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Carolina United Property Management

Phone: (980) 219-8129

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Customer Complaints Summary

5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues3
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service1
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints5

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Complaint Resolution Log (5)BBB Closure Definitions
06/17/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper collection practices

Complaint: CUR accepted RENT REPAYMENT under false pretenses, attempted to withhold it as a SECURITY DEPOSIT, and made up damages 30 days after property vacated.
We believe the company acted against NC Tenant Security Deposit laws when:
1. On February 17, 2014 ************ advised *** ***** that a prepayment of rent for the upcoming term, while no other money was due, would be accepted to reduce the monthly rate from $1199 to $999. We believe Ms. ***** knew that the lease would not be renewed and deliberately accepted the additional deposit of $2400 under false pretense. We NOTICED, but never received notice, on February 24, 2014 that the lease would not be renewed, and the deposit had not been credited to the account.

2. We requested the deposit back and made it clear in writing that the deposit was intended to be a RENT CREDIT, and not a SECURITY DEPOSIT, as the owner of the property had already collected an $1100 deposit upon lease signing in August 2011. We reminded CUR of this again when they took over the property on 3/23/2013.

3. March 2014 rent was paid and we requested additional time to move, which would allow for the posting of the $2400 check. We were told we could not have additional time, and needed to be out by 4/10/2014.

4. A STOP was put on the $2400 check.

5. The keys to the property, XXXXX Painted Tree Rd, Charlotte NC XXXXX, were returned on April 11, 2014. A walk-thru was conducted and a maintenance report stated: 'property damage' of $297.39, carpet cleaning of $250, Supplies 67.72, 'rent' from April 1-April 11) $399.67, totaling $1014.78. Additional 'property damage charges of $1,682.61 were added to the 'TENANT PORTAL' and do not appear in any of the DAILY COLLECTIONS EMAILS UNTIL May 18, 2014. There was no acknowledgement of the $1100 security deposit held by the property owner, *****************
6. On Friday, April 25, 2014, Broker In Charge, *** *****, walked into ********** Federal Credit Union and demanded that the cashier's check for $2400 be honored, wiping out our banking and credit card accounts and leaving a negative balance of $1083. When contacted, Mr. ***** stated that our problem was with the property owner, and we'd need to get our money back from her; and he threatened that if we sued, he would counter sue. He warned against harassment and stated that Ms. ***** was somehow doing us a favor by not depositing the check sooner.

7. We continue to receive COLLECTION NOTICES from CUR that have charges that were added more than 30 days after the keys were returned, which suggest to us that they realize that the company has no claims to the $2400 cashier's check.

8. On June 1, 2014 a letter (attached) demanding the refund of the $2400 was sent via email to ************, ******** ***** and Andrew Nosal with a request to FORWARD to the BROKER IN CHARGE. All three addresses returned messages of 'UNDELIVERABLE / MARKED A SPAM' . ; yet we continue to receive messages from ***********@CAROLINAUNITEDREALTY.COM

9. On Friday, June 6, 2014, *** ***** received a summons for Civil Complaint, signed by ************, dated April 18, 2014, for a 'worthless check', at WORK!
This experience has been a nightmare, and continues to do damage, as we struggle to recover from the unexpected blow to our daily finances and our credit. We believe that Mr. ***** does actually know that he has no legal grounds to withhold the deposit, but is counting on the fact that we can't afford to sue him. The reality is, we can not afford NOT TO.

Initial Business Response
This response is regarding complaint #XXXXXX by Ms. *** *****, the former resident of XXXXX ******* Tree Rd., Charlotte, NC XXXXX. The following responses will provide explanations for the accusations presented by Ms. *****.

1. On February 17, ************ spoke with *** ***** about her account. At that time, Ms. ***** had been evicted in small claims court on February 2nd and was attempting to pay off her balance. The balance due was received on February 18. A cashier's check for $2400 was also presented by Ms. ***** to help offset the rent due for the following 12 months, which would bring the monthly rent down from $1199 per month to $999 per month. With already one eviction avoided, the owners then decided that this 2nd eviction process initiated against Ms. ***** was all they could handle and decided on Feb. 24th to give her a 45-day notice to vacate. An automated email was produced by our system along with a notice sent by our administrative staff.

2. The cashier's check presented, was held as a courtesy to Ms. ***** under the premise that she would zero out her account at the end of her tenancy. It was in no way represented as an addition to the security deposit.

