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Horne Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Problems with Product / Service4
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints6

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Complaint Resolution Log (6)
09/11/2015Problems with Product / Service
07/28/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Sales offered 5 years parts and labor sent a contract out when I was out of town My wife signed it which stated different from sales quote.
Sales quote read 5 years parts and labor contract said 1 year parts and labor. Never completed the job 2 years later.

Desired Settlement
5 year parts and labor.

Business Response
We have been in communication with the consumer and find it unfortunate that a BBB complaint has been filed.
Our organization installed a heating and cooling system in May 2013, based upon the signed proposal number RXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-X. All invoicing and payments also reflected the same proposal, which references a 1-Year Labor, 10-Year Parts Warranty.
The installation passed * mandatory York County mechanical and electrical inspection. There were a few follow-up visits by our company from in June and July 2013 to button up loose ends, complete the inspection and also correct a few items as part of the original installation. We have not heard from the consumer since July 2013 until June 2015.
June 15, 2015. 2 full years have passed, no maintenance performed on the system by our company and the consumer calls with a cooling issue. We responded the same day to the request, diagnosed the problem at the evaporator coil, and advised the consumer of the pending parts order and quote for labor only to repair the system. The consumer's response was quite negative and the consumer communicated he would be contacting his attorney.
Our office team kept the service order open and continued to follow-up with the consumer, verifying approval for the repair. Again our team was met with a rejection and were notified the consumer would be contacting his attorney. We closed the repair order on June 22, 2015 - no additional services provided, no additional charges incurred by the consumer.
July 16, 2015 the consumer contacted our company and advised another dealer had made the repairs and that he also contacted the manufacturer and his attorney.
As a business owner, I am at a loss about this complaint. Our organization fulfilled the obligations of the proposal (including warranty coverage) and any necessary follow-up items from the original installation. We would have gladly assisted the consumer with the repairs, under a 10-Year Parts Warranty had we been given the opportunity, even with a system that has been operating for over 2 years with no records of maintenance being performed.
We kindly as this unwarranted complaint be closed by the Better Business Bureau.

01/15/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Billed before the job has been completed. Sold as a 2 day job. What is complete is incorrect and very sloppy.
Agreed for a 2 system install from ***** through sales rep xxxxx of ***** Heating & Air. The agreed systems were to take 2 days to install. So far its been 3 and what is installed isn't working properly. The work areas have been left in a disorderly fashion ( I have pictures ) and one of the units has an exposed wire next to a water source for a humidifying system. **** told me they were not the cheapest because they do the job right. I find this to be far from the truth.

Desired Settlement
I want their equipment removed from this residence asap.

Business Response
Our company addressed all concerns with the new system and as I understand, the client is now completely satisfied with the work. We kindly ask the complaint be rescinded.

06/25/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Inept Repair Service / Overcharging / Poor Customer Service
I called *****'s main number on Thursday morning and was told that a technician would be at our house that afternoon. Around 2pm, my wife received a call from the technician and was told that he would be late as he was on another service call. The technician proceeded to tell my wife that he could be there at 8pm that night but that "he didn't really want to do that". My wife allowed him to reschedule He then rescheduled for Friday at 3pm. When he arrived on Friday, he reviewed the situation and explained to my wife what the costs were going to be. My wife felt as though he was attempting to overcharge so she called me at my office and I talked to the technician. I agreed to have him clean the coils, add coolant, clean the drainage lines for $633.00.
The technician advised that there might be a leak in the unit and that it would cost an additional $233.00 to add the stop leak. I refused this as I felt that for all the work that had been completed for $633.00 that adding an additional $233.00 for the additional service would have been too much. A week passed **** during the week, temperatures in the area dipped slightly so the unit did not have to work as hard to cool the upstairs. On Thursday, June 12, my wife noticed that the upstairs unit was struggling again. I went outside to check and make sure the unit was blowing. It was, but the lines were frozen. I immediately turned the unit off and looked down inside the unit. I noticed that the unit appeared to be very dirty and did not look as though it has been cleaned at all. I then turned the downstairs unit off and looked inside. It looked very clean. I then determined that the technician more than likely serviced the wrong unit. I then called ***** to report the issue and received a call back from the on-call technician. This person was very nice but stated that there would be a charge if he had to come out to our house to take a look at it. I explained to him that I didn't feel as though we should be charged anything because it appears that the previous technician made a mistake. I then asked him to have the service manager call me first
thing in the morning, to which he obliged. Approximately 2 minutes later, I received another call from the technician that had previously been to my home the first time. The technician proceeded to argue with me over what services he had provided. He would not let me speak and continued talking over me when I attempted to explain my point of view. He then accused me of attempting to obtain "free service". He stated that, because I had refused the stop leak service, the unit was not working again and I was trying to get additional free services because it was broken. I tried to explain to him that this was not the case and that I was sure that he had serviced the wrong unit.
Needless to say, the technician continued to argue with me and talk over me until I became very angry and disconnected the call. I am now waiting on either a manager or the owner to call me to correct the situation. In the meantime, I am consulting another HVAC company who have agreed to come out and review the situation. Unless ***** can make this right, we will never again use their services and will never recommend that anyone ever use their services. I expect for services to be provided on the correct unit (we simply want what we paid for) and I expect a formal apology from the technician that provided the original inept service and who called and spoke to me over the phone so poorly.

