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2 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service2
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
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Complaint Resolution Log (2)
05/18/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Purchased a vehicle over the internet, told it was inspected and had no accident damage and everything worked. When delivered, it had many issues.
Foley Motorsports sold me a clearly wrecked & repaired car with broken parts and features, described online by them as a "Very WELL Maintained....Excellent Condition both Inside and Out...Meticulously Detailed & Serviced by Our ASE Certified Technicians!!" vehicle over the internet. I even paid more than I planned just because of the description of the car. Ive purchased several cars online and never had an issue. The sales rep assured me twice that there was no damage or issues with the car and that the head mechanic had it up on the lift for inspection. I purchased it online so there was no way for me to inspect it ahead of time, just answers from the dealer on questions I asked, and their cars dot com ad and pictures.
Upon receiving the car, I immediately contacted the dealer about the body issues that were not disclosed in the ad. They offered to fix half of one of the many issues. I then took it to my local Audi dealer who put it on the lift and immediately found evidence of an accident all over the undercarriage with ripped off skid plates and dents all over, damage to the insides of 3 of the 4 wheels, a suspension out of alignment and a bent rear suspension piece, which clunked hard over every bump. My local dealer then had me stop at a body shop who pointed out the obvious signs of body work on the hood and front corner.
In subsequent trips to garages, every single one has put it on the lift and immediately asked what all the damage was from. I do not believe this could have been missed in a thorough inspection by their top mechanic.
The inside of the car had a broken sunroof mechanism, non functioning ventilated seat feature, burned out interior lights in 2 places, and stained hand and foot prints all over the headliner (Most likely from the previous owners kids).
I was also misled about the remaining factory warranty. I was told it still had 23 months, when in fact it only had 9. I did not find this out until my local dealer showed me the in-service date.
I contacted Foley through email and CC'd the owner so he was aware of the issues, and did it in a very positive manner assuming he would want to make it right. After weeks of trying to get an answer, they offered to pay for part of the safety related repairs that the factory warranty did not cover. Not any more of the body damage or any of the aesthetic or feature issues, just a part of the minimal safety needed repairs. They would not even address the issue that the car has greatly diminished value now that we know there is an accident on its record and a lot less warranty remaining.
So I am stuck having overpaid for a car described as "Excellent, meticulously serviced, etc....", that is worth far less than I paid, and is in nowhere near the condition it was described in its ad and by the salesman. The dealer has refused to stand behind their sale or to return or replace the car, just their partial repair offer.

Update 4/30/16
After almost a year, unfortunately, the dealership continues to avoid standing behind its sale. In the first few months since I purchased the vehicle over the internet, I have had to buy 4 new tires (within 2 months of receiving the vehicle because the alignment was bad) and the car has received several repairs due to a previous impact before the sale that was known by the Audi dealer that Foley took the car to for presale repairs and noted in their Audi paperwork, so the condition of the vehicle was very well known by all parties. Repairs have included a new transmission, the 4 tires mentioned above, new suspension pieces, new body bracing, new skid plates, several new electronics inside the vehicle and several other safety related pieces. The owner of the dealership has avoided contact with me and my attorney for 7 months now and just finally responded in February that he would actually stand behind the sale. Since February, he has avoided responding to most attempts to contact him and has made it clear he is not interested.

Desired Settlement
Ideally they fix all of the issues that their local audi dealer pointed out to them when they had the car before it was sold to me. This includes the 4 tires I had to buy and some safety related items, plus some extra refund to make up for the lost value in the car due to the damage. Realistically, Im just asking for the owner to make good on the solution he proposed and I accepted, $2500.

Business Response
Dear BBB,

On MAY 28th I (Dale N.XXXXXX) reached out to **** by email after all attempts to reach a mutual agreement had failed between Mr. ******** and Foley Motorsports concerning a car that he had purchased. I have attached the email below to **** from that date.

