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Massage Envy

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7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues3
Problems with Product / Service4
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

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Complaint Resolution Log (7)
07/29/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

This Massage Envy location has refused to acknowledge receipt of the cancellation form that they asked me to fill out to terminate services.
Massage Envy (ME) is attempting to continue to collect fees after my 12 month contract t ended in April 2014, although I have given them sufficient notice, in accordance with the terms of the contract to discontinue charges.

ME provides a membership for massages and other services. I signed up for a 12 month contract in 2013. Initially the payments were $59.00/ month. After the contract ended, the payment went up to 59.99/ month. Upon termination of the contract, your services continue on a month to month basis until you provide a 30 day written notice to terminate the account. Upon providing a written 30 day notice at the specific location that you signed up at, the contract is supposed to end without further charges.

When I contacted them about the termination procedures on July 15 2014, an employee named xxxxx emailed me a termination form online. I filled it out and emailed it back on July 15 . The email was not returned, so it was my belief that the cancellation had been received and was being processed.

On July 16, my account was charged again. When I contacted this location on July 21 to determine if my notice had been received and if this would be the last payment I had to make, the attendant asked me if I wanted to freeze the account. I told her that I did not. I told her that I had already emailed notice of cancellation request form sent to me by xxxxx on the July 15. She explained to me that I would need to talk to the manager xxxxx, who was not in that day.

I went back to this location on July 22 after work, and was told that the manager worked from 9-5 pm and had left for the day. On July 23, I called this location around 4:15 pm to ensure that the manager would be there before going to to this office. I was told that the manager had left early at 3 pm. The attendant also told me that I was scheduled to be charged for a the August 2014 payment even though I have given the requisite 30 day notice.

I feel that Massage Envy is running a scam on the public. I am intentionally being given the run around. They intentionally make it difficult for you to cancel the contract once your 12 months is up by making you come in person to talk to a manager whose does not keep regular hours. You are required to do this despite previously filling out a form that they provided for said cancellation.

The hope seems to be to frustrate you long enough so that they can collect more money while you haggle with them to terminate the payments. Their collection practices are deceptive and dishonest and they are ARE NOT ACTING IN GOOD FAITH. I know that I am one of many who have complained about their practices. I believe this is part of an orchestrated and deliberate scheme to keep people bound to a contract that has already terminated even when they attempt to comply with the contract provisions regarding termination.

Desired Settlement
I want my contract terminated and I wish too have further charges made on my account. I feel the July 16, 2014 payment should be the final payment they are owed and I should not incur any additional charges past that date.

Business Response
It's our understanding that xxxxx cancellation request has been completed.
No further charges will occur.
Please verify with the complaining party.

08/08/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Ive never been a client. My wife gave me a gift card so I scheduled an appointment. When I scheduled they indicated they needed a credit card to hold the appointment and I would be charged if I didn't cancel the previous day. I asked to use the gift card, they said it had to be a Credit Card. Well I had to cancel and they charged my credit card. I never signed anything. I never agreed to any terms and conditions. Most importantly I never received any service. How can they charge me $78 for something I didn't get. In addition I asked to my wife to have them credit the gift card.They responded with they don't do that.Why would any one do business with these jerks.

Desired Settlement
I want the $78 charge nullified ASAP. I want the money back from the gift card ASAP.

Business' Initial Response
I am xxxxx, owner of the Massage Envy Ballantyne Spa.
It's my understanding that the described situation happened at the Massage Envy Spa at xxxxx, that isn't a BBB member, but that is beside the point.

Massage Envy requires like most other providers in the service industry a CC to reserve appointments. This is necessary as the employees are on site to provide the agreed service. No shows will cause these employees to lose income.
We assume that we can find other customers for our therapists within 24 hours.
Consequently we will not charge cancellation fees for annulments received the day before the appointment.
In this case the appointment has been cancelled two hours before the session was supposed to start. In that situation we charge a 50% fee.
Mr. xxxxx has been overcharged. We apologize for this and will return the full amount of $78. We have tried to reach Mr. xxxxxx under his evening phone # (xxxxxx, but to no avail.
Please ask Mr. xxxxx to call the xxxxxx under (xxxxx and request to speak with either xxxxx.
They will handle the refund.
We have already taken the opportunity to retrain our front desk associates to avoid future instances like this.

