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Peoria Siding & Window Co.

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7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service5
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

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Complaint Resolution Log (7)
04/26/2016Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

we hve roof leaks. that are not being fixed
we purchased property at *** ******* in Chenoa Illinois from preveous owners.they had a contract with this roofing company for 5 star coverage for 20 years. we as the new owners have received ownership of this this contract good up to 15 years. roof was installed in 2009. since we have had this home we have had numerous leaking issues. some leaks have been fixed. the more recent leaks have not been fixed. a representative came out and said he would redo the porch area to fix the leaks to date he has not responded

Desired Settlement
we want the leak issues as said by the representative be fixed--porch reroofed..and warranty for second owner be extended to twenty years instead of the original contract of 15 years

Business Response
The roof was installed in 2009. Whenever there has been an issue we have went out and repaired the problem. Including caulking some windows that had rotted out causing the leak. We agreed with the homeowner that we would replace the porch roof. Homeowner was told that when we have crew available they will be out to replace the porch roof. As of today we plan to be there 4/25 weather permitting. All of our crews are on jobs now. We have left the homeowner a message stating the same thing.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
until we receive heavy rain we cannot totally say the problem is fixed however with the lite rain we have reciedved it appears to have fixed the problem on the porch. caulking rotten windows was not verified by me however they did caulk and nail loose flashing and redo a leak area on the north side of house.

10/29/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

can't get them to fix the mess they made installing the skylights
We signed the contract to have a new roof installed on our house and garage and replace 4 skylights on the house in June. The roofs are fine but when they installed the skylights they ripped apart the trim inside the house and are telling us it's our responsibility to replace it. If you are installing a skylight and mess up the inside why isn't it up to you to fix the mess you made? They send people over and we assume they are coming to fix it but they are never prepared for the job and then several days later after not hearing from them we have to call back and sit around and wait again until they decide to come back..we are still waiting. Our house is still in an upheaval because we'd have to move everything and clean up again if they ever do come back to finish. This is just a brief summary - to go into extreme detail I wouldn't have enough space here. We refuse to hand the check over to them until they fix the mess they made. My husband can not and will not get up on a ladder that high nor do we have scaffolding to work that high. To hire someone to do it would cost us yet even more money and I already feel like we paid too much but we chose them because we felt they were a reputable business. it is difficult to get workers to our rural area and we have worked with this company in the past with very good results. I'm not only disappointed in their service and lack of attention to customers I'm at my wits end trying to get this accomplished and my house back in order.

Desired Settlement
we want them to replace the wood trim that THEY damaged (and maybe in a timely manner) like before Christmas???

Business Response
Peoria Siding and Window Co ,Inc. has and always will strive to supply top of the line material and industry leading workmanship to all our valuable customers, but in this case we have had a misunderstanding with our homeowner on the scope of work, with that being said we have gone back and trimmed those skylight interiors out at our expense to get to our homeowners expectations, the timing is we needed to gather the correct information and formulate the proper plan of action to achieve what are homeowner expected.
We consider this matter closed.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Pending the installation of the new screens that were ordered because of the gap between the screen and the skylight, yes we are satisfied with the response from Peoria Siding and Window Co.

06/04/2015Problems with Product / Service
09/29/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Windows did not fit. Unfinished wood quarter-round was used to try and compensate. Looks terrible.
same as summary

Desired Settlement
I'm not sure what they can do to fix the problem. 1. Windows that fit would be ideal or
2. Moving windows in and adding vinyl brick molding to the outside or
3. replace unfinished wood quarter round with vinyl quarter round.
Third option would be least desired.

Business Response
***** ******** (Sales Rep) & ***** ***** (production manager) went to the ******'s home September 15th @ 4:00pm. It was decided that we will go to the ******'s home 9/18/15 and replace stops with white stops and remove and reinstall 1 window that does not look correctly installed.

12/08/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

"Slam and Scram" installation and terrible customer service.
We chose Peoria Siding and Window because of their good reputation and I feel that we were lied to on the quality we would receive. I have called the office twice asking for feedback on the poor service we received and have not had a single person address it, so I am posting it to the BBB site in attempt to possibly get your attention. I would not recommend this company to anyone, nor will we do business with them in the future.

1) Our house was built in 1978 so we have it on our paperwork that there was possible lead in our house. The sales lady, *******, told us they would wrap the windows and install from the outside since we have a 10 month old baby. None of that was done.

2) The installers tracked fiberglass insulation throughout our house and tracked dog poop in the house.

3) Clean up was terrible. We found at least 5 shards of aluminum from the flashing over 1" long among our daughters toys that were in our living room. There were nails all over our driveway and deck, where our kids and dog play.

4) Quality of the windows is pretty poor. The sonic welding on our octagon bathroom windows is broken.

5) We were told they would go to each window and show us how the windows operate and set the tension settings. Once they were done for the day they bolted.

6) We recently painted the front portion of our house and discovered that they did not take the shutters off to caulk around the sides of the windows.

The one positive of our experience is they FINALLY came and fixed the window they put in crooked in our kitchen... but I think for what we paid that should have been put in correctly in the first place and it took me calling them to follow up 2 times to get them to show up.

Desired Settlement
We are requesting a few things:
1) Stop lying to your customers and not delivering on promises that your sales people are selling. There are values in any business transaction, and I feel that we were disrespected by the quality of service we received.
2) Your product is not worth what you are selling it for, if anyone is looking at companies do not pay Peoria windows anymore than you would ****** ***** because you're not going to get any special treatment that they try to sell you on. Everything that the sales lady compared to say that they do a better job than ****** ***** was done in our home.
3) I suppose if you want to compensate us for having to spend 4 hours cleaning and vacuuming our carpets after your installers left that would be nice.