I believe this explains clearly that EVERY effort was made to appease the situation BEFORE his negative review was made public. As our email to **** CLEARLY STATES after this review went public "This would end any and all negotiations outside of any direct action taken by yourself". Most likely his outside advise now is that he should have taken our good faith offer, but unfortunately that offer was prior to his negative review being posted live FOR A YEAR.

As stated in our INITIAL RESPONSE to his posted negative review **** was asking for a 40% REFUND of the purchase price (obviously an unreasonable demand of almost $20,000 that could not be met).He was offered an amount of $2,000 which he decided without hesitation not to accept. There was no middle ground to be had and we stated clearly that if he posted his public review we would have to cease negotiations.

Now after a year he is willing to accept the initial offer of $2,000?? which in our option does not outweigh the effects of a negative review with many exaggerations and mis representations of both the described car and our business have had on Foley Motorsports.
The car in question did and still has a clean CAR FAX history report and according to records provided to them has never failed a safety inspection of any kind since he has owned it or prior.
Since his posted review Foley Motorsports has be voted the DealerRater dealer of the year in Massachusetts and will continue to provide the best customer service experience in the used car business anywhere.


cc. *************** ********

***Our last email to *******


I spoke to Mr. F.XXXX regarding your vehicle purchase and subsequent response and online review. We will be creating our online response on Monday of next week. I will use the be using the email correspondence between yourself and Greg (56 emails between March 20th and April 21st) and all other relevant facts spoken or text between yourself and Mr. F.XXXX and Greg about this matter when creating our online response to the review (which will be posted next to your review).

This posted online response to your review will be our final response and will also end any and all negotiations outside of any direct action taken by yourself. I have been the internet sales manager here for over ten years and in my experience issues arise that create a negative review 1 out of every 500 sales (and that may be an understatement) and are always resolved in a professional manner. We carry a A+ BBB rating and are a top dealer in the country for luxury used vehicles for a reason we care about our customers and our business reputation.

If you would like the opportunity to discuss this matter prior to Monday please contact Mr. F.XXXX direct. He can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX. cc. **@*********** ****@*********** Dale N.XXXXXX Internet Manager Foley Motorsports ****@*********** www.****************.com"


Internet Sales Manager

OUR Initial response on 6/9/2015 after we could not come to an agreement with Mr. ******** and he would not take the negative review down.

