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RK Motors Charlotte

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10 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues5
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints10

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Complaint Resolution Log (10)
11/20/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

purchased a 359K car that I was promised was perfect and when delivered the car was not operating properly.
I purchased a 1971 Cuda built by RK Motors. they represented a perfectly running car. when car was delivered on October 8th it would not operate properly. I called them to have them pick up car and fix it. they refused to fix it and recommended a local mechanic. the car has a list of problems which they refuse to deal with.

Desired Settlement
either a full refund or pick up car fix it and send back

Business Response
We are investigating this issue and looking into a resolution, we will contact the customer

08/21/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Rk Motors would not issue refund of deposit put on vehicle,sales contract says nothing about losing deposit if sale is canceled.
I visited rk motors on 7/4/15, to look at a 1940 Chevrolet truck with my wife.We met with salesmen xxxxx who showed us the truck,went over all features of truck.We talked about the original owner
and how long they had the vehicle.We informed xxxxx we were selling a piece of property and we would put $1000 cash down and pay balance on August 4th.We signed all paperwork with xxxxx as xxxxx the finance person was not very friendly or helpful.xxxxx informed us he was getting us to sign documents for purchase but xxxxx the finance person didn't review any paperwork with us.We received a contract and receipt for deposit,odometer disclosure,damage disclosure and terms and conditions.When i signed all paperwork and initialed,we ask if something were to happen with purchase would deposit be refundable we were told yes.I talked to my Real Estate agent on August 25th and she informed me that sale of my property was canceled.I called xxxxx on August 26th to inform him of news but no answer,I called xxxxx boss xxxxx on or around August 27th and informed him of what happen.xxxxx informed me that xxxxx was at xxxxx auction in xxxxx, I told him about Real Estate transaction cancelling and we were not able to buy truck.xxxxx told me to wait until August 4th to see if my Real Estate transaction would still go thru,which I said ok.I sent an email to xxxxx on August 4th telling him we couldn't purchase truck and would like a refund of the $1000.I received an email on August 5th from xxxxx saying my $1,000 deposit was non refundable.I ask why and informed him that paperwork said nothing about no refund on any of thr pages I received.I called xxxxx and informed him I was not very happy and he said he would have vice president call me.The vice president xxxxx called and said they held truck for me and my deposit I quote "you are not getting it back".I had my wife call and he told her same thing.This truck was still advertised on xxxxx,xxxxx and even there web site with sale pending the whole time we were waiting to buy.They said we held up sale but someone could have still had a backup contract if they wanted to buy.I feel Rk Motors is being deceptive and doing poor business practices.I feel I have been taken advantage of and when I call to speak to an owner they say there impossible to reach by phone.The contract papers have nothing saying deposit is not refundable anywhere,I have read them over numerous times and even deposit receipt says nothing about being forfeited.I feel this business is using deceptive practices and stalled until August 4th to then tell me deposit is unrefundable.Truck was still advertised the whole time I had deposit on it and they had the truck in there inventory for 6 to 8 month before I looked at it.I just want my deposit refunded which I feel is far and next time make it clear that deposit is non refundable on receipt.

Desired Settlement
I would like a check sent to me for $1,000 dollars.
Thank You.

Business Response
the terms and conditions of the sale were not honored by the purchaser . We are disappointed he is not satisfied but he never paid for the vehicle

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I feel they used deceptive business practices,there finance guy never reviewed anything with us when signing documents as it was a holiday July 4th and salesmen performed all of transaction.The main point of this is on the contract and all paperwork given to me,it says nothing about if contract is broken do i lose my deposit of $1,000.Rk motors should have on paperwork that if contract fall thru that buyer forfeits deposit but this is not stated in any paperwork in my possession.If a business has this policy it should be stated and initial on contract which there's does not have anywhere.I would like R/K Motor to show on contract were it says if I fail to purchase vehicle I lose downpayment.I have read all paperwork and so has my lawyer and it shows nothing about losing deposit anywhere on documents.

Final Business Response
Review the terms and conditions section of the sales documents. He did not pay for the vehicle therefore we consider this a closed issue.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have reviewed all 10 pages of documents, including sales contract and there is nothing in verbage that states if vehicle is not purchased I lose the down payment. I specifically told xxxxx(xxxxx boss)when I spoke to him on July 27th that Real estate transaction on my end didn't happen and that I would like a refund. xxxxx told me to wait until the August 4th date to see if something would change and then if not call back to get a refund. I emailed xxxxx making him aware of situation with no response, xxxxx emailed me on the 5th of August saying sorry you are not able to purchase truck and that the deposit was not going to be refunded. I still think this is deceptive business practices as RK Motors has nothing listed on any paperwork, all ten pages that says nothing of losing deposit if vehicle isn't purchased. I would agree and accept there response if paperwork showed this in the print but nothing is on contract or any other of the documents. I have sent all paperwork to BBB for there review which shows nothing stating no refund of down payment.

