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Killingsworth Environmental of the Carolinas, LLC.

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6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
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09/03/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Company was asked to call me prior to coming to my home. No call was made, billed for services.
This company was contracted to provide 2 sprayings for mosquito control in the front and back yards. The first spraying was completed on or about July 4,2015. The worker rang the door bell, and we discussed what he was going to do, especially as it related to harm to animals. This spraying was completed. The second appointment was overdue, I called the office and was told that it would be done the following week. The call was made during the Week of July 27, 2015. I requested that I be called prior to their "specialist" coming to spray. I was told it would not be until next week(August 1-August 7th.)
On July 31, 2015, late in the day I discovered a note on my door indicating the following"Date: July 31, 2015, Time: 2:32 pm, specialist: *********, service: mosquitoes treatment. Notes: sprayed all trees and shurbs front back, of the house.
I called and spoke the rep for customer services, and voiced my concerns about not being called, being home and heard no door bell ring, hearing nothing that would indicate anyone had been there. I was concern about what was done in addition to providing payment after services were completed. I received no call, was not expecting anyone until next week, but most of all I WAS AT HOME. His response was the person was there, he checked, and saw that he was in that area. He had called him getting permission for me to be billed.
This conversation occurred on August 3rd, after I called and complained on July 31. He wanted to send some supervisor out I declined, knowing they would insist that the spraying was done.
During that week and since there have been many times when I have been bitten by mosquitoes. I received a bill for 60.00, which I have no problem paying if I could be assured that services were dome. During the first spraying, I paid the specialist after he completed the spraying as was indicated on the contract signed prior to services. It was my understanding that there would be no billings, either you could pay 60.00 after each spraying or pay the full amount of 120.00. I am glad I chose the second. This was my second attempt to conduct business with this company. The first attempt was ignored for such a long time, that I rejected services when I was finally contacted.


Desired Settlement
I was never opposed to paying for services, until the last spraying. I want nothing more from them because I know that no services were provided on 7/31/15.

Business Response
We have tried to make several contacts to discuss with the customer. We have called the phone number on her account and left messages as well as the number listed on the BBB complaint. The BBB phone number said it was disconnected. We have also tried to email with no success. We would like to offer the customer another treatment or wipe her $60 balance owed off her account. We are confident that our specialist treated her property on 7/31 per our GPS records, but we would be glad to make our customer happy. Our Vice President would like to speak to her about her experience with our company.

Consumer Response

05/16/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Paid Killingsworth $290.00 to correct ** ant problem on 4/6/16. Still have ants. Additional treatment costs another $290.00
I paid Killingsworth $290.00 to correct ** ant problem in our kitchen and master bathroom.
They treated 4/6/16 and 4/20/16.
Still have ants. They will come back for ** additional $290.00.
When I complained about the ineffectiveness of their treatment, I was told to "Have a Nice Day."

Desired Settlement
Provide effective treatment for the problem they were contracted for or refund my $290.00.
I really just want them to do what they were paid for.

Business Response
Mrs. ******** called us to check pricing on a black ant treatment. She was given the option of ** annual treatment or a onetime treatment that included one two week follow-up. Our annual treatments cover ** initial treatment inside, outside, and a yard spray and comes with unlimited free reservices within the home and immediate perimeter for no additional cost. Mrs. decided on the one time treatment with follow-up for $290 and thought the price was high from the start, but decided to proceed with the treatment. We performed service on April 6th using four different products for treatment. We also went out on April 20th and used ** additional two products for the follow-up visit. Our paperwork states, "The pest control service performed today is a onetime service. No guarantee or reservice will be provided ** it is to be paid in full when service is completed. If, however, within 30 days, you wish to be put on **1 year contract, call the office and the money paid will be applied towards the down payment." This was signed off on by the homeowners ** the April 6th treatment. When Mr. ******** called in on May 9th, he was notified that they bought a onetime treatment and was given the option to upgrade the package to ** annual for ** additional $290 and also have a manager come out to evaluate the situation. Mr. was displeased and ended the call. Killingsworth has provided more than 1098 one time treatments so far this year. This is not a bait and switch tactic by our company, but instead, ** affordable option for the company to either try our services or see if their pest issue can be remedied in one application. Ants are hard ** there can be multiple colonies on the property, and they move about every 21 days. With it being more than a month now since the initial application, this could be a new infestation. We will not refund the $290, ** we feel ** though we made a valiant effort in remedying their black ant issue; however, we would be happy to send a manager out to do one more ant treatment ** no additional cost. We would also stand behind our offer to upgrade the customer's one time to ** annual package covering general household insects ** a discounted price of $150 if they decide they want annual coverage. I have attached copies of the paperwork and phone calls.

