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9 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
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Advertising / Sales Issues1
Problems with Product / Service8
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints9

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06/19/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Defective materials or installation.
Flooring was bought, installed and paid for at a price of $2,015.19, November of 2013. The flooring (laminate)squeaked and snapped when walked on. Great South East Flooring America was notified and the salesman, Mr. *** ****** came and inspected the flooring and confirmed that the flooring was defective in some way because we did have a problem. The flooring should not be squeaking and cracking. *** then said he would send his installation supervisor to check for the reason the floor was squeaking and snapping. Four months after the installation, March 11 2014 *** and his installation supervisor, ****** again inspected the floor. No decision was made at that time. I called *** on March 24 2014 and he said the "mill" was going to send an independent inspector. The mill was later defined to be *********** On April 1 2014 **** an independent inspector representing ********** inspected the flooring and said yes I had a problem. He was not allowed to elaborate any further. On April 21 2014 I called *** on his cell phone and he informed me he would not be in the office until Tuesday April 22 2014 at 12 o'clock noon. He would then call *********** Get an updated status and call me back. I have not heard from ***. I have left follow-up phone calls and messages for ***, April 25, April 26 2014. *** has not returned these latest phone calls with an up-dated status from ********** or Great South East Flooring America. I feel ********** and Great South East Flooring American can fix my floor and then decide among themselves who is responsible for the defective flooring. I am respectfully requesting the help of the Better Business Bureau in this matter. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

Desired Settlement
Replacement of defective flooring with all new materials. Flooring should not squeak or snap when the new flooring is installed.

Business Response
See Letter:

May 13, 2014
*** *********** *******
**** ***** ***** ***
********* FL XXXXX

RE: Case ********* *** ******

I don't know why Mr. ****** felt the need to write you about the claim he has with his flooring.
We have been in contact and explained the claim process from the manufacturer of his floor.
Whenever you le a claim it can be a very slow process for the manufacturer to give us a
resolution to x his floor. We cannot replace any of his oor until they authorize the
replacement of his floor.
We have led a claim and the day aer receiving this letter we Were finally authorized to replace
his floor. He has been notied that we will be able to replace his floor at no expense to him.
Hopefully, Mr. ****** would write an additional letter explaining that we are doing everything
we can to correct his floor.

***** *****
**** *********

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Mr. ****** feels that the length of time he waited for a response to having his floor replaced was excessive. This matter should have been resolved within a matter of only a couple of weeks. Mr. ****** paid in good faith and upheld his part of the contract. Regardless of the person at fault for the defective flooring or installation, top priority should have been the satisfaction of the consumer, Mr. ******.

Final Business Response
Flooring America stands by their original letter submitted. Unfortunately, the claims process from the suppliers isn't very efficient! We pushed them for a resolution and finally received a favorable result for Mr. ******. His floor has been replaced and he has been put back together.

***** *****

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Old flooring was replaced with a new floor on 6/2/14. Thus far I am completely satisfied with the result. Installers were very professional. I thank Great Southeast Flooring America for battling on my behalf with *********** I do feel that seven months is too long to wait for a customer to be put right. ********** and Flooring America need to work on a more expedient way of handling their claims. I would do business again with Great Southeast Flooring America.
Thank you to the Better Business Bureau for all their help.
I consider the case as closed with favorable results.

