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Lowe Toyota Scion of Warner Robins

Phone: (478) 971-5693Fax: (478) 971-3182

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Customer Complaints Summary

6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service5
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints6

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (6)
02/11/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Purchased new 2012 camary se on 12-10-12 has been in for complaints 3 times, repaire once. Not fixed, said they could do no more.
I purchased a new red 2012 Camary SE on 12-10-12, from ****s Toyota in Warner Robins, Ga. The vin # *****************, the salesmen were ******* ******** and ***** *****. I traded a 2006 scion value of $6750 and $ 18882.57 cash, plus I have the title in my safe at home. 2 days later I returned complaining of a very uncomfortable drivers seat and had body side molding added. They said they could not find a problem with the seat. I called back a couple more times complaining about the seat so they
finally told me to bring the car in. On 12-18-12 they removed the seat and said the springs needed replaceing and ordered more springs. While the seat was out of the car I looked under the seat and found I was setting on a metal cross beam that had about a 1/4 inch of foam between my bumm and the beam. I returned the next week and they replaced the springs and the technician said he would add a piece of foam between the beam and the underside of the fabric to see if that might help too. I left with the car and started home ,about 15 miles down the road I called back to the service dept. and told them the problem was still there and maybe more pronounced with the extra foam. I was told they could do nothing else and from now own I was to go to ******* ***** for any more complaints. I called Ms. ***** on a # of times and she would not return my call so I called back 2 more times and on the 4th time I asked to talk with Mr. ****. They told me to talk with Ms. *****, she was his go between lady. I told them she would not return my call. 10 min. later Ms. **** called me back and said she would look to see what could be done and get back to me. On the 1-18-13 I called back , she said she was still working on it. On 1-23-13 I called and left message for her to call me back. She never did. I finally called on 1-25-13 and got through to Ms. ***** and she informed me there was nothing eles they could do. After talking to Ms. ***** on 1-25-2013 I called back and requested to speek with Mr. ****, this was at 10 am and as of this time 1:pm He has not returned my call. My car is now parked in my driveway , where it has been ever since the day the seat springs were replaced because it is just to painful to drive. The car has 1700 miles on it and 240 of those miles were going to and from ****s Toyota.
Even the salesman, ******* ******** and a couple of my friends can feel the hard spot in the seat so it is not just me.

Desired Settlement
All I want is a seat that I can set in and be comfortable and that does not pain me to drive but, Ms. ****** tells me there is nothing else they can do so if that is the case a refund must be the only option. At the top of ******'s contract it says Committed to customer Satisfaction That is all I am looking for.
****** W. ******
I have been conplaining about these seats from the second day I purchase (12-12-12) this car.

Consumer's Final Response
I went on line to you last week and told you that Lowe Toyota and I had come to a agreement and that I wanted my complaint withdrawn. Thank you for your help and if you need to contact me I can be reached at 478-***-****.
G****e T*********d

07/22/2013Problems with Product / Service
08/26/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Vehicle had noise, took it in and paid for "repair", yet problem not fixed. Now they say something different and ripping me off.
05/18/15, I took my '03 4Runner in for repair because of a rattling, high pitched squeaking noise, which sounded as if there was a loose part. Rep told me they'd charge me $109.00 just to "diagnose the problem", whether I allowed them to fix it or not. I said ok. I pointed out the noise to the rep. I was later told the part (air inlet valve) was on order and I'd need to bring my vehicle back the next day, but to call before coming to be sure the part was in. I live roughly 50+ miles away from them, a 45 minute drive, in another county.

The next day I called, and was told the part was in. I arrived around 9 a.m. and part was installed. I paid $191.66.

Less than two hours later I noticed my vehicle was STILL making the noise, after I'd paid to have it repaired. Because of the distance, I took the vehicle back two days later on the 22nd. Also because I live alone and work PT from 4-9 pm M-F. I told them I'm leaving it here until they "knew for sure" what the problem is.

