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16 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 8 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues4
Problems with Product / Service12
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints16

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04/20/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I object to the imposition of the claim for damages in the amount of $791.48, deducted from my security deposit of $1,095.00.
I object to failure of the property management company to refuse to refund my security deposit. I object to the imposition of the claim for damages in the amount of $791.48, deducted from my security deposit of $1,095.00 (not including an additional non-refundable $150 pet fee). Upon vacating the premises I left the home in sanitary, good, clean conditions, with ordinary wear and tear as required by Florida Statute Section 83.52 and the Residential Lease.

I object to the charges applied towards touch-up paint ($485.00), a non-itemized cleaning fee ($275.00), claim processing fee ($25.00), and postage ($6.48).

Upon vacating the premises I know that I met the standards asked of by the realty company. All counter surfaces in bathrooms and kitchen were dusted, scrubbed, and cleaned. Light bulbs were replaced. Floors in kitchen and bathrooms were swept and mopped. Windows and screens were cleaned inside and outside of the home. As agreed upon in the residential lease, I submitted a copy of the invoice from the professional carpet cleaning by a carpet cleaning company that was recommended by the maintenance supervisor. Spackling and matching touch up paint was used to repair any holes in walls from wall hangings. All walls in the living room, dining room, family room, breakfast bar, and hallways were completely repainted. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher were cleaned. All sinks and showers were scrubbed and cleaned. A new sliding door screen was installed to replace a torn screen.

This is an example of the thorough effort that was made to leave the inside and outside of the home in good and clean conditions. I also have pictures of the condition that the home was left in after cleaning and painting.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking from the property management company complete refund of my security deposit. In receipt of my letter of objection to the business, they offered no consideration of my pictures or the fact that a thorough cleaning was done and all walls in the living room, dining room, family room, breakfast bar, and hallways were completely repainted. Yet, the property management company chose to repaint without explanation of the reason, leading to a labor, materials, and touch-up paint cost of $485.00. The cleaning that I did based on the standards asked of by the realty company was also not considered leading to a non-itemized cleaning cost of $275.00.

Business Response
Legends Realty completed a secondary review of the tenants file to include all documentation of the move in and move out digital pictures, video, bi-annual property review reports and concluded the charges are valid.
The tenant was only charged for touch up paint not a complete repaint and thorough cleaning was needed.
The tenants signed acknowledgement in their lease addendum for the postage and claim processing fees.

03/10/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Leasing agency is refusing and not cooperating to work out dispute regarding deposit credits. Agency is blocking calls and in the wrong.
Tenants upon move out of ***** **** **** home had someone come in and assist with cleaning inside/out top to bottom all rooms - this included baseboards, doors, including front and back door, walls, light/ceiling fixtures, cobwebs, windows, window sills, all appliances cleaned inside/out, underneath, carpets vacuumed and professionally cleaned, blinds, bathrooms - toilet, sink, cabinets, mirrors, floor, tub, fixtures, kitchen - cabinets in/out, counters, light switches, electric outlets, front/back porch were swept and pressure washed, yard mowed and raked. Garage was swept out and emptied except for a few boards we thought the next tenant might be able to use. The home was left in tip top condition and we were charged $275 for cleaning by agency. We left trash at curb with a scheduled pick up by County to be picked up on normal trash day Thursday and agency charged us $175 for curb side trash removal. Agency charged us $425 for painting for unmatched paint throughout when we had not modified any paint and all walls were washed. Agency charged us $55 for blind replacement that were dry and rotted & cracked from sun when we moved in and $30 for stove pans replacement that were in bad shape also when we moved in. All these charges were disputed and only $85 was issued as credit for blinds and stove pans. The other charges remain in dispute. The agency has been screening calls - several messages have been left and not returned. I blocked call and owner answered and was extremely rude and stated she was not at liberty to say why they charged us the fees. Tenant was very cordial with agent and agent refused to explain details. Tenants are being wronged by agency and not given fair explanation of charges. Agency claims per video house was not left in good standing. In fact, home was left in better condition returned as than issued. Apparently agency did not examine video too closely to notice as they wrongfully charged us $960 and refuse to cooperate.

Desired Settlement
We are simply seeking a due credit for $875 which entails painting $425 because walls were all cleaned and non-modified and usually a home is re-painted every few years after tenants move out, curb side trash removal $175 because this was scheduled with County as a free service, $275 cleaning as the home was cleaned to high standards. In the agreement it states they understand some wear and tear. If we were going to be charged $275 for cleaning, I would not have had the home cleaned!

Business Response
The tenants file was reviewed three different times. The initial claim, the dispute and followed up by the broker. Two adjustment were made and an additional refund was sent to the tenant. All other charges are warranted based on comparing all documents and video from the move in against the move out documents and bi annual property reviews.

