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Waterford Square Apartments

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13 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
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Billing / Collection Issues3
Problems with Product / Service10
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Total Closed Complaints13

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05/23/2013Billing / Collection Issues
12/17/2012Problems with Product / Service
11/30/2012Problems with Product / Service
07/15/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Office staff cannot seem to give us explanation of refund check we are supposed to receive.

Waterford square apartments are the WORST!!!! this is the first apartment i have moved into and it is the worst experience EVER!!!! lets start with first there is a cock roach problem. Also when we moved in so much stuff was messed up with our apartment. We also have a HORRIBLE neighbor problem. The walls are very thin so you can hear stomping if people live above you. We told the office and they said there was nothing they could do. Didnt really seem like the cared either. i will never live here again and dont recommend it to anyone!!!

On another note we have so had many maintenance problems that we have called for and they did not come fix until I sent a serious strict email about going to corporate. we have had water spots and they came and just painted over it. I was told my above neighbors eventually moved because of Mold, and we have no had any inspection due to that. Moving out we found our 13 maintenance requests for the 10 months we lived there. We have had water leaks from the washer that have flooded our apartment 3 times. They had people tearing our carpet up and I had to stay with my parents for a long weekend and never did we get anything for the inconvenience. The carpet was so messed up we had wear and tear in the front...small little spot and was charged for it even though they should be replacing the entire carpet bc of stink smell from leaks, which prob won't happen. They told us our washer leaked bc it was told cold outside, so keep in mind during winter you can not do laundry. Moving out I had called to see how we were going to get our deposit back and they told us they were only sending one check because they couldn't tell who paid what, when we each pay separately the whole lease term. I even called to ask what the security deposit was and who paid what to know how to refund the amount to the correct person and they told me they "couldn't" tell me who paid what when we gave them checks and they have documentation of everything.

We recently called about our refund check that we have not received and they told me they cant tell me the status on the check. I asked for corporate number so someone could tell me the status of the check since one of us is planning on moving to TN and we will both need to be together to cash the check. They told me they would NOT give me corporate number.

Worst Apartments Ever.

Desired Settlement
Refund Check so i can be DONE with Waterford Square apartments

Business Response
In reference to Ms. xxxxxx complaint. Upon move in Ms. xxxxx had numerous issues with her neighbor. We informed Ms. xxxxx that as a the property managers we are here as mediators for any and all neighbor disputes and that a third party's documentation i.e. a police report, would be necessary for us to proceed with any consequence for noise violations. As to the maintenance issues in the apartment it is our goal to handle any and all work orders in a timely manner and we apologize if Ms. xxxxx felt as though that was not the case for the issues is the apartment but sometimes we do have third party vendors that we have to work around their schedules and it can take some time for issues to be resolved. As to the mold issue claim from her neighbors apartment that issue was resolved and while the neighbor did claim that there was mold in the apartment we had the mold police come and perform an inspection and their very detailed report did not find any mold presence in the apartment so an inspection of surrounding apartments was not necessary. As for the charge for the carpet, we have the photographs to show that that charge was due to stains on the carpet throughout and rips at the tack strip that were not due to any leaks or floods of the apartment. It is true that we do not write separate checks for security deposit refunds for multiple leaseholders because in any situation we do not know what agreement the leaseholders may or may not have reached in payment of the security deposit. Sometimes with multiple leaseholders you will have one that pays the security deposit while the other leaseholder will pay the first month's rent. Sometimes they will split the security deposit between themselves. In other cases the leaseholders will have reached a different agreement entirely. In this case there were two leaseholders and we explained to each leaseholder our company policy in regards to the security deposit refund. We have email documentation from each leaseholder and our assistant property manager that will show that each leaseholder was made fully aware of the policy and that they understood how their refund would be handled. The refund check has been mailed out and Ms. xxxxx should not have any other issues with our property going forward. If there is any additional information needed our office will be happy to provide it.

03/17/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Paid full months rent when lease ended mid-month. Was told I would get a check for the balance in 3-4 weeks, it's been over 3 months.
Had a one year lease from november 2013 to 2014 ending in the middle of the month. Before the lease was up I went into the office and asked if I needed to pay the whole month or the partial. I was told, by ********, to pay the whole month and I would be reimbursed when I got the security deposit back.

