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Are You Participating in BBB’s Top Opportunities?
March 21, 2011
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Are You Participating in BBB’s Top Opportunities?
Consumers contact BBB every day looking for trustworthy companies to do business with. With more than 95% of BBB services offered online, consumers are turning to BBB’s website more than ever! Make sure you are taking advantage of BBB’s top opportunities.

1. BBB increases your business through its online directory, Member Pages.
To access the directory, simply click here. BBB Member Pages currently hosts over 700,000 listing views a month, and your business can gain more visibility by upgrading your listing to appear on the first page of your category.

For more information on how to get your business more exposure in over 4,000 searchable categories, contact Marisa Maricich, Marketing Manager, at 512.206.2818 or

2. BBB drives business directly to your email inbox!
BBB recently added a “Price Quote” button to your BBB Member Pages listing for consumers to request free estimates on your products and services. Each time a consumer requests an eQuote from your company, BBB
sends you an email to ensure you capitalize on the potential business. In the past year, BBB’s eQuote program has connected almost 4,000 consumers directly to BBB Accredited Businesses for pricing inquiries.

To make sure you are participating in BBB’s eQuote program, contact Kelsey Groves, Marketing Specialist, at 512.206.2827 or