12/22/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Objection to security deposit deductions
Legends Realty deducted $300 for touch up paint and $250 for cleaning from our $1295 security deposit without providing an itemized list for both charges. The rental property needed 'touch up' paint when we moved into the property in October 2010 as documented in our move-in inspection checklist. We were told then that touch up paint was a cosmetic problem. The house was thoroughly cleaned prior to turning in the keys but Legends Realty charged $250 for cleaning without an itemized listing of what was done. Again, the house was documented during our move-in as not being cleaned in October 2010. It was left in better shape than we received the property. We were available to do a walk through with Legends but that was not a part of their move-out process. Request a refund of the rest of the security deposit because the charges are not warranted. We sent an objection reply to Legends Realty and they refunded an additional $35 which they had charged for 'old caulk'. We were also charged because they replaced two toilet seats in the house. Also, the microwave was held together by 'tape' when we signed the lease. It was never replaced because it was another cosmetic repair as described by Legends Realty. We have the move-in inspection check list from October 2010 that identifies that we listed wall paint as an issue. It was never fixed in four years of renting there.

Desired Settlement
Request a $622.96 refund for the rest of the security deposit and/or an itemized listing of the repairs/maintenance/cleaning charges.

Business Response
The tenants moved into the property after carpet cleaning and cleaning were professionally completed in October 2010. Invoices can be provided.
The tenant was not charged for the microwave or toilet seats.
The owner of property has given the approval to refund an additional $200.00. The rest of the claim will remain.

12/15/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Legends Realty had one of their contractors come to pressure wash the excessive mold from the pool deck at the home that I am renting on 8/20/14. Somehow their contractor felt it was a good idea to wash the excess mold into the swimming pool. I made Legends Realty aware of that idiotic decision their contractor made on that same day- 8/20/14. As of 1 PM on 9/4/14 the mold is still in the pool and this poor excuse for a company has given every excuse in the book as to why it is taking weeks to have the chunks of mold removed. Legends confirmed seeing the same 2 pictures that I have attached with this complaint and have yet to have that contractor return and remove this mold. Legends has also confirmed receiving a ******* video that details the toxic affects mold can have on a person's health and they still have not had that contractor come clean up his mess. They instead have placed the burden on the owner of the home to find a pool care provider to come out to clean up this filth. This stall tactic is unacceptable as a tech from ****** ***** (the initial pool company) came out on 9/2/14 and did not remove the mold at all. And to better give an example of this poor excuse for a company, they are currently showing the home to potential tenants with the pool in that disgusting state. So in essence they are a disservice to the owner, the current tenant and any future tenant all in one shot with no shame whatsoever.
This situation is being monitored carefully by a number of interested parties and I was advised to help warn the public of these slumlord tactics by filing an official complaint with the BBB.
Calling that contractor to come back and clean up his mess with a pool skim net takes a matter of minutes. But instead of simply doing that I am sure the company will spend even more wasted time trying to cover themselves in regrds to this complaint and the mounting number of complaints on BBB and Google. WE ALL ARE NOT LYING ABOUT POOR SERVICE!

Desired Settlement
Having the person responsible for putting the mold in the pool come back out with a pool skim net and removed the mold today- 9/4/14. Real simple request.

Business Response
As the tenant confirmed a pool care company has in fact been to the property. The problem is the tenant has written a disturbing email referencing physical harm to the pool vendor for leaving service notes on her door and she sent an email saying she turned the pool pump off. The pool company is considering filing a police report for the threat.
The property owner is aware of the tenants behavior and through every work order request has taken care of his property. The owner's file is full of invoices and most invoices are for cosmetic request.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I requested several times for the pool care company to stop leaving notes via Legends Realty but it appears they ignored my requests. The notes were becoming stalking in nature and considered to be harassing. No where in my lease does it state that I must settle for any annoying behavior from any vendor and I have the right to request the harrassing behavior to cease. Since it is confirmed that the pool care company came out to the home on 9/2/14, is there any reason the pool was not cleaned? As far as a police report, I welcome it and we can review the notes and the many requests I have made to Legends Realty months prior to any threat being made in court. This management company has no regard for their tenants and this is just another form of their shoddy work. BOTTOM LINE...THE POOL IS NOT CLEANED.

So as the management company has made adjustments, so have I. As mentioned, I don't expect them to be responsible for the mess their contractor created, just wanted to continue to warn the public. If the owner is paying for pool care then that is his loss. Let the record show Legends deems the current condition of the pool as satisfactory.

The pool care company is awfully tardy in terms of showing any fear of threat especially seeing how their slacker tech came out on 9/2/14 and the threat was made on 8/12/14.


