Warning Signs & Tips To Prevent Seniors from Becoming Victims for Caregivers
April 26, 2014

Every year, senior citizens are targeted by con artists. Many of these victims don't ask for help until it is too late!

Warning Signs:

1. The person recieves lots of junk mail ("sweepstakes" offers, etc.) and gets frequent calls from people offering valuable awards or asking for charitable donations.

2. The person has written checks or made withdrawals for escalating amounts of money to unfamiliar, out-of-state companies.

3. The person is havign sudden problems paying bills or buying food or other necessities.


1. Emphasize the criminal nature of telemarketing fraud and help the person learn how to identify it. 

2. Encourage the person to hang up on telephone solicitations that seem suspicious. 

3. Have a calm discussion about the best way to handle the person's finances in the future. If he or she seems to be truly incompetent, seek legal advice.

4. Help the person change his or her phone number, if necessary, and get on the Do-Not-Call list.