Best Regards

04/21/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I was told that I could stop the payments at anytime but when I got sick in January they would not honor that. It's in the fine writing in the contact
When went to massage envy they offered me a contract but the girl told me I could stop it at anytime. That's the only way I would agree if I could stop if I need too. My dr said a massage would help my RA. I went for 2 months but they could never seen to work me in after the 2 months. In January i was hospitalized and out of work which took away from my funds. There has been 3 dealths in my immediate family which I've had to use funds and I can't afford it anymore. I've explained to xxxxx the manager and the district manager but they will not give me the owner and do not cooperate. I was told false information and feel like they lied to get my business but never available when I needed the massage. xxxxx is very unprofessional and I would never use a massage envy again anywhere.

Desired Settlement
Stop drafting out my bank account for services they are not providing and I can't afford anymore due to my illness.

Business Response
xxxxx became a member of our 12 month Wellness Program on November 22, 2014.
On 2.15.15 Ms. xxxxx had requested a cancellation form to have the Wellness Program cancelled.
On 2.20.15 we contacted her in regards to the submission of the cancellation form. We explained the benefits of the program and the membership agreement terms.
During March we had multiple interactions with Ms. xxxxx which are outlined below.
On 3.1.15 Ms. xxxxx contacted us in response to the previous communication and said that she had a concern about being able to come in for appointments. At that time we offered various solutions in order to accommodate her specific needs; she declined these offers.
On 3.17.15 Ms. xxxxx requested that the owner or manager contact her as soon as possible. On 3.18.15 our Director of Operations reached out to her and left a message to contact him back to resolve the situation. On 4.1.15 Ms. xxxxx returned the call and the Director of Operations was not available but the manager of the location took the call and expressed the resolution that the Director was going to offer. The client declined this offer.
The attached signed agreement defines the modalities under which a cancellation is feasible. Our members have the opportunity to enjoy their services at any of the more than 1,000 Massage Envy Spas nationwide.
As a final attempt to provide a solution we can offer a "freeze" program.
We would put a temporary freeze on the membership for up to 6 months. This freeze will put a hold on Ms. xxxxx membership benefits and payments Six months equals half of the term of the agreement and represents the maximum timeframe we can offer . At the conclusion of the freeze, Ms. xxxxx will still need to fulfill the remaining 8 months, but this would be an effective resolution for the specified concern of making payments.

Best regards

08/19/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I initially went to this spa for a professional facial after which I was advised to use one of their products that would be a good choice for my skin. I also purchased a plan with them. I purchased the product, per their professional advice, and used it per label direction. Three days later, I noticed severe discoloration in my face. I went to my primary care provider and he diagnosed me with chemical burns and referred me to a surgical dermatologist.I called the branch and requested to cancel my membership because of my injuries. They agreed and requested to sign a cancellation form. I could not make it to the branch, due to medical problems, before the monthly draft and they charged me $59.99 so I asked to get a refund in person. The manager declined. xxxxx called me later and told me that Massage Envy is going to refund my money and sign a release form to return the money.I went to the store and I was in pain and wanted to get this chore over with. I read the first couple of lines and signed the paper trusting in what xxxxx said over the phone.I returned home and read the paper with my husband and found out that xxxxx lied about the paper and that this paper was a release of liability stating that with the refund of $59.99 I release Massage Envy from any claim, injury, expenses.My husband called xxxxx and asked her to charge our money back and to return the paper I signed. She said because your wife had burns on her face from our product, she had to sign that form (This was not told to me previously). She then put my husband on hold and xxxxx spoke with him. xxxx said that xxxxx did not lie and that he will not return my signed copy.I feel that my rights were taking from me. xxxxx was not clear and she did not even keep eye contact with me. I feel ashamed from the burns on my face and it lead to a flare of my depression. Its been 3 month, and per surgical advise, if results are not seen in 2 more month, multiple expensive laser, treatments will be required.
Product_Or_Service:xxxxx Products / Monthly membership plan

Desired Settlement
I want to be treated from the chemical burns and get a refund of my facial as well as the products I purchased according to massage envy's recommendations. I also want a compensation for all the doctors' appointments and the products the doctors advised me to use to treat my face.