Final Business Response
The owner of the property hired a new pool care company to clean the pool bottom. Legends Realty met with the tenant to ensure all area of concerns were addressed. We believe all issues have been resolved.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Consumer Response
I moved out of a property on 10/31/14 that was being managed by these crooks. I followed their "exit/ move out list" to the letter and they still came up with 2 bogus claims against my deposit. The 1st claim was for "touch up" work ($120) that was needed prior to me moving into the home and the 2nd claim was for a "cleaning service" ($180) to come out and clean the home. I provided pictures to dispute the first claim and these crooks offered to return my $120. But instead of having any shame in being caught red-handed they decided to charge me $57.50 to replace to 2 toilet seats. These criminals had the audacity to come up with a 3rd bogus claim after the 30 day period of me moving out which is a clear violation of Florida Statute 83.49. On top of that, they provided no documentation that seats were purchased or installed. Claim #2 is just as absurd because the home was left in move-in condition and 10 times better that it was when I moved in. It took me at least 2 months to get up all the dog hair left behind and but was most disgusting was the pounds of dog hair I had to clean out of the washer and dryer, yes the washer and dryer! How can these crooks dare charge your for "clean up" when they have you move into such conditions?
Tenants beware and file any valid complaints against this company. They make you feel like you are inconveniencing them when you need any repairs but will turn right back around and charge you excessive fees when you move out. It looks like their motto is to look at your deposit as a bonus and make you fight to get it back. So please take detailed pictures and video like I did.
Potential owners BEWARE! This company will rob tenants and the owner is the one that gets sued! Yep, you put your home in their hands and the next thing you know is that you are being served by law enforcement and they run off and rob the next unsuspecting tenants.
I asked this company for the owner's address 2 days ago and in typical Legends fashion they ignored me. Funny how they don't ignore you when it is time to collect fees!
This company will also make you pay a $50 non-refundable fee so they can make a "move in" video prior to you moving in, so in the event you sue the owner make sure that video is available in court or demand a refund. The company also claims to do property reviews during the course of your rental so if they never tell you something is wrong in your home then make them honor that when you move out. Don't settle for the bogus claims I can assure are coming.
Make sure you submit a work order for every single thing in the home that you feel they can try to charge you for when you move out because they will!
Keep dates and times when any of their staff visits for any reason. Also have someone available when they come show the home. My door was left open and lights left on numerous times.
Don't be afraid to fight for YOUR MONEY because that is what they thrive off of.

I want my full deposit returned by 12/12/14. That is 2 days over what the state of Florida allows to withhold a deposit. ONLY 15 DAYS ARE ALLOWED IF THERE ARE NO CLAIMS WHICH IS THE CASE HERE!

Business Response
It is truly a shame that companies like ours who work for the owners of investment properties have to endure such outrageous false statements.

As noted from this tenants previous efforts of harassment she said she was in fact satisfied with our services.

Legends Realty does not profit from claims made against a tenants security deposit. We make claims based on documentation, to include video and digital pictures, gathered before, during and after a tenants residency. We are given a period of time to impose a claim against a security deposit. Should a tenant dispute these claims we then communicate directly with the homeowner. The homeowner may at their discretion decide to make no changes to the claim, refund partial or refund all. It is up to the owner.

The tenant received 100% of her security deposit back.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

12/08/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

A claim was filed against my security deposit. I am objecting to this claim and have video evidence to support the condition the property was left in.
Below is the letter that I sent to Legends Realty about the claim that was imposed against my security deposit.

To Whom It May Concern:

Please let this serve as my official objection to the claim filed by Legends Realty against my security deposit at 3423 ******** *** ** *******, FL XXXXX.

Upon vacating the premises, I paid to have the entire home (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, common areas, stairs, walls, etc.) professionally cleaned at my expense ($150). Additionally, I paid to have the carpets professionally steam-cleaned at my expense ($75) throughout the entire house. Before vacating all holes were touched up throughout the entire house and were filled with caulk and then painted with the same matching paint color (provided by the owner at the time of move-in). Furthermore, the caulking issues in the bathroom were noted as (dirty, stained, or discolored) at the time of move-in and were never addressed by your maintenance team.

Due to the negative online reviews of Legends Realty vacate/security deposit procedures, I decided to protect myself and take pictures and video of the entire property before turning in my keys to the realty office. I would be willing to provide these videos/pictures that will show that I left the home in the same (if not better) condition than we received it. These videos will also prove that there were no noticeable marks or discoloration on the walls/ceilings/floorboards that would have resulted in a $395.00 painting fee.

Additionally, upon reviewing Florida State Statue 83.49(3) there was no agreement on my behalf to a $25.00 claim processing fee or $12.96 postage fee (which was printed $6.48 on the envelope I received) for your claim against my security deposit. Additionally, in the Residential Lease Agreement Section 3(a) there is no mention that the costs of postage or processing fees shall be imposed upon the tenant. These are the costs associated with doing business and should not be passed along without prior agreement as they were not specifically mentioned or agreed upon in our lease agreement.

Please contact me about this issue as soon as possible. I would be happy to provide any photos/videos that I have of the property to show the condition that it was left in. To save you on postage expenditures, I can be reached via email at *************** or my telephone at XXX XXX-XXXX.


