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6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
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04/11/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We have notified them on several occasions of the issues that were found. This started in January and no resolution has happened.
Below is the original email that was sent to Bathroom's Plus on January 20, 2016.

Over the weekend we had the light blow out in our laundry room. Thinking that it was just a blown bulb we replaced it and found that was not the issue. Upon further investigating we had outlets and other lights that were not properly working. We quickly realized that all the issues were on one breaker. We called in an electrician who went up into the attic and found several issues, pictures are attached. He stated the following:

Junction boxes - connections loose, boxes not properly covered

Wires at exhaust fan just stuck thru hole with no wire connector

Exhaust fan not vented outside

insulation not properly reinstalled

All these issues were the result of poor workmanship when bathroom was worked on by you. Do you have a claims process? The electrician said that he would be more than happy to talk with you.

Desired Settlement
We are just lucky that we did not have a fire. But I would like a credit for the work that was corrected properly plus exhaust fan vented to the outside.

Final Consumer Response
the service tech was here today and completed/fixed the outstanding issues. OK to close.

10/22/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

i asked for him to recaulk the shower base on 08/27/2012. i was told I was on the list. vent fan for the bathroom was not vented out of the attic.
I called **** on 08/27/2012 to inform him my roofers discovered the bathroom vent fan was not vented out of the attic (I have pictures of this when they re roofed my house) and to let him know that the caulk on the shower base had black spots in it. He told me since I had no soffit vents they did not have to vent it out of my attic. I told him the workmen that were doing the work did not mention when they were performing the work and I had no idea this was just laying in the insulation in my attic until the roofers were replacing the wood because it was rotten in this area. After several minutes of talking I brought up to him about the caulk having black spots in it and needing re caulked. he asked me to see if it would wipe off and I told him no, He then asked me about the cleaners I used and told him we had the list and only used what was recommended. I could tell he was perturbed at me for calling him out on the attic vent and He told me I was on the list to have them re caulk the base of the shower. Must be a long list as it has been 14 months with no contact from them. Since then the bathroom faucet has developed a drip on the hot water side and i am just very disappointed in the response I have received from them. I paid the bill in full as soon as the work was completed. His big selling point "was the lifetime guarantee for all his work" I liked this as I am 56 years old and have had back and hip surgery and cannot do my own work anymore. I expected better from this company but I guess they are all the same.

Desired Settlement
I would like the shower re caulked, the dripping faucet fixed and some restitution of the 495.00 they charged me to vent the fan out of the attic as per his written proposal.

Business Response
At this time our company doesn't have any open service request from Mr *******. The last time we performed service in the home was 9/12/2011. He has not called our office to inform us anything needed attention or wasn't completed. After checking our call records threw our network we have not received a call from his number in over 2 years. (last call 8/31/2011)

If he is saying it has been 14 month's since he called us why hasn't he called us again to find out if something happened, we forget, the computer didn't take the info or when the tech would be coming over, ect. Something doesn't make sense here and sure inst adding up. KNOW ONE would wait 14 month's for service let alone not call our office. We are open 6 days a week and we have our email address posted on our website.

All Mr. ******* needs to do is contact our office during regular business hours to set up a service request at that time a service tech would be scheduled to go to the home and see if this is something covered under our warranty and if so make the repairs.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I have contacted bathrooms plus on 10/21 and I am currently awaiting a return phone call to see what can be done. In response to your seeing me I believe you have me mistaken for someone else as I had back and hip surgery in Oct of 2010 and can only walk and stand for short periods of time and I am permanently handicapped due to this.

Final Business Response
When Mr ******* called the office to inform the vent fan was not "vented" to the exterior we apologized and told him we would be happy to come over and run the line. The technician apparently got busy and forgot to do it. Hes human, things happen. We understood it needed to be done when Mr. ******* called but he said for us not to worry about it that while his roofers where there working they would go ahead and run the line through the roof considering they had to tear off the roof and install a new vent line anyway. So at that point it was not an issue for us to schedule a technician to the home. The issue has been resolved and at the time he did not make us aware of any other service work he needed otherwise it would have been scheduled. So therefor it was 14 month's ago and now he is asking for money and making the accusation that we were to come over and re-caulk something that is moldy. Still confused and I am sure anyone can read thru this but why hasn't he called with in the last 14 month's to check on his service request? If the situation needed attention then I am sure it still would need attention now. So apparently it was never called in nor was it an issue. Mold is caused from a variable of things, scum, heat, lack of cleaning and moisture will cause mold to grow on the surface or with in. The homeowner's are responsible to clean the unit, nowhere in our warranty does it state we will be responsible if the system gets moldy. Clearly it states in our warranty the home owners must clean the system with the approved cleaners. When we leave the home there isn't any mold on a brand new system. Just to reassure you we have never been asked to come over and service mold nor has our technician been to the home to look at or address his concerns and they have not called our office to schedule this.

