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10 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service7
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints10

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Complaint Resolution Log (10)
08/18/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

When I made an unaspected visit to Augusta, GA to check on my properties on Sep 2014, I discovered that my property was not been managed properly.
Sep 14 My property at **** ****** ***** have been vacated for 3 weeks and Auben Realty was not aware of it, until I came home and inspected my property.Over charging for work not being performed,example they say they removed items from yard, I did that before I left GA,I removed all items from property; 1-chair,1-microwave,1-kids bike and paid $50.00 to cut the grass.

$1500.00 for carpet,I paid 800.00 for new carpet all throught the house.

Tenant on **** ****** ***** gave his notice to move out to ***** ******** and she did not take him seriously.

10 Oct 14 I received email from ***** ******** stating;As you suspected the tenant did trash the house.I requested photos on 28 Oct14 and I reviewed.
I could not see (holes on wall, small area of carpet damage by iron, door knowbs loose, needs painting, all small repairs, so I called ***** on the phone and I let her know that I did not see a lot of damages that requires the price of 3,943.02, she stated that they already completed some of the repairs an that is why I don't see it. Also received email dated 10 Oct 14 with confermation that repairs was already been done without my approval. Here is email from ****** As you suspected the tenant did trash the house.I`m having it fixed up now .. they just need to get the carpet in.
with that statement I was puzzle and I asked her why will she start repairs without my approval? and she went on to say they just wanted to get the repairs done.

28 Sep email of ***** pleading with me to get information from ******* ********* to help persued ******* since I have military background,29 Oct 14@ 08:32am Igot all of ****** information send 31 Oct XX XX:XXam.

On 28 Oct 14 email from ***** going back on forght with **** about damages,in the email **** express: 1-The house wasn't left in a terrible condition, 2-Legally we didn't do an inspection together which I don't like that,3- You came to the house a month later and you didn't contact me by phone and you had my number, 4- I didn't sign another lease agreement for the last year term,5- You all was supposed to come out and inspect the property and you never did.

Last contack with ***** was on 11 Nov 14 about the carpet she said it would cost 1500.00 to replace the carpet, I told her that price was way to high.

I kept calling for about a week for ***** and leaving massages and no reponse, finally around the 24 Nov 14, *********** answered the phone and stated that ***** was no longer with the company, and that I most foward all emails from *****.He also stated that he needed a response on starting the repairs of the property, I hesistated because I was with understanding repairs were already beeng done, persiatnt he went on to say come on Mrs.******** lets get all this repairs done so I could start making you some money.I went with the okay and I have not heard anything updates about the property, until I send an email a 06 May 15 inquiring about my property. ***** replied property has been rented out and that the bookkeeper has been trying to reach me regarding the balance on the property.I received my goverment computer on 20 May 15.On the survey that I send out on 19 Feb15 I clearly ask to be contacted by both email comapny and personal due to the kind of work I do.

email 02 Feb 15 from *********** stating the file has been turned over to collections agency to collect this debt. Why would they send to collection agency? When on 28 Oct14 i have an emailfrom **** willing to pay his portion of the dept,here is the email:I need the total cost you are asking for to fix the house and we will come on an agreement from their ...

Desired Settlement
Auben Realty has couse me a lot grief and a lot of money, I hired them to managed my properties and I feel that I'm working for them. I have done all the leg work for my properties, i have email where the tenant has complain about their services, which I had never had trouble with this tenant before who rented the property for 3years.

I will like to be renburse for the 3 weeks my
property was vacant and Auben Realty had no clue and the $50.00 I paid to mowed the grass.

They fail to conduct a move out inspection of the property because they did not take the tenant seriously,again not following process and procedures and now I have to pay $3,943.02 I also feel it should be drop. I want all charges and fee to be drop from this property **** ****** ***** Dr. due to Auben Realty not following their own process and procedures.

I will like for the removal of the collection agency for this tenant, he did nothing wrong, he gave his notice and it was up to Auben Realty to followed up on the process and procedures. I have email where he cleary stated to send him his portion of the bill, sending it to collection agency that was unfair to this tenant.

Business Response
Ms. ******* turned over the property located at **** ****** **** to Auben Realty with a tenant in place that she placed. When the tenant moved out, considerable damage was done to the property based on the move-in inspection she provided to our firm. There was a two week gap between when the tenant moved out and when an inspection was performed based on promises from the former tenant to return keys to the home. After two weeks, a property manager was instructed to proceed with the inspection, and charge the former tenant for changing the locks.