I did exactly that, moved out on time, and waited. I got the full security deposit back in December with no reimbursement for the rent. I repeatedly called and went into the office asking about the money owed to me. I was told it takes time for corporate to write the check and to wait.

Every other saturday for January and February I would go into the office and ask what the status was, I was constantly told I would receive a phone call that monday (by *****, ******, and *****) with the details. I received none of these promised follow up calls.

On February 9 I received a voicemail stating they contacted corporate, corporate sent the check out December 21st, and they would have to make sure it didn't get cashed before they send another, that they would call back the next day with more details. No follow up call was ever made.

I called again today, February 26, and got screamed at on the phone by ******** that they've done all they can and to stop calling.

I am particularly angry because they did not look into anything or attempt to contact corporate for what seems like the entire month of January. They have constantly lied to me over the phone and in person about following up with this matter. All I want is the couple hundred dollars that I am entitled to so I never have to contact these rude employees again.

Desired Settlement
Remaining money owed to me.

Business Response
We would like to sincerely apologize to Mr. xxxxx for the issue he is having with Waterford Square. After looking deeper into his concerns we have noticed a glitch in our system where his check was never generated for the balance owed to Mr. xxxxx. We will be refunding Mr. xxxxx $206.74 immediately and we would like to again apologize for the inconvenience and headache we may have caused. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Have not received money, it does not take a week to mail a check.

Will there be no action taken in regards to the office employees and their lack of professionalism? No consequences for deceiving and yelling at your customers while not doing their job?

Final Business Response
To clarify for Mr. xxxxx, our office does not make out checks in house, this is a process that does take some time because we have to submit the check request to our corporate office who then have to cut the check and mail it to our office. We then send the checks out. It is a process that can take some time and we'd like to apologize for any confusion we may have caused with our previous response. We should've clarified that we would be sending the check as soon as we received it. As for the front office and how they handled Mr. xxxxx complaints we have taken action with each leasing agent. They have each been required to successfully complete customer service training classes. Failure to pass will result in the termination of their position with our company. This was implemented as soon as we received the initial complaint from Mr. xxxxx and again we apologize for not clarifying this in our previous response.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
"Some time" is too vague, what is your best estimate as to when I will have the check. It's been almost 1 month since I first filed this complaint. I need a date so I know when I should escalate this to small claims court.

11/06/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Since 9/15/14 I have been going back and forth regarding the repair of my AC Unit,the
damage it has caused,and the serious mold issue that ensued.
9/15 - I came into the office and advised xxxxx of the AC issues I was having in the unit. I advised there was water leaking heavily, growth on the baseboards, and a moldy smell throughout the apartment. She advised someone would come and "Check it out" but I never heard from anyone.
9/17 - I returned to the office due to no one coming in and spoke with xxxxx. Again, clarifying that mold was coming through the wall and that I could not live in these conditions. Ticket xxxxx was created in which xxxxx.) had made several repairs to my A/C unit and painted the baseboards. I advised him that I could still hear water and it sounded like it was leaking in the crawlspace. He advised that the mold was "only" mildew, though he is not certified to test mold. By 9/19 I could still hear leaking from the crawl space and noticed only 1 wall had been painted.
9/20 - The water sound continued so I returned to the office to complain that the sound had not subsided, the mold was again growing through the paint, and only 1 baseboard had been painted. I advised that my Fiancee was pregnant and was staying with me and the mold was an issue for us. xxxxx put in the work order but wrote it incorrectly. xxxxx came out and again advised that he would continue to check it but he hadn't seen anything irregular apart from a "little mildew". He also advised he would check it again Monday (9/22).
9/22 - xxxxx came by and left a note that he had checked everything and everything looked fine. He advised he would need to finish repairing the baseboards (as they were again splitting due to water and mold damage). I could not hear any leaking at the time, however it began again later that afternoon.
9/25 - I returned to the rental office advising that the leak had still not stopped and now the carpet was getting wet, exacerbating the mold issue and stretching the length of the floor in the living room from the A/C unit. I was upset and advised xxxxx (leasing agent) that this was unacceptable due to the growing mold and that I was tired of having to contact them about the same issue.
9/26 - xxxxx again went to fix the A/C and wrote me a note detailing him needing to vacuum the crawlspace out again and spraying xxxxx to combat the growing mold.
9/27- 9/29 The leak and mold worsened through the weekend to the point where my fiance and I had to seal off the bedroom. The water was literally sitting in my living room carpet. Damage was obvious from the bathroom to the front door.I took the grate off the crawlspace and videotaped water streaming out of my AC unit and into the crawlspace, saturating the entire area. I took additional pictures and video footage and went to the leasing office Monday morning, showing both xxxxx the extent of the damage. I was extremely upset and asked xxxxx what did she expect me to do with this ongoing issue since I could not use my own apartment due to mold and standing water. On 9/29 xxxxx and xxxxx entered my unit and took pictures to confirm what I had been saying the entire time: There is mold and the A/c never stopped leaking! xxxxx called xxxxx cleaning to do water extraction. The guy came in and removed a small portion of the padding UNDER the carpet and did not touch the carpet closer to the bathroom and placed a fan under the carpet. I told xxxxx to tell him to get that area but he never did.
9/30 - I had not gotten a response from mgt. the following day which made me return to the office. I was fed up as I was not given any update and the mold had now gotten worse due to muggy outside conditions and not being able to operate the A/C. xxxxx (Mgt.) had not followed up with me in any form and when we spoke at the office she said "we are only the middle man" She had not followed up with the carpet cleaner and nothing had been done to fix the mold. There had still been no remediation regarding the mold, no follow-up by management, and no plan of assisting me in proper living arrangement.

