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Affordable Siding & Windows Corp. of Charlotte

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04/28/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

According to our contract they did not complete the work. We do not even have a rain diverter. They said we needed to pay more if we want it finished.
According to our contract all rotted wood was to be replaced to satisfy our Insurance agency. We were also told it would be done and that no one else would need to come and make any repairs. All rotted wood was to be pulled and replaced. The rain diverter was to be installed and the job finished by new years.
The rotted wood was not replaced. Some of it was only covered with black paper. The rain diverter was never installed.
Then we got a call saying it would be 1 week after new years. Then we got another call saying it would be the end of the January. They didn't come out and didn't call us again. We called them at the end of February and they said they were not going to come back until they were ready to do the job on the new house we put a bid on. We told them we did not get the house and our bid was cancelled. They said they already ordered the supplies for it and now we owe them more money.
One house had nothing to do with the other according to our contract. It is not our fault that they did not bring enough supplies to finish the job they started and were paid in full for. We trusted that they would be back when they said they would to finish the job.

Desired Settlement
We are asking for $1000 refund to have someone else finish this job properly and according to our contract. We would like Affordable Siding to honor the lifetime warranty that we paid for on the roof, since they did install it.

Business Response
In over 15 years as an outstanding member with the BBB and a company with an excellent reputation, I have never dealt with a customer of blatant deceit. First, the homeowner signed 2 contracts on 11/22/13. They stated they were moving out of the house in question xxxxx, SC and had purchased and were going to move into xxxxx SC. They purchased A roof for each home, neither contract was contingent to a purchase. They negotiated special pricing for the two homes, later to find out they lied to me. They didn't own the home @ xxxxx. Please make noted that contracts were written, NOT an estimate nor subject to, but both are legal and binding contracts. We purchased all materials to do both projects, we were to do the house @ xxxxx and then the house @ xxxxx. We did the roof on the house in question in December 2013 and the rot of the overhang was way beyond expected. The following week we were to do the other house. The homeowners were informed personally by me when I went to their house to inspect the job and see how much more wood was needed. The next week before the start of the other project we were to finish the repair to the overhang. Within a few days I received a call from the homeowner that they didn't want the other house started for they had postponed the closing. Needless to say, we were very upset, no materials and schedules would have been set for a project that was up in the air. However, the homeowner informed me not to worry the house was theirs and they would close by the end of January 2014. I told him under the circumstances we would finish the overhang at the start of the other project. January came & went with me leaving many messages and this carried on into February. Besides having to return materials, finances were lost due to blocked out schedules for the homeowners. Then in March 2014 the homeowner call the office to say he has a roof project that was never finished. We don't do business that way. I immediately took his phone call, first I thanked him for finally returning my many calls and only then did he confess that the house @ xxxxx was never purchased and they couldn't afford it. I asked why he refused to return my calls and he stated troubles with his oldest son and they homeowners were splitting up. He stated he now wants the overhang don to try to save face with his "departing wife". I stated all the facts of the deceit and lies, not to mention a contract and negotiations based totally on less than the truth. Under the circumstances I informed the homeowner I would do the overhang but at a charge of $ 500.00. I couldn't believe a man who lied twice and cost crews to sit because of false scheduling expected from me know. He stated he had no money and understood my position and that he would take care of the work himself. Again in all my years in business, after thousands of customers have I ever experienced anything like this.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
First I need to say that I am shocked and alarmed by this very personal and unprofessional attack by the owner of Affordable Siding and Windows. I will try to address his statements and accusations.

The contracts that xxxxx is referring to were dated by xxxxx himself and we were told that we had to sign both contracts in order to lock in the price.

As far as special pricing, Affordable Siding was $1,220 higher than the next highest bid but we choose to go with Affordable Siding because we believed the company had integrity and would complete the job without any issues. (There was special pricing for replacement windows that we did not purchase.)

We were also receiving bids for a roofing job on a house that we were trying purchase. We had intended to use Affordable Siding on this job also if we were able to move forward with the purchase. However to best of our knowledge the 2 separate contracts were independent of each other and not linked in any way and that these were stand alone bids because we did not own the other property.

