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Renewal by Andersen Boston

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Customer Complaints Summary

7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (7)
05/08/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Andersen installed a defective door. Remedies were suppose to be made temporarily and until new door was installed. Nobody has contacted me.
A defective door was installed and extremely shoddy workmanship. During the install I had to call to complain and the installer admitted the door was not working. The next day the company came out to make repairs. The door was adjusted but determined that it was still defective. Someone was suppose to come for an additional inspection. Its been over 1 month and no response. I have emailed Andersen and called. Not only is this unfair and deceptive trade practices but this is breach of contract.

Desired Settlement
We expect a replacement as promised, contact from the company and a refund.

Business Response

The patio door frame had some factory alignment problems that would not allow the door panels to be seated properly.
This happened on a Friday, the installer went back Saturday to fix the door, but could not get the issue straightened out. Our ************ Manager spoke to ******* the following Monday and scheduled a site visit for that week. The customer cancelled due to heavy snow fall and busy schedule, we rescheduled a site visit with her for the following week. The ************ Manager called her the morning of the site visit to confirm but she stated that there was a death in the family and she was going to need to cancel. After speaking with her then, we felt it was necessary to order a complete new door not just the frame. The panels had some scratches on them and excessive caulking.
I never heard back from her until we got an email message stating that her husband is an attorney and they were getting cold air through the door, etc.
I called her husband immediately and scheduled a site visit for the following Saturday.
***** & I went there, met with her husband, made several adjustments to the door panels, got the air leaks stopped and explained that due to the factory and install errors we are replacing the entire door and including interior and exterior casings.
He was satisfied with what we did and what we told him.
We are looking into the ship date for this product.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
When I informed the company that a new door would obviously been needed I was told that the company would come out to fix the seal in the meantime. I called the office 3 times and each time was hung up on. I had to email the salesperson and made a 93A allegation to get a response. When the seal was fixed after close to 2 months of air leaking into our home my husband was told the slider would be in next week. Its been close to 3 weeks and no response from the company. No new door and we don't even have a screen so not only was the door leaking in the winter now its warm and we can't open it. This company is terrible. Clear unfair and deceptive trade practices.

Final Business Response

To whom it may concern:

At the time of the initial installation on 1/23/15 the installer raised concern that there may be a manufacturing defect to the sill structure of the patio door frame. This was preventing the door from operating and performing properly. At this time Renewal by Andersen knew there was an issue with the product and we were going to need to evaluate what the defect maybe and how to resolve it. The next day the installer returned and made necessary adjustments to get the patio door to operate for the time being. However, Renewal by Andersen knew there was still an issue that needed to be properly addressed. **** ******* ************ Supervisor spoke with ******* and made arrangements to evaluate the product and installation to address the installer's and customer's concerns.

Upon working out a date and time convenient for ******* to have Renewal by Andersen out to evaluate the product and installation the weather was not very cooperative, therefore ******* needed to cancel the scheduled appointment. We re-scheduled this appointment with *******; however this visit with ******* was also canceled due to a death in the family. Renewal by Andersen didn't hear back from ******* to re-schedule the appointment until Renewal by Andersen was notified via email that an allegation of a 93A was being filed. **** ******* ************ Supervisor, immediately reached out to the customer and spoke with Mr. ******* ********* (*******'s husband) and together scheduled an appointment which was set for 3/21/15. At the time of Renewal's visit on 3/21/15 with all parties including Renewal's representation of **** ****** ************* ************ ***** ***** ******** Supervisor) and customer's ******* and *******, Renewal was able to evaluate the product and determine that an entirely new patio door product would need to be ordered. While there, Renewal by Andersen made additional adjustments as well as replaced the interlock weather stripping so the door would no longer infiltrate air until the new patio door product came in. This was Renewal's first opportunity to remedy the situation since initial installation that took place on 1/23/15.

A new patio door product was ordered at this time and **** ****** communicated that back to Mr. ******* ********* along with the communication we would have an estimated ship date of the new patio door product in the several days to a week. Renewal believes this is where we may have had miss-communication, whereas the customer was expecting the new product in the next week or so. In fact, this is a custom sized patio door product and not standard with a lead time of 6-8 weeks therefore, created an extended lead time outside of the standard 6-8 weeks. Renewal by Andersen continued to work with manufacturing on an expedited ship date given the situational time delays, but due to the custom sizing involved the soonest Renewal by Andersen could receive the product was 6/1/15. Renewal by Andersen has reached out to both ******* and ******* with a date to return to complete the patio door re-installation on 6/5/15 which has been agreed to.