Desired Settlement
I have been getting sick due to the mold and (as I had advised previously) my fiancee is pregnant. Her Dr. had advised that we leave until the mold was fixed. xxxxx had told me that xxxxx and his manager would be out to fix it for me on 10/1. No one ever came.
xxxxx, the property manager has still not done so much as make a phone call to me this entire time. xxxxx advised xxxxx had said that she would not terminate the lease despite being in the 10th month of a 12 month lease and despite the health issues. xxxxx advised me "you do what you have to do, and we'll do what we have to do". Unfortunately no one ever came and As a result I have had to relocate to a xxxxx hotel with my fiancee.

I feel as a resolution I should be able to leave the apartment with no consequence and I feel Waterford Square should reimburse me for the funds spent for alternative living as they are the cause for this entire issue. I have upheld my part of this agreement the entire time and they have not. In the least they could have offered other living arrangements and/or discounted rent. The last info I got from the leasing office is that maintenance lost my house key and had to replace the lock. The claim no responsibility to this day.

Business Response
We are saddened to find that Mr. xxxxx sees our efforts to remedy the issues he had in his apartment as unsatisfactory. Every time that Mr. xxxxx contacted our office to let us know about the problems in his apartment, caused by the a/c leak, our maintenance staff were diligent in finding and remediating the issue. Mr. xxxxx contacted our office because of problems with his a/c working and our maintenance technician went to his apartment and found that he had a clogged line. Once the line was cleared the a/c should have been working properly. During the night, because the line had been unclogged, Mr. xxxxx unit experienced an overflow of backed up water. This was an unfortunate unforeseen issue that once Mr. xxxxx contacted our office about it our maintenance staff along with one of our property managers went to his apartment to document any and all damages and to assess the issue so that we could begin remediation. Mr. xxxxx was informed that we would have a water extraction performed and that fans would be in his apartment to help dry the affected areas. The carpet was damp and the baseboards near the a/c had swollen from the leak. The maintenance staff made the necessary repairs to his a/c unit and part of his pad was replaced. Mr. xxxxx contacted our office unsatisfied that the fans had not been removed as of yet and that only part of the pad had been replaced. He was informed that the fans were necessary to dry out any remaining water from the leak and that the vendors who replaced his pad were well trained in handling remediation for leaks and that they would recognize what pad needed to be replaced. Once the fans had been removed from his apartment Mr. xxxxx was still not satisfied with the repairs so we scheduled for our maintenance supervisor to replace the baseboards in Mr.xxxxx apartment. Our Maintenance supervisor went to Mr. xxxxx apartment and removed the damaged baseboards, sprayed the affected area with mildicide in an effort to make both parties happy, and replaced them with new baseboards. Our office has documentation of all work requests, as well as photographs of each step in our remediation process. While we can understand Mr. xxxxx frustration, our office followed procedure to repair the problems in his apartment, going above and beyond to try and rectify the issue.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Unfortunately the Maintenance manager never showed up to my apartment. **** the pad was only replaced in one spot while 25% of the carpet was not removed. The mold affected the carpet, walls and baseboards. None of these items were replaced and instead the base boards and walls were simply painted over much like my neighbor that also experienced mold issues. The Waterford response to all of my calls regarding mold were to only paint the areas. All experts including the ********* that to remive mold the entire area should be replaced as I requested. In fact the carpet was never resecured and my requests to fix this issue that were sent via certified mail were refused by the front office (I have proof of all the aforementioned). To this day my carpet my carpet is unsecured and mold is still in the carpet, and where Waterford square missed the spots on the wall. My apartment still is harbpring mold (which I also have pictures of). This entire experience and attempt to remediate this issue has been sub par and simply a laxidazical attempt at covering the issue as opposed to actually fixing it. No one at the leasing office can aytest to the condition of my apartment as no one has followed up and again till this day the property manager has not followed up regarding remediation nor status. Waterford Square Apartments has seriously dropped the ball and they continue to pass the buck. This issue has been going on for a month as of today. My initial complaint was on 9/15 and I still have no resolution. In fact due to the conditions, me and my fiance have been forced to stay with her mother. This is simply unacceptable and egregious. At some point someone must take responsibility.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Simply from reading the response from Waterford Square they continue to neglect the issue and draw this entire process out.