The fact that we did not yet own the other property was clearly understood by xxxxx and xxxxx of Affordable Siding. As a matter of fact the For Sale sign was still posted in the front yard of the other property when Affordable Siding did the estimate.

Affordable Siding was able to get started on the first roof in about a week because it was a small job however we were told that if we were able to complete the purchase of the second home that because of the size of the job they would not be able to start until after the first of the year.

xxxxx was fully aware that we did not own the other house and that we did not have a closing date so there is no way that the other project could have been scheduled. At this point the delays were being caused by the bank and out of our control. Sadly we were not able to purchase the other home because of unforeseen extensive repairs that would be required that were discovered during an inspection.

Before giving us a price on the roof which included replacement of all rotted wood xxxxx fully inspected the work to be done ahead of xxxxx coming down to inspect the job himself. There was no hidden unforeseen damage at all. xxxxx made a big deal about rebuilding the rafter tails but the crew did this part of the repair very quickly with no problems at all. I was not completely satisfied with the way this part of the repair was done but this complaint is about work that was left completely undone.

xxxxx sat in our kitchen with is son and sold us what he referred to as a "Turnkey Contract" stating that all the work would be completed at the price on the contract and that Affordable Siding would never ask for any additional money.

The day that the crew came to start working on the roof we were told that they would not be able to finish the job that day and would need to return another day to complete the work.

A few days later xxxxx came down to inspect the work and saw that it was incomplete. We received a phone call from xxxxx (the crew chief) apologizing and to say that his crew would be back to finish the job as soon as possible.

I believe that we were very patient and understanding that there were delays because of bad weather and the holidays but we kept being put off because it wasn't worth sending the crew all the way down to our location for the small amount of work left to be done and that we would have to wait until there was another job in our area for them to return. We had been told by xxxx and xxxxx that Affordable Siding works in our area all the time and there were at least 2 other jobs done in our area during this time but Affordable Siding did not return to finish ours. xxxxx claims that he left us many messages but this is just not true.

Affordable Siding and Windows has left this job incomplete for months (since December) and we are now faced with of having our home owners insurance cancelled because of the incomplete work on our home.

When I informed xxxxx that we were not able to purchase the other home because of extensive repairs that would be required xxxxx became angry and claimed that he had lost money on this job and the only way that he would send his crew back to complete the job was if we pay for their time and materials he then went on to say that it would be better for all involved if we just hired someone else to finish the job.

Affordable Siding was paid in full because we used their financing option. We also are now concerned that Affordable Siding and Windows may not honor their warranty in the future and we never received an owners manufactures warranty.

I shared personal information with xxxxx concerning how hard it was on my family that we lost the other house because this was going to be our new family home. My wife worked very long and hard to acquire the new home for our family and the loss was devastating to her. I cannot believe that xxxxx could be so callus as to make that information public. I talked to xxxxx about my oldest son but never told him that my wife was departing, we enjoy a strong and stable relationship.

xxxxx told us that Affordable Siding and Windows had no complaints against them at the BBB but in fact there are 5 other complaints besides this one.

Final Business Response
For the record I completely disagree with your reply and realize at this time it's in vain to respond to your comments. However, the issue I feel I need to address is that I would never reveal personal information but your personal problems were the reasons I was told that I never had any return phone calls.
Now to the issue & trying to get this resolved so we can both move on. We will come to your home when all parties are available (us @ Affordable, yourself & your spouse) and fix the overhang so that once we are done you can sign off on the work.
Or, We will send you a check for $500.00 which we feel is more than fair and you can have the work performed by whomever you choose. If you select someone else to perform the remaining work, we obviously wouldn't be held responsible for what they do.
Please let us know how you would like to proceed ASAP so this can be settled.

01/03/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

On Dec. 11 I called to report a problem with 3 windows, called again on the 16th, got a call back about sending someone to come look at them but they wouldn't give a date. Called again on the 30th & still have not heard from them.

Desired Settlement
Would like to have my windows fixed.