3. The required 45-day notice was provided and when asked if we were able to give an extension on the time frame, she was informed from the property owners, through us, that this was not a possibility. This was explained in an email dated March 7th. At that time, however, I did offer our services to help her find a new home before we were aware of the damages that were caused at this home.

4. The cashier's check was illegally reported as lost/stolen to their banking institution; ********** Federal Credit Union.

5. There were immediate expenses incurred at move out for $1014.78. These expenses were mostly paid by the $1000 security deposit that was given to the homeowner, ************** at the time of their initial lease signing in July of 2011. A written estimate of $2980 was provided on April 22 for the damages above and beyond the security deposit. When the estimate was provided, the $2400 cashier's check was deposited to cover a portion of those damages.

6. Upon depositing the "certified" funds on April 24, the check was returned on April 29th. *** ***** visited the ********** Federal Credit Union on May 16th to inquire how certified funds could be stopped. The ********** Federal Credit Union investigated the stop payment on the certified funds and concluded that Ms. ***** had misrepresented the check being lost or stolen, and as a result ********** Federal Credit Union reissued the check to Carolina United Realty.

7. The collections emails in May were a result of the check bouncing and charges being recharged on the account to show as unpaid.

8. All prior emails from Ms. ***** have been received so the claim that all of the emails bounced back as undeliverable is, from my point of view, highly unlikely.

9. Prior to the check being received, court papers were filed on May 19 for the worthless check. The only address available was the work address for Ms. ***** because there was no forwarding address provided. Upon receipt of the payment from the Credit Union to clear the account on our end, the court papers were dismissed. I am not aware of any other court papers being filed regarding the fraud with the banking institution.

The owner, ************** along with Carolina United Realty, have elected not to pursue the remaining balance of $342.37 that is owed by Ms. ***** because it is not worth the time or money to get a judgment against Ms. ***** since it is highly unlikely that she would satisfy that judgment. At this point we would ask that this complaint be closed, and wish Ms. ***** the best of luck in the future.

Complaint Resolution: Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.

11/25/2012Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Credit, Billing or Collection Complaint Issue

Complaint: Charged a cleaning fee that was deducted off deposit even though we had home professionally cleaned.Deposit was not received in 30 days per contract.
$140 carpet cleaning fee was deducted from deposit. We had home professionally cleaned, contract did not state carpets were to be professionally cleaned upon move out. The move out inspection done by Dave ******, CUR, conveniently states 'camera malfunctioned'. Inspection was dated August 12th. The new tenants moved in August 1st (with indoor pets). Owner was at the home at the time of our professional cleaning and he and he wife stated to me that it looked great (after I spot cleaned an area the wife pointed out).
ALSO, deposit was to be received within 30 days from move out per our contract. I had to send multiple emails requesting our deposit, calls, and a certified letter demanding our deposit. On September 6th (the date the certified letter was received by them) I received an email from xxxxx xxxxx, CUR, that the deposit was mailed on August 30th. I received the check on September 8th, it was post marked September 6th. I believe they had no intention of paying our deposit back until I sent the certified demand letter stating I would be filing legal charges.
I am filing this with BBB to let others be aware of Carolina United Realty's business practices. There were other issues with maintenance during the lease but ones listed here were my primary concern in the end.

Business' Initial Response
The tenant in question gave notice on 6/15/2012. On 6/20/12, a document including move out instructions was sent via email to the tenants. In this document the following is stated regarding carpet cleaning:

"Carpets must be commercially cleaned--check with manager for the best way to handle this."
The tenants at no time contacted our office with questions regarding this requirement.

The tenants did have a conversation with the owners of the property while they were moving out and, when questioned about the conversation concerning the carpet, the owner of the property replied with the following email:

"That is absolutely not so, we never made any statements in reference to the acceptability of the carpet or house. We did
mention to her there that there were stains in the great room and master bedroom carpets to which she replied that they
were there when they took occupancy and that these were old carpets and the upstairs carpets were new. I replied that she
had it backwards - the downstairs carpet was new and the upstairs had been steam cleaned. She then said she would take care of the stains. That was the extent of any conversation about the carpet."