07/04/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Damage to kitchen cabinets and bedroom furniture during tile and carpet installation commencing 08/31/15 has not been rectified.
I contracted with Great Southeast Flooring America for installation of Porcelain wood like Tile in the living/dining rooms, ceramic tile in kitchen and two bathrooms and carpet in master bedroom, kitchen back splash total of job $11,000. I vacated my home for 5 days at a cost of over $700 for my accommodation and dog boarding in order for Flooring America to not be inconvenienced in anyway. I was told that all of my furniture and appliances would be carefully moved and replaced exactly the way they were before the installation. The sales Rep and Installation Manager had to be called to my home in order to see the damage that was done. They have all of the pictures and text messages. If they don't, I do. Meghan, the sales rep did contact my kitchen installer to see what could be done to repair the damage. Porcelain tile was purchased, as I was told that it was less likely to chip. Tiles were installed with chips, one whole line of grout was missing, tiles were shoved under the dishwasher (?) who knows why, causing the dishwasher not to fit under the counter top. Newly painted walls were scratched, everywhere the grout splashed paint came off of the walls as did the finish off of my newly installed kitchen cabinets. There is a hand print on a cabinet by the refrigerator where the finish was removed, I can only guess that someone was getting ice or water out of the refrig while wearing a glove with chemicals on it. A hole was knocked out of a wall in my garage when bringing the washer dryer back into the house, my dryer bears the scratches and the seal around the garage door bears the "tears and digs". I was told that two "brothers" worked together on carpet installation. I told the sales rep that my furniture was heavy. I was guaranteed two people would move the furniture, only one person showed up. My spine is fused and I use a mechanical box spring nightly. This was moved and put back backwards with pieces missing. I have pictures of the pieces laying around. It was never mentioned that the installer couldn't install the box spring. I not only found the pieces all over the bedroom, as well as my puppy almost swallowing a plastic piece, I had to sleep on my sofa for two weeks. A friend printed the instructions from the internet and called the company, eventually repairing the damage to the box spring. My bedroom furniture was scratched and dinged. Having just moved into this house, I inspected all of my furniture as it came off of the movers truck and signed that there was no damage. Flooring America gave me a crayon to color in the digs, dings and scratches. On January 14th I spoke with Chris G****, owner. I mistakenly thought he would want to know about my experience. Instead, he asked why I thought that, when he hires people to take care of people like me. Hmmm! Rude, arrogant, condescending, only scratches the surface. That being said, he repeatedly asked what I wanted. I think he thought I wanted a cash settlement. I told him that I wanted my bedroom furniture repaired, not colored in with a crayon. He inferred that my bedroom furniture was old. Irrespective of age, it didn't have a mark on it until his installer showed up. I mentioned my kitchen. He questioned how the damage happened. I couldn't answer, as I gave his installers free reign. He commented that I didnt' care enough about the damage to show up when his installation manager came to the house, that I sent a representative. Meghan knew ************ and I had to work to pay $11,000 for my "high quality" job. I thought we ended our conversation by agreeing that there has to be wood workers who could repair my cabinets and my furniture. Mr G**** agreed that his installers were insured and bonded and he would have his installation Manager contact me to initiate a claim. That was January 14th. I have had health issues and a job to maintain. I am home recovering from surgery, which allows me the time to pursue resolution of these issues.

Desired Settlement
Repair of damage done to kitchen cabinets.
Repair of garage wall damaged by moving washer/dryer into the house
Repair of bedroom furniture scratches,digs, etc
Repair of any additional chips in tile

Business Response
We take great pride in addressing and taking care of any problems we have on any job we install. The complaints written by Miss ********* are not accurate.

Immediately after installation we were made aware of some damage after installation. My installation manager set up an appointment with Miss ********* to go address all of her concerns.

Miss ********* didn't show up for the appointment and had her neighbor fill in with a list. So he reviewed everything on the list with my installation manager.

She claims there was damage to the walls. There was no damage to the walls when we arrived. The only thing the friend mentioned was there was a couple of small areas that he had to touch up the paint, but he didn't think we did it.

She said we made a small spot on her pillow case that wouldn't come out. We don't move pillow cases . This is supposed to be done before we get there. Even though we didn't do this we asked her to tell us where she bought the pillow case and we would order her a new one. She said it was no big deal and we didn't have to do that.

She said we put her dishwasher in crooked. We never move dishwashers to install tile. My installation manager while he was there took the kick plate off and lowered one of the legs and it fixed the problem anyway.

She just had new finish put on the kitchen cabinets. There is a faint hand print in the finish of the cabinets. The hand print is very small and not the size of the installers hand. In good faith we offered to fix it. We asked her to get a price for staining that one door. She has not given us a quote so we can address it. We are doing this to make her happy, even though we didn't do this!!