The turn of the property took longer than normal based on not being able to get in touch with the owner since she currently works oversees, and is not always available for contact. All work completed was approved by the owner, and another tenant was screened and put in place by our firm.

After months of sending the owner bills for repairs done to the property, Auben Realty has decided to terminate our management agreement with the client, which she has expressed wanting to do the same. The current balance on the property owed is for the final payment on repairs plus utilities during the time of vacancy, which were connected by Auben Realty as a courtesy to the owner since she is out of the country.

Furthermore, every effort was made to attempt to collect monies owed by the former tenant. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act restricts avenues in which our firm may attempt to collect a debt on the owner's behalf. The former tenant's account has not been turned over to a collection agency as alleged by the homeowner.

Since approval was granted by the homeowner for all work performed on the property, no fees will be waived on this account.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I can only go by what I was informed by ***** ******** my assigned representative at the time, who clearly stated that she did not take the tenant seriously when he gave her his orders for deployment, and that is why she did not act on it.

I have my neighbors also keeping an eye on my properties, and they stated they watch the tenant load all their personal belongings three weeks prior of me coming home and chase away prowlers from vandalizing the property. This people have nothing to gain by lying they are very honest people who I known for about eight+ years and only have my best interest.

The turn of the property did not take longer or normal due to not been able to contact me. I was fully engaged by constantly calling and emailing to get updates. I feel that the turn of the property took longer or normal due to lack of communication within Auben Realty and employees who were assigned to manage my properties kept resigning from their jobs.

I requested to Auben Realty when I filled out one of their survey to contact me by both work email and personal email because I'm not always have access to government computer but I do check my personal email every day or every other day and yet they have fail to complied with my request and then they have delay in responses. In addition I express in the survey that I was not pleased with their services. I will provide email of my survey.

My Rep ***** ******** was no longer with Auben Realty; however no one bother to notified me, I kept calling and leaving email for her to contact me with the status of my property because I was worried, then finally on the 24 Nov when I called again requesting to speak with ***** the phone call was passed over to ***** ***** and that is when I was informed that ***** was no longer with the company and he requested all traffic email between ***** and I to be sent to him.

I was the one who send out and email to ***** **** requesting to be released from my contract because I had enough. I never received any writing notice or confirmation that my contract has been terminated by Auben Realty.

I was not aware that Auben Realty Terminated my contract, until I received an email from Auben stating that property **** ****** ***** Dr. was having plumbing issue, the email was sent around 02 Jun to my government computer. However, again lack of Communication because Auben employee also was not aware of the termination he was requesting approval for the repair.

I have not send Auben any payments on repairs until this issue is resolved, the tenant complained about their services, neighbors who are church people, who are looking out for my property informed me that the property have been vacated for three weeks, also by me conducting a visual inspection of the property it was obvious that the property had been vacated for quite some time.

I complain about their services via survey.

Again this is false statement all effort was made by me and my brother to locate the tenant to collect from tenant before he departed to his new duty station. I have email ***** requesting assistance and information was found by my brother and forward to ****** I also contacted ******* ********* and he requested pictures of the damages for the property to be send to him, I have email were I passed on the information to ***** so that she could act on it quickly.

I'm in disbelieved in why Mr. ***** ***** is not been truthful to BBB. I'm an inspector and I'm not trained to assumed but only deal with objected evidence. I have emails stating that it was turned over to collections in an effort to recoup from the former tenant.

I strongly believe that the reason my property was miss managed is due to lack of communication within Auben Realty and ***** ***** is not fully engage in how services is been provided to the client who has put all their thrush in the managing and protecting of their investment.

I'm having a hard time dealing with this issue because unfortunate I can see clearly know that Mr. ***** **** not sure if he is representing Auben Realty has a whole is not an honest and truthful human being and I sincerely regret trusting him with my investment. I have gone a whole day with no sleep and I worked 12hrs a day 7 days a week but I'm determined to expose Auben Realty bad business practice to BBB.

When I asked for the photos for the damages of the property and when photos were reviewed I could not see the severity of the damages as ***** ******** express to me in an email. ***** went to say I can't see it because they already completed some of the repairs.