Business Response
We are sorry to realize that Ms. xxxxx doesn't want to continue her membership.
As part of our customer service commitment we have
a) Refunded the previously sold products - we offer this opportunity to all our customers
b) Cancelled Ms. xxxxx Membership agreement
c) Refunded Ms. xxxxx July membership fee
We reject the allegations of any harm due to the facial treatment on 5/10/14.

06/27/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Talked into a 6month package and was "slipped" the 12month paperwork.After serving my year they told me the wrong ending date.Never got last 2massage
I will never recommend them to anyone! I was talked into the 6 month package and given the 12 month paperwork while being distracted. Single mother of three with neck problems thinking I was doing something nice for myself. Said they would do nothing about it because I signed. The same thing happened to my friend!! Then having to serve my time, I get there early and my massages don't even start until 15 mins after my time slot. And then end 10 mins early! If I'm paying for an hour I want an hour! Half my massages were lack luster. Then on the front counter there is a tipping chart. Massages are supposed to be 15%-20% not $20 for great, $15 for good. $10 for poor. So a $60 massage I am to tip $20?? So its an short $80 massage!! At the end of my 'year long term' they told me I had until the 6th to get all my paid for massages in. I called on the 5th and was denied! Saying it ended on the 4th. I had at least 2 whole massages unpaid for that never got used. They are theives. From the moment I walked through there doors a little over a year ago, I have been nothing but swindled!

Desired Settlement
I would like to be refunded for the unused massages

Business Response
BBB case#: xxxxx
Membership terms: Our goal at Massage Envy is to be as forth coming with the guidelines to our wellness program as possible. When Ms. xxxxx signed up for her membership she was presented with the agreement and reviewed it in-depth with the front desk associate. On the agreement the period of the membership is clearly stated with to and from dates. Ms. xxxxxx did complete all the areas required for initials and signature stating she acknowledged receiving and reading our terms and conditions. (see attachment) Her membership started on March 5th, 2013 and ended on April 4th, 2014.
Ms. xxxxx cancelled her agreement on April 1st, 2014.Our membership representative followed up with her the same day to answer any questions. We explained that Ms. xxxxx would have 30 days to use any remaining sessions. As a courtesy we extended this time frame to 60 days until June 4th, 2014.
Ms. xxxxx unfortunately allowed more than 60 days going by without scheduling a service. By the time Ms. xxxxx called in on June 5th, 2014 the extended courtesy period had already expired.

12/11/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I had been a customer for several years, but decided to cancel my membership due to periodic use. When I spoke to an attendant on the phone to cancel, she asked that I submit a written request. I asked if I had to stop in or if I could mail it and she said a mailed request will work. March 2013, I mailed a letter canceling my membership. I have received notice that a medical collection has been made. My account was paid monthly through automatic deduction and was up to date.

Desired Settlement
I would like my account canceled, collection removed, and my credit report cleared.

Business Response
Thursday, November 27, 2013
Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont, Inc.
RE: Case # xxxxx

To Whom It May Concern,
The purpose of this letter is to respond to the complaint made against our company for the above mentioned BBB case number.
We have reached out to Ms. xxxxx to address her concerns directly. It's our understanding that Ms. xxxxx has no further complains in this matter as off today. Nonetheless we would like to document the issue and misunderstanding.
The protest states that our company has been pursuing the client for an amount owed on the client's account that they cancelled in March of 2013. Also, that our company has made a medical collection against the client for the amount owed.
We didn't receive a membership cancellation request letter in March and when Ms. xxxxx account with us defaulted we made various attempts through phone calls to rectify the situation. We followed up with a letter to receive the funds that were past due and owed to our company. After unsuccessfully endeavoring to collect the money owed from April of 2013 to June of 2013 we had to assume that the client did wish to maintain her membership. At that time we canceled Ms. xxxxx account with our company. We did not report to the credit bureau and we did not solicit the use of a collection agency.
To summarize:
Ms. xxxxx account has been cancelled since June 2013.
We have written off the amount owned to us for three months of un-cancelled membership and we have not reported to the credit bureau nor used a collection agency.
We are sorry that Ms. xxxxx has relinquished her membership and wish her well and hope to see her again in the future.
Management Massage Envy Spa xxxxx

06/16/2014Billing / Collection Issues

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