She said she wanted a couple of tiles fixed. We said no problem and for a month my installer called trying to set up a time to meet. The few times she did answer she said she didn't have time to set a time to meet.

We are still willing to honor everything we told her we would fix, but she needs to call the installer and get us a bill. She is the one holding things up not Flooring America!! We have gone above and beyond trying to take care of Miss *********.

She can get all of this resolved if she would just call our installation department. We are willing to help her!

02/24/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Purchased tiles,waited 2wks.He didn't say we needed ******** for job.Handyman couldn't do job.We spent 13 Grand there & they wouldn't refund $88.00

I went to Flooring America 10/22/15, the so called experts, to buy tile, 4 1/4 by 4 1/4, cho brown ceramic wall tile to put in the bathtub area. It was a special order, they said no refund, model order #**** - order # ******. Salesman Ken G**** I gave a check for $88.13 to pay in full for the tiles. They had to be put on back order. He would call when they came in. We picked them up 11/9/15 Our handyman who going to do the tiles for us said, he couldn't because we needed ******** with tile to do the job. The salesman said nothing about ********, all he talked about was, trowel,mastic, and grout. We are not experts on these things. We found out that this type of tile is outdated, low quality and too expensive for a box of 80 pieces. We called Mr. G**** to talk to him about a Refund, he said NO. Over the years we have spent with them over $13,000. It is pretty sad to be disrespected, and have the phone hung up on you. They can't satisfy a good customer with a REFUND of $88.13. We can't use the tile.

Desired Settlement
We were disrespected every time we called to resolve the problem and talk with someone. The salesman hung up on us. We couldn't talk to one of the owners. We are just looking for a Refund of $88.13. I am disabled on a fixed income and just can't afford to throw away any sum of money. We have tried to come to some settlement, but their answer is NO.

Business Response
This lady came in February of 2015 asking for a box of brown 4x4 tile. We showed them to her and she said she would be back when she needed to purchase the tile. This was a cash and carry project. We never looked at the job. She never mentioned she needed bullnose. She came back in October to order the one box and we wrote it up. Again, she never asked us to order bullnose.

Her handyman who told her to go get a box of tile called up screaming we didn't order bullnose. We told him we were never instructed to order any bullnose. We told him we could order it and it would take about 3 weeks to get the bullnose. For some reason this was unacceptable. Maybe the handyman should've advised his client that she need ed bullnose and this all could've been avoided.

We can still get the bullnose for her all she needs to do is order it.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They said nothing about returning our $88.00, because we can't use these tiles. We will return the tiles to them when they pay us the money. It is very easy for them, pay back the money for the tiles. They are rated A+ with BBB. with these kind of complaints I think, and the rude service we got, it wouldn't help them. The salesman should have said we needed the bullnose, he wanted us to buy everything else. We Trusted him to tell us everything we needed to do the job. It was not done. We couldn't do the job if we want too with what he sold us. I will talk with them as long as they don't hand up on me again. Our Handyman tried to talk with the salesman but the salesman hung up on him, he was not rude to the salesman at all. He started talking to him and right a way the salesman hung up on him. I don't understand why he did that.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I truly do not believe this is the way you treat your past loyal customers who have spent a lot money with them over the years. I surely will not ask any of my friends and their friends to shop with Flooring America. They are not the most Honest people I have talked with. They Hang up on you. RUDE< RUDE

Final Business Response
As I said in my original response. We were very clear that this was a special order item and could not be returned. This is the policy of the vendor we buy from. This is why it is written on the sales order and explained at the time of ordering. As I stated before we ordered exactly what they wanted us to order. If they needed bullnose they should have ordered it with the original order. We can still do that if they truly need the bullnose.