I have email that repairs were already been done to the property, and I clearly express to ***** in why she will complete repairs without my approval. Then all the suddenly ***** was no longer with Auben Realty. On the 24 Nov ***** requested that I send him all email traffic from ***** and I. Then he started to be very persistent in me giving him approval for the repairs. I was confused because here is one person ***** ******** saying repairs is completed and just waiting for approval on carpet installation from me and then here is ***** **** come on MS ******* I need your approval for the repairs so I can start making you money. It clearly seems to me that ***** screw up in completing the repairs without my approval and know ***** was trying to rectified the damage to ensure he had my approval as per the contract.

Final Business Response
The current amount left owed on the account is now $262.54. Auben Realty is willing to waive the remaining balance in an effort to close the complaint and satisfy the homeowner.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I do accept, because I did not feel it was fair that Auben Realty had miss managed my property and I felt that I was paying them to miss managed my properties. I hired them to do a job and I received the opposite, I kept trusting the company in hoping they will do the right thing and correct all they error, instated I was mislead. I thank BBB in helping me resolved this issue with Auben Realty. I will be sending a ******* ***** since is the faster way to send the money to Auben and I will notify the company via-email when is send.

07/21/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Repairs are not being done and if they are it's substandard. Auben takes to long to return calls on repairs and when they are coming to fix them.
First, this is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire 13-year Army career. I am paying $1175.00 for a house that is in terrible condition. They did not clear that back yard of leaves and trash as I was told they would. My dog cut her leg on a piece of glass that hit her artery. We had to rush her to the ******* emergency vet to stop the bleeding which cost me $1800.00. I paid out of pocket to clear the yard of all the trash and leaves, which cost me $290.00. The owner reimbursed me half from the yard work I had done. Our move in checklist we turned in was huge in which Auben took forever to replace things that were broken in the house. Auben did replace the glass windows that were shot by a bb gun, however the maintenance crew left broken glass inside the house. Aubens response was "well you know how guys are cleaning up after themselves when the job is done." The electrical system was rigged up in which they took forever to have an electrician come out and fix it. There was a wire from what I am assuming belonged to an old outside light that was cut which had electricity running through it still. I buried the wire because Auben never came out. The property manager told me that the backyard is the renters' responsibility. Auben did not clear the leaves and trash upon move in as I was told would happen. I found glass, beer bottles, pieces of rebar, burnt batteries, burnt toys, nails, springs from a bed, and chopped up beer cans all over the yard. In addition, a burn pit that was covered up had everything from ceramic chards to burnt batteries in it. I have been covering a huge hole in the yard with the yard trimmings from the yard work I have done. Today the hole I had been covering up caved in. Well apparently, this hole is either an old well with no cover on top of it or a sinkhole. The hole is roughly 6 feet deep, not sure how wide, but it has at least 3 feet of water at the bottom. This is a huge safety hazard for my dogs! It took Auben forever to fix the roof where squirrels were coming into the house which I know can be a fire hazard when they chew through the wires. The air conditioning for this house does not cool the entire upstairs. We recently had a leak from the AC in which the drainage was not properly configured. The AC repairperson came out, figured out what the problem was, and fixed the drainage system. He also said that the type of AC that we have for this house would not cool the upstairs because of the size of the AC compared to the size of the house. The leak from the AC did ruin a portion of the carpet, which now has a mildew smell. Auben is finally replacing the carpet this upcoming Tuesday, which took the well over a week and a half to fix. We have had multiple maintenance crews come fix the issues but it seems like they change all of the time and from what I was told is the owner hired his own maintenance crew due to the volume of repairs that needed to be done. My wife saves the emails forwarded to Auben about the repairs needed to be done for a reference on how slow and cheap this company is. I know this is an old house and I know that repairs will be needed once a tenant moves in. The property manager has never come to the house once to see the issues. We have lived in this house for roughly 8 months and with the repairs taking forever and piling up this is not a suitable living condition for me or my now pregnant wife. The selling point for this house was how short of a drive it is to work. The downfall is that this house was cheaply refurbished, not managed well, and a safety hazard. This house will continue to be a hassle for anyone who attempts to live here due to how cheaply and fast the company or owner tried to put it on the market to rent.

Desired Settlement
This house was not move in ready and is a safety hazard and possibly a health hazard with the mildew on the carpet. I don't want to pay a early termination of the lease fee either. I want out of this lease upon me finding another house to live in. I don't care about the vet bill either. I just want out of this place and will never do business with this company again. I talked to my Leadership in the Army and I am considering reporting my concerns to **** ****** on Auben Realty.

