Watch Out for New Wave of Fake Emails

October 11, 2012

Businesses and consumers across the country have been hit by an on-going email scam that appears to be from a address. Now, a new wave of fake BBB emails is using a different strategy to scam recipients into downloading a virus.

The New Email Scam

In this new wave, emails have a subject line reading "BBB SBQ Form," followed by a series of numbers. Recipients are asked to click on a link to update their information with Better Business Bureau. The link supposedly leads to a form on, but it really goes to a third party website that downloads a virus on to your computer.

In addition to the new wave of emails, the original version of the email scam is still out there. In this, recipients are told that a complaint has been filed against their business, and they need to respond by clicking on a link in the email. Again, the link takes them to a third-party website that infects their computer with a virus. 

What to Do

Should you receive a suspicious email, don't click on any links. You can test the links by using your mouse to hover over them. The destination of the links will appear in a small pop up box next to the link or at the bottom of the screen. See screen shot below for an example.  If the email is a scam, the website shown will not be a URL. hover over links to see destination URL
After you have identified a scam, please forward the email to and delete it from your inbox. Also, make sure your virus software is up to date.