09/24/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

1. Their Materials emitting substantial smells.

2. DSV chemical product not used as advertised.

3. Radon fan not installed by NC building code.
1. The materials was emitting substantial chemical smells in our home. Their installers confirmed those strong chemical odors when they came to our home and removed the materials off the crawlspace walls. Chemical odors burning our nostrils ?

2. DSV fungicide product was used to treat the wood but was NOT to be used in California. I had specifically asked for all the materials that they use to pass California's Prop 65 Code and they confirmed that all their products pass California's Prop 65 Code and are Green. Later on I found out that the DSV fungicide does not to be used in California.

3. NC Building Code - SECTION R409
: CLOSED CRAWL SPACES states that : "R409.5.4 Exhaust fan. Crawl space air shall be exhausted to outside with a fan at the rate of
 1 cubic foot per minute (0.5 L/s) per 50 square feet (4.6 m2) of crawl space floor area. The fan motor shall be rated for continuous duty."
So, it was their obligation to install a Radon Fan when they did the encapsulation and I begged them to do that for 2-3 months after they did the crawlspace encapsulation. They did it after I insisted and they presented to me like they did me a favor.

4. They did not honor their 1 Year Warranty for labor and Lifetime for Materials. They did not come out to fix the problem with the smells coming from the crawlspace when I notified them that the problem persisted.

Desired Settlement
1. Come to our home and resolve the smell issue and honor their warranty for materials.

2. If they do not want to do that, I am requesting refund for the encapsulation that they did.

Business Response
9/24/14 Mr. called our company because of musty smells in his home.
We encapsulated 500 sq ft crawlspace, including adding French drains and sump pump
10/2014 Mr. told************** (Division Manager) that musty smell was gone, but now he smells something different. (Mr. thought it was the materials we used).
We sent ************* ************ Branch Manager) out 10/2014 to address the new smell. He used a thermal image camera and noted that he found moisture between the crawlspace and basement wall, but did not smell anything.
11/2014 we installed a Radon Exhaust fan to try to address what the customer says he smells. This work was performed at no charge to the customer and was not part of the original scope of work. This step was also not a necessary item needed for this job, but customer insisted.
12/2014 Mr. is still complaining of smells. ********************* (************ Division Manager), ************ (HVAC Division Manager), and *********** (Vice President) visited the property. None of our employees have smelled this new smell that Mr. is complaining about. At this time, we recommended that we contact a hygienist, but Mr. declined to allow him access for testing. Mr. said that he did not need it. Mr. is becoming aggravated that no one can smell what he smells.
Mr. requested to********************* that we remove all insulation wall boards and remove spray foam. We did so at no charge. In 1/2015, ********** opened 2 crawlspace vents to allow fresh air. Mr. still complaining of smell, but ********** urged him to give just a little time.
2/2015 Mr. still smelling odor, now he thinks it is the batted insulation under floors and Mr. requested that we remove and replace with Owens Corning Insulation instead. We did so at no charge. (This cost us $550 plus labor).
********** addressed Mr. on his questioning that our materials passed *** Prop 65 code in California. All materials did in fact pass **** code. We did use a disinfectant product called DSV that was listed to not be used in California, but this product is allowed for use in North Carolina.
3/2015 we installed a Phenomenal Air that attaches to the HVAC to see if that would help with the smells. The very next day, Mr. called and asked that we remove it. All of this was done at no charge. (Valued at $1100)
3/2015 we removed all plastics at this point per Mr.'s request. He wanted the crawl to breathe again. He indicated to ********** that he still smells the same smell, proving to him that what he was smelling (and no one else) were not caused by our materials.
Mr. requested that we re-install everything again and we declined to do so.
At this point, Killingsworth feels that we have made a good faith effort to make this customer happy. Both parties did agree to put the crawl back the way it was in September (6 mil black poly), but now Mr. is refusing any Killingsworth employee on his property as well as he insists on a full refund. We have put in many materials and man hours over and above that original scope of work that Mr. paid for ($3200) and we are not agreeing to perform any more work for free and do not feel like he is due a refund because our work that we performed did not cause any of the smells he was experiencing in the first place.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
1. The interior French drain that Killingsworth's crew installed is NOT properly installed, as it is NOT deep enough in the ground (and not right beside the foundation) to capture the water entering the crawlspace. I brought two other known waterproofing companies in Charlotte and both of them told me the same exact thing.