There were many conversations with Ms. ****** regarding the security deposit charges for a garage door opener that was never returned and the carpet cleaning. Ms. ****** was aware that we were waiting for the invoice for the carpet cleaning and that opener. We received the invoice on 8/30/12 and the security deposit check was cut that day. The check was mailed on 9/6/12 following the Labor Day holiday.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

10/16/2012Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper collection practices

Complaint: Hello, I moved into a dirty town home at xxxxx Crosscut Dr. in 2010 that was managed by Carolina United Realty. I moved out in July 2012.
My complaint surrounds the fact that I moved into a dirty property at 2331 Crosscut Dr. in 2010, where I lived until 2012. I paid $500 for my deposit. Upon me moving in, there were dead and live roaches primarily in the kitchen area. The stove, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and many other amenities within the home were not cleaned. This property is managed by a professional property management company who was supposed to make sure it was cleaned properly. This was never done. Anyhow, when it came time for me to move out of the property, I left it cleaner than I found it, and was told that I would only be charged for the price of carpet cleaning, because that was the one thing that the company did come out and clean once I moved in. However, I was billed $175.00, which was taken out of my deposit (for cleaning fees). I explained this situation to several members of the staff at Carolina United Realty. I also went as far as contacting the owner of the propety, xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx who also stated that I should not have been charged the additional $175.00. Upon moving into the townhome in 2010, I contacted the owner of Carolina United Realty, ****** Accord, and explained about how disgusted I was to find the home in that condition. I believe that I should not have been billed for the $175.00 because in my particular case, This company did not insure the cleanliness of the property when I moved in, so they should not try to double or raise the standards upon me moving out of the property.

Business' Initial Response
This tenant is absolutely correct in everything she says. I questioned our staff about the circumstances surrounding the security deposit disposition. I was told that the owner said he would pay for the cleaning. So, I asked why the tenant was charged for it and they had no adequate answer. It is clear that our staff messed up here. I am as disappointed as the tenant. This was a great tenant the entire time she was there. I am very sorry that our staff has messed this up. I have instructed them to cut a check to the tenant and mail it. I only wish that I had been aware of this before it caused so much stress to this tenant.Please accept my apology for this unnecessary problem.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

04/03/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor service under the terms of warranties

Complaint: renting company was obligated to contact me after several attempts with different people since the first day of December, i finally spoke to the owner
they refused to present a full move-out report after the tenant move and I called different times and no one paid attention to me. I called every week asking for the report and they always told me they were going to call me back and never did. last week I finally talked to the owner ***, and he insulted me and made me sick and nervous.
he told me that they never completed the report and that they wont pay for any repair and they don't have anything to do, and if I want, I could take the tenant to court because they wont.
their responsibility is theirs to complete their job.

Initial Business Response
The following is a timeline of events following the property owners' tenant move out:

Saturday, November 30: Scheduled tenant move out date
Monday, December 3: Move out walkthrough scheduled -Incomplete due to no utilities
Tuesday, December 4: Incomplete report documenting the fact that there were no utilities was sent to homeowner
Saturday, December 7: Power was restored to home per the power company
Monday, December 9: Follow up walkthrough scheduled - home was occupied by new resident - no report could be completed

As you can see from the timeline, our company was unable to perform a complete walkthrough due to the utilities being off which are the responsibility of the homeowner. There were no pictures or documentation from the homeowner showing the condition of the property before the new residents took possession. Due to these circumstances, the security deposit was dispersed back to the previous tenant according to the North Carolina Landlord/Tenant laws.

Our company is looking to resolve this issue with the owner and would still be willing to provide any necessary information that is requested.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)


Final Business Response
The security deposit was dispersed according to N.C. law. At this point any repairs should be sought out by the homeowner in small claims court. Any invoices that she has for repairs, that she believes she should be reimbursed for by the tenant, would be taken into consideration at that time. We will provide any information that is needed in order to help her follow through with this process.
As far as not telling her to turn on power after the tenant moved out; it doesn't seem reasonable that we should have to remind a homeowner to turn on utilities when they are going to begin self-managing their home.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
i had called many times since the tenant move and I never received any phone calls of what to do. I was waiting day by day for the Move out report and never received and answer until two weeks ago, I finally spoke to the owner of the company *** and he said to me so unprofessionally that he was not going to do anything about it and he even threaten me saying that Irs was calling him asking for myself but he refused to give information to them and that he helped because he lied to the IrS saying that he didn't know anything about my self. I think that is so dishonest and I am not hiring from no one.
I demand a reimbursed of any of the repairs

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that while the company addressed the complaint issues, the complainant was dissatisfied and the matter was outside BBB Rules of Arbitration.

10/02/2012Problems with Product / Service

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