****** ********* ************ *******
Renewal by Andersen of Boston

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Are you kidding me? WHy don't you speak with **** ******* who admitted he didn't order the patio door until last week. This company is absolutely terrible. Anderson has admitted to botching this install and forgetting to order the door twice now. But can't make that representation to the BBB. Unreal. We will be filing litigation for unfair and deceptive trade practices. We have actual emails from your company acknowledging that they forgot to reorder the door. Miss-communication? Are you kidding me?

09/19/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I had a new sliding door installed on June 6, 2014. The lock does not work properly - I am unable to lock the door.

I had a new sliding door installed on June 6, 2014. The lock does not work properly - I am unable to lock the door.

I called their Service Department several times ************* x XXXXX) and left a voicemail with the Service ******** ****** ******

She has not returned any of my calls.

I also tried calling their main number to speak to an Operator. That number goes directly to voicemail.

I need to have this issue resolved ASAP. However, I cannot get in touch with a live person to resolve my issue.

Desired Settlement
Replace the malfunctioning locking device.

Business Response
We did not originally receive customer's phone calls, but have since called him back and scheduled his services appropriately. We have been on site to evaluate the issue. The matter is of an open service is now resolved.

01/16/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

sales rep mislead and **** to sell his product. and sold me what I really did not need. and price gouged by more than double cost of
Renewal by andersen was a newspaper add, which I responded to get a price on replacing a garden window. The salesman said the garden window would be very expensive ***** dollars but has an idea that would be much less expensive, he did not carry garden windows, but he could box in a window frame and put in a nice flat square window which would look great and also be about 12 inches deep where i could still add plants. Then he said he could even give me a much better deal if I would add some other other item to be replaced. He suggested my front entry door which he said was letting in air and would give me nice steel entry insulated door. He showed me a sample of a weather sealed part of a door.

Desired Settlement
I never knew what the door price was until i called the salesman ************************ the door cost was **** dollars. I went to anther dealer and got a price of **** dollars for the exact same door model and same maker installed. I was ******* big time and would like to be reimbursed **** credit. Also not happy because he sold me a door thats steel and very cold inside due to cold transfer.

Business Response
We have discussed the situation with **. ********, as we want to be sure that he was satisfied with the window and the installation of the windows and the door. Although he still had an issue with the steel door being cold to the touch and the overall cost of the door, he understood that all steel doors will transfer to the cold to the touch but the new door was not drafty like the old one. Also, the manufacturer of the door is********, and the specifications and features of this product are custom made and not available on the open market. He was satisfied with this discussion,but not completely. He agreed that is was a good installation and a solid door.

As far as the window is concerned - at the time of the sale **. ******** and the sales consultant agreed that a bump out would be a good solution for him. At the time of install there was a discussion with the installation crew and the customer and the crew decided to not construct the *** out and to just install the window as a flat window within the opening. This did cause some confusion within the company and with the customer. In a conversation with **. ******** we arrived at a compensation for the bump out charge, which was*****, and he accepted that we refund him **** as a fair compromise. We also did not charge for the extra buck framing that was required for the installation of the flat window.

In conclusion, even though there was confusion and some frustration with this contract and installation, everything has been worked out and we feel the cusotmer is now satisfied.

Final Consumer Response
Reply to renewel by Andersen. I do not agree with reply from renewel that I understood that steel doors transfer cold to the inside of the door, nor that I was told that it would. The door was not installed correctly and does not close evenly on the rubber gasket,it is tight at the bottom and not at the upper half. I had informed the co. about this and that the miter at the corner of the trim had spaces. They sent a man down to look over the door and said they would send someone down to fix this, and they could probably adjust the hinges? This was a couple of weeks ago and I have not heard from anyone. I really did not need a door. I only wanted a garden window to replace what I had over the kitchen sink. The salesman said they don't have garden window and that they are very expensive, about **** dollars. He had a way to get around this, by boxing out the window and said it would look good . I wasn't quite sure about it. But he said he could save me a lot of money if I also had some other work done such as a front door . He said it had some air leaks and showed me a sample of new door. He ****** me because he would save me lots of money. Any way I fell for it , the total was **** dollars. It seemed high and I asked if he could do better and said he could not. When the installers came down to install the window they said why don't I get a garden window, because I would not have any side glass and no top glass any it would also be messy cutting the tile work around the window . So I called the salesman back and said lets not do the window. He said I would still have to pay for it even if I didn't do it. I didn't want to have to pay for an uninstalled window so I agreed to do it. He said not worry and that it would look good. The installers said they could fit it in without boxing it in and would be like a picture window. That was a way out and it does look good. I was never told what the door price was and still haven't a bill showing the difference. I called the salesman back and was told the door price was **** dollars. I couldn't believe the price and if I had known that I would not have done the job. I went to several dealers and priced the same ******* doors installed for a lot less, for as low as **** to ***** They overpriced big time and I don't even like the door. They can take the door back and sell it some other ***********. *************** **. **********

Final Business Response
At this time, our Company has fulfilled our contract with the consumer. We sold a custom door to the consumer and installed the custom door properly. Additionally, we reviewed the details of what was charged in the contract price and determined that a refund of **** was in order based on changes to te installation completed. A refund check of **** was sent to the consumer in good faith. Our Company stands behind the product and the installation and considers this case closed.

