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Sturdy Home Improvement, Inc.

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6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Delivery Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Total Closed Complaints6

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Complaint Resolution Log (6)
08/06/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I want to share with you the terrible experiences I have suffered since Sturdy Home Improvement started to work on my roof and siding last year.
I signed a contract with Sturdy on 7/3/2014. The salesman promised me all work would be done in two weeks after the old siding is removed, it turns out that the entire work actually lasted one year, and only finished this May. Even so there are still promised work not done properly according to the contract. Most workers they hired actually did not know how to do the work professionally. The experience with Sturdy was really a disaster for us. I am sharing with you my experience here and warning you that you should be very careful when hiring this company to do your work as they may cheat you too.

(1) I have copper tiles on the front and back edges of my roof, when the salesman set the contract with me, he promised me that Sturdy will move the copper tiles at first and seal the underneath, before they put back the copper tiles again. But their roofer did not do it at all because they just want to save time.
(2) 3 feet ice-water shield should be placed on the valley according to our contract, but their roofers only put 1.5 feet. I called the salesman many times during the installation, he only answered after the main roof was done. He told me there is nothing that he can do, because they cannot open the roof and replace 3 feet ice-water shield for us.
(3) Their roofers did the flashing three times for my chimney, cutting tracks in different levels three times. Eventually they used the lower level tracks and left the remaining cut tracks on the chimney, which damaged it. They merely put clear caulking on it and it looks very terrible now. Worst of all, the flashing still leaks when it rains no matter how much caulking I put.
(4) The rubber they placed on my flat roof already started to leak after a few months. There are also air bubbles under the rubber roof that are not supposed to be there, and the seal tape on the edge of the rubber is now open in some places.
(5) The siding work is a nightmare for us. The first crew of workers they hired lacked the basic knowledge of which side of the polar board should face on the wall. As a result they installed it inside out and did not use seal tape to seal any pieces of wrap paper at all. Ironically, some pieces of siding fell off a few days after they finished the siding because of a gust of wind. The workers did not use nails correctly or enough nails. In addition, while the company told me that the workers used wrap paper as first layer of protection, it turned out that they did not use it in many major places of the wall. I have called the salesman and the manager of the company numerous times. Reluctantly, they sent another crew to redo the siding work - taking off the entire siding and then put them back in after flipping the polar board correctly. Thusly, Sturdy used almost one year to complete the work and when they flipped the polar board to reinstall it on the correct side, most polar boards were damaged by old nail holes and were not replaced with new ones. They instead directly used it and did not even seal the big nail holes. Even though I have paid a large amount of money for new siding, we got a partially damaged one, as the insulation board (polar board) does not serve its function anymore with nail holes all over. Even now, Sturdy also left several unaligned window sills and J-channels as it is, although they promised to come back and fix it. I do not know how they became a BBB company and still run business.
(6) Some workers who did the siding work were very rude to me and my neighbors when they worked here. For example, they never cleaned up their own trash and left the trash in my yard for almost half year. The used nails were all over too. The trash was blown everywhere and I had to clean it myself eventually.

There are still some other things I don't have time to list here. I just want to warn other customers to take note and keep an eye on your project if you hire Sturdy to do your work, otherwise you will regret it.

Desired Settlement
(1)Fix the unaligned window sills and J-channels;
(2)Replace the damaged bricks and fix the flashing leaking of the chimney;
(3)For the rubber roof, repair the open seal rubber or seal tape and offer 10 year labor warranty;
(4)For ice-water shield under the copper tiles and valley, refund the money based on a licensed contractor to redo the work.
(5)For unsealed wrap paper and reused the damaged polar board (insulation board) ; refund the money according a licensed contractor to redo the work.
(6) Since the company has violated to the contract in several places, I request the company to give a reasonable refund so that I can hire another contractor to finish the work.

Business Response
****** ****:

The initial siding job was admittedly poorly done. That said I think rather than as a complaint it is a testament to our company that we spent thousands of dollars in material and labor to completely redo the siding job. He has no complaint on the siding other than the claim about the insulation which is false. We all verified that the insulation was properly installed.