Desired Settlement
Horne can either contact me to correct the situation and service the correct unit, or they can refund the $633.00 that we paid minus the amount of the service call. I will agree to at least cover that given that I made the initial call to them for service.

Business Response
Mr. ******'s first and only call to ***** was on June 5th, 2014. An Angie's List Customer.
********* took the initial service request and determined that Mr. ****** has two systems.
Mr. ****** clearly stated that the upstairs unit was "not cooling enough" and agreed to the charge of $90 to respond.
Due to capacity, Mr. ****** was put on the schedule as a work in, and we didn't actually get to the home until 6/6/14.
***** was the responding technician. ****** noted upon arrival that the unit was low on refrigerant and that the filter was stopped up.
The head pressures where very high due to lack of maintenance - this was the most probable reason for the initial failure.
Ms. ****** was home, Mr. ****** was not. ****** spoke to Ms. ****** who called the husband, and Mr. ****** (via phone call) opted not to do a leak test to find the leak.
He also rejected the option of adding a leak stop to the system. Customer did agree to have the coil cleaned as our technician told him that we could not add refrigerant without at least cleaning the outdoor coil to get the pressures down.
Mr. ****** agreed and also approved to clean the condensate drain lines to see where the water was coming from.
Tech found the overflow safety switch in the attic had been bumped and was not cutting off.
For no additional charge,****** fixed the overflow safety switch. Mr. ****** also received a discount of $30 for being an Angie's List customer.

On June 12th, 2014, Mr. ****** called back into the office afterhours and the on call technician returned his call.
When the on call technician explained that he would have to pay for the visit Mr. ****** refused.
As per protocol, he contacted************, the Field Service Supervisor.
Mr.******, who was the initial service technician, refuted Mr. ******* claim that he had worked on the wrong unit.
Mr. ****** tried to force the issue then hung up on our technician when he refused to go out without a credit card.

The Service Supervisor then contacted *********, the Service Manager, who called Mr. ******.
Mr.****** started by stating that****** had fixed the wrong unit.
That the original call had been to respond to the DOWNSTAIRS unit and not the UPSTAIRS.
Dean reviewed the dispatch notes and the recorded call from Mr. ****** originally on the 5th.
Mr. ****** very clearly had stated the UPSTAIRS unit. Mr. **** offered to let Mr. ****** hear himself on the recording and Mr. ****** didn't want that.
Mr. ****** then tried to state that he meant the upstairs and that we had actually worked on the downstairs unit.
Dean explained that this was impossible.
If that much refrigerant (over 5 lbs.) had been added to a working system, that system would have immediately failed.
Mr.****** had recorded the pressure gauge readings and that it was clear that we had worked on the right unit.

Mr. ****** then switched tactics. He stated that he knew we worked on the wrong unit because the downstairs unit was clean and had no leaves in it.
Dean explained that cleaning the coils was not an aesthetics issue, that it was about increasing the heat transfer and this had nothing to do with how clean a unit looked.