11/04/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details


-----Original Message-----
From: ************************>
To: **************************************************************>
Sent: Thu, Jul 16, 2015 12:26 pm
Subject: Complaint against S.E. Flooring America
To Whom this may concern,

I have a complaint against S.E. Flooring America. Back in February, 2015, my husband hired Flooring America, against my will, to install vinyl plank.
This was just the beginning of my nightmare with this company.
When the doorbell rang that 1st morning (about 1.5 hours late) to my surprise, there stood three 20 year old kids. I was expecting men a couple decades older. This crew arrived late every single day they worked.
Each day they took at least a 2 hour lunch off site.
On day 2, the "lead" guy of the crew, Rob, disappeared for 4 hours. Eli, his girl friend, kept calling him on the phone. She told me she was very upset with Rob for leaving. She was "lost" in what to do around the kitchen/dining area. She kept calling him because she had no clue what to do next. She told me that he was out bidding on another job that they were going to do on their own. He did this on our time.
A little later, I walked into the master bedroom and John, the 3rd crew member, was swearing to Eli about using the nail gun. He told her he had never used one before. She tried to show him, but he was still having problems. It was his first job working with Rob and Eli. Rob told me that at the beginning of the 1st day. He said to me "I work very fast, and John had better too or he will not be working on my crew"
They never taped our kitchen cupboards shut to protect everything from the dust. I had to throw out all the food. Everything was covered in dust. And wash every glass, dish, and silverware.
When they moved the computer desk, they literally threw all the paperwork, folders, and files in a huge pile on the kitchen counter all mixed in with mail, newspapers, and other important papers from the kitchen. I had to sort out all the papers that evening.
I found the remote control for my 60" Samsung TV thrown out with their trash. Luckily I was looking for something and saw it.
My husband had bought a whole bag full of furniture sliders. They were never found.
All the 1/4 rounds that were nailed to my existing moldings were a total mess throughout the house. My regular moldings were painted with a semi-gloss, washable white thick paint from ******** Paint. The 1/4 rounds they attached were painted only with a light primer. They did not match my moldings at all. The ends of the 1/4 rounds were just cut off........not tapered off and attached at the corners and were left with raw flat brown edges. They left gaps where the door moldings hit the floor.......just an empty 2 inches or so of empty space. They did not even caulk to blend in. It was a total were the transition moldings. There was no caulking around those either.
Rob cracked our existing marble transition to the 2nd bathroom. We were left with no choice but to use their cheap looking transition molding. Plus he further cracked the bathroom tile (it had an existing hairline crack) while trying to get the marble transition molding out.
There was and still is glue all over the new flooring and moldings. They put a big dent in the 3rd bedroom wall and molding.
Rob had to pull up the planks in the Master bedroom because he started at the wrong end of the room. The planks were an uneven mess right in front of the master bath. No transition molding was big enough to cover his mistake. He had to use our back up planks for his mistake. The 1'4 rounds in the master bedroom were likewise unpainted and also cut off with the brown ends showing.
The crew broke 2 lamps, 2 sets of vertical blinds (plus clamps), a bed roller (wheel) on the king bed in the master bedroom, a big wooden leg was missing on our sofa. My (tall dresser) was missing it's base. It was never found and never replaced or fixed. Cubby (the installation manager) tried to tell me it never had one to begin with. I pointed out to him all the other pieces of my bedroom set - both larger and smaller pieces that all had the same base. He turned the dresser over and it showed boards and nails on the bottom that obviously had something attached to it..........the base!!!