****** ********

Desired Settlement
I am requesting the full amount of my security deposit to be returned to me $795.00.

Business Response
We have been in communications with the tenant with regards to this BBB complaint which came prior to the required certified dispute to our office. We received the tenants certified dispute on November 7, 2014. The dispute is under review and a follow up written correspondence will be forwarded to the tenant once completed.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Since November 11, 2014 I have not heard anything about a resolution to my dispute. When I spoke to the owner of the business she stated that there was no legal timeline for them to respond to my objection. Currently, I am still awaiting a response from my dispute. I have video and photographic evidence that will support my objection but am now awaiting a response from the owner.

Final Business Response
Legends Realty has handled the tenants claim and dispute well within a timely manner. We have 30 days from the time the tenants turn over possession to process the INITIAL CLAIM.

The tenants lease expired 10-31-2014. They moved out early.
Legends Realty filed the initial claim against the tenants security deposit on 10-28-2014 by certified mail.
Legends Realty received the tenants dispute 11-7-2014.
11-19-2014 Legends Realty responded by mail to dispute.
We do not make security deposit claims lightly. We review all necessary documents and files, we may need to discuss details with the owner or vendor, we may even find that an additional refund is warranted.

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11/17/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

COMPLETE NIGHTMARE!! Unprofessional, we used THEIR vendors to clean house to THEIR standards upon exiting and they kept full security deposit! RIPOFF
Where do I begin...

1. The house had a 1980's dishwasher that broke, they sent out 3 repair men to "fix" the dishwasher before finally realizing we needed a new one. That was 3 days off of work waiting for their repair men to show up from 9-5.

2. Landscaping was provided in our rental fees yet we had to submit landscaping/maintenance request several times for the grass/lawn to be serviced and after 2 years the trees were NEVER cut down posing a safety risk every day for our family and small baby.

3. Renewed our lease for the second year (unforunately) and they wanted a 60 day window as to wheter we would rent or not, we said yes b/c what rental company will wait 2 months for you to move in...and 56 days before our second year commenced i asked if we could opt to not renew and pay a fee and they told me i would have to pay $12,000 to cancel the renewal and we weren't even in the second year!!!!

4. They put the house up for sale while we were living there!! We had to vacate the property early (which was fine by us) however they inconvenienced us by having realtors/visitors in our home to show the house so they could sell it. HUGE INCONVENIENCE when you work full time and have a 2 year old and you did not expect to have to show your house weekly and on the weekends (we didn't sign up for all of this!!).

5. Upon vacating we read the owner's manual and move out procedures THOROUGLY to ensure we would get all of our deposit back. We touched up the walls where we hung pictures using the SAME paint they used when we moved in. We also contacted them asking for a list of THEIR preferred vendors to ensure cleaning was done to their standards and they not only KEPT all of our security depost (in excess of over 1k) but they also had the audacity to ask US to pay an extra $200 because they repainted the entire interior when it did not need repainting - BECAUSE WE USED THE SAME PAINT!! They also state in their lease that a tenant can NOT be present when they are doing that exiting expection which is a sure fire way to make sure tentnats WILL NOT get their deposit back b/c from when we exit.

6. Excessive / Price gouging fees!! - When was the last time you sent a certified piece of mail?? Mine rebuttal to Legends cost me $2 and change to send my certified letter to them yet they charged us a postage fee of $21!!! In addition how about those stove pans?? Anyone been to Wal-mart recently? You can get 4 stove top drip pans for less than $20 and Legends charged us $50.

7. I called **** ***** THREE times before I was finally able to speak to her face to face. She acted like she could care less, she was rude, unprofessional and acted like she did not know what property had an issue. I initially asked her if she was familiar with our situation and the letters we were writing back and forth that were signed by her and her rude/unprofessional respoonse was that she had "too many properties" and didnt' know what I wanted! My rebuttal to her was "you have this many properties that have issues trying to get their securtiy deposit back?" in which she rudely replied that she no longer manages our property we need to speak to the landlord not her. Legends kept our deposit and then when I asked for it back she completely tried to pass the buck and say for us to reach out to the Landlord - no sense of ownerhsip.

8. Lastly, I have a friend that runs a property management company and another one that OWNS a property managment company both have confirmed i'm well within my right to get my 1k back. the only problem is it really worth my time and money for 1k? I would rather loose 1k and not have one more person go thru what we went thru. This was the biggest mistake we ever made and I hope no one has to endure what we did, we stayed quiet too long to be good tenants but this is beyond comprehendable.