On the 26th and 27th, I received two missed calls from ***** (4:01 pm and 4:51 pm, respectively). I tried calling her back on Wednesday 27th @ 8:00 am and 9:07 a.m, left vm AND spoke to receptionist *****, who transferred me back to her. On Thursday the 28th, ***** called me at 9:58 a.m., and told me NOW my vehicle needs a "belt tensioner", and would cost me an ""additional"" $668 dollars to fix. I asked her (1) are they sure that is the resolution, to which she again said yes. (2) I asked if the $191.66 I'd already paid would be deducted. She said no. She said the mechanic only heard a chirping noise, and that's what he repaired. I advised her I didn't notice or point out a chirping noise, and he fixed the WRONG THING without my permission. I told her they took it upon themselves to replace "what they felt I needed, and NOT what I asked them to repair". The chirping noise was not even pointed out, or HEARD. I told her I'm not paying that and wanted to speak to the Service Manager.

******** who identified himself as the Service Manager, called me roughly 40 minutes later. He immediately says he can offer me 20% of the total charge of $749, that ***** was only offering me a 10% discount off of the $749. I asked him if I can have my $191.66 deducted as well, to which he said no. I began to explain to him they repaired something I never asked for or pointed out and they were mistreating me. He mentioned the chirping noise mechanic found. So once again, I began to tell him MY version of what was said, and what was pointed out when I took my vehicle in. He interrupted me, asked me to hold, then came back on the line 1.5 minutes later, AND BEGAN AGAIN trying to entice me with the 20% discount. I said no, they are ripping me off, and I'm not paying them an ADDITIONAL $668 to fix what they told me what was already 'FIXED". I asked for my money back, and he said no, that the chirping noise was a totally separate incident. I told him its not. I pointed out yet again they "fixed something that wasn't even an issue. . . .chirping noise!!! I asked for the dealership manager. He became upset and said "There is no dealership manager, and that he was IT, the highest I could go to get this resolved." We ended the conversation.

I called back @ 10:42, spoke to *****, the receptionist, and asked for the name of the dealership manager. She told me Mr. **** is the owner/dealership manager, and that appointments with him are by appointment only. I asked how to get an appointment, which she responded she'd relay my name and number. She took down my name and number, and gave me his email address.. . *****

As of this date, 06/13/15, no word or response from any of them. I want my money back, ALL OF IT.

On 5/30/15, I went back to get my vehicle. I took my friend with me. ***** went to ask manager if ok for me to get it. He said yes. They gave me my key, and my friend and I walked out to the back service parking lot to get it.

Desired Settlement
I want ALL OF MY MONEY back from them. I will never take my vehicle there again.

Business Response
In reference to your inquiry concerning Ms. ****** ***** I have researched her complaint. She came in with one issue which we repaired and then she brought the vehicle back which was another which she said we repaired the wrong thing. We discovered the second issue an in an told her what the price would be and in an effort to solve the issue, we offered her the full credit of $191.66 on the repair of the second issue which she declined and obviously took her vehicle to another place and got repaired. I understand that this contradicts her complaints to BBB, but this is the notes I found on the service order and discussing this with my service personal, evodently there was a mis-understanding on this issue.

We handle 80-110 services orders daily and this is the first complaint of this nature I have had to respond to. I am at this store most every day and not hard to fine and I never got a message or phone call to return and if she would like to talk with me, tell Ms. **** to come by the st6ore and I will be glad to speak with her.

***** ****

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
(1) My name is """****** *******""", NOT ****** ***** as was given to your personnel the two times I took my vehicle there, during the numerous calls exchanged; and which was provided on this complaint. The fact that you overlooked something so simple and important as that shows me just what you think of me as a customer, that you only want my money, not my business. You all have NEVER bothered to take interest in me or my vehicle concerns. I WANT ALL of my money back.

(2) When I called back and spoke to *****, I gave her my name and phone number. At which time I specifically requested a callback from ***** ****, the "dealership manager/owner", regarding this. She told me that I'd be contacted, which never happened. You all have NEVER bothered to take interest in me or my vehicle concerns. I WANT ALL of my money back.