1.) The only repairs to this date have been putting in a fan to dry the water, painting over the mold on parts of the wall as mold is still showing through (they would know this if they actually followed up), and finally stopping the actual leak which took them 2 weeks to repair after being notified of the leaks location and severity.

2.) While they say they haven't been made aware of any issues, I have a certified letter that I sent them requesting repair of 3 specific areas heavily affected by the mold. Instead the front office refused the letter. Why would any competent property manager refuse a request for repair at this point? Am I also not clearly stating my issues in this complaint?

3.) As of 10/27/2014 My carpet has not been replaced and nor even secured to the floor. The carpet has been left cut open since the carpet cleaner took his fan. I am not responsible for getting tools from their maintenance staff to re-secure the 10 ft. of carpet that their staff pulled up. This complaint alone would prompt a rational property owner to ensure that "repairs" were complete. I made this clear in my 10/18 response, so again to say they haven't been made aware is false to say the least.

4) I had a professional mold testing company come in and confirm that the mold was painted over on the walls and that the carpet as well as the boards used to secure the carpet still had mold in them and needed to be replaced.

5) They mention they have made every effort to ensure there were no additional issues yet those that I have mentioned are well documented and still exist. I have not heard from anyone at the property in nearly 3 weeks (10/7/2014 to be exact) when I requested a reduction in rent, which was denied. Meanwhile, as of 10/27 my entire apartment still reeks of mold and mildew due to the fact that it is in the carpet padding, and still visibly in my walls.

6) Lastly, as I have advised management continuously the presence of the mold caused both me and my fiance breathing issues and had given me headaches, which is why I could no longer sleep in the apartment. Her Dr. advised that she should not be staying in such conditions. I have been displaced from the apartment yet have continued to pay rent with no resolve. I have included one of many pictures I have regarding the molds severity.

This entire process has been very draining on me and contrary to the apparent belief of management at Waterford Square, no sane person would go through this over 1-2 months of rent. They have continued to be negligent and not take ownership of their issues. I have even spoken with my former neighbor at the complex who advised that they too experienced this "paint over mold" solution, which was one of several issues that caused them to leave at the end of their lease.

Ultimately, Waterford Square needs to take responsibility and understand that you cannot paint over every issue that this place has. There are real people that live here, not just rent checks.

Here we are 1.5 months later and they still have made no mention of any type of mold resolution other than paint. I have yet to receive in person, in writing, or in this complaint an option for resolve despite my attempts to notify them and even explain the adverse health effects the mold has had on me specifically. Simply put, This is the worst apartment experience I've ever had.