When I return from vacation I will meet with ****** in person to verify any of his concerns. The copper re attachment was never mentioned when we closed out the project but we will of course re address this. One of the major things that I need to assess when I go on site is the rubber roof. We spent a tremendous amount of time going well above and above our contract obligations on this to satisfy his client. At completion he stated his satisfaction and then a week later out a stop payment on his final 500.00 payment which is still due.

I will make arrangements to meet with mr. **** mid July to put any and all issues to bed.


Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I totally disagree his answers.

(1) About the copper tiles and ice-water shield issues, I sent an email to **** on 9/14/14, but he never replied.
(2) About nail holes on flipped polar boards, unsealed wall wrap paper, damaged chimney and unligned windows sills etc which I pointed out several times, he did not give me any answers,

I am very disappointed to his attitude. I hope he can reply with solutions to all the questions/issues listed in my complaint.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I completely disagree with Sturdy's reply. They cut corners on my projects, and their unprofessional work deeply hurts their customers, but I am surprised that Sturdy still could find excuses for that. A BBB contractor has already estimated the price for all the possible work for me.

(1) He can move the copper tiles and reseal the underneath and put back copper tiles carefully for $1000.

(2) To reinstall the 3 feet ice-water shield on valley, the contractor's estimate was $500.

(3) Sturdy had done flashing my chimney for three time because their workers could not do it correctly every time. They cut 3 different tracks on my chimney, the tracks are rather large and not like what he said "hairline slice". The contactor can replace the damaged bricks and reflashing the chimney for $1000.

(4) Many air bubbles on the roof are very obvious, people can see them clearly on the roof. The seal tape around fan was open during last winter after a few months they did, it caused serious leaking on my ceiling. They fixed this problem in this June, but now the seal tape is open again on July right after one month. How can we trust their work? Obviously sturdy cheat customer when they did work. It seems their workers used my property to learn to practice their skills. For their work, I do not believe the rubber roof cannot last the life as sturdy told me and I have to hire a contractor to maintain the seal tape frequently. So I ask $1000 refund for this poor work.

(5) For the siding, wrap paper was not sealed and insulation board with many old nail hole on it, so the insulation board is lost their R-value and cannot provent ants entering my house. I have to pay extra for electricity and take care of ants every year. So I ask $7000 refund for the improper work and damage to my property, including fix three unligned window sills.

Totally refund to me should be no less than $10500.

Final Business Response
Mr. **** still owes a balance on the contract of 500.00 plus 12.00 for a stop payment fee

1. He is referring to pre existing copper shields that he had in place. It would not be possible to remove the copper shields and reinstall without damaging. We strongly feel that other professionals will agree and that it is consistent with manufacturer recommendations.

2. Again same scenario. He has a copper valley in place of where the ice and water shield would go they serve the same purpose and meet manufacturer recommendations.

3. There is a hairline slice in the chimney. We did the chimney flashing twice per the customers request this is why it exists. There is absolutely no functional issue there. We could not see it until we went on the roof it is very small and could not be seen from the ground. None the less we agreed to re mortar that area which is very commonly done. Keep in mind this chimney is 60 years old and is in overall poor/fair condition.

4. As for the rubber roof: this job has been properly completed. There is one tiny area around the attic fan where the tape should be re applied. This is a 15.00 item. We have agreed to do this. The roof lays flat very nicely and the seam are tight and proper. There are some tiny bubbles in various areas that are of no concern and well exceed the tolerance from any manufacturers standards. This is the summer so the size of these tiny bubbles are at their peak because of the expansion. They will contract and be nearly non existent in the colder months. I wish I could provide pictures to display the magnitude or lack there of of this situation. This rubber roof install is in the top 15-20% out of 100 installs. If you look for the smallest of imperfections with a microscope there will always be findings. The roof is under warranty and we stand behind it.

5. No where in our contract does it indicate that will seal the insulation boards. Keep in mind. The customer received blown in insulation followed by tyvek paper followed by - 3/4 inch insulation board before the siding went on. This request is not reasonable .

We had a very difficult winter in terms of ice dams. We strongly feel that the customer hired someone to remove snow thus creating damage that he required us to fix claiming that it was due to the install. We know this is not true. We did it any way. Furthermore the roof does not leak . However he did have an ice dam last winter which we serviced. Not only did we do an interior drywall repair for him free of charge but we painted the entire ceiling. Your welcome sir.