The Service Manager then offered to return to the home and add refrigerant and find and repair the leak, without charging for a second $90 trip out.
Mr. ****** refused this stating that if we didn't come out for free that he would give a negative review on Angie's List and file a report with the Better Business Bureau.
We explained that we at ***** will not be pressured by threats to give free services - especially to a customer who had already used, in our opinion, deception to intentionally mislead us.
We stand behind the services provided and the history of this call. However, in an effort to satisfy the request, ***** Heating and Air Conditioning will offer a return visit to the location during normal business hours to confirm our services were indeed performed on the correct unit and also perform a leak search for $233.00.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Issue #1): The Service Manager never offered to have someone come out a second time without charging a $90.00 service charge.

Issue #2): The after hours technician contacted me and after I explained what I thought had happened, he notified the previous technician,************, who then called me approximately 2 minutes later. I attempted to explain what I thought might be the problem to******, who then proceeded to continue to argue with me to the point I was unable to speak. I finally told****** that I was the customer, and that I didn't appreciate him not allowing me to speak with him talking over me. ****** continued to antagonize me verbally during the call when I finally had no other recourse to disconnect.

Issue#3: I talked to the Service Manager the day following the conversation that I had with******. I explained what had happened and, frankly, the service manager acted as though he could care less. He read all the notes back to me that****** had kept during the service call at my home which didn't help matters at all. I then explained again to him what I thought the problem might be. Without even offering to have someone come out to double check the work that had previously done, the Service Manager essentially told me that they were not going to do anything about it. My only response at that time was to advise that I would take the matter up with Angie's List and with the Better Business Bureau. At that point, I had no other choice.

I completely refute the claim in this response that I would intentionally attempt to "deceive" this company. I would have nothing to gain from doing so. For ***** to state something like this in response to a customer service issue is, frankly, an embarrassment for them.....essentially the "grasping at straws" response. In fact, I had another company come out to our home to review the work that ***** had completed to ensure that I hadn't been deceived. The company's name is****** ***** Heating and Air. First off, they were very professional from the very beginning. They only charged me $75.00 vs the $90 charged by *****. They performed a leak search of the unit to which no leak was found. In fact, they advised me that the reason that the unit failed the second time was more than likely because ***** had put too much coolant into the unit. They had essentially overfilled it. After the released some of the pressure that the coolant was placing on the unit, the unit has worked perfectly since. ****** ***** Heating and Air advised me that if ***** felt as though there was a leak, they should not have put so much coolant into the unit. They, in fact, should have put only a couple of pounds at most just in case there was a leak so that if the coolant did leak out, we wouldn't be paying for something that was going to have to be done over again.

However, despite all of this mess that ***** has cause myself and my family,****** ***** Heating and Air advised that it did look like that the coils were cleaned on the correct unit. This was my concern to begin with and all I wanted from this was, frankly, some good customer service given the fact we had just spent an enormous amount of money for services from *****.

Now that the unit appears to be working properly thanks to the good folks over at****** ***** Heating and Air, I have nothing further that needs to be taken care of at this time.

A simply apology for the "inconvenience" would be nice, but I certainly would not expect something like this that would require actual customer service from *****. My review stands with Angie's List as an F, and my negative complaint will remain with the BBB unless ***** can make this right in the end.

Final Business Response
***** Heating and Air Conditioning is sorry to read the consumer is not satisfied with the offer and that our services provided did not meet his expectations. Furthermore our company is pleased to have confirmation the correct unit was indeed serviced as originally indicated by our first response.
We stand behind the customer service provided as well as our plan to revisit the location and verify a leak; and hope to hear from the consumer so we may schedule that appointment.
If that is not acceptable we wish this consumer the best of luck and hope to have a future opportunity to be of service.