My final straw came about a week ago when I was dusting off a gorgeous Bali of my favorite art pieces. As I was holding it by the side and using the feather duster, I noticed something white coming through the carved painted wood both at the direct center of the top and the direct center of the bottom. Upon removing the mirror from the wall, it split in half. The mirror that was attached to the back of the carved wood had a thin piece of wood backing and clips to hold it into the carved wood. All were missing. The mirror had been heavily duck taped to the carved wood frame. Immediately, I knew what had happened. The "crew" had dropped and cracked the mirror and decide to calk it back together and slap some duck tape on the mirror to hold it in place
and not let us know they had cracked it. I have 2 other pieces to reference how they were built. The sneaks thought they had pulled one over on us. This is what put me "over the edge"!! I called Cubby immediately and left a very nasty message. Of course, no reply, as usual.
Just like all the voice mails I had left him daily for 3 solid weeks back in June. Messages were also left for Chris G****, the owners son. I also had Tara (secretary) ask both of them to call me quite a few times. They never did.
Cubby did come to the house a few times to check on the mess the crew left us with. He himself did finish up on some of the molding mess. He also did try to fix the 2 lamps, but not to my satisfaction. One had a burning smell when I turned it on and the other one had a real tacky cord attached to it (a very expensive lamp.) He then disappeared.
He never did a thing about the missing base from the bedroom dresser. You could actually see when he turned it over that something had been ripped off the bottom. Never heard from him again.
I don't expect a call regarding the Bali mirror either. They will likewise try to deny that.
This is a tight knit family operation and they all stick up for one another and all their help because they try to deny any and all responsibility for their mistakes.
They refused to paint my moldings throughout the entire house, so, I proceeded to do it myself with my 2 hip replacements and my arthritis. It took me 3 solid weeks to do it, with first putting down the painters tape and then doing the actual painting of all the moldings. It is very hard for me to get up and down from the floor with the hip replacements. I could only do a little at a time.
After finishing, I had to see 2 orthopedic surgeons. and get physical therapy. I could hardly walk and had severe pain down the whole left side of my body. I have a pinched nerve from the kneeling on the floor and the pain shoots down from my lower back, to the hip, and knee.
I expect the dresser to be fixed and the Bali mirror to be fixed or replaced, and all my medical bills paid for.
They also left the house leaving an unhung door and not fastening my dresser mirror on. I had to also do that myself.
There is still glue all over the floors which I expect to be removed by them.
I also picked up 2 different paints for them that I was never reimbursed for.
And I did catch Rob as I walked into the master bedroom right in the act of shoving the verticals all together without them being opened first. I yelled "STOP"!!! "You are breaking all the verticals!!!
He even tried to deny it after my walking in on him. There were plastic chips I swept up all over the floor from the clips and the tops of the verticals. They would no longer open or close without most the verticals falling onto the floor. I had to put 2 shower curtains up on my sliding glass doors until I got someone over to install new verticals.
This experience has been the nightmare of my life and the most stress I have ever encountered. I am also in terrible physical pain for the clean up work I had to do that was their job. The crew was paid for this - not me.
Cubby told me that he was relating all of this to both Nelson G****, the owner, and Chris G****, the son. Neither one of them has ever picked up the phone to call us to apologize and say they were sorry for all of the problems that we had to suffer through from their wrecking crew. I believe that that in itself speaks volumes about them and their company.
About five years ago, I also had another problem with S.E. Flooring America when we were going to replace the carpeting. I had 3 local companies come to the house to measure the rooms.......Flooring America being one of them. They were exactly 200 sq. ft. above the exact quotes I got from the other 2 companies being 200 sq, feet less that the quote form S.E. Flooring America.
It looks to me like things never change.
I only want this whole nightmare to be over and this whole mess cleared up and for all of these people to be out of my life forever!!!!