Other things that Killingsworths did in our home were NOT done correctly , like :

2. Their crew nudged the HVAC blower while their were working on the crawlspace and it stopped working. They brought out their HVAC technician and he quoted me $650 to replace the HVAC blower, based on his diagnosis that was broken.
I brought out another HVAC company that they told me the HVAC blower was in perfect condition and it has just shifted from the work that Killingsworth performed in the crawl.
Killingsworth's HVAC guy did NOT diagnose the problem correctly. Luckily, I brought out another HVAC company, which solved the problem.

3. The pipe siphoning the water out from the sump pump was not installed properly < was installed in an angle pointing towards inside the crawlspace, and not outside >. I had an experienced plumber come to our home and he confirmed that. Killingsworths crew came out to fix the issue with the sump pump pipe and they stuffed with stones the French drain pipe leading to the basin. When I went in the crawlspace and I checked the catch basin myself (while Killingworth's crew was present at that time), they apologized and said it was their oversight.

4. Killingsworth communicated to us orally that we have an 1-year guarantee for labor, but they never gave us actual paperwork for that. They told us that our name was in their database.

5. Their insulation board was treated with Bora-Care and that material was emitting a very bad "chemical" smell that was burning our nostrils. When they came out and they removed the material, all Killingworth's crew also agreed with us that there was a very pungent smell coming out of that material. Their manager came in our home and he said exactly that: "This smells heavy".

6. I had specifically asked all their materials to be passing California's Prop 65 Code. They used a fungicide called DSV that does to be used in California. Also, their spray foam smelled bad and did not pass **** 65.

7. The personnel that Killingsworth brought to our home to do the job were working at their Carpet Cleaning department.

8. Killingsworth is trying to be in every aspect of the home business, such as termite treatment, waterproofing, HVAC, encapsulations, carpet cleaning, etc....and myriad of other things, but their personnel is NOT experienced and every aspect of ALL the things that they try to do. But, they do not have personnel with the right experience.

We are very disappointed the way Killingsworth has done worn on our home.

We are requesting a REFUND for the work that they did for the encapsulation and the installation of the French drain.

Final Consumer Response
Killingsworth denied to honor their Termite warranty for no specific reason. The Termite warranty was issued on Wednesday August 27th, 2014 and lasts for 1 year.

I contacted Killingsworth to renew the Termite warranty on August 25th, 2015 and they called me and they told me that they were NOT renewing the Termite warranty.

On August 25th, 2015, I brought another Termite company out to our home and they found live termite infestation.

The Termite treatment that Killingsworth performed on Tuesday September 19, 2015 they told me they they did a favor to me. But it was not a favor; they were refusing to renew the Premier Crawl Renewal Warranty that I had since August 2015 because Termite damage was identified to our home due to their mistake. The Premier Crawl Renewal Warranty calls for Coverage of any damages due to termites. They were refusing to renew the warranty until I presented them paperwork from another Termite company that there was life termite infestation.

I am requesting Killingsworth to:

1. Cover for the Termite Damage occurred to our home due to their missing of termites existence to the crawlspace.

2. Return the $125 Inspection fee that I had to incur when we brought another Termite company to our home to do a Termite Inspection.