Final Business Response
The first work order submitted from Mr. xxxxx was on 09/17/2014. The last work order submitted for his apartment was on 10/01/2014. Since then we have had no requests for maintenance repairs submitted to our office. Our office does not accept certified mail and there is some confusion as to why a work order would be sent through the postal service instead of being called in, emailed, submitted through our online portal, or simply put in our drop box located at the office. Attached is a copy of Mr. xxxxx mold addendum as well as the first and last work order received regarding Mr. xxxxx leak and related repairs. An outside vendor came to the apartment and replaced the pad that was damaged by the a/c leak, then our maintenance staff replaced the baseboards that were damaged. If Mr. xxxxx pulled the carpet up to check the padding and we were not aware of it then we would not have the knowledge of needing to tack the carpet down again. We have now contacted the vendor to come back to Mr. xxxxx apartment to assess and complete any repairs necessary in an attempt to complete the remediation process for Mr. xxxxx.

12/04/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This property management company is poorly managed and allows faulty operating practices. They are non-responsive and corrupt.
I moved into an apartment in Waterford Square in November of 2012. The employees seemed pleasant at first and showed me a model apartment laid out like the one I was to rent. When I got the keys, I found my unit to be decrepit, totally unlike the model. Caulk was piped over old, moldy caulk in the bathroom, the walls and doors were covered in several layers of paint. The cabinets were water damaged and the plumbing fixtures were rotting and moldy. Despite the obvious flaws, I was a courteous tenant; I paid rent on time and kept my unit clean. One day in August of 2013, my water would not turn on. I also noticed water seeping up through my bathroom floor. I called the emergency maintenance line and the voice mailbox was full. I emailed the property management in a panic. They banged on my door an hour later and opened it with their keys. They told me the apartment next to me had flooded. I showed them the damage. They told me the water would be on in a few hours. That was not true, however. The water was not on for over 24 hours and I had work the next day. When I was moving out, I noticed serious mold forming in the corners of my closet which is situated next to the apartment that flooded. For these and other reasons, I decided I would not renew my lease which was to end on the 9th. I knew this because the property management had left a flyer on my door telling me so and that I could renew, but the notice included nothing about termination. In late September, I emailed property management to inform them I would not renew. I gave them well over 30 days' notice. They told me I was to give 60 days' notice and I would have to pay a hefty pro-rated amount of rent to fulfill the 60 days even though I was planning to leave well before the 30 days' notice I was giving them. I looked for my lease to verify this and it was nowhere to be found, although I had every other piece of paperwork from the day I signed. I asked for a copy to be emailed to me. They did not respond. I asked two other times after this without a response. Finally, on November 1, 2013, my dad and I went into the office and asked for my lease. I told them I had requested a copy several times. They informed me they did not provide electronic copies. When I asked why no one had responded to my email to tell me I would have to pick up a copy, the woman said she had not seen my correspondence and did not know I had asked. She provided my lease with original signatures which was evidence that they had forgotten to do this in the first place. They did not apologize or provide a compromise for the exorbitant amount of rent they had requested for my apparent "failure to provide sufficient notice" that I did not intend to renew my lease. If I had been provided a copy of my lease, I would have done so, but because they failed to do this when they were supposed to, I had no idea. Even a neighbor of mine informed me she also never received a copy of her lease. These instances and others show that Waterford Square is irresponsible and operates under faulty and shoddy practices. The issues with my apartment posed a health hazard and were due to no fault of my own.

Desired Settlement
I would like a refund of my pro-rated November rent. I will pay the regular pro-rated amount up to November 9, 2013 when my lease was to end, but I would like a refund of the increased pro-rated rent from November 10, 2013 - November 28, 2013 due to the fact that I never received a copy of my lease which would have informed me of the move-out policy. I also never received a courtesy reminder of the 60-day notice policy which I believe is standard practice for most property management companies.

Business Response
This is regards to case # xxxxx. First we would like to take the opportunity to apologize to Ms. xxxxx for any inconvenience and dismay you have experienced from Waterford Square. We hate that you no longer want to call Waterford Square home, in the legal binding contract you have signed with us it does state we need a written 60 day notice to vacate. The flyer that was sent to your door was a courtesy reminder about your lease expiring and it also restated our policy about the written 60 day notice in bold letters. Due to fair housing laws we will not be able to change any policies stated in our legal contract between us the company and tenants. Attached to this response, are copies of the flyer sent to your door and your legal lease with Mrs. xxxxx initials and signature. Again we deeply apologize for any misunderstanding.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I would like to begin by expressing my complete shock upon reading Waterford's most recent response in reference to my complaint. Waterford's admission of responsibility for causing this apparent confusion clearly reflects their shaky, inconsistent procedures and lack of organization. These faults are further evidenced by the following false assertions made by Waterford which I have quoted and addressed below:

1. "As it states in Ms. xxxxx response she did receive our friendly renewal notice that clearly states we require a written 60 day notice."

