1/28/2014 First off making the reservation was simple and laid back they didn't make us pay anything until we got there which was a nice option but when she asked when we would be there for check in I said I believe around 530 I'm not 100% sure yet she says to me "well we need to know we cant wait around for you all day" ..seriously? this is your business and you clearly state that check in is from 3-7 so how is it my fault? but whatever. we drive up there and the address given isn't visible at all and of course there's no reception so I'm trying to call and not getting through so I drive in circles for 20min. when I finally find it nothing is plowed not the check in or the actual cabin so luckily I was in a mini van bc if I was in a car there's no way we would have been able to get out. The cabin is gorgeous and so is the scenery. The first night we get in the hot tub there were 5 of us so it over flowed a lil and we got in and out a couple óf times and then it stopped working. we called the next day about it and the gentleman came over and said if we got the buttons of the hot tub wet then he has to change the breaker and if that doesn't work that means we flooded it and he wont be able to get it back on til he dries it out. well first off I've never heard of that its a hot tub.. that is full of water...how is it not going to get wet?? so he tries the breaker it doesn't work so we're like ok we're disappointed but no big deal. well then he and his wife show up hours later with no warning but we let them in and he's like "what were u guys doing in the hot tub?" first off that's not any of his business and second its extremely rude. I try to explain to him that we were getting in and out and if he would have told us that could happen we would of taken extra precaution to insure we did our best to not get the buttons wet. his response is "well that's just common sense" seriously?? so apparently were retarded for not knowing u cant get a hot tub wet? I've never been so insulted. The cabin was beautiful but the customer service was AWFUL!!
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by Ashley S. on 1/28/2014 | Submit a Customer Review
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