01/30/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Misleading, dishonest, fraudulent sales practices.
I purchased a 1967 custom Corvette from RK Motors and my dealings were exclusively with president and CEO, xxxxx.

Mr. xxxxx told me in several emails and verbal communications that the car I purchased was cosmetically and mechanically perfect and a pure show car. I would agree the car is cosmetically very nice. Mr. xxxxx told me in an email (that I have) that my car can be driven "anywhere if properly maintained" The truth of the matter is my car cannot be driven at all.

When the car arrived on 1/21/2015 the car would barley start coming off the trailer. I get it in my garage and the car will not run, idle or stay started. After a bit more inspecting the mechanics of the car I noticed the fuel system is not correct, cannot control the fuel pressure or float bowl level, transmission will not go into 1st or 2nd gear, leaks oil and transmission fluid, driver power window does not work, left front wheel kicking inward 20 degrees, headlights that are not legal in any state in the country therefore I cannot get it registered, gallon and a half low on radiator fluid and brake reservoir empty. They also told me and in their advertisement of the car the engine was built by 5 time NHRA champion xxxxx which I have proven to them it wasn't. This is main reason I bought the car. Had they not lied about that I would not have purchased the car.

I have discussed these issues with Mr. xxxxx and no resolution to the problems. Mr. xxxxx has now stopped returning my emails. Their response to this complaint will be their usual answer, and that is the buyer bought the car as is and did not inspect the car personally. This is the excuse they use on every complaint. However, I have in writing from Mr. xxxxx that my car is in mechanically perfect condition which it clearly is not. They will also use the excuse of their seal of approval or basic seal of approval which is absolutely a joke.

I did receive an exit video of my car leaving RK motors. The engine was running in the video but not for very long. They only put the transmission in drive and park and the car only moved a few feet. They did not show me other things like the headlights or power window operation. When I questioned why were those not included in the video, their excuse was their "camera died".

Desired Settlement
Do the right thing and offer a repair settlement. Something that is fair for them and me. And no, I will not send my car back to RK Motors to go through their seal of approval when the basic seal of approval they did nothing to the car.

Business Response
Mr. xxxxx purchased the car in question sight unseen in AS IS condition with no warranties implied or given.

Most of our out of state customers will either hire a third party inspector to look at the car or make arrangements to visit our showroom before they enter into a purchase agreement.

This is a custom build vehcile based on a car which was originally built in 1967. It is not uncommon for classic cars to develop mechanical issues if they are not properly transported or maintained, there is no warranty.

I am disappointed Mr.xxxxx is not completely satisfied but there is no merit to this complaint on an AS IS sale.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Here is an email from Mr. xxxxx stating the mechanical condition is perfect which it is not the case. I have not been able to drive the car since it's been delivered as it will not stay running.
12/18/2014 email...

ME: Your assurance this car is in perfect cosmetic and mechanical condition.

MR xxxxx Pure show car.

Me: 2) This is in fact a pump gas vehicle and not race fuel. The highest octane fuel we have in Colorado is 91 octane.

Mr. xxxxx it is.

Me: 3) That this car is streetable, so that I can drive it to the next town over (30 miles or so) without issues.

Mr. xxxxx.. Assuming you maintain it properly, you can drive it anywhere. What I can tell you is that the car you purchased is the car you will receive, and it runs very well.

.... The car has never ran since it came off their supplied transport company.

Me: 4) Is the cam solid roller or hydraulic? I do not want to wrench on the valve train. So hopefully it is hydraulic not needing valve lash adjustment.

Mr. xxxxx Hydraulic.

Me: 5) can you tell me again where it was assembled?

Mr. xxxxx RPC Customs.
.....Absolute lie. He said it was built at RPC Customs in Florida. I found out the car was built in Michigan.

Me: I just do not want to be disappointed when the car rolls off the trailer.

Mr. xxxxx Not possible.

....Really, not possible? I paid 95k for a car that will not stay started and I cannot drive.

So the email warrantee Mr. xxxxx gave me stating the car runs very well means nothing to RK Motors?