Final Business Response
Mr's termite warranty was for an infestation warranty only. NO DAMAGE REPAIR Coverage. We are not responsible for any damages incurred. We honored our 1 year agreement and came out to do a no charge warranty treatment for the termites found, even after his warranty had expired. We reserve the right to offer to extend any of our warranties, and are declining to offer any further warranties to this customer. We are not paying for the $125 that Mr paid for another company to come out to do an inspection. This was not our choice, but his to contract another company. The reason Mr does not have a Premier Crawl Warranty any longer is because per Mr's request, he altered the original scope of work which voided the warranty. Mr no longer has any current warranties with our company

09/24/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

After Killingsworth made repairs to unit on 8-29-14, the system immediately keep getting warmer and warmer and was not cooling properly.
So after sales came out and quoted a price on new system no one offered to send tech back out. He was aware system was not cooling properly. So to get a second opinion we called **************. The first thing he found when he went to connect the line for a pressure check, was oil leaking out all over the two valves. He stated,, this was refrigerant. After ************** checked the whole system it was only low on coolant, because the valves had been left open! I immediately contacted Killingsworth and the Manager, Mr. Kelly Poplin stated they would make it right. But as of today, he is still trying. I gave them plenty of time to resolve this and they didn't.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking a total refund of $574.00. I told them to cancel the second maintenance check due in October and refund my money for this ($99.00).

I am seeking the full amount of $475.00 that was paid to ************** for correcting the faulty workmanship of Killingsworth by leaving the valves open to leak out the refrigerant.

Business Response
Mr. ******* was a preventative maintenance customer. We installed a hard start kit for him on 4/24/14. He called us out on 8/29/14 and said his system was not working. We responded the same day (on Saturday) and found a failed hard start kit. We replaced the hard start kit under warranty for no charge. At this time, he wanted to speak to one of our sales representatives about replacing the system. The sales rep gave him a quote on replacing his system, and Mr. ******* said he would be in touch after comparing other quotes. We were under the understanding that Mr. ******* did not want to spend any more money on repairs, but had intentions of replacing his system. Several days later, ***** received a phone call that he had another company come out and charged him $475 to add refrigerant and that our service specialist had left the valves open on the system causing the refrigerant to leak out. If Mr. ******* would have called us first, we would have fixed this at no charge to him. Now it is our word against our competitor who of course is going to say we did something wrong so they could gain the customer. Our company stands behind our service and we feel like Mr. ******* did not give us a chance to do the repairs first even when we hold the maintenance contract on this property. When we found out about this issue, ***** immediately contacted the Vice President to work on a solution. Our dilemma was the huge price difference between us and the other company. In these situations, we would generally credit the customer back the diagnostic fees from the other company. Normally the customer would allow us to do the repairs (at no charge to the customer). It's not fair for the customer to ask us to pay the other company's fees to repair especially when our prices are substantially less than the competition. We will be glad to refund the diagnostic fee that the other company charged. Upon acceptance, we will cut a check for $89 to Mr. *******.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
First, Their tech came out on a Friday evening not Saturday. His inability to properly close the valves led to the loss of refrigerant. Next Mr. ***** ******* called me to apologize, and he is the one who first suggested, They would make it right by refunding this expense but he had one person over him to get this approved. I had from the start furnished them a copy of the ************** repair and my cost. Mr. ****** kept telling me he would make it right. He kept throwing out free ad ons If I would let them install a new system.. He kept pressuring me and I told him to refund this unnecessary expense caused by the negligence of his tech. Then I could fairly evaluate all bids for a new system when It was needed. Mr. ***** ****** stated he was the manager and to deal only with him, he would make it right. But I see this was only a pressured sales pitch from him. It is now obvious that they do not stand by the faulty work of their employees. They are not a reputable company by my experience with Mr. ***** ****** or their tech who caused me this unnecessary expense. I do not in any way accept their response. I see that small claims court may be my next option because of their negligence.

Final Business Response
Our company never denied service to Mr. *******. When he called ***** ******* he had already had his unit fixed by another company requesting a refund for the other companies bill. ***** asked Mr. ******* why he did not call us first and he replied, "I couldn't stand it, I had to call somebody and that's besides the point, your guy should have not left the valves open." Killingsworth assumes responsibilities to make any repairs that were caused by our service technicians, but we are not in the business to pay other people's repair bills. How do we know our technician actually left the valves open without someone from our company actually checking the unit before someone else fixed it? Killingsworth never got the opportunity to make this situation right, therefore, we should not be liable for our competitors opinion. This had nothing to do with a sales pitch. He asked for a quote on a new system and we gave him one.