Like I said in the previous response Mr. ******* needs to call the office and have our staff get a service order scheduled so we can determine if this is a warranty issue or a homeowner issue. (regardless we will fix it) If he wanted compensated for his roofer to hook up a line they had to replaced when putting on a new roof I would have at the time offered to give them the 20.00 for the line but at no time did he ask for anything and made it clear they would just hook up the line for us and not to worry about. I have seen Mr. ******* 2 times in the last 10 months once at the home show and another time he was out getting food. I spoke to him both times at length and he never once mentioned to me that he was waiting on a call from our office to schedule a technician to come over. It is the home owners responsibility to call us when they need service as we are not in the home and can't justify when service is needed. Again we service jobs every day of the week and I can assure you if a customer called to request a service order and they have not heard from us within 5-10 days they are back on the phone checking on the status or stopping by the showroom in person. So I find it hard to believe that after 14 months Mr. ******* would not have called or stopped by at least one time to check on the status of the service request. If he doesn't want to call the office to schedule a service request there isn't anymore we can do.

04/20/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Bathroom tub's drain was insufficiently secured to the main drain, causing it to separate and the water to drain directly into basement causing damage
In December of 2012, we hired Bathrooms Plus to remodel our bathroom tub. We were very pleased with their work and their consumer service. On February 15th, 2015, the bathroom tub's drain came apart from the main house drain, causing an entire tub's worth of water to drain directly into the basement. This caused damage to the carpet and wall. The cause of the flooding was due to the plumber had used a slip joint to connect the horizontal drain segment to the new tub's vertical drain. The horizontal pipe segment contained a flex joint (a flexible rubber segment attached to the pvc pipes on both sides with pipe clamps creating a flexible joint that doesn't resist motion) at one end and the vertical slip joint at the tub on the other end. Over time, this slip joint "slipped" off the tub's drain and released the tub's contents into the basement.

I called Bathroom's Plus to report the damage on Friday February 20th after we had assessed the problem and damage. I was instructed to call Covenant Plumbing, which was the plumbing company Bathroom's Plus subcontracted to complete the plumbing. I did not feel that it was my job to call them, as I did not hire them to complete the job. However, I did call them. Covenant Plumbing denied completing the work. I, then, called Bathroom's Plus back to tell them what Covenant Plumbing had told me. They said they would get to the bottom of it. I then got a call from Mike, owner of Bathroom's Plus. He complained to me about Covenant Plumbing and how they denied any responsibility. I explained to him that I don't care who's at fault, but somebody, meaning Bathroom's Plus, needed to take responsibility. He then asked to me to explain to him what exactly happened and asked me to take a picture of the plumbing. As I was going downstairs to take the picture, my husband came home. I told Mike to talk to my husband as he could fully explain what had happened better than I could. My husband explained what had happened and stated that he was not a plumber, but had secured the drain with plastic hanger strap to prevent it from happening again. Mike then told my husband that he did not need a picture anymore as he fully understood what had happened. Mike then thanked my husband and the phone call ended. We assumed that Mike was going to investigate further and call us the following week. When I did not hear from him, I called back on Tuesday February 24th at 4:08. I was told that Mike was unavailable and would call me back. I never received a call back. On Wednesday March 4th, my father, who was also a previous Bathroom's Plus costumer and had been pleased with their work and costumer service in the past, called to talk to Mike. Mike stated that he didn't realize that there was still an issue. He stated that he had talked to my husband for 20 minutes, that my husband stated that he had already fixed the problem, and that my husband had sent him a picture of the problem and that everything looked fine. My husband had never sent a picture. I then called Mike to talk about this and, again, was told that Mike was unavailable to talk with me. I was given his voice message, to which I left a message stating that I was very unhappy as to how this entire situation has been handled and that the information that he had provided to my father was false. I, again, never received a call back.
This situation could have all been resolved if Mike had called me back.