Lets clarify this statement from RK Motors.."This is a custom build vehcile based on a car which was originally built in 1967"

The car I bought is a replica of a 1967 Corvette tube chassis car built in 2013.

The concerning thing here is the lies and misrepresentations..IE engine builder not who they claimed it was, headlights not legal, etc.

This car was originally on xxxxx but I didn't purchase through xxxxx. Perhaps I should have.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I really do not feel RK Motors Charlotte made a good business decision not to warrant this car when I have in writing from the President and CEO of the company that the mechanical condition of the car is prefect and the engine "runs very well" and it doesn't. Can you imagine my frustration when a 95k car arrived at my home and I can't drive it because of the mechanical issues not revealed to me?

The mechanical issues will be repaired at my expense but it is disturbing the president of the company will not stand behind his verbal and written communication of the quality of a car they were selling.

However, now that I know what I do, RK Motors Charlotte has other complaints with the BBB for similar issues with misrepresentation, false advertisement and misleading the classic car community. An internet search reveals other dissatisfied customers with no positive resolution to the problems such as I have experienced and their decision not to protect their reputation does not surprise me.

Final Business Response
We are disappointed Mr.xxxxx is not 100% satisfied with his purchase. He waived his opportunity to view the car or hire a third party inspector to provide him with an independent report.

The vehicle was sold as-is where is with no warranties implied or given. We consider this a closed issue.

Year Make Body Style Vehicle Identification Number
1. Purchase Contract. All vehicle sales shall be evidenced by a written purchase contract issued by RK Motors, LLC ("Purchase Contract") which shall be deemed to incorporate these Terms and Conditions of RK Motors, LLC ("Terms and Conditions"). By signing the Purchase Contract, Buyer expressly agrees that these Terms and Conditions are the sole and exclusive terms and conditions of sale and no other terms and conditions of sale shall be effective unless expressly agreed to in a signed writing by RK Motors, LLC, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any confirmatory memorandum, email or other document evidencing such sale.
2. Inspection. Buyer hereby acknowledges and agrees that Buyer has had a full and adequate opportunity to personally inspect and examine the Vehicle as fully as Buyer desires, and that Buyer is completely satisfied with the condition of the Vehicle. In addition, Buyer has had a full and adequate opportunity to have the Vehicle inspected by a third party inspector, as follows (please check one of the following boxes):
Third Party Inspection Refused. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that (a) Seller has made the Vehicle available as fully as desired by Buyer for an inspection by any third party inspector selected and hired by Buyer, and (b) Buyer, of Buyer's own free will, has refused to have the Vehicle inspected by a third party inspector, instead electing to purchase the Vehicle without any such professional inspection. Buyer has agreed to purchase the Vehicle "As-Is", "With All Faults" pursuant to the terms of the Purchase Contract, including these Terms and Conditions.
Third Party Inspection Performed. Buyer has elected to have the Vehicle inspected by a third party selected and hired by Buyer. RK Motors, LLC has made the Vehicle available as fully as desired by Buyer for such third party inspection at its showroom during normal business hours, or as otherwise agreed to by RK Motors, LLC. Based on the results of Buyer's third party inspection, Buyer is completely satisfied with the condition of the Vehicle and has agreed to purchase the Vehicle "As-Is", "With All Faults" pursuant to the terms of the Purchase Contract, including these Terms and Conditions.
3. Delivery. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the Vehicle's place of delivery and tender shall be (f.o.b.) the showroom of RK Motors, LLC. Upon payment in full, Buyer may pick up the Vehicle at the showroom of RK Motors, LLC. If Buyer is unable or unwilling to do so, Buyer may, at Buyer's sole cost and expense, engage the services of a third party carrier to facilitate loading, transport and delivery of the Vehicle to Buyer. Buyer acknowledges that factors such as changes in temperature and vibrations during the transportation of a used, restored, or antique vehicle can create mechanical issues. Once the Vehicle is tendered Buyer bears all risk of loss if the Vehicle is lost, stolen, destroyed, or damaged in any way, by such third party carrier or otherwise, and RK Motors, LLC has no risk of loss whatsoever.