05/01/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Initially *****" said the treatment was fully guaranteed. $2000 later and a month after treatment apartment is still infested.
I called Killingsworth and spoke with **** ******. My fiancé and I found a bedbug in the apartment and I had it independently verified through an associate at work. After speaking with the representative with the understanding that the treatment was fully guaranteed, we agreed to pay $2000 for their guaranteed thermal radiation treatment.

The account we were given was account number XXXXXX.

They treated the apartment after being late, and we were still getting bites after the bedbug treatment. We complained to them and they sent their "certified dog" to find out where the bugs were. The dog did not "alert" and therefore according to the iPad signature which I didn't see the writing until after it was emailed to me indicated that their canine had cleared the unit negating any future responsibility. The representative Josh assured me before signing that "they weren't that kind of company" and that they wouldn't leave until the problem was resolved. Apparently, he has more faith in his company than Mr. *****************

After many misgivings on his part they conceded to send the dog over again (we were still getting bitten). They came over again and the dog didn't alert.

Two weeks later (today) I found a live bedbug on my chest and took a picture of it and sent it to him, and he said that we must've "reintroduced" the bedbugs when they were never gone in the first place (via email)

Desired Settlement
We would like a full refund since the service was not rendered and the guarantee in case the service was ineffective was not included.

We are still infested and insist on utilizing a reputable company that is local.

Business Response
Timeline and background information of contact with Consumer:

3/11/14 Bed Bug Green Solution performed a Heat Treatment at customers address.

3/13/14 Mr. called***** stating that he was getting bit by something. ***** informed him that he was scheduled for the K9 clearance the next day (on X-XX-XX). The K9 will detect if there is live activity or not. If we find bed bugs we would take care of it. If no alerts, it is not bed bug bites.

3/14/14 Handler, **** and K9 xxxxx cleared apartment. K9 did not detect any live bed bugs or viable eggs. Because Mr. stated he was still getting bit by something, **** gave him sliders to put out to see if we can identify what could be biting him. **** promised a follow up K9 visit just for peace of mind. Please note that Mr signed the Bed Bug Canine Clearance Certification (see copy). Certification states, "This document serves as the clearance of liability for future bed bug infestation. By signing below, customer waives any additional claims for bed bug activity occurring after the heat treatment performed."

3/15/14 Mr emailed***** questioning the guarantee. He stated in email that, "I am just worried that they aren't gone yet, and haven't been sleeping." ***** sent email to ******* to address. 3/16/14 ******* emailed back stated that after the heat treatment, we schedule the K9 for clearance (which was done on 3/14/14). If it clears, the bed bugs are gone. If the K9 alerts, we would have addressed it until the K9 clears.

3/15/14 Mr send a picture of what appears to be a spider on the slider. Mr. reminded ******* via email that **** promised a follow up visit. Mr. stated in email that, "We just spent $2000 which is a lot for us. Needless to say it's not money that we could spend, but we did because I had superior faith in your company over all others."

3/19/14 Mr. emailed that now his fiancé got bit as well. (still no evidence provided that it was bed bugs). Mr also questioned the warranty he read on the back of the contract that states, " If a Bed Bug warranty option is approved on the front of this contract, it will include an inspection with one of our canine scent detection teams to clear the residence for this warranty. The warranty includes a free heat treatment up to $1,500 if any live activity occurs during the contract period. Warnty does not cover homes with current bed bug activity." Please note that on the front of the contract it has NA by Bed Bug Warranty. His apartment also would not qualify since he had current bed bug activity. **See Bed Bug Quotation Report Contract along with the General terms and warranty conditions.**

3/27/14 ****, K9 and Division Manager ******* cleared apartment again. No K9 scent detection alerts on live bed bugs or viable eggs. **** and ******* did a visual inspection as well.