Desired Settlement
I want my security deposit back. We were good tenants, paid on time every month, gave all proper notices, kept up with routine maintenance, fixed small problems to not inconvenience the Legends Maintenance team (like we borrowed a mower to cut our own grass because for the first few months you guys were contacting the owner to get it done and it diddn' happen for months and we felt back for our neighbors). We also used your preferred vendors to ensure things were done to your standards and you still kept our deposit. My issue is not with the Landlord it is with Legends as you once represented them during our stay. Wether the house was sold or not our money was sent to Legends not the landlord so it would be your responsibility to ensure that we receive our deposit back, just like we deserved it!!

Business Response
I will respond per line number.

1. The home owner had a home warranty with American Home Shield. Once the repairs were exhausted per the warranty, American Home Shield replaced the dishwasher. This was a contract the owner had with AHS and not with Legends Realty

2. Lawn care was provided within the tenants lease. However, the owner hired his own vendor and directly coordinated service outside of Legends Realty. When the tenant notified our office with lawn care needs we passed their request onto the owner.

3. Our leases require a 60 day notice to vacate prior to the lease expiration date. A letter is sent to the tenants 75 days prior to the lease expiration as a reminder for renewal or notice to vacate. If proper notice is not given by the tenant the lease self renews and is referenced in the lease under the renewal section.

4. The owner did list the property for sale and the tenant was notified. Per the lease, the tenants are required to allow entry for showings with notice.

5. Prior to vacating the property the tenants called requesting Legends Realty to contact vendors to coordinate cleaning and carpet cleaning and gave written acknowledgment stating they understood cost would be deducted from their security deposit. Legends Realty performed the move out review and found the property to have mismatched touch up paint throughout caused by tenant. A vendor was called to repair touch up paint and to replace porcelain stove pans. These charges were placed against the tenants security deposit.

6. 2014 USPS Certified Mail Return Rates - The cost to send a 1-ounce USPS Certified Mail letter with Return Receipt (Green Card) cost $6.48. Certified Mail is a requirement and is sent to the last known address and forwarding addresses.

7. We requested the tenants to submit their security deposit disputes in writing. Legends Realty reviews all documentation, video/pictures, property reviews, move in and move out reports and respond in writing. The review did not show a need for a refund, but did find that after the tenants vacated the property the repairs exceeded their security deposit leaving a balance due of $202.96.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept the response because there is no denial or admittance of wrong doing by Legends, in the rebuttal Legends basically accepts the wrong doing and justifies it by passing off the responsibilities to the owner. I rented from Legends directly not from the owner. At what point does Legends realty property management act like a property manager and fix what is wrong with the properties you manage and then go to the owner for compensation instead of inconveniencing the tenants on multiple occasions. Every time we called we got the same run around "we have been trying to contact the owner" well that's NOT good enough and you are not providing the services you claim which is to manage a property! These are just not aesthetic maintenance request we were asking for it was for several safety issues as well that were not addressed!

The owner listing the property for sale was a huge inconvenience and this should never be allowed when tenants are renting a property.

The paint was not mismatched; the pictures we took of each room upon vacating did not indicate any mismatched paint, only solid yellow walls which is what were there when we moved in. We never painted any of the walls so why would they need to be repainted!

The USPS postage rates are correct, $6.48 so why were we charged over $21 for postage?? And why were we charged for $50 for drip pans for the stove that cost $10-$20 on market average?

I had 3 business days from the alleged 30 that was threatened for me to respond via certified letter to claim our security deposit back. I wrote the rebuttal that day and sent it certified so we were within our "30 day window". The repairs should have never been performed (i.e. painting the interior of the house) and that money should have been returned to us, the tenants, as we left the house in pristine condition.

Final Business Response
Please understand as managers of a property, we do not have the same authority that an owner has for the property. If an owner states they will be responsible for lawn maintenance, then we cannot override the owners decision. What we can do is notify the owner of their responsibilities as we did.

The owner does and certainly should have the right to sell the property whether or not it is tenant occupied. When the owner made the decision to sell, the tenant was appropriately notified. It was at that time the tenant notified us in writing their interest in moving because they were in the process of buying their own house. The tenant requested a move out date of 5/31/2014, a month earlier than the lease expiration and without penalties. The owner agreed to this move out date. At no time was the tenant told they had to move out of the property. In fact quite the opposite ... the tenant was informed the lease superseded a sale.

Charges for the stove pans were appropriate as they were porcelain and needed to be installed by a vendor. Legends Realty does not financially benefit from maintenance charges.

There are several photos on file showing the mismatched paint on multiple areas of the walls throughout the property. A few photos have been uploaded for clarification.

Looking over the postage charges, they are accurate and appropriate. A letter had to be sent to multiple addresses per state requirement.

Everything involving the handling of the tenants security deposit was done so in accordance with Florida Statutes.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Please understand that as tenants we were completely screwed over by your company! You failed to provide services that were apart of our monthly agreement. You wasted a lot of our time and money thur dealing with your management company, if you have limited authority when dealing with simple lawn maintenance issues them what exactly does the word "property management" mean to Lrgends?? Could you not sacrifice sending a maintenance lawn crew to cut our grass?? The ongoing rate for a lawn cut is $20-$30, why in the world would you have your tenants (and their neighbors) wait 3 months before finally getting the owner to send a lawn crew?? If this was my managemt company service culture would be at the top of mind for me and I would have sent a lawn crew and sacrificed $30 just to satisfy the customer.

