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Two Strong Dudes Moving, LLC

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3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
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Delivery Issues1
Problems with Product / Service2
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints3

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01/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I have attempted to work with the company on repairs, and stolen time, only to be told I'm incorrect and given an unfair settlement.
After calling numerous companies and telling them what items were to be moved (a one bedroom apartment, nothing fancy), I was quoted a time of 2 hours at Two Strong Dudes & their competitors. One company saying it could take three at most, including the 3-4 mile drive. Two Strong Dudes did come out the most inexpensive by a hair, and whenever I questioned their insurance policy I was told they were fully insured. Never was I offered different options of insurance (basic protection, better protection, etc).

The movers showed up 40 minutes late. I did not receive a call telling me that they would be late, nor was my called answered or returned by the company. Needless to say my 2 hour move, as quoted and now denied by the manager, turned into a 5 and a half hour move. This is with EVERYTHING being packed, dissembled, brought downstairs, and placed in my living room, with the exception of my washer and dryer, which was right behind the front entrance that the movers were using. It should have taken 5 minutes most to dissembled, I should save my breath in saying it took much longer.

To make a long story short, I am now left with a demolished 1 year old dryer since the entire top half was snapped off and now requires new rewiring, due to the clips that attaches it to the dryer being broken. A hard plastic, three drawer, Tupperware dresser which holds body lotions, hair products, etc. being trashed because the frame was cracked & could no longer support the drawers. Those range around 30-35 dollars at *******, mine was 3 months old. I did not mention the cracks in my dining room chairs to the company, as I planned to save the trouble of going back and forth with the manager, being called untruthful, & just use a wood filler & repair myself. But let's also add that to the list of broken items while we're here.

All together I was robbed of almost 600.00. My original quote was a little over 300.00. The only offer I was given for the trouble was 85.00 to repair the dryer and replace the dresser, which together I spent 650 dollars on this past year. When the "manager" calls to see how the move went, he has the movers stand above you while you hold a clipboard that requires your signature. As a 110 pound woman, it's a bit scary. To add, I asked numerous times if I could call him the next day, number one because I was so behind, but secondly because I didnt feel comfortable there by myself to say how terrible my move went. From there he collected the card information to charge the almost 600.00 fee.

As a recommendation, whenever I arrived to my new home, the person above me was moving out. She used ************* movers. Her price was nearly half of mine & her movers had her moved in a little over two hours, this is with 3 flights of stairs and it was a two bedroom! Again, I've never used this company, but as a bystander they really cared for her things, and were HUSTLING, this showed me how bad I was taken advatage of, and how unfair this company was to me.

Lastly, to end my long rant of how this company even received good reviews (this coming from a person who hates giving bad reviews), I genuinely feel bad for their employees. I found out later that if an item is damaged, it is docked from their pay, and that the week previous to the week I moved (December 15th) a mover was fired for damaging a dining room table. Please steer clear of this company, and save yourself the headache of being behind schedule by 3 hours, being robbed, and being left with broken items that you're responsible for repairing. This company claims to be a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it is not.

Desired Settlement
My wish is to see things be made right. My goal is to not be unfair, but to be treated as the owners would like to be treated in this matter.

Business Response
On Monday, Dec. 15 2014, Two Strong Dudes Moving rendered services for the customer. The move was scheduled for a 10am start time and we arrived at 10:30am, 30 minutes late due to traffic, as indicated on the Bill of Lading start time. I contacted the customer, after receiving her message, and apologized for the delay. During the moving process, damages occured to 2 items mentioned by the customer. These items were, a clamp coming of the dryer that connects the top to the base of the dryer and a 3 foot high plastic container. The TSDM crew leader took pictures of the dryer for claims records. The customer sent pictures later of the damage plastic drawers. From the pictures provided, the top of the dryer was only disconnected on one side due to 2 clamps being broken during the move. The customer advised me that quote " the dryer is still working and just need clamps". The second item damaged, the plastic 3-drawer container, was cracked at the bottom left side.