Desired Settlement
All that I have every wanted from Bathroom's Plus on this issue was to send out a licensed plumber to inspect the work to ensure that it will not happen again, and to replace the small amount of padding in front of the stairs that was damaged from the water flooding into the basement caused by this plumbing issue.

Business Response
Sorry we don't have a customer or a signed contract with that name. So therefore we cannot look up the information. So please remove the complaint from my company file.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The contract is under the name ***** ******* I have recently gotten married so my new last name is *******, as previously explained to Bathroom's Plus.

Final Business Response
Nothing has been submitted to our offices in writing about a name change. It is clear on our contracts if you are transferring warranties or names it must be submitted in writing.

When the call came into our office it was a call of information. Our office was told and so was **** I am calling to just let you know what happened. Never was it called in to our office as a request for service. There is nothing on our contract that warrants other peoples work!

When **** spoke to *** she handed the phone to her husband he told **** the drain was already fixed by himself and was no need to come over to the home. At that time **** requested a photo of the drain and we have still not received it. In the meantime **** called Covenant plumbing who was hired to do the work and they stated the work was inspected by the city of Pekin and signed off that it was up to code. We have the work order and the signed inspection sheet by the city plumbing inspector that it was done correctly and up to code.

The job was installed 2 years ago and in the state of IL there is a 1 year workmanship guarantee on all work performed by licensed tradesmen. We asked Covenant to return to the home and they informed us that it would be a 95.00 service charge.

So how we can be held accountable 2 years later surprises our company considering the law. Also how can the BBB justify being higher than the law and determining that we are in the wrong?

If ***** would have simply stated she would like someone to come over and inspect her husband's work then we would have gladly sent someone over. But that was NEVER mentioned to anyone of the 3 people in this office she or her father spoke to.

This complaint should be with the plumbing company and not with us!

If she would like someone to come over to her home and look at the work we will gladly do that!

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
After reading your response, it is my understanding that you, Bathrooms Plus, do not feel responsible for the product and services that you provide your customers. Your response goes beyond what could be explained away as a miscommunication or misunderstanding between members of management and myself on this issue. I would like to take a moment to comment on the false statements you have just presented.

"When **** spoke to *** she handed the phone to her husband and he told **** the drain was already fixed by himself and was no need to come over to the home." This is FALSE.

-My husband did explain the steps he'd taken to mitigate the chance of a future failure, but he NEVER stated or alluded that the situation had been resolved and there was no need for you to "come over to the home".

"At that time **** requested a photo of the drain and we have still not received it." This is FALSE.

-In the brief conversation my husband had with ****, he explained the circumstances of the failure and offered to take a quick picture of the area in question and it was **** who declined the offer. **** stated that he understood what **** had described and there was no need for the picture. If you would like pictures of the plumbing and the other damage this matter has caused, we would gladly submit that to you.

"There is nothing on our contract that warrants other peoples work!"

-This is not a false statement. However it was our understanding that you would stand behind the sub-contractors work that YOU provided to represent YOUR company. Considering the fact that YOU contracted this company for its services, I think anyone would expect YOU to stand behind their work or at least stand by your customers and hold your subcontractors accountable. It should not be the responsibility of the costumers to hold your subcontractors responsible, as they are not the ones that hired them. May I suggest for future reference, you do more research when hiring subcontractors and also better explain to your customers that you will not take responsibility for the work that they provide while representing your company.

"If ***** would have simply stated she would like someone to come over and inspect her husband's work then we would have gladly sent someone over."

If someone would have returned any of my phone calls that went unanswered, I would've requested this. Even though you did not respond to my first phone call the following week after the situation was reported, when talking with my father, Management knew I did not feel that the situation was resolved. I even called after that and left another message for ****. In that message, he knew I was unhappy and that I felt there was more to discuss on this situation. I still never received a returned phone call. It should not have been a surprise to Bathrooms Plus when they received this BBB report. Not only does the plumbing need to be inspected by a licensed plumber, but I also have over $200 damage to my basement due to the tub draining into the basement from the plumbing issue.

"If she would like someone to come over to her home and look at the work we will gladly do that!"

At this point in time, I do not feel comfortable for you or anyone representing your company back into my home without further investigating the company that you would be subcontracting to inspect the work in my home.