07/18/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

RK Motors advertised a 1967 Nova as an SS which had been gone through by their mechanics and listed as ready to go. I purchased the car and it is not.
The car advertised as an SS is not an SS. According to their website. The following items are listed as being gone through by their performance center prior to selling a car and specifically listed out on their website. I will list the problem areas that were supposedly checked off.
"The car starts and idles properly" - does not.
"Grease fittings are lubricated" - not done.
"Functional heater and defrosting system" - there is no heat and no air comes out the defroster
"Spare tire, jack, hold down, lug wrench and inflator present (if applicable)" - none present
"Brakes are functional with all components in good working order" - the brake pedal goes to the floor and will not stop the car properly
"Commonly loosened bolts/fittings are tightened" - several bolts, screws, and parts were found loose and rattling.
"All basic suspension components are installed correctly" - Something is wrong with the suspension but I have not figured out what it is. I don't want to put a lot of money in it then get a refund.
It car is touted as having indestructible richmond gears in the rearend yet it makes noise like the pinion gear is not adjusted properly. Advertising it as an SS is not legal as far as I know. An SS is a more desirable car as well. Once I checked the VIN which wasn't listed in the sale page I found it was not an SS.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking the money I paid them for the car which is $79,900. I'm not seeking the money to fly to North Carolina or the trip home. I am not seeking money for the nice car cover I purchased for the car. I will seek money for an attorney if I need to get one to get this transaction refunded. If it ocmes to that point I may seek transportation costs as well. They should not list those items on their website if they are not going to stand behind them.

Business Response

Please review the video link provided. We test drove the car before it left our facility and did not experience any of the issues in the complaint.

Please note, the customer purchased the car without ever seeing it or without hiring an inspector to provide him a third party independent report of the car. He just flew into xxxxx,North Carolina and drove the car back to xxxxx,Kansas over 1000 miles away. This is a custom build car with many unique components that were not on the car originally when it was built in 1967. It is possible to have a mechanical issue with a custom built car after a 1000 mile drive. We are disappointed Mr.xxxxx is not 100% happy with his purchase but no refund is warranted or will be granted.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It shouldn't need a third party inspection after RK Motors performance center went over the car making it "road ready". The unique items were meant to upgrade the car to drive like newer cars. Unfortunately they missed the mark.

I called the company that the builder used for the front end. They laughed and told me the xxxxx power steering pump was over powering the xxxxx rack and pinion. A classic car dealer with mechanics and fabrication shop who advertise custom rebuilds should be very familiar with this issue. It's costing me $200 to get a reduction valve for the power steering hose. I called a brake parts store who wondered who the world tried to cob the brake booster on that was supplied and that it was completely wrong. Another $200 and I now have the correct brake booster. They took note of who sold the car. I'm in the process of looking pulling the dash apart to find all the water leaks and I'll be contacting xxxxx to find out why the heat and defrost don't work. I'll have to fix the pinion gear that is listed as indestructible Richmond gears which is whining from day one. If they think all these things happened on the drive home .... I think anyone that reads this will get the message. It's just re-enforces the poor reputation of used car sales persons. A few hours of work and a a few hundred dollars on an 80k car could have resulted in a happy customer. I'll work out the other things as well.

If you watch the xxxxx link they provide watch the 8:15 mark. The glove box lock keeps coming out. When I picked up the car and put my insurance info in the same thing happened to me. So they didn't even fix it after they had trouble with it in the video. They sent a mechanic over when I was getting ready to leave but I fixed it myself...LMAO at these guys. Do yourself a favor and don't purchase a car from RK Motors. Yeah the lights work, the windows go up and down. The doors open and close. It's the other things I listed and some I didn't that show their incompetence and/or misleading nature. Be well everyone.

Final Business Response
It was advertised as a custom built car not a numbers matching xxxxx. Here is additional information on the custom build

350 cubic inch Generation II LT1 V8
* 4L60E 4-speed automatic transmission
* 10-bolt posi-traction axle / 3.73 Richmond gears
* Modified suspension
* Power rack and pinion steering
* 4-wheel power disc brakes
* 17-inch Billet Specialties Fast Lane wheels
* Sand Dune Metallic paint
* xxxxx interior
* Vintage Air conditioning

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I see no resolution proposed just a change of subject when cornered. On an email from xxxxx I was told I picked it up too fast and they didn't have time to go through the car and get it ready. In one of the listings for the BBB they have a xxxxx video where they are going through the car checking it out. We just keep going in circles but no resolution has been proposed. Now they've pulled the checklist off their website since I was using it to point out areas on the car that weren't working correctly that they had bulleted as areas they check prior to selling a vehicle. Like the emails I had with them prior to posting here it's just becoming a Merry-Go-Round. They are going to put me off until I get tired and go away. The only way to solve this is through the legal system. Hopefully others will read this and be wary.