05/14/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

They contacted me because I paid $228 for a contract for 2 tune-ups of the HVAC system. They damaged my system doing unauthorized services.
I had them clean coils on a heating until at a house for sale. The sales person convinced me to sign a contract promising that I would save money on the initial repair and I could use the contract to have the 2nd tune up on my unit at my residence. That initial work ended up being subpar. So I never called them again. Then they emailed me twice about getting the tune-up. So I thought I paid for it already, I might as well schedule it. The lady on the phone asked me how my system was running. I said it was running okay but I guess the air was not as cold as it used to be. Then she said their would be an additional charge (didn't say how much) to assess problems with my system. That was my first clue not to let these people come to my home. They were already $114 ahead of the game for a tune up that had not been performed and were trying to find a way to get more money over the phone. She first said no work was done in the tune-up. I told her that was ridiculous because if I get a car tune-up, they actually do some tune-up work but if they happen to see a problem or have a recommendation they don't expect you to pay for that unsolicited assessment. I then clearly told the lady on the phone, I paid your company for a tune-up, you perform that tune-up, and nothing else. I also said you make sure you tell the person who comes in my house not to do anything else or assess anything else because I am not paying you any additional money. She said okay.
Then a man (different worker than the one who sold me the contract) comes to my home 1 hour late and immediately starts asking if my system is having problems. He said the thermostat says replace batteries, I told him it has brand new batteries. He apparently was trying to charge me $90 for telling me it needed batteries. After that, I told him, you came for a tune-up, only do the tune-up. He then went outside to the unit. He came right back in and asked me where my breaker box was, I showed him and went inside. I thought he just wanted to turn off power to the unit while he did a tune-up. At this point he had been at my house 7 minutes. He then called me and said my breaker for the downstairs a/c unit was not functioning. When I came, I was mortified because he had my whole breaker box apart. I asked him if he was a licensed electrician because I didn't want anyone messing with my electrical panel. He said he had what he needed to repair it right in the truck but never answered the question. He went to the truck and came back with a price book and pointed to a line that said $160 and said that is in addition to $90. I told him I would only let a licensed electrician work on my box and I didn't authorize him to do anything but a tune-up. He said he couldn't do the tune-up because the system wasn't working. He then said I owed him $90. I told him it was working before he came and he didn't do anything for $90. I told him I already paid in advance and asked what did he do for $90 in 5 minutes. He said I was paying for 5 minutes of his knowledge. I told him I did not want their service and to put my panel back. He clearly was inexperienced with panels because he could not even click it back into place. I told him I was hiring an electrician to look at my panel and I was not going to use their services. He said he would get his things and leave. I went inside.
10 minutes later, I saw his truck was still in my driveway. I went to the side of my house with the units and I saw him bending over the units with his cell phone up in front of him. I asked what he was doing, he ignored me. I then asked more assertively and he said he was getting his things. I had to threaten to call the police for hhim to leave and my A/C didn't work at all after he left. I called an electrician who came out and said the HVAC person didn't know what he was doing and breaker not the problem. I think they have a bait and switch here.

Desired Settlement
I want my money back for the contract service they never performed $114. I would not let them back in my house to perform any service after the service person, ***** damaged my breaker box. That is not an option. I believe they are frauds. There is too much more at risk.

Business Response
The accusation by this former client is not at all accurate. In fact, we have not heard from this individual since our last service visit in September 2013. At that time we were called to the client's location to complete a tune-up but could not do so because of an electrical issue at the breaker panel. We were promptly told to leave the property as the client didn't approve of our findings and were not able to complete the service. Our technician left the location as requested and at no time sabotaged any equipment or electrical components. The client then demanded money back for a system assessment (standard operating procedure for our company if a system is not functioning at the time of a tune-up) and asked that we "never contact her again". Following that request, we credited/refunded the system assessment in an effort to satisfy the client, closed the client account and noted the information in the location service history.
As the client well knows, our service agreements are transferrable but are NON-REFUNDABLE. In fact, this very same client requested we transfer the agreement from one location to another, and our organization did so without hesitation. (Attached invoice with client signature acknowledging the purchase of the Premier Efficiency Program, our service agreement).
Our company feels this complaint is unwarranted, and the demand to refund is insulting; especially after the multiple e-mails sent and displeasure expressed well over 8 months ago. Had the client been respectful enough to contact our office to discuss the options, we may have been more accommodating. It is truly unfortunate this complaint was even filed, buy we stand behind our service agreement Terms and Conditions.