Business Response
We have spoken to Mrs. xxxxx at the office on 2 occasions to my knowledge and her request was given to our window installation manager. I just confirmed with him (while stay away on vacation) that he spoke to Mrs. xxxxx before the Christmas Holiday began & asked since he was on vacation until the end of the year if he could contact her once he returned.
He will be back to work on Monday January 6th and will contact her to address her window repairs immediately.
I'm sorry Mrs. xxxxx felt she needed to go to this extreme, but we will take care of her window issues when our window installation foreman returns to work.

01/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Some work was not completed at all and other work not completed according to contact. Property not replaced and property damaged.
The fact is I'm out of $10,980 and my house is actually in worse shape than when Affordable Siding and Windows started. I have expensive siding material installed on rotted wood, one door that has aluminum wrap just hanging on and 2 doors that were never wrapped, patio with opened boxes of excess siding material that the foreman refused to haul away, Windows are not sealed properly, numbers on my house and back door bell were discarded and not replaced, my roof is damaged and I was verbally attacked by the foreman on the job on three different occasions. I contacted this company by phone on 8/18/14 and told the office manger about the above and was told that he had worked with XXXXX for five years and it didn't sound like the xxxxx he knew. I stated that he could come out and see the job for himself and that I also had video of what I was saying. xxxxx was fully aware that I had cameras but didn't seem to care. The manager stated that either he or the owner would return my call; I have yet to receive a phone call from either one. On 9/25/14 I received a letter stating all work was completed on 8/15/14 and thanking me for my payment. I gave the foreman xxxxx a check for the final payment on 8/14/14 only because he lied and stated that he would give me a certificate of completion that would list work that needed to be completed after repairs but I never received the certificate of completion. xxxxx stated that the owner should have told me to repair the doors before wrapping, that putting the aluminum wrap on the doors would be waste of time and that the owner would charge me another $350 per door to rewrap after they were repaired On 10/1/14 I sent Affordable Siding a letter with pictures of the things that I had stated to the office manager over the phone on 8/18/14. On 11/4/14 xxxxx showed up at my house with an unidentified woman even though I had asked that he not be sent back. xxxxx stated that he had come to correct some of the things that I mentioned in my letter. He stated he had the numbers for the house and the doorbell, that he would take the siding material away but he would not remove the siding and replace the rotted wood because he didn't think it needed replacing although several other companies and even the owner of Affordable Siding stated the was a large amount of rotted wood that needed replaced. xxxxx also stated Affordable Siding would not refund my money for the doors that were not wrapped because we had an agreement. I asked if we had an agreement why did I receive this letter stating all work was completed on 8/15/14. xxxxx became angry and left without doing anything. Clearly Affordable Siding intended to rip me off, they thought that I had gotten the doors repaired and they were going to say that the wrap was torn off during repair. If Affordable Siding has another explanation as to why they would send me this letter knowing full well all work was not completed then I would love to know what it is.

Desired Settlement
When I contacted Affordable Siding by phone on 8/18/14, I didn't ask for any money, I just asked that the things be fixed and that they please send someone else (I didn't think this would be a problem since the owner stated ALL employees worked for Affordable siding). But instead Affordable Siding waited and sent me this letter stating all work was completed on 8/15/14. Then, when I sent a letter with pictures on 10/1/14, Affordable Siding sent the person back to my house that I had asked them to not to send back( potentially dangerous situation) and again nothing was taken care of. At this point I just want my money refunded. The job was not completed when promised. The doors were not wrapped. I am going to have to pay someone to take this siding material off, replace the rotted wood and install the siding properly. If I had known that they would charge me all this money and not replace the rotted wood, not seal the windows properly and leave boxes of opened siding materials on my patio, I would have never used them. As for the numbers on my house and the back door bell, Ben had them when he came out on 11/4/14 but refused to replace them, Affordable could easily put those in the mail and I would pay to have them put them back in place. Affordable Siding should have had insurance to fix the damage to the roof. The roof is only a year old and the damage isn't bad, just a couple singles pulled up and maybe a phone call to city explaining what happened would get me some help in getting this excess siding material hauled away.

