A Complaint is an Opportunity to Showcase Your Customer Service

April 02, 2014

Oh no! You just received a notice of complaint from the Better Business Bureau and you are concerned what this might mean for your BBB Business Review. 

Take a deep breath and remember you have a voice in the matter and can make things right. BBB will not publish a complaint until you have a chance to respond. Look at a complaint as valuable customer feedback that will ultimately improve your services and public perception.

Often the toughest part of a complaint is that it tells you what you did wrong, but it does not tell you what to do next. 

Dispute Resolution Representatives at BBB are here to assist you in addressing consumer complaints.  As an Accredited Business, we encourage you to contact your assigned Dispute Resolution Representative to seek assistance or advice on how you may be able to move forward in addressing consumer complaints.

Here are some tips on how to address complaints filed with BBB:

BBB sees value in a business response that addresses the main concerns raised in the consumer complaint.  If you would like to take one step further and suggest a resolution that you may see fit and fair, let us know.

Always respond to a complaint. 

A complaint which is ignored and unanswered is seen as the worst possible outcome for a complaint filed with BBB. Although not all complaints can be resolved, BBB sees value in a business that is willing to address the concerns of the consumer, even if a mutual agreement cannot be achieved.  As a reminder, Accredited Businesses have committed to respond to all complaints forwarded by BBB. 

Provide a professional response.

Acknowledge the concerns brought forward by your customer, refocus the complaint away from the emotions to the central issues, and attempt to provide a solution to bring closure to the issue.

Good faith effort.

BBB’s dispute resolution process looks at HOW a business is addressing complaints, rather than the final outcome of the dispute.

Has your company provided a courteous and timely response? Is there a plan and timeline of how and the situation will be resolved?

Sometimes, if a mutual agreement cannot be reached, BBB will review how you addressed the complaint, and make a decision based on whether a good faith effort was put forth by the business.  

Remember, we are here to help guide you along the process. Give us a call.  We can, and will help. BBB of Central New England Dispute Resolution Representatives can be reached at 866-566-1323.