Consumer Response
On 14 July 2015 the carpet was finally replaced that had the mildew smell from the leaking AC. The carpet repair people called the owner stating that the carpet does not match. The owner said put it in anyway. this is not a big deal is just shoes how cheap the owner is. The big deal is that the hole I almost fell into while cutting my backyard is either a old well or a under ground swimming pool upon investigation by the maintenance crew that came in today. The hole has 3 to 4 feet of water at the bottom of it with. We are waiting for the response tonight when the maintenance guy calls me. This is a huge safety hazard for my dogs as well as kids in the area. They are trying to fix this but this could have been prevented had the yard been properly cleared of all trash and leaves prior to move in date.

Consumer Response
I feel that the issue are ongoing and piling up to the point that the home owner is struggling to keep up. I want to break my lease early, I want my security deposit back, and I feel that I should be reimbursed for the $1800.00 vet bill from the substandard yard that was not policed up as I was told would happen. There is still a burn pit where I had to dig up all types of broken and sharp items that has not been fixed as well. I already have to pack up my house hold goods and get a moving truck out of pocket when we move. This is by far the worst living experience I have ever had to deal with.

Consumer Response
My name is **** ****** and I am curious about how this process works. This
house has had ongoing maintenance issues for the past 8 months. I called the
property manager and voiced my concerns to him as well as sent him a email.
I have not heard any response from the email and I know the list of
maintenance issues I sent was large amount of problems. My wife has saved 50
emails she sent to Auben Realty. I feel like the owner doesn't have the
necessary funds to fix the house in a timely manner. Today is the primary
example when they finally fixed the carpet that was damaged from the AC
leak. The maintenance crew called his boss and said the carpet doesn't match
and his boss said to put it in any way. The hole I almost fell into when the
ground gave way is my biggest concern. I was told that the maintenance crew
will call me tonight on the status of repairing it. This hole has water in
it and the maintenance crew said its either a underground pool that was
improperly covered up or a well with no cover over the top of it. This is
the type of response and repairs we have gotten the entire 8 months we have
live here. All I want is my deposit back, my vet billed payed for, and I
most definitely want out of this lease. My wife is currently pregnant with
the baby due in February and I am tired of getting the run a round with
repairs. I know they have 14 days to respond to my concerns but I just don't
see that Auben can make the repairs happen. I am sorry for sending this
email as well as I know you are very busy person. I am just exhausted with
the whole situation.

Thanks for helping, ****

Business Response
The owner has agreed to allow tenant to vacate premises with 30 day notice to vacate, no early termination fees, and has even agreed to pay $300 toward moving costs. Our firm was under the impression that this matter was settled, and tenant found terms acceptable.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
We are currently house hunting and will submit a 30 day notice to Auben. Thanks...

07/20/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The first house we rented sight unseen was horrid and smelled of MOLD. Auben has charged us ridiculous fees to LEAVE.
My husband and I moved to GA from out of state, we saw pictures of a darling house and decided to rent sight unseen after asking a bevy of questions. Huge mistake!

Auben Realty gave us the keys and when we arrived on June 8, 2016, I physically felt sick. The house looked nothing even remotely like the online pictures and smelled heavily like MOLD. Gross. I went right back to our contact and told her it would not work. She offered to "transfer" us which meant paying another deposit of $750! This was even though the pictures were DECEPTIVE in regards to the first property.

To avoid being homeless with all of our stuff and two dogs, we moved to an apartment complex down the street. We had to resign a lease and again pay another $750 fee. At no time was there any type of human understanding. Once we got to the new property, although it was nice inside, the area was super sketchy and as a woman, I personally felt unsafe. No wonder the rent was $750! Without knowing the area (as we are from ******* we had no idea this was not a good part of town. Barb-wire fence and what appeared to be a squatter house next to us was just too much to handle.

I immediately started looking for a place outside of *******, and I emailed the CEO of Auben telling him I felt unsafe. Again no human understanding, just more trying to convince me it was a safe area. Our door had scrape marks where someone tried to break in! Literally no help or any type of understanding, just steadfast that we had to pay their outrageous fees for ending the lease (another $750 and $75 administrative fee!) and a useless snapshot of the crime rate - which happened to be clear the one week it showed. The CEO offered to transfer us again and mentioned a property in ***** *******. I looked at it on Google Maps and it had trash in the yard and was a complete mess of an area!

Looking for Auben Realty to do the right thing, and they have NOT. Reading the other complaints on here opened my eyes that this business is not reputable in any way shape or form.