This statement is incorrect. In my response, I stated, "With regard to the courtesy reminder that they Waterford supposedly left for me, I did not ever see this document or else I would have noted the policy as I would have done similarly had my lease been provided to me when I had signed it. The only document I ever saw with regard to my lease end date was one that stated my lease was to end on November 9th and if I wished to renew it, there would be an incentive. However, this document did not state any deadlines for move out which is why I assumed 30 days was sufficient (this amount is common procedure in most complexes and is also suggested in NC law)." As I already explained, the notice I received only included my lease termination date and a description of a monetary incentive to renew my lease. This notice did not include any information stating, or even alluding to, a written 60-day notice to officially terminate my lease, as Waterford insists.

2. "We also let all new residents and renewal residents know that it is their responsibility to pick up a signed copy of their lease once management has signed and approved all documents."

This statement is incorrect. Waterford's policy may indeed be to "let all new residents and renewal residents know" that they must pick up their signed lease. Following the signing of my lease and other documents, I did return to the leasing office to retrieve all of the final information associated with my move into Waterford Square Apartments. I was provided a folder with a map of the grounds, a welcome letter, a preliminary breakdown of the move-in costs, and copies of the checks written to Waterford. Copies of the documents which I did receive upon my return to the leasing office will be provided, if necessary. A copy of the lease, however, was never provided to me even though I did, in fact, return to the leasing office (as described above) pursuant to Waterford's purported policy which they allege, as quoted above.

3. "On September 30, 2013 we received a written notice from Ms. xxxxx stating she will be moving out November 9, 2013 when her lease expires. We then responded to her email stating, yet again, that we require 60 days written notice which would push the move out date to November 28, 2013, to which Ms. xxxxx never responded. Please see the attached email correspondence between our office and Ms. xxxxx."

This statement is incorrect. As quoted above, Waterford stated that I did not respond to their email. Waterford even attached a copy of the supposed correspondence. I find it troubling that I also have a copy of this correspondence, which is attached, that includes my response to the very email to which, Waterford alleges, I did not respond. After I received Waterford's response email stating the requirements for my notice to vacate, I searched my records, several times, for a copy of my lease. When I determined that a copy of my lease had never been provided to me, I responded to Waterford's email stating, "Can you please email me a copy of my lease? To my knowledge, one was not provided to me upon move-in. Thank you." As evidenced in the attached copy of the email, I submitted my response on October 16, 2013. It was, in fact, MY email to which a response was never provided. Waterford's statement above is either a blatant lie, or simply evidence of their poor record-keeping and lack of organization.

I believe my responses to the statements submitted by Waterford provide substantial evidence of their negligence which proves that it was not I who failed to follow procedure. Waterford has not taken accountability for their mistakes and obvious fault in this matter. Again, for these reasons as well as those already submitted by me in reference to this complaint, I request that Waterford comply with the desired resolution which I originally submitted.

Final Business Response
We would once again like to apologize to Ms.xxxxx for the confusion and frustration regarding this situation. As it states in Ms. xxxxx response she did receive our friendly renewal notice that clearly states we require a written 60 day notice, which was attached in the last response from Waterford Square Management. We also let all new residents and renewal residents know that it is their responsibility to pick up a signed copy of their lease once management has signed and approved all documents. There is no negligence on Waterford's behalf. The resident failed to abide by company policy with a proper notice to vacate. On September 30, 2013 we received a written notice from Ms. xxxxx stating she will be moving out November 9, 2013 when her lease expires. We then responded to her email stating, yet again, that we require 60 days written notice which would push the move out date to November 28, 2013, to which Ms. xxxxx never responded. Please see the attached email correspondence between our office and Ms. xxxxx. Again, we would like to sincerely apologize for any confusion.
Kind Regards,
Waterford Management

03/12/2015Problems with Product / Service
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