Consumer Response
I did not request a transfer of the service agreement. When they sold me the contract, it was at a rental house. I told them I didn't need a contract because the house was for sale and he told me it would cover my residence automatically. That is how they sold the system to me. I didn't put in for a transfer. You can see the obvious dishonesty in the response. If I had called for a transfer would they have had to contact me trying to get my business? I still have the email with the subject line "seasonal tune-up reminder". Also they didn't credit my account for anything. They tried to fraudulently charge a fee they couldn't charge legally. I caught ***** messing with my system after I told him to leave and he said he was leaving. Then he stated that I shouldn't be mad at him for something his company makes him do. My system was functioning before they came out. If my a/c wasn't working in the dead of summer, they wouldn't have had to contact me to request to come to my house. I would have called someone right away.

08/12/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

no return phone calls. unable to stop '' free on'' leak. three separate trips. each time ''free on'' ran dry. vendor wants to wait until fall. NO
paid $2258.15 check #XXXX X/19/11 plus $230.00 service agreement. March 21, 2012 no free on(fluid). Note: 1 year labor and 10 years parts warranty. 4/10/12 NEW EVAPORATOR coil installed. All Is well.

Sept. 6, 2012 very low coolant. Not cooling upstairs. This was **** that came this time. Thus, if i would buy the service agreement, they would clean coil, repair upstairs unit and if another leak occurred, they would repair at NO CHARGE, per ****, tech.

**** also mentioned a valve that he thought was bad and that the office would be in touch with me to come out and replace it and it would be covered under warranty a/c of service agreement I took out with them. Never heard from them.

June 13, 2013 NO "FREE ON"" again or too low to cool upstairs as there was no cool air coming thru duct work. ***** added 1.5/2.0 pounds "free on'' which should keep us cool thru summer 2013.

They don't seem to be able to service or repair their installations.

On June 18, 2013 I spoke with ****** about the leaking "free on'' problem. She will speak with ***** ***** and have him call me.


July 16, 2013 I spoke with **** and relayed my concerns about our A/C situation and asked what ***** HVAC proposed to do about it. As of pm July 17, 2013 I have not received a call, e-mail, or any correspondence acknowledging the above.


**** R. ******

Desired Settlement
repair with warranty at no charge. i have paid them apprx. $2400.00 to date and the system continues to lose fluid after several trips to remedy the problem. What are they going to do about it? **** R. ******

Business' Initial Response
Our organization is sorry to read you have filed a complaint with the BBB. Please find below information on your service history and a planned resolution.
There has been a history for Freon issues at the home and our team replaced the evaporator coil on (2) occasions in an effort to alleviate the no cooling issues. Our records indicate an approval to contact you in the Fall of 2013 to isolate the refrigerant cycle, identify the leak and make any necessary repairs. To our knowledge there have been no cooling issues since the **ne 13, 2013 call to our office. We have completed the tune-ups as per the agreement and look to find a solution to your cooling issue.
As for the delay in responding to your phone calls, I personally have been out of the country over 3 weeks since **ne 18. I apologize for the delay but needed to prioritize clients based on cooling versus no cooling when back in the office. As mentioned, there have been no cooling issues noted with your system since **ne 13, 2013.
Please advise when it is convenient to re-visit your home so we can take the system down, isolate whatever issue(s) are causing the problem, and make any necessary repairs. If the Freon problem is a result of any equipment or workmanship, repairs will be made at no cost to you. Feel free to contact me directly at ****** for scheduling. E-mail is the best method of contact and will avoid any future delays.
***** Heating and Air Conditioning stands behind our work and we are sorry you felt the need to file a complaint about this, as we planned to correct in the Fall of 2013. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

***** *****

Consumer's Final Response
Why ***** continues to take a disclaimer isn't understood by me. Point is, it never was repaired correctly or installed properly; therefore, how can he make reference to a disclaimer?

Business' Final Response
Thanks for your response. As indicated in our previous communication; please advise when it is convenient to re-visit your home so we can take the system down, isolate whatever issue(s) are causing the Freon problem, and make any necessary repairs. If the Freon problem is a result of any equipment or workmanship, repairs will be made at no cost to you.
Correspondence will remain in writing going forward as a result of this BBB complaint. Feel free to contact me at ****** for scheduling.
We are sorry you feel the resolution is "Hot Air" and want to solve this as quickly as possible so we may satisfy your concerns. Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you.

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