We should have stayed in the MOLD house, taken a MOLD test and then had legal recourse!

Desired Settlement
I would like our pet deposit of $500 refunded or the $750 lease cancellation fee REMOVED. We gave our notice after just one week - that's how you know something was dreadfully WRONG!

Business Response
We encourage all potential tenants to drive by properties prior to signing a lease, or have someone inspect for them. Laws and regulations prohibit our firm from making claims of safety, and/or "good" neighborhoods.

When the complainant informed me she felt unsafe in her current residence, I sent her a copy of a local crime map published by ******** County's Sheriff Department. When that did not suffice, I offered to transfer her to another property owned by the same client. As stated in her complaint, she looked at a picture on Google Maps which is dated April 2012. The property was completely renovated in 2014, which she would have seen if she drove by.

Our leases do allow tenants the opportunity to terminate early unlike many other companies, but there is a penalty for doing so. Fair Housing Laws are in place to ensure that each and every tenant is treated equally. We are unable to break those laws to accommodate this tenant because she is unhappy with her housing choices. While we wish to accommodate the consumer's desired resolution, we are legally unable to do so.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We have worked with another very friendly Realtor who said if there was an issue with safety we could break the lease. To fall back on housing laws and not human decency is sad. To pay $750 for a transfer when the first house smelled like mold and looked nothing like the photographs online is deceptive, hence my I am making a formal complaint. We have paid thousand of dollars to Auben and have been in the apt less than a month. Not satisfied with the above response or the customer service from Auben.

11/17/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This business has fail to honor their contract with me. They refuse to fix the many problems with this house. The health dept had to get involved.
I was without a bathroom for 5 days.This was backing up into the showers. The shower has been leaking and under the kitchen sink since I have moved into this house. There are no screens on the many windows. There is a water line from the ceiling which I am sure there is mole in this house.The refrigerator does not get cold at all, unable to keep food in it.
I have been ignored totally. But I pay $1095 each month. This house is not liveable. My electric bill was up to $519 a month because of the air conditioner.They refuse to fix.

Desired Settlement
I want the late fees removed from my bill and I want the problems fix. The back up from the bathroom I did without use of the toilet and the shower for 5 days until the health dept got involved. They have breached the contract by not providing a livable domain. I want a refund of my rental payment thus far and to be let out of my lease.

Business Response
On May 19th, 2015, Ms. ***** contacted our office to report that her toilets are stopped up. She also stated that the master bathroom shower head was leaking. Ms. ***** stated that she lost her phone, so email was the preferred method of communication. I emailed her letting her know we'd received the work order and were dispatching it to maintenance. Ms. ***** followed up on May 21st and 22nd to report that the issue was ongoing. Ms. ***** said that it took five days before the issue was resolved.

On June 27th, 2015, Ms. ***** received a delinquency notice in regards to the balance owed for unauthorized utility usage (she hadn't ever transferred services into her name after move-in). She reported that her basement flooded at move in, and she had property that was damaged. This was the first time this was reported to the office since she moved in on February 28th, 2015. She added that she was without her bathroom/shower for 5 days, and her AC is still not working properly. She was told by maintenance that they would have to order a new condenser, but there was no follow up. I forwarded Ms. *****'s concerns over to the maintenance department, and a technician was scheduled to make the repairs the same day. I contacted Ms. ***** and apologized for the inconvenience. I explained the balance from the utility usage, and I asked her to email me a list of all items she needed addressed so I could pass them along to maintenance. She never sent me this list.

On July 12th, 2015, Ms. ***** emailed the office and stated that the shower was still leaking and the ac still had not been fixed not fixed. I sent the work order over as soon as we were back in the office on Monday, July 14th, 2015 to the maintenance team. I emailed Ms. ***** and let her know we received her request, and I told her we'd get the issue resolved.

Ms. ***** reached out to our office on July 25th, 2015 to report that the shower head was leaking as well as the kitchen sink. She also requested to have screens installed in each of the windows throughout the property. A technician went to make the repairs on July 27th, 2015, but he found that the water services had been shut off at the property. The technician called the tenant to discuss this matter with her, but he had to leave a message with his contact information. He asked that she call him back to let him know when the water service would be reestablished so he could complete the repairs. After several attempts to reach Ms. ***** by phone, I emailed her on July 29th, 2015 letting her know we'd been having trouble getting in touch with her, and we needed her to call back so we could get this scheduled.

