BBB Warns Consumers of 407 Warrant Scam

February 03, 2014
On January 31, 2014, BBB Serving Central Florida received a complaint with a disturbing twist. The Philadelphia consumer has been inundated with alarming calls from an Orlando, area code 407, caller who threatens law enforcement action unless the calls are returned. Consumers nationwide report receiving the same threats from the following numbers:

• (916) 623-5482 [Isleton, CA]
• (407) 504-4095 [Florida]
• (646) 396-7418 [New York, NY] 
• (816) 318-5198 [Belton, MO]
• (323) 300-5367 [Los Angeles, CA] 

The caller claimed to be American Law Enforcement Officer and stated that the consumer’s social security number was under investigation. In order to fix the situation the caller states they need $200.00 to do so. The Pennsylvania consumer reports that the faux officer actually quoted his social security number and place of employment. When the consumer failed to comply with their demands they stated the consumer would be sued or worse yet, a warrant issued for his arrest issued. During the calls the caller, who gave his name as “Jim Morgan”, spoke with a heavy accent, which made it difficult to understand the exact threats. Luckily, the consumer in this case never sent money or gave out personal information. 

Better Business Bureau Serving Central Florida would like to remind consumers that law enforcement officers will not contact you to collect debts and consumers will never be asked to fund an investigation. Consumers should never give out sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or banking information over the phone unless you are positive you know who you are talking to is legitimate. Never hesitate to contact police or your local BBB if you have questions or concerns over phone calls you are receiving.