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Newly BBB Accredited Businesses

A business cannot just "join" BBB by paying their money! After a rigorous background check and determining that a company may be eligible, an invitation to join can be issued.  BBB asks companies to supply basic background and licensing information, adveritsing samples and a review of their website is completed.  Once the staff has reviewed the application and confirmed there are no unresolved complaints, negative comments, or government actions on file; an application goes before the Board of Directors for final approval. 
Accredited Business applicants sign an agreement contract and pledge to adhere to a strict set of Standards and Principles of Trust as well as support the objectives and standards of fair advertising and ethical business practices espoused by the BBB and its general membership.
Accreditation through BBB is a high honor and lends prestige to your business and tells your clients and customers that you are doing business with integrity.  Your accreditation also makes a statement that you are doing your part to make your community a good place to live, to buy and to sell.  Self-regulation does work and your association with BBB says it very loudly and clearly!
The following businesses, by virtue of having been found to meet all the standards and principles for accreditation and were accepted as BBB Accredited Businesses by the Board of Directors at its most recent meeting.


September 2014  

A-1 Locksmiths &   Security Ltd.
Abel & Reddy Small Engine Repair
Cutting Edge Lawn Service
Doss Construction
Earl's Construction
Freedom Lawn Maintenance, Inc.
Gold Nugget Coins and Jewelry
Graf Construction & Remodeling,   Corporation
Hild Brothers Construction &   Remodeling LLC
Hull's Cabinet Shop
Hutchens Bulldozing Inc
Homeworx, LLC
I.Q. Electric
Illini Mattress Company Inc.
L Salon & Spa
Lead IT Corporation
Lemons Construction Co.
Monoticello Chiropractic Clinic
RB Construction
Rushville Collision Center
Stark Concrete
Sullivan Chiropractic Center
T & G Maintenance & Construction
Tessendorf Automotive
The Gold Center, Inc.
The Hearing Aid Center
Tropical Heat Tanning
Womb with a View