As far as putting the house for sale while we were still living there was completely misleading, we agreed to live there and knew there was a slight possibility that this could happen but we never thought we would be harassed daily with realtors trying to see the house.

Porcelains drip trays?? That is the biggest lie I have ever heard and would love for you to show me TWO receipts, one for the "porcelain drip trays" and the other fit your "certified postage". Those pans cost $20 on the very high side if the ongoing market rate. Why in the world would anyone ever put porcelain drip pans in a stove that was over 20 years old?? How about they wouldn't and those pans were aluminum at best!! Certified postage?? My rebuttal to Legends sent certified cost me $3... Please provider your $21 postage receipt... Or copies of anything you have sent to me adding up to $21...because I have yet to see or understand why in the world you would charge someone over $20 for a $3 certified stamp... Again another example of your company and their wrong doings...

I have yet to see any photos showing mismatched paint, where as I have photos (time and date stamped) upon exiting showing each room with the walls bare and showing one solid color.

Again I do not agree with Legends keeping our security deposit, we are more than entitled to receiving the majority of that deposit back and instead Legends is not providing services they claim, they are price gouging us as tenants on everything, creating unnecessary work orders at our expense and then uses the Florida statues to strong arm my family by not making it worth my time or money to pursue what we are entitled to and and for those reasons I will continue to let the community know that they should not go thru what we went thru.

Please excuse all typos as this was sent from a smart phone.

05/01/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I hired Legends Realty to manage my property (rental). During the process of showing the house to possible tenants a *********** mattress was taken form the property without permission. This mattress was only 1 year old and cost $5700 when purchased. The mattress was in excellent condition and was in the garage waiting transport to a new location. There were only 2 keys available. I have one and the Property manager has the other. Legends Realty denies they remove the mattress. The mattress was removed (stolen) without breaking into the house and therefor was taken by someone with a key. The property manager refuse to take responsibility and also refuses to allow me to cancel the contract. The contract is such that the property manager can basically do anything they want to the property including stealing, vandalism, and destruction of the property with no liability or responsibility. The contract also has no clause for recourse by the property owner in case of a dispute such as this one. The contract allows for collection of their fee even if I cancel the contract. My position is how can I trust them with my house if I cannot trust them with a mattress.
Product_Or_Service: Property manager
Order_Number: N/A
Account_Number: *** *** ******** ***

Desired Settlement
One of two choices1. the mattress is for sale on ******** list for $1000. Legends Realty can purchase the mattress for the advertised price.2. Legends Realty can allow cancellation of the contract with no financial liabilities on my part. I get all monies returned (including tenants deposits and my deposits) and the contracted canceled. Tenants remain in the property.My preference is #2, as I said before how can I trust them with my house if I cannot trust them with a mattress.

Business Response
Our company did not have the mattress removed by a vendor, agent, staff member or other. Our management agreements is clear on how such matters are handled.

Page 2, Paragraph 4(k) titled Damages or Missing Items which states BROKER is not responsible for damage to the premises or items missing, switched out, lost or damaged under any circumstances, including but not limited to, theft, vandalism or negligence of tenant(s) or their guests.

When the owner first contacted our office last week about the missing mattress it was recommended he file a police report. Per the owners request we forwarded to the owner two sets of marketing pictures, one with the owners belongings and a second set once our office was notified the personal items had been removed. These pictures are used for advertising purposes only and generally would not include the interior of a garage.
The move in video we take of a property prior to the tenants move in date is a documentation of the property condition. The video is used in claims against security deposits after the tenant vacates.
Filing a police report is still our recommendation. We will gladly cooperate with their investigation, if needed.

Legends Realty does not agree to pay for the mattress nor cancel our management agreement with the owner.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This is not acceptable. Legends realty had control of the property and are responsible for lost or stolen items. What if the refrigerator went missing or some other appliance? would this also be not their responsibility? according to Legends they could use the house as a crack house and not only would they not be responsible I would still be required to pay their fees. Their contract has no clause for settling disputes of this nature and simply stating they are not responsible does not solve any problems. Legends Realty failed to properly secure the property, allowing numerous agents access. Without control of who and when agents visits the property, any one of them can remove items form the property without knowledge or consent of the owner or legends Realty. This is a failure on the part of legends to properly secure the property and therefore makes them responsible for the loss. whoever removed the mattress used the key legends had in possession. After some research I have found numerous complaints posted on the internet. It is obvious I am not the only person who feels Legends is less than honest. Again if I cannot trust Legends with a mattress how can I trust them with my house. This is a breach of trust on the part of Legends Realty and a failure on thier part to properly secure the property prior to occupancy. I still hold Legends Realty responsible for the loss and require the before stated conditions to settle this claim. A police report will be filed as soon as Legends Realty releases the list of names that had access to and were known to be in the property during the vacant period. This list has never been produced making the filing of a report difficult. Again an indication of Legends being less than honest in this matter.

