damanged goods.Dec. 3rd **** requested that now I send pictures of the boxes and tha lables and tags so she can send to the liquidation Co. and I complied again. All information was send on Dec. 3rd On Dec. 8n I send another email asking for an update, by now I have sent everything that I was asked to send and I was loosing the holiday season selling on my online store
On Dec. 23 I sent another email stating my concern and my disappointment with the whole transaction. At this point **** form ******* Avenue Closeout is not taking responsibility for the transaction she claims it is mine and the liquidation company problem but she is working for me trying to help me and has requested to put in a claim on my behalf, I can not speak with the liquidation Company because I do not have an account with them. But she is claiming she is not responsible because it shipped directly from them and she is only the middle man. On *** 8th I recieved an email that had a copy email attatched for the liquidation comany that stated this:
fwd- " I was able to determine that these lots were indeed mislabeled as refurbished on the auction. As far as options, if your client would like to have the goods picked up and returned to us we can issue a full credit. Or, I can issue a credit for the difference between what she paid, and what these would normally have been priced at as a non-refurbished premier lots."
But then it was followed by and email from **** that said It would not be a cash refund but a credit. At this point I lost the ability to sell over the Holiday season I did not want a merchandise credit nor did I trust either parties. After much back and forth I was then promised that I would indeed get a cash refund
See email copy below:
We have been happy to advocate on your behalf as the broker for this transaction and at this time feel that we have done everything we can to resolve what has been a very unfortunate error
We have filed the necessary paperwork and as soon as your refund has been processed through *******************'s Federated we will be happy to credit your account or send a certified check. If you prefer to seek legal council please advise us as we will inform *******************'s Federated to stop refund processing.
Feb. 5th I received and email saying that ******* Avenue Closeout has been contacted and been informed that your claim has been turned over to the director for finalization and a check should be issued with in the next 5 business days. It is Febuary 24th still no refund, also ********** will not confirm how much I will be refunded she will not take responsiblity or accountability in any of this matter she claims that it is not her problem she claims that even though i paid her company and there was a mager era that It is within her policy to refund me and state it was my risk buying from her.

Desired Settlement
I want a Full Refund from this company.

Business Response
In our business model Madison Avenue Closeouts (from here on referenced as M.A.C.) has the unique opportunity to offer our customers a wholesale pallet program. In this framework our company acts as a broker between a liquidation source and the customer. We offer this channel as it is the best way for customers to buy products at the lowest cost per piece.
As M.A.C. solely acts as a brokering agent through the wholesale pallet program a few policies are outlined in our terms and services. Our inspection process at the M.A.C. warehouse ensures that our customer's order is perfect every time, but in this case the risk and effort are on our end. M.A.C. cannot guarantee shipments that do not come directly from our warehouse. This does lead to a higher risk on our customer's end, which is why the price is significantly less when our customers choose the wholesale pallet program. As is standard in the wholesale/liquidation industry the policy of M.A.C. and our liquidation sources is that All Sales Are Final, neither can we accept returns of offer refunds on merchandise.
Our customer, who in this instance chose the wholesale pallet program, was unfortunately shipped incorrect merchandise directly from our liquidation source. As the broker of this transaction M.A.C. has worked directly with the liquidation company to resolve this issue since its start. Thankfully the liquidation company acknowledged the error on their end and agreed to circumvent their own policies to issue a refund for our customer. As M.A.C. is the broker for this transaction we will return this refund to the customer as soon as the claim is fully processed.
M.A.C. is in full agreement with the customer's complaint that this process has taken much longer than expected, but as the brokering agent our company is at the mercy of the liquidation source in resolving this issue. Our liquidation source confirms their receipt of the returned product on January 26, 2015 and has informed that this claim process could take 6 weeks to resolve. We have informed our customer at each stage in this process and will continue to be in contact with the customer as the situation comes to a resolution. We sincerely apologize for what has been an unfortunate transaction and do believe that we have a responsibility to advocate on the customers behalf and are taking that very seriously.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Madison Avenue Closeouts (from here on referenced as (M.A.C.) In no way shape or form, by contract or verbal agreement informed me that I was enrolled into a wholesale pallet program, nor did I recieved any contract or infomation regarding M.A.C. policies, outlined in there terms and services. I was told by xxxxx Guest that the 2 Lots of Designer Handbags I purchased directly from xxxxx Guest's Recomendation as Highly Desirable lots that M.A.C. themselves purchase and sells, they where not items on the Website they were pdf files sent via email, to me as xxxxx Guest personal reccomendations and I should act quickly. xxxxx Guest only sent terms and policies after 2 months of recieving these damaged goods, in compliance that she and M.A.C. are not liable or responsible according to her policy, but she would be more than happy to advocate for me on my behalf. xxxxx also claims they only inspect and process at the M.A.C. warehouse to ensures that customer's order are perfect every time, but in my case the risk is mine and effort are not on there end and that M.A.C. cannot guarantee shipments that do not come directly from our warehouse. But I have an email directly from xxxxx Guest that states the Lots were indeed sent to M.A.C. Warehouse and Location. The email was recieved on 11/18/2014 from xxxxx Guest with an update on delivery, she apologizng for the delay of delivery and that status was my 2 lots were shipped to M.A.C. location and now have been fetched and re-routed to me. The fact that on 11/11/2014 I paid $4047 to M.A.C. and have recieved Damaged Goods and it is now 3/3/2015 and the owner xxxxx Guest of M.A.C. continually tries to hide behind policy vs. accepting accountaility and responsiblity for representing and selling damaged goods and has allowed a new client to loose time, and money goes beyond lack of customer value and care. M.A.C. also represents themselves as being a supplier of quaility goods, that has not been the case with my transaction. I also understand that clearly there is room for human era, I would think that a reputable company would look to resolve immediately. xxxxx Guest has stated she is in the mercy of the liquidation source, I Paid M.A.C. in full I did not pay the Liquidation Source part and M.A.C. a brokers fee in part. I should not have to wait for liquidation Source to refund M.A.C. to be refunded. Also xxxxx Guest continues to avoid and refuses to disclose the amount of refund. xxxxx Guest of M.A.C. continued claim to advocating for me when she herself is responsible for this transaction, made a profit but refuses disclose refund amount and has me waiting over 3 months for a claim she has to put in with M.A.C.'s source has displaced extremly poor, unethical, Business Practice.

