Return Policy Tips

May 30, 2014

BBB advises consumers to be well-informed about companies’ return and exchange policies from where they are purchasing.

 Companies are not required by law to offer a return policy. Return policies are offered by stores as a mean of customer service, and public relations. While there are laws that cover return policies as a whole, there is not a single state or city in the United States that requires a company to take back the merchandise that you have purchased from them.

 Although there may not be a universal policy for returns and exchanges, BBB advises you inquire about these items before purchasing:

  • Days to return: The number of days from purchase that you are allowed to return within. 
  • Exchange policy:  In case of incorrect merchandise, size, or fit (may exclude shipping costs).
  • Online return/exchange policy: May differ from in-store options. Can you return online purchases to store location?
  • Specialty merchandise returns: Often times different items, especially specialty merchandise has different return requirements.
  • Clearance & sale returns/exchange policy: The items deeply discounted to attract a shopper’s attention are subject to different terms of return.

 Always make sure to keep your receipts. Without them, it will make a headache for both the consumer and the company. Gift receipts are also great to include with your gift – it is possible the recipient has grown since the last time you saw them!