As a company policy, after EVERY MOVE IS COMPLETED, the crew leader calls the Owner/Manager and gives the start and finish times, reviews the calculation of hours worked for the total cost and to advise me of any issues or damages that may have occured during the move. Once this is done, the Owner/Manager then talks with the customer to see if all of the items are in the rooms/locations requested; if there's any noticable damages; and verify that the truck is completely empty of their items. This is also the time that we address any complaints or concerns regarding the move so that they can be documented on the Bill of Lading in the notes. And finally, the customer gives credit card information or pays crew leader with check or cash. Upon the completion of this move, the customer advised me of the damages and said that quote, "the crew was very nice and professional." The customer states, in her complaint, that she was "scared". I would truly hope that the race of the crew leader, **************** , would be the reasoning for her uncomfort. The crew leader has been employed for 5 plus years with no customer complaints.

The customer also stated that she was given a quote for her move. An estimate was given to her based on a description of the items to be moved. ALL OF OUR QUOTES ARE GIVING IN WRITING after an onsite assessment or receiving an inventory checklist from the customer. The customer questioned the amount of time that it took the crew to complete the job. I was advised by the crew that, after the truck was loaded, the customer requested for her clothes in the closets be taken. The clothes were not boxed, covered or wrapped by the customer. As a courtesy, the crew moved the clothes. In doing so, they had to rearrange the load on the truck, which took extra time, to assure that the clothes would'nt be damaged. As a policy, we DO NOT MOVE CLOTHING ITEMS THAT ARE NOT BOXED OR COVERED. Again, this was done as a courtesy after the customer stated prior to the start,that quote "they would handle the items in the closets". The customer also commented on the time it took another moving company, ************, to move someone in her complex. With me knowing personally the manager at ************, I got general information regarding the move that occurred on the same day of this customer. I was advised that the customer from ************ had 6 movers. This customer only had 2. But again, this is all based on the description given by the customer of the items to be moved. The point here is, MOVING IS NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE and more manpower for a move most likely will result in a lesser amount of time BUT, the rate is higher.

The customer was advised that a claim would be filed for the damages that occurred during the move. Also, that the claim would be based on the type of coverage chosen, by them, prior to their move. On Dec. 15, I requested the make and model of the dryer that was damaged so that I could get actual weight information for the claim. On Dec 30, I received a text with a picture of the manufacture's information. I responed to the customer that I would file the claim once I returned to the office. On Jan 7, 2015, I received a text from the customer asking " where do we stand on this". On Jan 9, when I returned to the office, I responded stating that a check in the amount of $85(100 x.60 for the dryer/(32 x.60 for the plastic drawers), would be processed for the damages. The customer did not agree that she had signed that she received the brochure explaining her rights as a shipper or that she initialed for Basic Value Protection. She also felt that the weight of the dryer was 150-200lbs. The specs from the maker of the dryer, *************, gives the weight of 100 pounds. The weight of the plastic drawers was 15-20lbs. I used the specs of a small children's dresser(32lbs), which is more than the weight of the plastic drawers. The Basic Value Protection coverages damaged items at 60 cent per pound/per acticle. I resubmitted a claim with the weight of the 150lbs, for the dryer, and the weight of 32lbs for the plastic drawers. A check in the amount of $110 was mailed on Friday, Jan 23, to the move-in address, for the customer, of ************************************************.

09/03/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Damaged 2 sprinkler heads and has failed to respond to requests for reimbursement
Company's truck drove off driveway and damaged 2 sprinkler heads. I have paid $103.50 to make repairs. Two Strong Dudes has failed to respond to my requests for payment. I provided pictures and a copy of the invoice to NO avail.

Desired Settlement
I would like to be reimbursed the $103.50 that I have paid to repair the damage caused by Two Strong Dudes.

Business' Initial Response
A formal apology and a check in the amount of $103.50 has been issued to customer.

Consumer's Final Response
From: ***** *******
Sent: Tuesday, September 03, 2013 3:31 PM
To: ***************
Subject: Re: BBB Complaint Case#******


Thanks for you follow up. As of today's mail, I have NOT received a check.

I will keep you posted.


12/09/2014Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Did not deliver all boxes of my move. At least 500 Dollars damage.
During move, at least one box has not been unloaded from the truck. KitchenAid Mixer (worth over 400$), slow coocker (100$) and another utensils (cooking pans, etc) missing.