Final Business Response
We at Madison Avenue Closeouts continue to seek a resolution with our supplier. As of March 3, 2015 we have been informed that the wheels ARE in motion. We have not made it a practice to read through the terms and services to our customers as those are clearly posted on our website. I would like to clarify misquote made by the customer, the merchandise was addressed to us caught in transit, address corrected and rerouted to the customer. M.A.C did not receive this shipment at our facility that was explained to the customer in November. We will be happy to provide xxxxx tracking information if necessary. We were very clear with the customer that this merchandise was not in our facility but would come direct form the supplier. This explains why the handbags were not posted on our website, as we only post what is in our inventory at our facility. A manifest was sent to the customer for her review before making the purchase. We certainly had no idea that these handbags were damaged and find it heartbreaking that both our company and the customer have had to face such a challenge. Unfortunately, in the Liquidation Industry ALL SALES ARE FINAL is very standard. Again we are grateful that the supplier has agreed to refund the customer. AS soon we receive the customers refund the customer will be sent a certified check along with any other necessary documentation. We hesitate to discuss the financial details until we have resolved this with our supplier. The customer will receive the full value of her purchase either in credit, cash or a combination of the two. We are working diligently toward a calm and professional resolution that makes sense to the supplier, the customer and M.A.C.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
xxxxx Guest of M.A.C is very much aware of how much I paid, and that there was an unjustly transaction made on my behalf. This has caused irreversible damage to my business. The $4047 investment I made for the 2 lots that xxxxx Guest recommended was my total investment for the Holiday Season. Having recieving Damaged Goods, has left my company without product or funds to continue to supply my business for the entire 2014 holiday season and still continues, TD I have not been able to re-supply my business since 11/11/2014 - to date and continues until I recieve a refund. The fact that xxxxx Guest continues to deflect her obligation to a customer who trusted her and her company to deliver and supply what was presented, is truly despicable. xxxxx Guest continues to refuse to disclose of the amount of refund and now has stated that I will receive a value credit combination. If the liquidation is issuing a full cash refund then xxxxx Guest is suggesting that she will be giving me a credit and will not not issue a cash refunding from M.A.C. but instead she is comfortable making profited from my loss. All this time and energy spent on the back and forth is another total waste of time and good energy. I purchased goods, I recieved Damaged Goods, xxxxx Guest of M.A.C. sold these lots to me and is not taking responsibility nor feels any moral or business loyalty or obligation other than pushing the responsibilty on the liquidaton company which clearly has admitted era. xxxxx Guest allows and continues to state she is just a broker, let it me stated on my behalf she is a terrible broker that cannot be trusted that in the event something goes wrong, her customer will incur the loss of time, and money. I was a customer of xxxxx Guest of M.A.C. not a customer of the liquidatons customer, I am not even allowed to have contact with them and yet xxxxx has allowed this to go on for months, she has kept her profit that she made on this dispicable transaction at my expense. She was absolutely aware of my needs for my businiess and we had an extremely clear, connected conversation, business women to business women about the industry, and products I was only interested purchasng, the fact that I am only hearing after the fact she would not gaurentee quailty should forwarn not to trust her or her comapny. It is in the best interest for all future custmers to be aware of this very transaction before doing business with xxxxx Guest of M.A.C.
Also I have not misquoted xxxxx Guest about the fact that indeed my lots were shipped to them I actually have copy of email directly form xxxxx Guest that I have copy a pasted. I did not change words or add, it is the axact email sent to me stating

Hey xxxxx,

I am so sorry for the delay. So here is the latest update, your handbags were shipped to our address by xxxxx. They have been fetched and re-routed to you. I am told by the warehouse manager that you should receive them by Thursday at the latest. I'll keep you informed and again please accept my apology.

Thanks for your patience,

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xxxxx Guest also informed me M.A.C also received the same bags from liquidation that were of similair lots and hers were beautiful and in perfect condition, at any point xxxxx Guest could of exchanged my lots or refunded me and I could of at the time repurchased different lots. I did not purchase used or customer returns at my risk I was sold on premium high end high quality handbags. I purchased the Mercedes Benz of handbags and got a xxxxx, were is that my risk or my fault. There are so may ways this transaction could of been handled to create a win win. It has not been my intention or is it in my nature to look for conflict or to disgrace anyone or their business, but I do believe given how this has been handled and how I have been treated, when only looking to create a long term good standing business relationship that this would be the outcome.
Bottom Line, I have been wronged!! and the fact that xxxxx Guest of M.A.C is more than okay with the fact that this transaction has not been resolved, continues to place responsibilty on me and the liquidation Co. takes no accountabilty for her and her company part in all this and displays no loyalty or concern for the loss of my business or loss of a client and worst of all feels justify to make a profit on such a transaction is information Future clients should have.

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BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.