How to Deal with the After Effects of Flooding and Water Damage

July 10, 2013

The Better Business Bureau serving Central Ohio is advising both renters and homeowners to use caution when dealing with water damage or flooding problems.

If your home is damaged by water, the BBB recommends three things to successfully hire a contractor to fix this damage:


  • Request bids from two or three different companies.
  • Don’t automatically pick the lowest bid. Check each company out, first.
  • Base all bids on the same criteria.


Typically, a down payment of one-third the total contract price is made with additional payments due after completion of each phase of work. Final payment should not be made until the job is completed and you have inspected the work. Do not pay with cash, instead, pay by check or credit card.

Before signing a home improvement contract, consider the following tips from the BBB:

    1. Check with your insurance company about policy coverage and specific filing requirements.
    2. Research details and free information on contractors you can trust at and consider using the BBB’s free online Accredited Business Directory.
    3. Be wary of door-to-door workers who claim to have left-over materials from a job "down the street" or who do not have a permanent place of business. If sales people go door-to-door, check to see if your community requires them to have solicitation permits.
    4. Get all estimates in writing.
    5. Never sign a contract with blank spaces or one that you do not fully understand. Be sure the company’s full name, address and phone number are on the contract.
    6. Homeowners should check with local and county units of government to determine if permits or inspections are required.
    7. Determine whether the contractor has the proper insurance.
    8. Check contractor registration with the Columbus Licensing Division.

For more information or further inquiries, contact BBB at or 614-486-6336.Consumers also can find more information about how to protect themselves from scams by following us on Twitter and Facebook.