01/14/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

bathrooms plus is a very shody operation with an owner who inflates his employees abilities in my opinion to get and make the sale.
we entered into a contract on may 4, 2013 after choosing materials and placing a 1/3 down payment we were told, we would be called with a project start date , well we were sept 3,2013 we were a little disappointed we were not told of such a delay in starting ,of course the contract was signed and $5525.00 had already been paid.the date arrived and the nightmare began ,first day removal of entire master bath completed and cleaned up we thought great , the job went downhill from this point forward ,they blew water all over master bed doorway and closet doorway and left it soaking wet ,no attempt to soak up water, thay built a partial wall which they then had to cut down and move for mismeasurement also at this point in their hast to try and get cabinets to fit they covered my master closet and all of our clothes in sawdust , no thought to cover the doorway as had been done prior to this, they had to reorder cabinets since stain did not math on all doors they put heat in floor which does not work on entire floor thay had to chip out and replace tiles, there error again i believe at this point is where the floor was damaged i spoke with the owner on several ocassions as to my dissatisfaction and he tried to fix things and next thing you would know another problem would arise ,I also had picked out all handles wanting them placed horrizontally and vertically only to be told he was looking at my contract and they brought and had already drilled for knobs . so i guess what i wanted was not deliverable once again.i would never recommend this co or any of there employees for any type of job very dissatisfied and disappointed .we also paid them 1/3 the day remodel started $5525.00 this job was suposed to take 9 days with a 10 day wait for a custom shower door to arrive and be installed our job was completed on october 29,2013. we also had employees take beverages out of our garage refrigerator without asking ( theft)

Desired Settlement
i think a refund of the radiant heat flooring should be given since it does not work all over the floor or it was damaged or not properly placed , because we both know you cant fix it at this point without tearing out the floor. $1600.00 .

Business Response
First of all we don't run a "SHODY" operation. There is two sides to every story and I have all the documentation to prove that no matter what you would or will do for her she will never be happy.

Before signing her contract she was given many opportunities to review the contract. So I am going to lay out all the issues we had with her and you will see we did everything she asked and more. This was the worst customer in 12 years and over 8000 installs we have ever worked for and when she said everything was completed and she would be in to pay her bill everyone in this organization was glad! As I outline this you will understand we went above and beyond to maintain her satisfaction and its apparent nothing will please her. She even told someone at her office she has to be the worst customer for anyone to deal with and that our staff is all hired from work release. Well first of all we DONOT hire from work release as most of the individuals coming out of prison are not skilled in our areas of work. But we do believe in equal opportunity and feel that everyone deserves a second chance in life. So if someone came to us looking for employment and they were skilled we would consider them as a candidate. I guess you have to be self-centered and heartless to not realize that they are human beings as well and deserve a fair shot in life after prison. I am sorry that she would make some ridiculous comments like that and tell others lies. That's slander and defamation of character and our lawyers have been given notice this has gone on!