4/14/14 Mr. emailed ******* a picture of a bed bug and said it was crawling on his chest. ******* confirmed that the picture was a bed bug. He explained that he did not have a warranty of any future infestations. As per our contracts, once the K9 clears, there is no warranty. Our K9 cleared his apartment 2 times. Bed bugs are hitch hikers and unless you can pinpoint exactly where you brought them into your house the first time, then you take your chances of bringing them back after your heat treatment has cleared. They can come from anywhere-your work, an adjacent apartment, visitor's that come into your home, when you travel to a hotel. We can treat and clear his apartment many times, but without knowing where he is getting them from, his apartment will keep getting bed bugs again and again. Mr. did not like *******'s email and said he was going to report us to the Better Business Bureau.

We feel like our company has gone above and beyond according to our signed contract. We are declining Mr. *******'s desired resolution. Had the K9 alerted or there were any visuals of bed bugs at the 3/14/14 inspection, we would have retreated with no questions asked due to failure of the first heat treatment. Since our K9 cleared not once, but twice, someone is bringing the bed bugs back to his apartment.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
If their canine was actually capable of finding the bugs, ****, the canine handler, wouldn't have told me that the problem is that smell isn't prominent enough for Buckshot to "alert". If this is the case then it is obvious that the infestation has to be prevalent to a certain extent for their warranty to be of any use whatsoever. I would reach out to all other businesses that would affiliate themselves with this company for "certification" purposes with the canine. Going through the process of having an infestation in the first place has and still is traumatic. I would think that $2000 would be enough to solve this problem.
It pains me to think that they would treat other people this way, and offer their "warranty" to other pest control companies when it hasn't been effective at all in our case, and I suspect in other cases as well. Just because we are far away does not give them a right to steal our $2000. I'm sorry, but if you do the simple math. Treatment that costs $2000 is introduced. A few days after treatment we were still getting bites. One month after treatment a live bedbug was found. For Mr. ******** to even insulate that it's the customers fault and that the dog was absolutely capable of finding the bugs is disingenuous. As someone who has worked in the service industry for a decade I find their business practices reprehensible, and theft is against the law. **** told me that they weren't that kind of company. We'll they are. Thank you for stealing our $2000, and having no accountability. Also, when signing for dog clearance, their is no writing on the "iPad" so that the customer can actually see what they are signing. It isn't until after the .pdf is emailed that the customer realizes they just signed over any liability for the company in the future. This is their guarantee or their "warranty" that they offer.

I don't have the words to explain my frustration and stress with having this problem in the first place and then investing in a fraudulent company as a resolution.

It hurts, and I don't have the words...


Final Business Response
This customer makes it out that this is the first heat treatment job we have ever completed. This is not the case. We performed over 400 jobs in both North and South Carolina last year. All jobs are treated the same way. We verify there is a bed bug problem (in this case customer sends picture), we perform the heat treatment, and then we follow up 2 days later with one of our K9's. Warranty is very simple...if the dog clears the home, we are finished and warranty ends. If the K9 alerts, then we retreat again at no charge. Our K9 cleared twice just for the customer's peace of mind. In all of the 400 jobs treated last year, we had less than 20 properties that we retreated due to failure. We did not steal the customer's money. We performed the job that was laid out on the contract. To address the statement made that "when signing for dog clearance, there is no writing on the "iPad" so that the customer can actually see what they are signing. It isn't until after the .pdf is emailed that the customer realizes they just singed over any liability for the company in the future." We do not try to sneak anything in for signature. If the customer was uneasy about signing ANYTHING, questions should have been raised then. I personally would not sign a document not knowing what was on it, and I don't believe this was the case here, either. The customer signed the same document twice. They knew what they were signing.

In this line of business, we have to educate the customer to be aware of the fact that you can bring bugs back into your home, especially if you do not know where you got them from in the first place. We have had several cases that we have treated and cleared a property and then days or weeks later they have live bugs again. We finally pinpointed that they were being brought back into the house through other family members, or from their place of work. We not only perform work for residences, but also offices, and hospitals. Turn this same scenario around (which in this example really happened). We performed a heat treatment at a hospital. Our K9 cleared the area. Days later, they have live bed bugs again in the same room. It's very easy to place blame that our company did not do our job. Though K9 Scent Detection, we were able to narrow it down to an employee that was bringing them back in with their pocketbook. We take our K9 to the employee's house and sure enough, bugs everywhere. Once we treated the employee's house and cleared it, the hospital stopped having issues.