On August 10th, 2015, the technician received a call back from Ms. *****, and he set an appointment for the same day. The kitchen sink was repaired, but the shower head repair was rescheduled for the following Friday.

On August 19th, 2015, Ms. ***** reported that the HVAC was still not working properly, the sink was leaking again, and the shower head had not been repaired. We've tried multiple times to contact Ms. ***** to schedule the repairs, but we have been unsuccessful in reaching her.

On November 3rd, 2015, we received the BBB complaint filed by Ms. *****. In the complaint, Ms. ***** states that she has a water line on her ceiling, and she is concerned about the possibility of mold. She also mentioned that her refrigerator is not working properly. This is the first time either of these items has been relayed to our office. This same day, I attempted to reach Ms. ***** by phone multiple times. I sent her a certified letter asking her to contact the office so we could address her issues. Auben Realty is happy to make any necessary repairs to the property for Ms. *****, but we need to be able to contact her in order to schedule these repairs effectively.

08/26/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I was very upfront with my situation and credit because I relocated from ********** Tn to Augusta, Ga.
I was told by ******* based off the information I would qualify even with being under bankruptcy. She stated I should not owe any rental balances and 600 I checked on *********** at the the time it showed 618 which now it's 650. They told me after I applied they use a different credit and it shows 577 and I also had a past due balance from an apartment company and history of paying late. I called the ****** in ******* Tn to confirm and they sent them some incorrect info which they corrected that the balance is not past due and I never paid late the balance is a monthly agreement for pay off of early termination because I had to relocate for my job.

Desired Settlement
I want the 60 application fee refunded

Business Response
Ms. ******** contacted us online on 7/25/15 about a rental property she was interested in and stated that she has a bankruptcy that should be discharged in November and asked if that would keep her from being approved. I explained to her exactly what our rental criteria is for every single person who applies with us, and told her that if she met those qualifications, she should not have trouble qualifying. Our rental criteria is:

1. Minimum credit score of 600.
2. Minimum monthly income of at least 3x the rent amount.
3. Good rental history/references.

She stated that according to ****** ****** her score was a 618, but when she applied for the property a few days later and we pulled her credit through ********* her score came back as a 577. Additionally, when we contacted her previous landlord for a rental reference, we were informed that she broke her lease less than 6 months into it, and still owed them $692.80 in early termination fees. She never mentioned this and we specifically ask on our rental application if the applicant has ever broken a lease or been evicted, and she said no. We told her that regardless of the reason for breaking the lease, that in order for us to consider moving forward with her, we needed a letter from the previous landlord showing that she paid off her balance in full. She was unable/unwilling to provide us with a zero balance letter, plus she did not meet the minimum credit requirement, nor did the co-applicant applying with her, so we did not approve the applications because she failed to meet 2 of our 3 requirements, and she was not truthful on her application about the lease that she broke that she was still making payments on. After we notified her that we could not approve her applications, she requested that we refund her application fee (or at least her co-applicant's fee) and we did not refund it because she was aware of our policy before applying and we still have to pay for all the credit reports we run, which is why our application fees are non-refundable. She then threatened to put a stop payment on the application fees she had paid, and then apologized the next day, explaining that she was frustrated because she had been looking for houses for 3 weeks and had already spent $400 in fees applying for rental homes with other companies that also would not approve her application. We do not feel that we owe her a refund since we have to pay for the two credit reports we pulled and also have to pay our staff to process the applications, which is why we charge the app. fees.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I did apologize but I do not agree with the response they just acknowledged what I stated was true and if I gave that info upfront I should be allowed my application fees back. I do not owe a rental balance I do owe for breaking a lease because my job relocated that is not my fault and it's just like if I owed a credit card as long as I make my payments and it is in good standing it should not matter. If I told you what credit I was looking at why not tell me what you use instead of after the fact? I want to be reimbursed the 60.00 I did not threaten to stop payment I told you I would because I was given incorrect info and misled.

Also I would like to add that my credit score was incorrect and I disputed it and should be updated and by my records the score for ******** should be over 600 now. So I did meet all criteria the question about owing a balance in my defense I was thinking for rent payments.

Business Response
Copy of email correspondence where we disclose rental requirements to customer, including credit score requirements.