(3) Initial visit/issue...wrong issue repaired. I pulled my vehicle into the dealership service area, got out, and "pointed out the noise" to the rep. I showed and told her specifically what I was hearing. She listened intently, frowned, and then told me we'd take care of it. NOW after TWO visits, after $191.66 paid for some random part you all needed to sell or get off the books, a BBB complaint, you want me to come back a 3rd time? ABSOLUTELY NOT because now I'm certain that you all don't value me as a customer or my time. I've driven over 35-40 minutes to reach you, not including the time spent in your waiting area. Nor do I have any real belief that you are capable of repairing my vehicle OR even have a clue what is wrong with it. Personally, after all this, just to get some serious interest in me as a customer and to get my vehicle repaired, I don't trust you to even touch it. Aside from that one issue I've pointed out to you all twice, and all you did was jack up the repair cost, and repair what """you wanted to repair"", which wasn't even remotely close to what I requested, WITHOUT deducting the $191.66 I've already paid you all, which I even asked ***** and *************** manager on the phone to do. NO, I want all of my money back, and simply DO NOT trust you to even touch my vehicle. As far as I know right now, it runs good aside from the noise I pointed out. I'm truly afraid if I took my vehicle back to you all, it would seriously break down the same or next day. I NEED my vehicle and I NEED my money back, not to be taken advantage of and have my time wasted. """YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT """ are supposed to be the """TOYOTA EXPERTS""", which means when I went back the second time, this should've been resolved versus you trying to lie and deny what I've been showing and telling you all along. Then for you to repair some miscellaneous noise that you deemed a separate issue without telling me, then that tells me your people are incompetent, and/or don't listen very well, and/or afraid to question when in doubt. I was """assured""" it was fixed when I drove off the first time. To add insult to injury, ******* didn't even want to listen to me. He literally shut me down by placing me on hold, after may two minutes of explaining. He """claimed""" he was the dealership manager, and he was as high as it would go as far as resolving this. So NOW, AFTER filing this complaint, I get a response from the supposedly """dealership manager"""? You all have NEVER bothered to take interest in me or my vehicle concerns. I WANT ALL of my money back.

(4) $191.66 was NEVER offered despite me asking, only 20% off offered (1st 10% offered by ***** and then later 20% offered by *************** Manager, or as he described himself, the dealership manager). ******* told me that was the best he could do, and that he is the highest this could go. I WANT ALL of my money back.

(5) To this day, my vehicle has not been driven or repaired; and is still parked in my garage since taking possession of it from Lowe Toyota, all because of the noise. NO ONE else has touched my vehicle. I WANT ALL of my money back.

(6) Misunderstanding...there is no misunderstanding whatsoever. I took my vehicle to your dealership, whom I thought supposed to be the experts for the make of my vehicle....a TOYOTA. NOT SO, given what you all are trying to take me through. Your staff merely repaired whatever they felt they wanted to repair and ripped me off in the process. I WANT ALL of my money back. I'll take it elsewhere.

(7) As far as coming by the dealership or calling ***** ****, it will only be to simply get my money back that you all have taken from me under false pretenses. Nothing more or less than that. I am simply appalled that your dealership could be so inept at customer service and mechanical expertise. The fact that I took my vehicle to you twice, and get the runaround I'm getting now is not worth it. I DO NOT do business with such places. Currently, I own TWO (2) Toyotas, one of which is used just to haul trash and the other as a travel/work vehicle my ******* that was taken to you, which I need. As a matter of fact, I've determined in my mind that I will NEVER EVER buy another TOYOTA as long as I live in this area.

(8) I've wasted enough time and gas, wear and tear on my vehicle driving back and forth between my home and your dealership, been lied to by your personnel as to what their job position/authority is, given a fake erroneous email address, and totally misled into expecting a call back. Now I receive a response from the supposedly "dealership manager", who CAN'T/WON'T/REFUSE to take the time to read this complaint and AT LEAST get my name right?!?! You all have ABSOLUTELY NO interest in me or my vehicle concerns, only my money and selling your parts BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY. I WANT ALL of my money back.

(9) Now, when can I come and pick it up? I am available to come by early weekday mornings. NOTHING more or less. I've wasted too much time and gas trying to get this resolved and my vehicle repaired.

Thank you!

11/14/2013Problems with Product / Service
01/10/2013Problems with Product / Service
01/07/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Bought a brand new 2010 Toyota Tacoma there. At 32000 miles, had problems with car and they never fixed it properly. now they won't fix it.
I bought a Brand New 2010 Toyota Tacoma there. at 32000 and under full warranty, the car developed a spark knock. took it back there many times for that and each time they would do something to stop the noise for a couple of months. they did that until the car ran out of warranty. Now they will not do anything about it since the car has an expired warranty.
They kept saying there is nothing wrong with the car even though it has a loud knocking sound coming out of the engine.

Desired Settlement
I would like them to finally fix the problem correctly which they should have done in the first place.

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