Final Business Response
Legends Realty Management Agreement as stated in a previous response:
(k)DAMAGES or MISSING ITEMS: BROKER is not responsible for damage to the premises or items missing, switched out, lost or damaged under any circumstances, including but not limited to, theft, vandalism or negligence of tenant(s) or their guests.
Additionally, our office does not manage furnished properties.
We will cooperate with the police when a police report is filed and will provide them with any information they may require. We highly recommend to the owner to proceed with filing a formal complaint with law enforcement and to file a claim with their insurance company.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
An official complaint has been filed with law enforcement. This does not relieve Legends Realty of their responsibilities in this matter. Legends Realty is responsible for the actions of their agents and any possible damage an agent may do to the property. Of course they are not responsible for tenant caused damage. Legends Realty is responsible to secure the property against invasion, theft, and damage when the property is empty especially when the theft or damage is done by a representative of the company. The Mattress is worth $3600 which makes this felony grand theft. The unauthorized entrance by an employee makes this felony home invasion. These are unlawful acts by the company and the company is responsible when these acts occur during vacant times. According to Legends Realty one of their agents could steel the refrigerator or stove during a vacant time and the company would not be responsible. This is of course a ridiculous position for the company, of course they are responsible. To say the company does not manage furnished rentals also does not relieve the company of responsibilities for items in the home, a stove or refrigerator are examples. One item does not constitute furnished. If the company did not want to be responsible for the mattress they should have asked me to remove it during the 1 1/2 months it set in the garage, instead they accepted the mattress with the obvious intent of removing at their convince. This theft occurred during a period of time with no tenants, leaving no other possible explanation than a theft by a company employee. Yes Legends realty is responsible. Again, if I cannot trust the company with a mattress then I cannot trust them with my house. I demand the contract be terminated as of 4/13/2014, and all fees and deposits collected returned. I further demand the company pay for the missing mattress immediately. no other settlement is acceptable.

04/10/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We signed a one-year lease, and moved into the condo on October 09, 2012 and immediately reported
multiple issues relating to the unit condition.
-there were several stains (including paint stains) and dead bugs on the carpet throughout the unit that made us doubt that the carpets had been professionally cleaned before we moved in
-there was a space between the carpet and the wall under the window near the fireplace
-the electric outlet on the right of the window in the living room was not fixed properly
-the touch-up paint over the fixed holes and other damaged areas on the walls differed from the rest of the color throughout the unit that looked extremely inaccurate; several paint containers were left in the laundry room
-the bathtub faucet in the guest bathroom was not attached (crewed up) properly
-the lamp in the master closet was not attached (screwed up) to the ceiling properly
-the kitchen sink faucet had damage and needed to be replaced
-the kitchen stove burners did not function properly and the heat could not be regulated
-the AC did not function properly: it ran both heat and cold at the same time that raised our electric bills drastically; only the closest to the AC areas could change the temperature while the rest areas in the unit were still too warm/cold; there was a smell of mold coming from the working AC; there were dark stains on the garage ceiling indicating some water leakage
-the mailbox lock did not work properly that prevented us from collecting the mail without the postman's help for many months while the ********** ****** in ***** Lakes and Legends Realty were trying to decide whose responsibility it was to install a new lock

At the end of the lease, we moved out of the property but a month later we received the Notice of Intention to Impose Claim for Damages upon Security Deposit at the amount of $964. None of the evidence in a form of a document, photo or video as a proof of any damages have ever been submitted.
We declare that:
1. We have never touched, damaged or painted any walls in the unit.
2. Before moving out we purchased a professional DRY/WET vacuum cleaner and deep cleaned all the carpets around the unit. The property was shown to new potential tenants during the cold and rainy days but neither your company agents nor their clients would remove their shoes while getting in and walking around the unit. ALL THE CLIENTS WHILE LOOKING AT THE UNIT MENTIONED HOW WELL-MAINTAINED AND CLEAN IT WAS.
3. The bathroom and kitchen areas were cleaned regularly. Some dark mold like stains grew in bathtub and master shower due to the AC and fans issues and we declare that we used all kinds of cleaning products trying to remove them but nothing helped.
4. The fireplace was used only once so there was no dirt or stains on the carpet near it.
5. The light bulbs around the unit were in working condition.
6. The smoke detectors were in working condition except for the one that was in the guest bedroom that needed a new battery.
7. The shower heads that were in the unit were very old so we chose to purchase new ones. We uninstalled and kept them in a cabinet at all times, and installed/left them in the bathrooms while moving out.

