Better Business Bureau Report for
Planned Parenthood St. Louis Region

Better Business Bureau Report issued October 2011
Better Business Bureau Report expires October 2012

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Charity Contact Information

Name: Planned Parenthood St. Louis Region
Address: 4251 Forest Park Ave
  St. Louis, MO 63108
Phone: 314-531-7526
Web Address:
Also known as:Planned Parenthood of Southwest Missouri
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Better Business Bureau Comments

Year, State Incorporated: 1932, Missouri
Affiliates: Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and 3 chapters
Stated Purpose: "exists to provide, protect and support reproductive rights and services."

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Evaluation Conclusions


Planned Parenthood St. Louis Region (PPSTL ) meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.
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PPSLR’s medical services include: • Comprehensive birth control and contraceptive services • Annual gynecological exams • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases • Testing for HIV/AIDS • Male reproductive healthcare, including testicular cancer screening, sexually transmitted disease and HIV testing, and vasectomy services • Emergency Contraception (EC) • Cervical and breast cancer screening • Colposcopy • Pregnancy testing • Screening for diabetes and hypertension • Treatment of menopausal symptoms All services are offered for free or on a sliding-fee scale to all clients who qualify; some patients may qualify for free services. In 2007-2008, PPSLR’s family planning Health Centers served 25,888 clients. Nearly 85% of our clients have incomes at or below 150% of the Federal poverty level (as little as $15,600 a year). PPSLR’s education programs and services are designed to promote informed and responsible sexual decision-making. Programs and resources are designed for parents, teachers, professionals, clergy and teens. In 2007-2008, staff presented 574 community and professional education programs to 8,338 people.

For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2010, PPSTLPlanned Parenthood St. Louis Region's program expenses were:

Family planning services 4,877,924
Patient Surgery 3,063,743
Public relations/public affairs 1,018,190
Community education 275,491
Lobbying 31,866
Vasectomy 7,107
Political activity 5,438
Total Program Expenses: $9,279,759
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Chief Executive : Paula Gianino, President and CEO

Chair of the Board: Geetha Sant
Chair's Profession / Business Affiliation: Volunteer

Board Size: 34

Paid Staff Size: 152

*Compensation includes annual salary and, if applicable, benefit plans, expense accounts, and other allowances.
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Fund Raising


Method(s) Used:

direct mail, telephone, invitations to fund raising events, grant proposals, internet
Fund raising costs were 18% of related contributions. (Related contributions, which totaled $2,060,353, are donations received as a result of fund raising activities.)
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Tax Status


This organization is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.
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The following information is based on PPSTLPlanned Parenthood St. Louis Region's audited financial statements - consolidated for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2010.

Source of Funds  
Family planning fees and sale of supplies 3,411,907
Patient surgical fees 3,024,560
Contributions-General 969,910
Medicaid 786,195
Title X 621,165
Patient surgical grants 550,405
Unrealized appreciation (depreciation) of investments 384,078
Contributions-board designated 224,300
Donated materials and services 209,211
Investment income 173,092
Family planning grants 99,766
Commerical Insurance 28,822
Vasectomy fees 16,060
Miscellaneous income 10,040
Contributions-Grants 6,250
Realized gain (loss) on sale of investments 4,934
Educational revenue 2,224
Contributions - special event 511
Chage in value of charitable remainder trust -16,617
Total Income $10,506,813


Uses of Funds as a % of Total Expenses

Programs: 91%  Fund Raising: 4%  Administrative: 4%  Other Expenses: 1%

Total income $10,506,813
Program expenses $9,279,759
Fund raising expenses 378,319
Administrative expenses 355,485
Other Expenses 102,542
Total expenses $10,116,105
Income in Excess of Expenses 390,708
Beginning net assets 16,603,009
Ending net assets 16,993,717
Total liabilities 749,971
Total assets $17,743,688

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