"This is in response to "**** from *************** who purchased an Audi A7 Prestige Quattro ********* from us on March 26, 2015. Upon Mr. ********'s initial inquiry into the A7, he was assisted by Greg in our sales department. **** had several questions about the vehicles accident history, remainder warranty and condition. To answer the question of accident history, Greg referred him to the Carfax history report. The report was available for free through a link on our online listing. The Carfax report indicated that the vehicle had "No accident / damage reported to CARFAX", "2 previous owners", "regular oil changes", and was "WELL Maintained". **** asked about remainder warranty coverage. Greg referred him to the same CARFAX report which indicated the vehicle and "Estimated Remaining Coverage" of 23 months or until the A7 had 50,000, whichever comes first. It was explained that we refer to CARFAX, because we do not have access to the manufacture's database. We now believe, the CARFAX report was inaccurate in regards to the "Estimated Remaining Coverage". It was explained to **** that the car looked in good condition, but was not a "new" car, it did have approximately 26,000 miles on it. **** said he understood that and asked Greg if the car "has any big dents or tears in the seats or things like that" Greg did a second walk around the vehicle and looked inside the vehicle. There were no signs of "big dents" or "tears in the seats". **** asked about his options for purchasing a vehicle from 5 hours away. Greg responded that some clients drive in and drive home. Some fly in and drive home. Some have the car shipped to them. **** opted for shipping the A7 and was provided with a shipping quote. Prior to delivery, the vehicle was inspected and sent to the local AUDI dealership to have an open recall done, as well as check of other questions that **** had about the A7. Upon receiving the vehicle **** noticed a couple of blemishes on the under body of the vehicle which he pointed out to Greg via email with pictures. Greg responded immediately to **** and told him we would look into it... Greg's response "****, I'm glad you finally have your A7, but I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment with the overall condition. I see a lot of used vehicles in a variety of conditions. With 26,000 miles, I thought the A7 was in very good condition. I saw 2 small scrapes (1/2") on the top of the rear bumper consistent with something being taken out of the rear hatch. I also noticed a small stone chip in the front bumper. Other than that, I thought it was very nice. When the transporter showed up, he pointed out the "slight dent", or "ding" as it is usually called, in the door and quarter. I don't know if that happened after I looked at the car or if I just didn't see them. One thing I never do, is embellish the condition of a vehicle. Even new cars pick up dings and scratches sitting around a lot waiting to be sold All that said, we are very serious about customer satisfaction here at Foley Motorsports. We ship cars to customers all around the country without any serious issues. What, in your opinion, is a reasonable solution? Thank you **** responded, "Greg, Thank you, and just to be clear, I am not saying that you said it was perfect or hid the flaws, just that they never came up and were not seen in pics"....."Again, overall very satisfied, just not thrilled with the dings around the car and the one on the center console inside the car.".....**** After hearing of ****'s issue with the blemishes on the Audi, Greg informed the owner RJ F.XXXX about the concerns of his customer and action was taken to look into the issues brought up and to find a reasonable and mutually agreeable solution. Mr. F.XXXX and Greg exchanged over 65 emails, texts and phone calls throughout the entire sale with ****. **** was offered a direct payment that was more than equitable. Unfortunately the demands of **** were unreasonable. He was expecting a 40% REFUND of the purchase price. As hundreds of other online reviews clearly show, we take great pride in customer satisfaction. It is unfortunate that in this particular case, a reasonable solution could not be found. At no time during this process was **** misled in any way. Every effort was made to resolve the problem professionally and compensate him appropriately. **** took the car to no less than 5 separate garages, including an Audi dealer. All non-cosmetic issues were completed under the Audi warranty coverage and no paperwork or receipts were ever offered or provided to us for the blemishes, other than the bumper repair. Only unreasonable demands that, although taken seriously, could not possibly have been met. We understand the challenges of buying and selling vehicles "long distance" and embrace those challenges and will continue to hold customer service as our most important responsibility. "

If you have any questions or need further information regarding this issued please don't hesitate to call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX

Thank You,

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Unfortunately, it is hard to tell if they are being deceitful on purpose, or just have no idea what the others are doing. Here are the facts that matter, as every bit of communication proves:

The car was clearly in an accident before it was sold to me.
I asked several times in the buying process for them to look the car over and tell me if anything was broken, not working or showed signs of damage, which they denied.
They sent the car to their local audi dealership, I was told it was for a recall, after asking several times.
I received the Audi dealer paperwork. 5 pages of items being repaired and or replaced, and even items saying they were not working or broken and would not be repaired.
Foley also received this paperwork from the Audi dealer when they picked the car up. They knew of the issues with this vehicle before completing the sale to me, and after being asked to divulge anything wrong several times, they still hid the truth.
Also during the sales process, I was misled about the amount of warranty remaining, which they at least acknowledged that mistake later.
After receiving the car, I immediately contacted the dealer and let them know there was body damage that was not disclosed and initial signs of an accident (even to my amateur eye). They offered to pay for half of one body repair, that was it, initially.
I took the car to my local dealership where they immediately pointed out damage all over the bottom of the car. Bent suspension pieces, ripped and missing skidplates and more. They also found many items in the interior which were not working, which I found out later were on the Audi paperwork from the dealer that Foley took the car to.
I also took it to a body repair shop where they showed me several clear signs of repair and paintwork.
I immediately let Foley know of the issues, and that getting the car up to the condition it was told to me as being in and safe, would be about $4,000. He said they would not pay for those items, and offered me $2500, which was not OK with me given the clear deception and lower value of the damaged car now.
At this point I sent them an email saying that, and I roughly quote "Wrecked vehicles can be worth up to 40% less than the same car that has not been wrecked, based on the severity of the wreck and quality of the repair. This is clearly not a case of 40% less, but there is clear damage that was known, and not disclosed".
They have, either mistakenly, or intentionally misrepresented these sentences to read that I have asked for a 40% refund, which is rediculous. Just another attempt by them to deflect or misrepresent the truth.
I worked through an attorney that asked for $5000 to cover the costs that were known when the car was received, plus many new costs that arose from the accident this car was in before being sold to me. Since I received the car, in order for it to pass inspections and be roadworthy and in the condition it was sold to me in, I have had to:
Get several bodywork spots repaired
Get the non-functioning sunroof repaired
Get the non-functioning drivers seat ventilation fixed
Get several broken knobs and switches replaced
Get 2 pieces in the rear suspension replaced
Get a new 4 wheel alignment because it was so bad, it ruined the tires on the car.
Get 4 new tires for the car
Get a new Transmission for the car