We cannot work with this man anymore he is completely unreasonable and his claims come from a point of paranoia not knowledge. There were numerous times throughout the project where he would demand a different installation method because of something he read on line the night before and then days later have a new idea based on new information!

We have spent thousands to satisfy this customer above and beyond.

1. Not recommended but would involve 50.00 of material at most plus labor

2. 20.00 in material plus labor

3. We have agreed to do this work 150.00 in material and labor total very quick small repair

4. 15.00 item

5. No one is going to rip the siding all apart to put seams on the insulation . Zero dollars

At this point we just assume that he keeps the 512.00 and has another contractor work with him.

If he wants to pursue this further we will seek the 512.00 in payment and want payment back for the free repair we did on his interior which we were not paid for and not responsible for.

**** and I went out with the intentions of doing reasonable repairs to satisfy the client. We spent 2 hours on a Sunday that was wasted, I honestly don't get it.....He doesn't want a solution he wants a problem unfortunately.


09/04/2014Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Sturdy home improvement engaged in a contract with me to provide 22 windows and a slider door for my home, they have not delivered anything so far.
Sturdy home improvement engaged in a contract with me to provide 22 windows and a slider door for my home, they have not delivered anything so far. The contract was signed on 07/15/2014 and they did not do anything for 15 days then I called and escalated and they sent another contractor ************** and the measured the windows on the back of his palm. There were heavy discrepancies in measurement and I had to make an effort to make him sit and go through the contract and verify the number of windows .. He mentioned they will deliver the product on August 15th and will install the following week, the product was not delivered, neither was there any communication. I sent an email to the sales person **** ******* and he replied that I should call him and somebody named ***** will call and they have placed order. There was no way to trust, so I called him today and he said the order may be delivered on Sept 1st.. I asked him to send me the invoice copy and confirmation which he has not sent and he said something about ***** on holidays - Now I am not sure if they are playing as they have already taken the money and not communicating and not delivering the products and services on time. I am looking for all avenues to try to get my money back and cancel the order if they are not a good contractor and they are going to do this kind of shady dealing.

K **************

Desired Settlement
Either the company does the job on time and delivers the product or services or cancels the contract and refunds the money back to me. I am open to both the options, but I want the contracted service in good faith and form.. I dont want to accept spurious products and bad service and I need to have a date agreed for delivery and it has to be kept. If this is not possible by the company, then I want a refund of the money and cancelling the contract.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** *******
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****
This customers' job is still in the manufacturing process. Sturdy has not received delivery of his windows and they are scheduled for delivery next week. Customer called in the week of 8/18 asking for an update. His sales rep, ****, asked my assistant ****** to call him. She placed the call and left him a voice mail the same day he called. Sturdy is still intending on moving forward to install the customers windows. I reached out to the customer this morning and he didn't answer, so I left him a voice mail. Below I attached the email I sent him after I left the voice mail.

This job is on the same expected track as our other window jobs, but there have been a few delays and communication wasn't what the customer expected, and for that I apologize. Sturdy strives to give each customer the same great service that is expected and will continue to do so with Mr. **************.

I just left you a voice mail.

I apologize for the delays in communication. ******* my assistant, said she left you a voice mail while I was on vacation, the same day you asked for a status update from ****. She explained when they were coming in and to call her if you had any questions.

Our windows are delivered to us every other Monday, so I basically get two deliveries per month. Your windows were ordered and given a 9/1/2014 delivery date. As you know, this is Labor Day and not a working day. They are delivering to me either 9/2 or 9/3. (I attached the cover page of the confirmation they send me.)

Some of your windows have radius tops that are mulled to the windows they are attached to which makes them more of a special order and causes extra delay in time to manufacture them.

I am looking to install them during the week of 9/9/2014. Please let me know what dates during that week work for you. Expect this job to take two days to complete.

Again, I apologize for the delays in communication and I trust this will wrap up properly to your complete satisfaction.


09/19/2013Problems with Product / Service
01/24/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues
11/28/2012Problems with Product / Service
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