08/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I am an 87 year old widowed female suffering with cancer, heart ailments, macular degeneration and other health problems. Recently ************** from renewal by anderson at 104 otis street in Northborough came to my house and pressured me to buy windows that I didn't need. He is a large man and I was afaid of him. I told him that I couldn't see the contract due to my vision problems and didn't understand the contract, however I signed the papers out of fear for my well being, BECAUSE HE WAS SO AGGRESSIVE TOWARD ME. When he left my home, the next day I cancelled the order VIA TELEPHONE AND LETTER, but ANDERSON RENEWEL refused to do so and charged an account that they misrepresented to me and had me open. I called Anderson windows to report this incident but nobody will listen. A person only identifing himself as ********* called me and threatened legal action against me if I dont go through with the contract they had me sign.

Desired Settlement
Refund the charge account that they had me open, immediately and honor cancellation of the contract per M.G.L. Cancell the charge account they fradulently represented to me.

Business' Initial Response
The ************ in question happens to be 5 foot 7 inches and slender. He has been to her home 2 times. Once on 5/4/2011. She like the product but needed time to think about it and this ************ said she was very friendly and he said to her, "No issue, take your time and talk to whomever you need to". (Which is our trained response.)Of course we always try to sell the contract while we are in the home, but if the customer needs more time we do not pressure the customer. Our reward system is based on customer satisfaction: excessive pressure is counter productive to our system.
Most important is that *****'s son was at the sales visit on 6/18/2013 for the full time. The ************ made sure that both ***** and ***(*******) were comfortable with the contract and both were in agreement that they should move forward. We received a notice from them on 6/28,NOT the next day, that they wanted to cancel.
My assistant sales manager told *** on 7/5 that the contract was passed the 3 day right of cancellation and that they could eithermove forward or pay a 15% cancellation fee which is stated on the contract. We cannot waive this as it would be unfair to other customers that have paid this cancellation fee.
This particular ************ is the friendliest and funniest person in the group. Also,to repeat, she has met this ************ before and had a few laughs with him in 2011.Again,******* was there all the time during the sales visit on 6/18/2013, which he confirmed to my assistant manager on 7/5. ***(*******) was very abusive on the phone, screaming and cursing on the phone and hung up.We cancelled the order and released the money commitment, less the 15% cancellation fee after this conversation.
***** never called to complain aout the sales visit at any time -and to state again- ******* was at the sales visit at all times. I instruct all of my sales folks to treat the elderly with the utmost of respect, and to ask at the beginning of the sales visit if anyone else should be called there or called to discuss this potential purchase. We in fact, will discourage folks of advanced age to purchase windows if we feel that there are no compelling reasons - excessive drafts- inability to operate properly- broken glass or frames, etc.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
In reference to BBB CASE #:******, everything in the response from Renewal by Anderson is a lie or better known as a complete fabrication. Please note that this particular ******** was a predator to the elderly and should be prosecuted by the State Attorney General's office for Fraud and Larceny. I am an 87 year old female who is physically ill. I am also a retired Nursing supervisor with over 40 years of helping people and have never met such unscrupulous people such as the representatives for renewal by Anderson.
The facts of the case is that due to duress, undue influence and misrepresentation, I felt compelled for my own safety to sign the contract on 6/18/2013. On 6/19/2013 the contract was cancelled via telephone and U.S. Mail, this was witnessed by my son who has been a law enforcement agent for over 30years.
Under Massachusetts law I requested a full refund. Anderson did not honor my request and subsequently threatened me with litigation if I didn't go through with the contract. I am told what they have done to me is a criminal offense as well as in violation of The Massachusetts consumer law M.G.L. c.93A. Anderson windows Has no right to charge me a 15% cancellation fee. I want a written apology within 15 days, a full refund of my money, (The so called cancellation fee). I will be submitting this case to **************, the Massachusetts Attorney general for review of any possible criminal or civil violations pertaining to the conduct by Anderson Windows.

02/04/2015Billing / Collection Issues
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