Through all of this time and expense, Foley continues to claim I demanded a 40% refund and refuses to stand behind their sale.
I exchanged emails with the owner in February and March of 2016 where he said he would still stand behind his offer of $2500. Given the time that has passed and that Foley has made it clear they will not address the issues, I accepted his offer, just to be done and move on.
In the almost 3 months that has passed since he agreed to stand behind the sale somewhat, he has had several reasons why nothing was being done and that it would be, soon. At this point, I am highly skeptical that the dealership will do anything until all of the evidence is laid out in a court of law, but I wanted to make sure I exhausted every avenue possible to give them a chance before it progresses further.
Unfortunately, given all of the incorrect and misleading information that the dealer is replying with, I doubt this will resolve amicably. I have all documentation from my Audi dealer, their AUdi dealer that Foley took the car to, and the ********* report showing the accident. I also have emails from the sales process where the rep assured me they had the car on their lift and were performing an inspection. There is no way a competent dealership missed the paperwork from the audi dealership they took it to before selling it to me, missed the bent suspension and ripped and missing skid plates, and all of the broken and non-working pieces in the interior. I am still asking that the owner just stand behind what he offered, $2500. This will at least help me recover a fraction of my time and expense, and move on.

Final Business Response
Call RJ on his cell if you need to speak w him about this matter. His phone is XXX-XXX-XXXX. I'll be out of the office until Monday of next week.

Regards, Dale

Internet Manager

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We have already been through this and already agreed on a solution over 3 months ago.

Thank you

11/13/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I purchased a used Mercedes GLK350 from Foley Motorsports in June 2014 that has had significant repairs needed starting 5-months after the purchase.
August 28, 2015

Better Business Bureau

Re: 2010 Mercedes Benz GLK350 VIN#WDCGG8HB6AFXXXXXX

To Whom This May Concern,
I am writing to you to express my extreme frustration and disappointment with the purchase of my 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 referenced above. My husband and I purchased this used- vehicle last year on 6/2/14 from Foley Motorsports at 894 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA and five months after our purchase we began having car trouble.

In December of 2014 my family drove home to South Carolina for Christmas. On our return home, we heard a loud boom under the hood and ended up being stranded on the side of the road. The car had to be towed by AAA to Mercedes-Benz of Cary dealership for service in North Carolina. We received the diagnostic from the dealership that our drive shaft was shattered and the cost of repair would be $3,494.48. Our family had to stay several nights in a hotel; rent a car and my son's fiancé had to pay for a flight to get back home. We are trying to understand how this type of car could have such a major issue after five months. My husband called Mercedes once we got home and we were told that because we added a hitch on to our car that it caused the problem. I'm not sold that adding a hitch to transport Christmas presents could cause this type of damage.

