BBB Alert: Appliance Repair Business uses Local Government Office Address to Lure Victims

February 11, 2014

Columbus, OH – February 11, 2014  - Better Business Bureau® (BBB) and the Sunbury Police are warning consumers about an individual posing as a local appliance repair company and taking homeowner’s money without performing the work.

The company, Sunbury Appliance Repair, advertises on Angie’s List and Google offering low cost, local appliance repair.

One Sunbury resident contacted them for appliance repair. After coming to her home and spending four hours on repairs, she negotiated to pay $210.00, down from the original $400.00. The homeowner reports the appliances do not work; she is unable to locate the company and they are not returning her phone calls.

The BBB sent letters to the business at their reported address at 9 E Granville St, Sunbury, OH. Instead of a response form “Rafael Hayles”, BBB received a phone call from Sunbury Village Administrator David Martin, saying we had sent the letter to the Village offices.

“It’s difficult to say whether the individual is actually in Sunbury or even in Ohio. They’re just giving an address there," said Joan Coughlin, BBB Vice President. "The address is not valid and our investigators haven’t been able to track where they are actually located."

Martin said his police department has found other listings for “Rafael Hayles” under Kenmore Appliance Repair in Buffalo, NY. But those addresses aren’t valid either, they belong to a Pizza Hut.

Coughlin pointed out that it is very easy with today’s technology for these kinds of scams to pop-up using local area addresses and phone numbers.

Attempts to reach the company at their phone number, (740) 475-0223 all led to unspecified voicemail.

BBB will continue their investigation and will update the public and BBB’s Business Review with new information.