Desired Settlement
We request:
1. Properly documented evidence of the unit damage caused by our family.
2. The real need for the labor/materials that was claimed in the Tenant Ledger Report (despite the fact that some of the invoice documents do not have detailed labor description, signatures or the work have not been approved, the amount claimed in the invoices was deducted from our deposit)
3. The legal document declaring our financial responsibility for all the labor and materials claimed in the above mentioned document.
4. The copy of the half-year inspection report.
5. Refund most of our deposit at the amount of $1,690.

Business Response
Legends Realty has on file a move in video with move in report, bi-annual property reviews (to include pictures and reports and 251 move out pictures and report. We use these items to compare before, during and after documentation in the event a claim against a tenant's security deposit is needed. The tenant did receive copies of all invoices for items charged. The carpet cleaning and re stretching vendor invoice states $170.00 and the tenant was charged the same.
All vendor's we use that service the properties we manage are licensed and insured.
The tenants were charged for touch up paint, replace light bulbs and caulking,replace smoke detectors and batteries,replace stove pans, cleaning and carpet cleaning. The tenant was not charged for shower head replacement.
The tenants referenced they uses a wet/dry vacuum to clean the carpets. However, the tenant handbook and move out packet they received requires the carpets be professionally cleaned.

We have thoroughly reviewed the tenants file, communicated with the owner and no changes to the claim will be granted.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
According to the Florida Statutes "The landlord must return the full amount of the deposit within (15) days after the tenant leaves the dwelling or give the tenant written notice of why some or all of it won't be returned within thirty (30) days after the tenant leaves the dwelling. The tenant then has the right to object in writing within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the notice." Legends Realty did not notify us as required but deducted $964.06 from our deposit and mailed out the rest if the deposit at the amount of $727.19 in a form of a check along with the copies of all invoices. At the end of the rental term, we returned the property to Legends Realty with no damage beyond ordinary wear and tear. Since Legends Realty has not provided us with the documented evidence as we requested, we accept only a carpet cleaning charge of $110. We would like to obtain the copies of the photo/video materials proving that there was actual damage but not normal tear and wear.

Final Business Response
The Notice of Intent to Impose a Claim Against the security deposit was sent by certified mail to the tenant within the 30 days requirement. The tenants acceptance of the claim is not a factor in this requirement.

10/30/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Legends Realty refuses to settle or respond to a contested claim against deposit for a rental property.
I rented a property from Legends Realty in Deltona, FL from July 2007 - July 2012. Upon vacating the property Legends Realty filed a claim against the deposit. After receiving that claim I sent them a letter contesting their claims within 15 days as required by Florida statute 83.49 (3)(b).

After receiving my letter, Legends Realty refused to respond or make any attempt to resolve the matter. Specifically, **** ***** stated that the company refused to respond, provide evidence supporting their claim, and/or negotiate a settlement. Additionally, **** stated that the company would not hold the deposit until a settlement was reached in violation of Florida statute 83.49 (3)(b).

Desired Settlement
I am requesting one of the following actions from Legends realty:

1. Accept the items contested in my letter and return the deposit minus any uncontested charges.

2. Respond to my letter contesting the charges and arrange for mediation to resolve any items being contested.

Additionally, I am requesting that Legends Realty provide evidence supporting their claim against the rental deposit.

Business Response
Legends Realty made a proper claim against the past tenants security deposit as required by the state of Florida. The dispute was presented to the owner. The owner did not agree to any modification of the claim. There are still unpaid damage claims against the tenants in the amount of $1632.48. Should they want to request a payment plan for this balance this can be arranged.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept their proposed "resolution" because they haven't actually proposed a resolution. To date Legends Realty has continuously responded with their boiler plate answer that they have served me with notice to impose a claim against the deposit, and that they are willing to negotiate a payment plan; neither of which are a part of my complaint. This is a shameful tactic where they avoid answering the questions I ask by answering the questions they wish I had asked.

As stated in my original complaint, after receiving their claim against the deposit, I provided a detailed response in which I outlined all of the charges I was disputing and clearly laid out why the charge appeared erroneous with reference to the terms of lease and/or common sense. I have never received a response to any of the disputed charges, and **** ***** flatly told me over the phone that since they were not legally obligated to respond, they would not do so and would not re-consider any of the charges. Through this forum Legends Realty has continued to directly and indirectly refuse to discuss the matter in good faith.

While they are correct that they are not legally obligated to respond, their failure to do so is a clear violation of the BBB's Standards for Trust, including, but not limited to, "Be Responsive: Address marketplace disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith."

Final Business Response
Legends Realty has communicated with the owner on numerous occasions since the tenants vacated in 2012. Due to the condition in which the tenants left the property the owner is only interested in collecting for their losses. As stated previously, should the tenants want to negotiate a payment plan we will be glad to work out the details.

05/15/2013Problems with Product / Service
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