Business Response
If she can provide official documentation that there was truly an error on her credit report and that she has paid off her early termination fees with her previous landlord, we may reconsider her application, but the day she applied, her score was well below 600 and we received written confirmation from her previous apartment complex stating that she still has a $692.80 balance with them from back in May.
Terms of Agreement
Debt owed to previous landlord

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
No I would like my refund for my application fees I do not want to be considered to rent from a company who lied to me to get money from me then insulted me saying it should be common sense I can provide proof there was an error on my credit report and I am not paying off my balance when I have an arrangement. I currently have a townhouse I am renting that I had to get at last minute because of this and they accepted me with good payment history and a letter about my arrangement. I just want my application fees refunded to me.

07/07/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

We have been charged 2 overdraft fees from an error in their billing system that is being blamed on us. Maintenance requests are neve resolved on time
We have dealt with issues from Auben since Jan 2014 when we moved in. Recently, our biggest issue has been a lack of concern about two overdraft fees we incurred due to an error in their billing system. We apid our remaining balance and the very next day a duplicate payment was taken without my consent, authorization, or knowledge at a time of day we are not even awake but we are being blamed for the error. It is insulting to be blamed and ignored as we plead that we DID NOT make this duplicate payment and should not be penalized for Aubens error despite what their "records" indicate. Additionally our maintenance requests are constantly ignored despite health hazards or inconvenience they cause until we personally contact the office several times to get the ball rolling. We have records of correspondence showing the length of time it took (several months) to address an issue we had with yellow water. Other issues just go completely ignored despite our follow ups.

Desired Settlement
I am requesting my invalid overdraft fees be refunded immediately and for our maintenance requests to be regarded as important and priority until completed.

Business Response
Auben Realty has no access to personal banking information belonging to our tenants. Payments are processed through a third party financial institution. The processor pulled information regarding the aforementioned transactions. A routing and account number were manually entered under the login of the tenant at two separate times, both tracing back to the same IP address. Even though this was not an error created by Auben Realty, the tenants were offered a $50 credit to her account as a compromise for the $70 in overdraft fees if they agreed to cease and desist with their current slander against the firm regarding the situation. Tenants refused request, and filed a complaint with the BBB.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have mentioned countless times that we did not resubmit a duplicate payment the next day. Auben has blamed several other parties for the mishap and the party at fault continues to change. I refused the offer of $50 because it did not cover the cost of the overdraft fees and came with terms I did not agree with. I was asked to sign a legally binding contract stating I would not make any negative remarks against the company going forward. I did not feel comfortable knowing if anything were to happen to me again by Auben, I wouldn't have a right to do anything about it. After a month of fighting my case, I've been provided a $50 credit to rent but there are still $20 unaccounted for. As a customer, if I say I didn't make a second payment the next day, my word and tenure with Auben should have been enough. The comments I've made to friends and family are not malicious, they are facts regarding my experience and I feel it necessary to shield others from having the same experience. I went without funds in my bank account until my paycheck covered the fees I had no part in. This set me back financially and going a week without my own money was unbearable. I have had my bank blamed, the thire party billing system, me, and whomever else Auben can point fingers at. I can't be any more clear that I did not pay my rent, go to sleep, wake up early the next morning and pay it again knowing I'd already paid it and had no money available to do so. Additionally, my bank information is always stored from prior payments so I am never required to manually reenter it.

Final Business Response
***Document Attached***
Business provided copy of duplicate payments received.