She was emailed the original estimate 3/5/2013, I followed up with a call one week later. She made it clear they was not ready to make a decision. So two weeks later she had emailed and asked for me to come back out and re-quote the changes they wanted to make So I went back to the house on 4/9/2013 and emailed her another copy of the estimate (Revised) Over the next two weeks we had went back and forth on the email making changes that she had requested to her estimate. Finally they scheduled a time to come in to the showroom and work one on one with a designer. (5/4/2013) At this time they spent 2-3 hours in the showroom working with *****. As they made their selection we put everything on their contract. Once all the selections where made they reviewed it, signed it and put down 1/3 deposit. (The reason I am going through all the details as you will see in this case that there are a lot of items they did not have on their contract that we did at no charge because they were adamant that we was to do them. So instead of creating havoc over the issues we just did them. Again another unappreciative person! It is the homeowners responsibility to double check before signing our contract that we didn't forget something and nor did they as its in their best interest). On 5/20/2013 we called there phone and left a voice mail with their install date of 9/3/2013 and would be done on or around 9/19/2013. At this time we was never notified that the install date wasn't going to work and nor was we told they were not happy with their install date. But now they have nothing to complain about so they want to make it sound worse than it was! As we all know materials can be on back order or take longer to manufacturer. We tell EVERY customer it is going to take 8-12 weeks approximately before we will start the project and they were told this before signing there contract. We don't have any control of how they make and ship the materials. So on 9/3/2013 we go over and start the job and the first thing out of Mr. Husers mouth is what time are you going to be done here cause I have to get to bed I work third shift......The guys told him we work daily until we are at a stopping point and generally consist of 3-6 pm. At this time our guys felt like they are under the gun for time and feel like they are being rushed. They called me and I told them just do a good job and if it takes longer then so be it there is nothing we can do. The day went well, we cleaned up and left. The following day we continue on with the project and we discovered there toilet had been leaking for years and the ceiling below had some damage and we notified the home owner. So when we removed the toilet the ceiling below ended up with a hole in it due to preexisting condition. We explained to the we would go ahead and make the repair when we repaired the walls in the bathroom. You notice this wasn't brought up in the complaint...why ? cause we fixed her problem and didn't charge her. One instance of us trying to do right by our customer to keep them happy ever though our contract states we are not responsible for preexisting conditions. I'll keep outlining them and you be the judge! So the day goes on we install a new water shut off, turn the water back on and it blows. Nothing we did wrong, come to find out it had a defective compression valve. At this time the carpet in both doorways got wet. Our staff put a fan on there to dry it out and shop vacuumed up what water would come out of the carpet. Seems to be normal practice if this should happen. So the day comes to an end and we clean up and go home. Later that evening ******* comes home apparently looks over what happened and around 9 PM starts calling everyone in the phone book with my last name. Finally she gets ahold of one of my family members and tells them her bathroom is flooding and she needs to speak to me a.s.a.p. So they call me and I call her. So she exaggerated the story to them! Nothing was leaking, nothing was flooded and there was not an issue besides the carpet was wet. I explained to her we would go ahead and have the carpet professionally cleaned when the job was complete. She was happy and went on her way. Again she never mentioned we cleaned her carpet in her complaint she only said we got the carpet wet and is trying to make it look like we just left it like that. So the tile guys are working in there the next 5-8 days and seems like things are going well. Have not heard from the homeowners of any issues. The tile gets completed and we start to put the bathroom back together and we realize the 1/2 wall we built was put in the wrong place, so we moved it over, repaired all the walls and even repainted the area without question. Considering we was not hired to paint the bathroom we just did this to keep her happy. I get an email from ******* stating the stain on her cabinets isn't uniform on all 3 cabinets. So to keep her happy we ask the manufacturer to send us all new doors and drawers. This put a stop to her job as we couldn't go any further. She was aware of this at that time. So this is one reason the job wasn't completed when anticipated. In the same email she also makes the statement that the cabinets are not Amish made and the quality is poor at best. OKAY!! We have never sold or carried Amish vanities and nor did anyone tell here that we use Amish vanities. She saw the cabinets she choose right from our display in our showroom and nowhere does it say Amish made vanities. It clearly says Bertch cabinet manufacturing. So she must have gotten that from some other quote she was getting and got us confessed. I explained to here all of this and heard nothing more about it. In the same email she complained the fan was too loud and it wasn't like the fan she saw in the showroom. I explained to her the fan in the showroom in an 80cfm fan and the one they requested for us to install was a 140cfm and there is going to be some difference. So I gave her the option (after it was already installed) that we can remove it from the house and remove it from her bill. Again another instance of us trying to keep her happy. In the same email she also mentioned she wasn't happy with the tile soap dishes. So we schedule our tile setter back out to the house to repair that and an area of the floor she wasn't happy with. Another instance of us trying to make sure she was happy. On Wed of this week she called the office threating to come in here on Saturday the 28th during our open house and make a scene. So on 9/27 I met my staff at house to do a walk through on the job just to look over her complaints and found that somewhere valid and others was just her complaining to complain. At that time I found a list of items she was making me aware she was un happy with. So most of the list was taken care at the time we were there and the rest we either had to order something or get from our warehouse. But an no time did we complaint about things on her list that we were not hired to do and was not on her contract. Examples asking us to install and provide a larger shower head (not on contract), asking us to clean paint off of her floor (we didn't paint bathroom SHE DID) install toilet bolt caps (we didn't sell or provide them the toilet) asked us to hang there mirrors and lights ( not hired to do this per contract), install and provide carpet threshold (not in contract) Asked us to touch up the paint around the thermostat (we wasn't hired to paint) for the second time complaining the tile