Business Response
Mrs. xxxxx,
I cannot respond properly to your complaint at this time. Our office is currently closed until 1/19/15 and I don't have access to your file for review and to make comments at this time would be unfair. I will personally going back on Friday 1/16/15 to get a jump start on this coming year. I will review your file, address your issues, and personally contact you on Friday.
When we speak on Friday, if possible, please know you schedule for the following week of 1/19/15 so I can schedule the opportunity for a meeting at your home with another Forman & myself to remedy your concerns.
Sincerely, xxxxx

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I cannot accept the response because it is not a response. He has stated that he cannot respond until Jan 16th. This company has had ample time to respond, this issue has been on going since Aug 18th 2013. I have called and written with no response so why should I believe there is going to be a response now.

Final Business Response
We seem to be having the same issue we had with Mrs. xxxxx back in November. She sent us a letter with requests to come back out & take care of her punch list items. We have it documented that several messages were left on her phone with no call backs. We mailed her a letter on 11/6/14 also with no response. In the letter I asked her to contact me directly so I can have another crew come out & address her concerns. A copy of this letter is in her file. We received no response from the letter either. Now we received this complaint, unfortunately while we were closed. As promised in my initial response I called Mrs. xxxxx on Friday 1/16/15. I have called Mrs. xxxxx 3 times on Friday 1/16 & left 2 messages. I called Mrs. xxxxx 3 times on Saturday 1/17/15 & left 2 messages. I called Mrs. xxxxx once on Monday 1/19 & left he yet another message. I would like to make all the necessary corrections to Mrs. xxxxx home, all I need is appointment/invitation to come back out to her home to do so. Thank you, xxxxx

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
As I stated to xxxxx via email, I think he is only agreeing to do this now because he's trying to show that he's making a "Good Faith Effort" so his company won't lose their BBB Accreditation. On August 18th 2014, I literally begged xxxxx to send someone else so the job could be finished by Sept. 12th and I could continue with my birthday plans. xxxxx said absolutely not, xxxxx had to be the one to finish the job. I only agreed to go with this company and pay their inflated price because I was pressed for time and the owner xxxxx assured me that they would have the job done and done right by my birthday and put in the contract "please have finished by Sept 12th". This did not happen so no I don't accept this, It's too little too late at this point I just want my money back.
xxxxx states that I sent a letter with requests to come back out and take care of a "punch list of items". I don't know exactly what he means by "punch list items", however I sent this letter on October 1st in response to xxxxx FRAUDULENT letter stating all work was completed on 8/15/14. I sent this letter with pictures showing the work that was not completed. I started receiving phone calls from Ben on Sat. 10/25/14. xxxxx states that they have it documented that back in November several messages were left for me with no return call. The calls did not come from the office they came from xxxxxx. After I told this company via phone and in writing that I did not want any contact with xxxxx and did not answer his calls, he showed up at my house anyway. xxxxx stated he had come to wrap the doors now but he stated back in August the doors couldn't be wrapped until repaired. I said no, apparently he didn't want to wrap the doors he left them undone ,told me to get them repaired and then a month later I received a letter signed by xxxxx stating all work was completed on 8/15/14. As I stated before I believe they thought I had gotten the doors repaired and they were going to say that they had wrapped the doors and the wrap was torn off during repairs. This would be believable since I had been tricked into giving them final payment before work was completed. I asked why a legitimate company would send out this letter knowing full well all work had not been completed and l have not received an answer. As for a letter sent to me on 11/6/14 I never received one and I don't believe one was sent. I know the letter wasn't sent by certified mail so by any chance is the delivery confirmation in the file with this letter. xxxxx is correct, I did not return his calls, however what he didn't say is that we did communicate via email (documented communication). I told xxxxx that after the way I was treated by this company; I don't feel comfortable meeting with anyone from this company. I don't think the BBB would recommend that I meet with this company under these circumstances. I don't understand this company's position they did not do the work why do they think they are entitled to the money.

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