04/07/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The house we have recently moved into has unaddressed safety hazards and was not move in ready. Our requests to fix the house have been ignored.
Auben Realty is a horrible realty company that does not have the management able to handle its properties. My husband and I are military and have moved over 12 times in four years and have experience when it comes to moving into houses. When we saw the house online that we picked from Auben's website, it did not depict the house in the shape it actually was in when we showed up. And when we finally were able to move in, the house was not move in ready. There was a large concrete slab in the middle of the backyard that was not only an eyesore but a huge hazard as it had sharp edges all the way around. Auben advertised a fully fenced in back yard, however the house is not fully fenced in. It is missing a whole side of fencing along the backside of the back yard, and the only reason it is still contained is because the neighbor happens to have a fence. Several issues inside the house were reported at move in, including a broken dishwasher door that leaks, a broken sink that leaks, the concrete slab in the back yard, and a malfunctioning dead bolt lock. The back yard was covered with rusty wire which our dog not only pulled up but my husband stumbled into while looking at the absent fencing. Auben sent a contractor over to fix these things, and all they have done is remove the concrete slab, cover the deep hole it made with sand (destroying the yard) and breaking the deadbolt on the house to the point where it does not lock anymore. None of the other issues reported have been addressed, and it has been two weeks since we have moved in.
Our house is in a very bad neighborhood. Upon move in, no trash was picked up around the house, and it was in a dirty state. We found a used crack pipe and two large empty beer bottles by our side door indicating trespassers had been drinking and smoking crack in our yards. When we relayed this information to Auben, we requested they pay for a security system to ensure the outside of the house was safe. They refused to consider that, and so on top of the overpriced rent we now have to pay an additional fee just to keep the house safe. All of the houses surrounding us have security systems.
To top it all off, the house came without a phone jack port ANYWHERE in the house. When we called Auben, we asked them to wire the house for a phone jack so we could have the basic commodity of internet. They responded that internet is not a necessity, even though it is 2015, and that they supposed residents in the house would just use cell phones for communication. They did not offer to take money off our rent if we installed the ports using another company, therefore adding value to the house. They simply left it as "tough luck deal with it."
My husband visited them in person and spoke with the project manger in charge of the property. After an hour of small talk and schmoozing, the property manager agreed to look into having the same contractor who did a horrible job on the house to wire the house for internet. Ten days later we have heard nothing, and the contractor, when we contacted him, knew nothing about it.
Furthermore, the house uses a central gas heating system, and has no carbon monoxide detectors.
Auben staff have been unsupportive in helping us bring the house to a livable state. We pay 950 dollars a month for the house, and it is not worth any bit of it. When the house value is calculated on ****** and ******* rent is placed at 800 dollars a month for that house considering location and size.
While we do not need lowered rent, the **** we have been through with Auben guarantees we will be moving out once the year is up and will never use them again for rental services. We will be spreading the word to those who work on Fort Gordon as well, since nobody wants to deal with the headache we have dealt with.

Desired Settlement
Fix our house. Install internet ports, it is 2015 and nobody "doesn't use internet." Make the house safe by installing a safety system so random hoboes do not drink and smoke crack in the yard. Fix the items we have requested to be fixed, and consider refunding part of our security deposit and lowering our montly rent because the house was anything but move in ready and the state it is in does not warrant almost 1000 dollars a month.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ***** - CEO
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: *****
***** ********* and *********** ******** first applied for a property managed by Auben Realty on January *** 2015. After selecting a few homes, changing move-in dates, the applicants finally moved into *** ***** ****** on 3**/2015.

The home the tenants moved into was a completely permitted renovation. As with any renovation, there were a few items that an inspection would not reveal. Many times, small leaks and other items are not present until repeated use after a tenant has moved into a home. The tenants provided a list of items that needed to be corrected on their move-in inspection. A work order was created, and all items have been addressed.

Augusta, Richmond County specifically, is known for historic neighborhoods and older homes. *** ***** ****** was built in 1911, a time in which no phone jacks could be found in any home. This home specifically never had a phone lines installed. It is not the practice of our firm to install cable or phone ports. Tenants are given authorization to have any of those installed for their convenience.

On 3/**/15, Ms. ********* informed our office that she would be having a security inspector come out because of her concerns with the neighborhood. A report of the findings was never provided to our office. The Fair Housing Act of 1968 prevents any real estate brokerage from making comments on neighborhoods, or steering clients into a specific area. What Ms. ********* feels to be an unsafe neighborhood is the place many of her neighbors call home, and have lived for many years. The residence is located just a couple of blocks away from the ******* ******* *****

Upon multiple complaints by the tenants, they were given the option to break their lease without the full termination policy our company normally upholds. The tenants declined the offer, and remain in the home. As previously stated, all maintenance concerns have been addressed and Auben Realty is in compliance with local, state, and federal laws regarding the home.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We understand the house is old. We understand many people call the area home, however that is not an excuse to not maintain the same level of security they all seem to feel they need on their houses.
We did not break the lease because we would have lost our 1200 dollar deposit on a house that is not even worth that much. We aren't rich.
Also, the issues in the house were only resolved after I filed this claim, and barely. We now have a backyard of sand because Auben is too cheap to use dirt. The first time the contractor came to the house is managed to break our deadbolt and that is about it.
We never had a security company come out to our house because they estimated it would cost an additional 70 dollars a month to secure the house. That would make the total we pay monthly on the poorly rennovated structure 1,020 dollars plus utilities.
And good luck finding people who will rent a house that you did not bother to put phone lines in. Again, only the bare minimum was done to make the house liveable and we are stuck with it because we cannot afford to move out.
Thank you for the weak respinse that did not even attempt to resolve any of our concerns.

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