shelves where not acceptable after they already said they was so we redid them. again all items we did trying to keep her happy but at no time did she mention this in her complaint. At that time I stayed at the job until we had everything done that we could do. I even went to Lowes and got a gallon of paint and touched up areas in the bathroom I saw where terrible. (Now remember we wasn't hired to paint) Another instance of us going beyond to make sure she was happy I gave Mr. ***** an update and at this point we were at a standstill till they had her counter tops made. He at this time made me aware that one of our guys drank one of their sodas out of the fridge in the garage. It was 8pm and our guys had been working hard and the day before they said it was OK so one of my employees took it as it was ok and drank a soda. She made a big deal out of it and he said he was sorry and though it was still ok and even volunteered to bring her a 12 pack in replace of the 1 soda he drank. She told him it wasn't necessary. So in the complaint to insist our guy is a thief is a false accusation. So on 9/28/2013 she came to our showroom (During open house) and looked at the fan on display and the cabinet display just to verify what I was telling her was true. She also told some people not to use our company and that we hire all work release help and we have the video of her doing this to prove she did it. So on 10/7 I sent her an update on the outstanding items we was waiting for and scheduled with her one of our crews to go over and install the new doors, shower door and do anything unfinished on her check list. So on 10/10 *** and **** went over to the house and did what they was asked of them per the list she provided. At this time they had enough of Mr. ***** and was ready to walk off the job. They explained to him they were there to make sure he was happy and to finish up what we could. After installing the new door and drawer fronts on the cabinets she sent me an email telling me she wasn't happy with them. So I gave her the option for us to go ahead and have our cabinet manufacturer send all new cabinets. She agreed and now this was going to set the completion date out even farther. But at no time did we complaint about it we again just wanted to make sure she was happy. At this time she also asked us to remove the fan and issue a refund, I did this without any complaint. At this point we already knew what we were dealing with and it seemed as if this was never going to end and every time we left she would find something else to complain about. None of the installers wanted to go back to their house , no one at the showroom wanted to deal with her so I just continued to bite my tongue and pray this was going to end soon. So finally the new cabinets come in and I notify her of this and schedule a time for tim and tony to go back to the house to finish what we can (10/25) . They get out to the house and installed the new cabinets and finished off the items on her punch list. They go to install the cabinets hardware and she sends me a text stating that they are wrong. Hmm,,,,, I pull the paper work, go get the cabinet board and look to make sure we have the right product. Sure enough we have what's on her contract. So we are all thinking this can't be possible even her hardware was wrong considering she picked it out I don't understand how it's wrong ..................... There was to be one type on the drawers and another on the doors. We didn't think anything of it considering they was on two different boards and how could you mess you two different part numbers. I texted her back explaining that we are installing what is on her contract and since she wasn't happy with them I will be more than happy to go and get new ones so they all matched. So Again trying to keep her happy Her response was OK! At the end of the day Mr. ***** came up stairs and said everything looks great. We cleaned up and told them we would be back Monday(10/28) once the counter tops were installed to install the new faucets they purchased from us. So I get a text from her on Sunday 10/27 telling me our guys nicked the trim in the hall way and that the thermostat for the floor heater stopped working. I responded and explained we will take care of on Monday when we come over to the house. As of now the in floor heat has been hooked up and working for 1 month and nothing was ever said to us that it wasn't working till I got the text on a Sunday. And I personally checked it when I was at the house. So after arriving on Monday to finish the job the guys pull the thermostat off the wall and check the wires, to find one of them was loose. Reinstalled it turned it back on the in floor heat is working fine. Finished installing the faucets and installed a new piece of trim in her hallway. Again we don't know that we did that it just appears that anything associated with the path to the bathroom they could find damaged they blamed us. So instead of arguing with them whether or not we did it we again to keep them happy just fixed whatever they asked of us... So to answer her complaint about the in floor heat there is nothing wrong with it nor is it damaged. The in floor heat is not under her cabinets, 1/2 wall or toilet as its not supposed to be. It covers the entire floor underneath the tile and up to the shower. So for us to damage it we would've had to remove the tile and destroy the bathroom again. It is concealed under the tile and set in a bed of mortar and is impossible to damage. This was the only thing left in the bathroom she can try to accuse us of damaging or not working. Well hate to tell you this but it's not possible and it was working fine the day we left. I even emailed he the instructions on how to use it. So here we all think we are all done and finally we can move on considering we have walked on egg shells, been treated horrible and wouldn't you know it she sends me another email.....telling me the paint around the thermostat doesn't look good. So again like I have for the last 2 months told her I would send the guys right over to her home the next morning and take care of it. (again we wasn't hired to paint her bathroom) trying to be nice I offered our service again to keep her happy. She replied and said it wasn't necessary and they would take of it them self and she would stop by the office on Friday and pay her balance. So Friday comes along and she shows up to pay her balance, after all we have been through and had to go above and beyond to make sure she was happy why is she paying her bill if she wasn't happy with something or something wasn't working? And of course at that time she was in here complaining and telling our staff she was going to file a complaint with the Illinois attorney general's office ect ect . She made it clear she didn't want to report us until all the work was completed and she paid her bill. So it was apparent we had completed everything to her standards or she wouldn't have wasted her time to pay her bill. Or was she concerned that we would put a lien on the house cause she knew we completed our job and we went above and beyond! Or is she just looking to complain because that's how she is. Again these people are the kind of people who want everything for free and are the kind you can NEVER please no matter what you do. I think you can see we did whatever we could to try and make them happy. They were not happy from the time they signed there contract and they will never be happy.

