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United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg

Better Business Bureau Report issued September 2014
Better Business Bureau Report expires September 2016

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Charity Contact Information

Name: United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg
Address: 2001 Maywill St.
  Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: 804-771-5820
Web Address:
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Better Business Bureau Comments

Year, State Incorporated: 1975, Virginia

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United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg’s mission is to lead the way to solutions for a better community.  United Way accomplishes this by:

·         Providing community leadership.

·         Developing solutions.

·         Raising and leveraging funds for impact.

United Way improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community to advance the common good.  United Way focuses on the building blocks of a good life:

·         Education: Helping children and youth achieve their potential.

·         Income: Helping families and individuals achieve financial         stability and stable housing.

·         Health: Supporting the health and wellness of older adults and their caregivers.

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Evaluation Conclusions


United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.
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United Way is the region's leader in implementing and teaching effective use of outcome-based planning and evaluation. All programs funded by United Way submit outcome results annually. Similarly, initiatives implemented by United Way are outcome-focused and thoroughly evaluated based on both outcomes and results. United Way also has strong research abilities. The annual "Indicators of Community Strength" report shows our community's most critical needs and determines the best programs and initiatives to effectively meet those needs. This information is used to set priorities for program funding and community problem-solving activities. United Way fosters local philanthropy by providing an option for donors to designate their giving to specific eligible organizations. United Way collects and distributes these donor-restricted gifts to almost 500 organizations. This service provides thousands of donors an efficient and cost-effective means to give back to their charities of choice.

For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013, United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg's program expenses were:

Designations 6,137,357
Allocations 4,789,366
Community initiatives 2,114,225
Community planning and allocations 862,500
Total Program Expenses: $13,903,448
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United Way creates lasting change by bringing together people and organizations to tackle community issues and invest in proven solutions.  Through United Way, the approximately one million residents of the Richmond-Petersburg region have the opportunity to give, advocate and volunteer.

·        United Way provided technical assistance and outcome-focused funding to 81 high-priority, effective programs, serving more than 165,000 people in the Richmond-Petersburg region.  For many of these programs, United Way is the only stable source of funding, as their government and foundation grants fluctuate from year to year.

·         United Way support provides opportunities for at-risk children and families.  For example: More than 1,800 children received quality early childhood care and home visiting services last year through United Way-funded programs helping these children improve their health and school readiness. 

·         More than 14,000 students earned better grades and spent more time in school thanks to United Way-supported youth programs. 

·        United Way also provides resources to people who are struggling to meet the most basic of needs including food, shelter and employment.  Last year more than 30,000 people received services helping them to become more financially stable such as job training and placement services, housing assistance and emergency shelter, and case management services.

·        United Way provides essential support to older adults and their caregivers with a goal of maintaining health and independence.  United Way-funded programs served more than 7,000 older adults over age 65 through various supportive programs such as home health and adult day care, legal assistance, home delivered meals, and transportation.

In addition to supporting a network of effective programs, United Way partners with other nonprofits, government, companies and individuals to improve community-level systems and conditions.  To do this United Way leads and supports a variety of community-level planning and change initiatives.  These initiatives focus on preparing children to be ready for and successful in school, helping youth develop positive behaviors, aiding families who are struggling, and supporting older adults to age with dignity and independence. 

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Chief Executive : Lynn H. Pharr, Chief Executive Officer

Chair of the Board: Ms. Gail Letts
Chair's Profession / Business Affiliation: Regional President, C & F Bank

Board Size: 33

Paid Staff Size: 46

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Fund Raising


Method(s) Used:

Direct mail, telephone, invitations to fund raising events, print advertisements, grant proposals, internet & website appeals, planned giving arrangements, membership, and workplace campaigns.
Fund raising costs were 10% of related contributions. (Related contributions, which totaled $15,157,366, are donations received as a result of fund raising activities.)
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The following information is based on United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg's audited financial statements for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013.

Source of Funds  
Gross campaign pledges 2012/2013 $13,965,491: less $635,000 provision for uncollectible pledges 13,330,491
Contributions 850,870
Fees from designations 560,930
Unrealized gains on investments 511,734
Grants from governmental agencies 483,046
Campaign pledges future year 239,771
Prior year's campaign revenue 216,442
Endowment income 172,077
Third party processing fees 128,646
Investment income, net 111,267
Realized gains on investments 107,939
Designations from other United Ways 63,211
Memorials and bequests 36,746
Total Income $16,813,170


Uses of Funds as a % of Total Expenses

Programs: 84%  Fund Raising: 9%  Administrative: 7% 

Total income $16,813,170
Program expenses $13,903,448
Fund raising expenses 1,477,986
Administrative expenses 1,240,837
Total expenses $16,622,271
Income in Excess of Expenses 190,899
Beginning net assets 8,227,637
Ending net assets 8,418,536
Total liabilities 4,499,028
Total assets $12,917,564

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Tax Status


This organization is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.
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