Desired Settlement
The money to acquire the items missing.

Business Response
On Sept 16 Two Strong Dudes Moving provided moving services for *************. We moved both household furnishing and boxes to his new home. The customer directed me and the crew to where the items needed to go in the home. All boxes and plastic totes were placed in the garage. upon completion of the move, the customer and I did a final walk through to make sure that all of the furniture items were in there proper place and that anything that needed to be assembled was assembled. Finally, I had the customer to verify that both trucks were empty of any of his belongings. This is protocol for Two Strong Dudes Moving once each job is complete. Once the walk through and the verification that each truck is free of all customer's household belongings, the customer signs off stating such; which this customer did at the end of this particular move. Two months to the date of the move, the customer calls and advises me that he is missing 2 boxes from the kitchen area and wanted to be reimbursed for the missing items. I advised the customer that a claim could be made based on the type of protection chosen for the move. The customer then became irrate and advised me that I would hear from his lawyer.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

There is A LOT of untruth in the response of this company. First, I did not have the chance to check if the TWO trucks were empty. Second, not all he boxes have been unloaded in the garage, third, I did not wait 2 months to claim, but during this time I left messages on their voice mail and never received an answer. The truth is, that yes, I was and I am irritated and I do believe that this is a case for a lawyer, because these guys once again demonstrated that they in fact made something wrong, because I NEVER said there were 2 boxes missing. Only one that really KNOWS that there were 2 boxes could assert this. I only said, that we are missing a professional KitchenAid mixer (price over 500,-), a bread maker (price over 100,-), some cooking pans (for instance Logdge and others), a slow cooker (price over 100,-) among other kitchen utensils. The claim would be economically not feasible, but for the sake of a principle, after this answer seems more clear that they made it intentionally.
The gentlemen forgot to mention that I offered an agreement for settlement, but that he remembered me, that I signed that the trucks were empty. I have to admit I trusted the wrong guys, however , I also admit I was happy that they were out of the house. After bearing 3 of them in the first day (by the way arrived 4 hours late in the first day) and 4 of them in the second day for this small move (we are a family of 3), was the most expensive service I have ever paid. That they were not very motivated for work was for me clear, but they have a system ... well, that is what I am learning now.
I believe their system targets an amount that is not worthwhile to sue. However, not only BBB should get notice of their practice, but in fact, for the sake of principle, it will be worthwhile to see them explain the story on court.
I can live with mistakes and I also understand them, but this behavior is not acceptable.
Attached find the copy of the contract as requested.

Final Consumer Response
From: **************** <******************>
Date: December 8, 2014 at 12:12:01 AM EST
To: "****************************" <****************************>
Subject: Re: Description of boxes
It is weird that you need such a prompt answer, particulaly after taking so long to answer my messages I left in your voice mail, ... Well sorry for the mistake, because you did not answer, but I could get you od the phone.
The boxes were standard moving boxes from Home Depot, the biggest you can get (sizes 22x22x21 inches).
I get more upset, when I hear hte complaints of my wife who remembers me of their content as follows:
-kitchenaid professional mixer, cost over 500 $
- hand mixer, cost 80 $
-lodge cast iron 12 in pan with emanel cover, cost 40$
-lodge cast iron dutch oven 8in casserole with skillet, 40@
-lodge cast iron meat rack 10$
-lodge cast iron meat press 25$
-lodge 5 in mini skillet 12$
-breadmachine oyster 80$
-delonggi frier, low fat tech 200$
-aspargus steamer from Germany 70$
-pasta cooker 50$
-diverse cooking pans,casseroles etc...

Anyway, you can compare, if this list is complete or ask one of the guys that kept the boxes. I also dont know what this claim will bring, but I do recall that I gave you a tip of 200 $ for the service, but surely you did not deserve it I I expect this money back as well (i.e. The least you can do).

Sent from my iPad

Final Business Response
Based on the type of coverage that was chosen for your move, the claim will value your items based on the weight of the boxes and not the content inside. The calculated weight, based on the Basic Value Protection you chose, is 60lbs each. This protection covers each box at .60 cent per pound. The calculated payout for both boxes is a total of 72.00 dollars. A check in that amount will be forwarded to the destination address on the bill of lading.

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