Business Response
Peoria Siding & Window Co, Inc. has and always will put our customers first and will always do what is best form them, they are our most important asset. We have met with the *****'s on 11-24-2014 and have resolved all issues. We consider this matter closed.

07/27/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

9 windows were installed BACKWARDS. This allowed RAIN to get in & cause wood ROT to some of my porch as well as ruin the carpet.
My mother ******* ********* had siding and windows installed from this company back in early 2000. The techs for some strange reason thought it would be a great idea to install the windows BACKWARDS on the porch! Since that time I have noticed during rain storms that water would come in, and not just in drips! I have called these people a few times and I even met with one of their techs. The tech who came out said "the drain holes were clogged". What a crock! I told him "WHY WERE THESE INSTALLED BACKWARDS??" I tried to explain to him that the water floods in under the crack of where the window closes down. He of course did not listen to me. Since that time I have had to keep putting plastic poly sheeting up to keep the rain out. I should not have to put plastic over the outside of my windows if they were installed right to begin with! Today I made one more call to Peoria siding and window. I spoke with ***** on the phone and told him the whole situation. His solution was for me to leave a message on a service techs phone, which I did. I finally now realize it's time to contact the Consumer protection Agency and the States Attorney Lisa Madigan.

Desired Settlement
I want my windows to NOT LEAK WATER WHEN IT RAINS! or have to use Plastic poly sheeting to put on the outside windows! I want the wood rot FIXED! I want my carpeting FIXED! I did not cause their workers to suffer this incompetence! They were HIRED by Peoria Siding and window!

Business' Initial Response
The windows Mr. ******* is referring to are the STORM WINDOWS on the PORCH of the house. They are not put on backwards. Their would be no way to open or lock them if they were put on backwards. These windows were installed 13 years ago when his mother owned the house and are storm windows and not made to be used as regular house windows. They are made to be used with a house window to have a dead air space to give you a better thermal value. The porch is now used as a closed in room instead of a porch and once again these are a single pane storm window not a double pane house windows. Water and air can get thru these windows this is the reason for the weep holes at the bottom. Our service manager and technician have both been to the house on separate occasions and explained this to Mr. *******. We take our services very seriously and a large part of our business is to repeat customers due to our quality and commitment. Thank You ::

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Quote from the so called "business": "These windows were installed 13 years ago when his mother owned the house and are storm windows and not made to be used as regular house windows."

Ok first off. there are 13 total windows in question. Furthermore, I was told these windows were NOT storm windows and now Peoria Siding & Windows is claiming they are in their response to the BBB. Further more I had ****** ***** come out to inspect these. They noticed several things about the windows that Peoria siding and windows installed. They noticed the slope on the outside at the bottom of the window was very gradual. it's that part of the window that actually lets the water drain away. They also noticed the lip where the window even closes down is pretty small small, not allowing for a adequate seal. So why even buy windows at all? I thought the point of a window was to keep the elements OUT. Do I really need to point this out to a self proclaimed "Professional Business?"

Now then. I have called Peoria Siding and window SEVERAL times about this in the past. They always want to try to resell me more windows but NOT fix their mess up.

Spoke to ******* from Peoria siding and windows.
I told heather about the whole problem with the windows leaking and requested the invoice for the work my mom had done. She asked "why If you dont mind my asking". I explained to her its for a complaint I was filing online at the FTC site and they needed that information.
******* did not provide me with the invoice information but told me they keep all of that on record. She then explained to me that she will talk to ****** the owner and get back to me.

**** from peoria siding & windows called @ 9:35am

He informed me the owners son and him alegedly came out yesterday and inspected the windows but I was not home. **** said he knocked and rang the doorbell. I asked **** what time he came out, he said around 3:30pm. I told him thats around the time I left for menards. **** said my mom elected to not have storm windows put on the porch. And the windows they put in on the porch were "not meant to keep water out." I asked **** for the invoice for all the work my mom had done. I explained why I wanted it (for legal purposes if necessary.) **** said at first that he could only fax it to me, I then asked "why not email it to me?" **** then asked me "dont you have the invoice?" I explained to him Im sure its in the house in one of my moms boxes and I would have to dig for it, thats WHY I was requesting the invoice." **** said he would talk to ****** the owner, and "if the owner deems it necessary to give me the invoice then they will."

Now since Peoria windows & Siding are NOT giving the WHOLE story, I will shed more light on this,the "So called Business" claims: "The porch is now used as a closed in room instead of a porch"

This has ALWAYS BEEN A CLOSED IN PORCH! Get the story straight!

Next Quote from the so called "business": " Water and air can get thru these windows".

So my mom knowingly paid 13,000.00 to have all this work done to let water and air in? Sorry guy, my mom was smarter than that. She just trusted the WRONG company for the job.

Next quote from the so called "Business":
"Our service manager and technician have both been to the house on separate occasions and explained this to Mr. *******."

What they explained was that I could buy new windows from them. That was what they explained.
They ignored me when I told them the water is coming in through the LATCHES where the windows opens.

I can already tell from this response that Peoria Siding & Windows want nothing more than to try to look good on the outside for damage control purposes and not hold themselves accountable for the 13 leak through windows they installed. This is why we have the Consumer Protection Agency and a States Attorney Lisa Maddigan. This is the next route I plan to go because it's quite obvious that Peoria Siding & Windows care more about profits than doing the right thing.

03/17/2014Problems with Product / Service

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As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.