We do understand this customer's frustration. Having bed bugs is traumatic and often causes people to itch just talking about it. We have 100% confidence that we got rid of this customer's issues in the first place. We cannot back down and give him his money back when we have done our job per our contract. I assure you that if we were the type of company this customer claims we are, then we would not be in business and we would have numerous claims with the BBB and Angie's List. We are not that company and do not feel that we owe any refund to this customer.

Final Consumer Response
The only thing is that when the customer is asked to sign on their iPad. There is no writing is just a blank screen.

If I had known that I was relieving them of all future responsibility I would've never signed.

Plus, the fact that they are somehow able to give THAT much credibility to a canine legally is mind blowing.

I'm literally spell-bound. We just got engaged and are very neat and clean people.

Any advice that you can give would be appreciated. We already paid the $2000. And we still have the infestation. That just doesn't seem like a fair business practice. The ironic thing is that I picked them specifically because they had the canine certification.


08/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We paid $130/application for pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer lawn care this spring.Our yard is overrun with weeds. We cancelled the service.
We were told our "Silver Package" of total lawn care included pre-emergent weed control and fertilization this spring. After complaints about lack of greening of the lawn and growth of weeds after the application of weed control, we were told iron and weed killer would be applied. The weed killer was spot applied with some result, but now that it is peak weed season, our yard is the worst yard on the street. I highly doubt we received the pre-emergent control we were promised. Our neighbors did different programs and do not have the problems that we do. Our lawn is an embarrassment and faces citation from our HOA, and I have another company working to fix the problem.

Desired Settlement
Fix the problem or put a Killingsworth sign in our yard so drivers-by can admire the early spring pre-emergent weed control and fertiizer program.

Business' Initial Response
Customer contacted Killingsworth on 4/23 and said they were not satisfied with the overall condition of their lawn as it was coming in sparse in certain areas and some areas were darker than others. The Lawn Care Manager went out on 4/29 and walked the lawn with Mrs. and documented that the overall yard looked good and the darker areas she was noticing were due to a lack of water. He noted that the weeds that were present were orchard grass caused by wheat straw being put down. This was not something that Killingsworth put on the yard. The manager told Mrs. that we would come treat these for her for free even though they were not covered under her contract. He also warned Mrs. that this service may cause some yellowing in the surrounding grass. We went out on 5/9 and treated for the broadleaf winter weeds and also treated the orchard grass for no charge. We emailed customer on 6/4 to check in on the account and April payment. Mrs. emailed back that she wants the manager out again because the lawn is turning yellow. The Assistant Lawn Care Manager went out to the property to recheck it on 6/10. He took soil samples of the lawn and noted that the yellowing of the grass could be caused by pH imbalance which the soil test would tell us. We went out and performed another free service for Mrs. on 6/13. This treatment was a lime application to help balance out pH which can help with the yellowing. Mrs. emailed again on 7/1 that the two free applications had no impact on the lawn and requested to pursue alternatives and requested to cancel their service effective immediately. At that point, Mrs. said she already had a new company apply weed control and fertilizer. Killingsworth cannot treat properties that are being treated by other lawn care companies simultaneously as treatments can conflict and cause more damage. The current complaint is for weed control issues. Pre-emergent applications do not last forever, and with the customer not continuing their services under their contract, then these weed control applications were not performed. The last application Mrs. paid for was the second round of pre-emergent which was applied in April and paid for in July. Killingsworth has performed more services than what the customer has paid for and went over and beyond by providing services for free that were outside of the contract. We cannot be held liable for environmental conditions such as heat or rain or applications from the homeowner or other lawn care companies (such as wheat straw being put down). We also feel that the customer had unrealistic expectations of the service given the package they selected. They did not allow the program time to work, and as we were working with them through the issues they opted to have someone else come out to treat. This was a lawn put down on a new construction lot, which can mean it takes longer for the root system to develop and absorb the nutrients to balance the pH of the soil. Homeowners have to give the treatments time to work properly to see the desired end result. At this time, we feel that Killingsworth has made every effort to work with this customer, and they have declined to continue to do service with us.

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