************** Complaint Against:
****************** S.E. Flooring America
Melbourne Beach, Fl. 32951 2780 N. Harbor City Blvd
************* Melbourne, Fl.32935
Account under ************************ (Husband) *************
who chose not to participate in my letter

Desired Settlement

I would like to be reimbursed for each and every bill that I sent to you. They broke everything I sent to you and more and need to take responsibility for their careless actions. As for the glue still all over my floor, I think that I would rather take care of that myself than to have that wrecking crew back in my house again. I have been removing spots here and there little by little with a cotton ball and nail polish remover. Cubby knew that I was doing that months ago and never did anything about it even back then. Thank you.
I also would like to have a replacement bottom put on my bedroom dresser that is now missing due to their carelessness. Cubby also neglected to take care of that telling me the bottom was never there. But when he flipped the dresser over in front of me to look at the bottom, you could see all the nails that were still sticking out from the ripped off part. Each bedroom piece is identical - both big, small, and in between.
He said that could never be replaced and offered me a new dresser instead. I said that all the pieces matched and that was not acceptable.


Business Response
To say we have gone above and beyond with this customer is an understatement! We have been out and addressed every thing they have asked us to address. We have even addressed things we never touched! We have had to cut all contact with Mrs. ****** because of her verbal abuse and voice mails. Her husband is the only one we will have contact with at this point. Before writing this we called Mr. ****** and asked him if we completed every thing to his satisfaction. He said yes. He was given the voice mails left by his wife, and he said he would get her to stop harassing my installation manager. We have completed the job and he said if we need to address anything else he would call us.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This is ONE BIG LIE!!!!!

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They have addressed nothing!! My vertical slats were perfect except for 2 slats. I saw the kid crush them unopened, as they all fell to the floor. They did not pay for the verticals...we received a mere pittance for not even the cost of 1/4 of one set.
They did not fix my 2 lamps - my handyman did! After I got them back, the floor lamp did not stand up and had no on & off switch on the cord. The table lamp started smoking and burning.
The glue on the floor was never touched by the installation mgr. The crew left the mess. Most of it is still there, except for the spots that I took off with nail polish remover & a cotton ball.
They never properly painted the shoe moldings as they came with primer only. The baseboards were never brought up because they were professionally painted by my painter when he painted our interior walls with the best washable paint you can buy.
As for the mirror, after they broke it in half, they caulked it back together and then put duct tape all over the back to hold it together, and hung it back on the wall so we wouldn't notice it. It was not until I dusted it that I noticed the cracks. They are a crew of sneaks and liars. I have pictures of that mess....the mirror.
I painted every molding & baseboard in the house so they would match with my 2 hip replacements and arthritis - thus my Dr. bills. I can't forge Dr. bills! I even showed Cubby what I had done to one section that looked great. He even admitted to the fact.
Ask them what other businesses I have tried to cheat? They can't.....because there are none. Except for one other encounter I had with them 2 years ago when they overestimated the square footage of my house by 200 sq. ft. Two other flooring companies had the exact figure but 200 sq. ft. less.
They are all liars and cheats and the whole "family" sticks together in their deceit.

Final Business Response
We have addressed all of the legitimate invoices.

We had to move the blinds in the master bedroom. Unfortunately, they were old and one of the slats broke. So we told them we would pay for a new blind. We also gave her credit for 2 additional blinds in other rooms so they would all match. They were not broken and still gave her money to fix them. We paid for this.

We also fixed for free a lamp. The plug had so much dirt and debris it wouldn't work after it was plugged back in. Again because we moved the old lamp we were blamed. We again replaced the old dirty plug and the lamp now works.

The floor was cleaned thoroughly by the installer and installation manager. So she didn't have to clean glue from the floor. Again ask her husband.

We painted the shoe molding. We told both her and her husband that they may want to get their baseboard painted after. When you put freshly painted shoe molding next to dirty beat up baseboards, people usually need to paint them so it looks better. Again they understood this. We are not paying to paint her baseboards.

We have resolved any and all issues on this job. She came up with the mirror 8 weeks after we were there! We are not responsible for this mirror, or made up medical invoices. She has a history of trying to cheat businesses in this community. We have gone above and beyond on this job and we are finished! Her husband is our *********** advertising rep and he said he is thrilled and there are no issues outstanding.

07/21/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Carpet installed in 2010 and still under warranty had major defective issues. Contacted company a # of times. After 1 1/2 yrs. still no resolution.
Carpet installed in 2010. While still under warranty, notified Flooring America in Dec. 2013.The carpet was professionally cleaned as directed. It was still several months before they decided to have a professional carpet person come to analyze the carpet.Again months later (5/14), we went to store and spoke with salesman who looked at paperwork and told us it would all be taken care of. After more calls, that information was altered and we were told that information was incorrect. Then I was told that to replace this obviously defective carpet, they would amortize the amount that we would have to pay for replacement and labor. I reminded them that I didn't rent it - I bought it in good faith to last for some time. To tear up the whole house again was something I did not look forward to and a major inconvenience to us. I was told by the manager that he would get back to me. It was also explained that there is a difference between nylon and carpet. I fully expect that when I go to a reputable business that they are the experts, not the customer and that differences should be a part of the educational process before purchase.That was Oct. 2014. I have made a # of calls and even sent a certified letter and still no response.The carpet continues to deteriorate, pack down in places where we rarely walk and have spots.