Although we paid to have the car fixed, our check engine light came back on within hours of driving it. We have paid multiple car repair shops to try and fix this issue but to no avail. To add insult into injury, we can't get an inspection sticker because of the check engine light and now we have a "reject" sticker on the car. Furthermore, the car is now running rough; we're being told that we need a new engine control module, transmission, brakes and tires. The most recent estimate to fix the car is now $12,237.14 plus we picked up the car and brought it back again when my husband noticed that the air conditioner was no longer working. Now they've told us that we need a blower regulator and motor for $973.70.

We owe $24,000 on a vehicle that we can't even drive and that is worth $12,715 in fair condition. We bought this Mercedes and another at Foley one month prior to this because we trusted the brand and the dealership. We thought we would experience a luxury vehicle with comfort, dependability however our experience has been far from that and we believe that we bought a lemon.

I request that my car be completely repaired without charge or that I am able to turn in my car to purchase a new car and have Foley make up the gap in what the car is worth. It is funny that we purchased "Gap" insurance but there is no type of insurance that covers this type of issue. I am praying that the Better Business Bureau can help us resolve this issue.
Below is a list of our expenses since we've purchased the car.

6/2/14 Purchased 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK350

8/16/14 Oil Change w/Filter, Top off all fluids, Check Tire
Pressure, Check Front End, Check Exhaust, Check
Belts & Hoses, Check Under Carriage
Foley Motorsports $108.88

12/30/14 Replaced Front Driveshaft, Right Catalyst, Both Right
Oxygen Sensors, Heat shield and bracket
Mercedes-Benz of Cary NC $3,494.48

3/7/15 Check Engine Light is On. Scanned and Tried to Clear.
Foley Motorsports $0.00

6/2/15 Remove and Replace Rear Coil Springs
Ramstrom's Service Center $464.19

6/17/15 Service Engine Light and replace right side upstream
Oxygen Sensor-
Ranstrom's Service Center $648.26

8/9/15 Tire Balance, Align
Sear's Auto Center $151.99

8/18/15 Need New Engine Control Module, Transmission
Replacement, Oil Pan: Upper-Engine, Brakes
(Replace Pads and Rotors), Tires, and Alignment
Mercedes Benz of Shrewsbury $12,237.14 Estimate

8/28/15 Need new Blower Regulator, Blower Motor
Mercedes Benz of Shrewsbury $973.70 Estimate
Sheila ************

Desired Settlement
I believe the car that was sold to us was a lemon. It had been in an accident prior. At best I would like to turn my car in and purchase a new car without making up gap. At the very list I would like to have my Engine control module repaired so that my check-engine light will go off and I can get an inspection sticker.

Business Response
Foley Motorsports sold 2010 Mercedes GLK on June.2,2014. At the time of sale the used vehicle warranty law was in effect that Foley Motorsports warrants the vehicle for 60 day or 2,500 miles for any defects or malfunctions. there were no issues with the vehicle within this time and the vehicle was not a lemon. Unfortunatley if after market equipment is installed on a vehicle such as a trailer hitch and towed over several thousand miles you run the risk of stress on the transmission, drive shaft and other major components. Please don't hesitate to call Foley Motorsports and speak with the owner if you have additional questions.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not except that a Class 3, 2 inch receiver, bicycle hitch could cause the type of damage that has resulted. This hitch was professionally installed by Uhaul and it towed Christmas presents not a boat. Regardless of how many miles the car was driven. This vehicle is an SUV and it would be reasonable to presume that this type of vehicle could sustain a bicycle style hitch.

Final Business Response
Foley Motorsports has reached out to Miss Goodwin and was willing to help her fix the transmission for cost. She denied. Miss Goodwin was offered an extended warranty at the time of purchase and denied that as well. We also warrantied the vehicle for safety defects for the amount of time required by the state of Massachusetts, there were no issues with the Mercedes during that time. Miss Goodwin states that she owes a lot more than the vehicle is worth, this is due to financing negative equity from her previous vehicle not to do with what we sold her the Mercedes for.
Foley Motorsports strives for outstanding customer service and has being doing so for well over 20 years and we reached out to Miss Goodwin to continue such service and to help her as reasonably as we could but she denied such offer.

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