It's her responsibility to call the office and schedule a service order for something we installed per our warranty we stand behind everything we do! It's not the Better Business Bureaus place to dictate warranty or service repairs thru a customer complaint. If the customer has not called our office and notified us of something not working there really isn't much we can do about it as through this complaint it was the first time we have heard about this. We will not schedule service work based off of a complaint filed with the BBB as in this case it's just the last item she can complain about considering we have already addressed everything else more than once. As we are 100 percent sure the heat mat is working properly and is installed properly. So therefor until we hear from the homeowner it's not working we will not be doing anything about it. At that time we will get the factory involved as we know nothing is wrong!

I have all the supporting documents, email, videos and photos should they be necessary to prove we have done nothing wrong and shouldn't be held accountable for this complaint.

Thank you,

******* ********

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
He has been to my home with a thermal imaging camera and is making a report he took picture and told me his employee had lied to him and that I do have 10 square feet and to areas on the angled wall that had absolutely no heat coils in place , so I am waiting for his report .

Final Business Response
I have meet with ******* at the house on 12/23/2013: I have taken the thermo images of the floor to determine where the wire is. We have concluded the heat mat is installed properly and working fine. The floor was at 95-98 degrees. What has happened is the installer has installed the wire short of the exterior wall and failed to notify the office. Now that the entire floor is installed and the bathroom looks great. So we have given them 3 options as to what direction they would like us to handle this matter. I have sent her an email to resolve this on 12/26/2013 at 3:40 PM. (See below)

12/31/2013 - I still await her response

Copy of email sent on 12/26/XXXX X:XXPM

(Good Morning *******

Hope you had a nice Christmas- Thank you for letting me take the time to look at your floor on 12/23/2013. I have gotten the images all downloaded and have discovered that the end of the wire is exactly 21" away from the exterior wall in front of the toilet. It is within the proper distance in front of the toilet, vanity and shower. However I do have to apologize for him not taking the time to either space the wire properly so that it fit correctly or call the office and have us order a larger kit. At this point I have to make my own assumption as to what happened.

As for why the tile setter has told you what he has told you I don't have an answer for that and at this time I really want to just make sure your happy. The he said, she said at the end of the day doesn't justify his wrong doing in your home. So here are the options we have available to try and find a resolution or a happy medium for both of us.

1-Remove the entire floor, reinstall a larger wire and reinstall everything. (Creating a lot dust and about 5 days of work)
2-Remove the thermostat, the wire in the wall, patch the hole and issue a whole refund (The in-floor heat will never work again)
3-Leave it the way it is and issue a 500.00 refund for the 7'x2' area that isn't warm (the rest of the floor will still work)

I can assure you I would have never let this happen if they would have communicated with me and unfortunately at the end of the day neither one of us win. I don't want someone unhappy over something I can control but if the installer doesn't tell me and we both find out after the fact then it's a BIG mess. Again I am sorry about this and don't find it acceptable. I will deal with him accordingly on my end!

I will wait to hear from you as to what direction we can go.)

Thank you,

******* ********

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.