03/14/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Auction catalog contained misleading and false vehicle information
Purchased a 1995 Porsche 968 (Lot #xxxxx) from RK Motors Collector Car Auctions (RKMCCA) at auction on 11/2/13. Catalog described car as "meticulously maintained" and ideal for a "daily driver."

The price we paid, $9750, would have been fair and reasonable for a car in such condition with reasonable mileage for its age. We had even allowed another $5000 to fix as-yet unseen problems expected with a car of that vintage, and seemed prudent since no mechanical or road tests were permitted.

After purchase, I immediately had it taken to xxxxx in xxxxx, who specializes in Porsches. About a week later, they informed me that it would cost approximately $10,000 to get the car mechanically safe and sound enough to qualify as a "daily driver." The car had signs of abuse and neglect that were the opposite of "meticulously maintained."

I contacted xxxxx, Consignment Manager for RKMCCA, on 11/12/13, and explained the state of the car. In an email follow-up to our call, Mr. xxxxx stated that the car was purchased "as-is" and that neither RKMCCA nor the seller had any responsibility to take the car back and refund the money.

Had the car not been represented as a "daily driver," we would not have bid on it. That misrepresentation and the company's failure to work with me to resolve the dispute is the motivation for this action.

Desired Settlement
My proposed settlement is that RK Motors accept responsibility for their misleading advertisement of the car, and split the repair costs with me 50/50 (final tally would be about $8500 for each of us). An alternative solution I would accept is a commitment from RKM to sponsor my son's xxxxx karting season in the amount of $10,000, for which consideration we would brand both his kart and driving suit with RKM logos and ensure prominent placement of logos in and around our garage at xxxxx and our transporter when at other tracks in the region. Details would have to be worked out, of course.

Business Response

This letter is in response to complaint xxxxx and the BBB Case #xxxxx. RK Motors has operated for approximately six years (beginning first in Ohio before moving to xxxxxx, North Carolina) and has sold over 2,100 automobiles in that time. Please visit RK Motor's website at and click on the "Testimonials" link (under the "Company" tab). RK Motors also has an xxxxx positive feedback rating of 99.0% over the last twelve months. This percentage is derived from over 460 different reviews. In short, RK Motors prides itself as one of the nation's premiere restorers, resellers, and builders of classic, muscle, and high performance cars.

With regards to the vehicle referenced, we must point out that Mr. xxxxx assumed the risk for any mechanical, electrical or other defects that occurred after he purchased the car "As Is". In connection with the consummation of the sale, Mr. xxxxx signed the federally required Buyer's Guide. The Buyer's Guide clearly states that the Porsche was sold "AS IS - NO WARRANTY", and Mr. xxxxx would be responsible for all costs for any repairs. Further, Mr. xxxxx signed a Bill of Sale that expressly states the Porsche was "SOLD AS IS", and Mr. xxxxx made the "purchase knowingly without any guarantee expressed or implied."

In addition to the acknowledgements Mr. xxxxx executed on all the closing documentations on the purchase of the Porsche, Mr. xxxxx also executed and consented to the terms and conditions of the Bidder Agreement which expressly state "......RKMCCA (RK Motors Classic Car Auctions) makes no representations or warranties and expresses no opinions whatsoever concerning any Lot or Lots, and RKMCCA expressly disclaims any and all representations, warranties and opinions, express or implied, concerning any and all Lots, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and any representations, warranties or opinions given or made by any other parties. Buyer understands and acknowledges that all information contained in any catalogues, brochures, displays or advertisements and pertaining to (without limitation) condition, year or age, serial or identification number, make, model, mileage, equipment, accessories, genuineness, authenticity, originality, previous use or ownership, manufacturing or restoration processes of any Lot or any part of component thereof (together "Vehicle Information") is provided by the Seller........

For the reasons described above, RK Motors and/or any of it's affiliates is not responsible for any of the claimed items mentioned in the complaint.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Since RKMCCA has apparently decided to distance themselves from this matter (Update! Car started leaking coolant into the head just 3 days after getting it back from the total repair cost estimate? Over $20,000 for a "meticulously maintained" "daily driver"), further rebuttal seems pointless.

But this situation is in no way resolved, nor will it be until the company that brokered this abysmal deal in the first place does the right thing (or at least is willing to discuss what the right thing may be).

Final Business Response
We are disappointed Mr.xxxxx is not 100% happy with his purchase. Please refer to our response submitted on March 7th, we consider this issue closed.

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