Desired Settlement
The carpet has been determined defective. In light of this, why should we have to pay for any replacement or labor. The company that manufactures the carpet should be responsible. Having been initially told that the manufacturer was going to incur the full expense, then have that retracted was a shock.This carpet is aging faster than I am. It will soon be and already is an embarrassment in a very clean and well-kept home. The carpet needs to be replaced and not at the customers expense. Where is customer interaction- there has been but very limited.

Business Response
She was told we would replace her carpet about a year ago. She had a death in the family and had to put it on hold. A message was left telling her when ready to contact her sales associate and make a new carpet selection. She has since come in and picked a new carpet and we are proceeding with the claim.

06/05/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Did not comply with advertised gift promotion, for just under $5,000-worth of new flooring installed. We have received no response to numerous emails.
Contracted for just under $5,000-worth of flooring installed beginning on Jan.22nd, with a $2000 down payment as requested. Due to heavy scheduling, the balance of the work (porch) was done March 2nd. They had 2 promotional adds promoting a Go Pro Hero Camera (Jan.), & a iRobot vac (March). Since we had never received a confirmation of the Jan. promotional gift, ($1500 to qualify),we requested the iRobot Braava vac in March after completion of the flooring and payment in full. - After contacting salesperson,*********, & store owner ***********, we are now at April 14th, with no promotional gift of any sort, and no responses to my emails. (copies follow):

Dear *****.

Just a brief note since we've received no response from anyone regarding your advertised promotional gifts.At this point, it's the principal. I just don't understand why it's so hard for someone to respond with either:

"Okay, we've ordered the GoPro Camera and you should receive in 'x-number' of weeks. - or
"Sorry, you don't qualify for either promotion." - or - "Sorry, we're confused now... Which item do you want?" ... Then..... "Okay, you should receive it in x-number of weeks."

But not even a courtesy response from a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company, for repeat customers?!

Again, it's the principal. I've tried being polite and courteous, but obviously that's gotten us nowhere.

Very disappointing.

Palm Bay, FL 32907
************ home
********* home
******** work

From: ********** mailto:********
Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2015 9:41 AM
To: *****; ******
Cc:**********; *********; '**********'
Subject: FW:****** & ********** - flooring purchase in January/ gift promotion/ iRobot Braava Promotion - Resending (still no response)
Importance: High

From: ********** mailto:********
Sent: Thursday, March 05, 2015 10:15 AM
To: *****
Cc: *********; *********; '**********'
Subject: RE: ***** & ********** - flooring purchase in January/ gift promotion/ iRobot Braava Promotion
Importance: High

Good morning, ***.

Just a quick note and update on our flooring and the two promotions Great Southeast Flooring America has been running. The first one of course, was in January, when we contracted the work, and paid $2,000 down as requested, on a nearly $5,000 contract.

The newest promotion includes the iRobot Braava for March, and we'd much rather have the iRobot, and believe we qualify since we just paid the balance due in full on our contract, with the promotion only requiring $1,500 in payment.

We're a bit disappointed on customer service and would appreciate your help in finalizing this, as I'm sure Flooring America wouldn't have a real problem with it.

When you came to our home to measure and complete the contract, you never once mentioned the promotion or our choice of anything. It was 4:00 and after, and you had another appointment to get to, and then a Rotary Club meeting, so we realize you were pushed for time. -- When I finally contacted you (below) regarding the promotion, we requested the TV, but were told we could not select that. (The entire contract was for nearly $5,000, so I find it hard to imagine what it must take to qualify for it then!!)

Additionally, we had hoped to have the porch work scheduled a couple of weeks after the interior portion of the house, which was just allowing us time to clear things out before the work. When we finally talked with Flooring America again, we were told the "soonest it could be scheduled was March 2nd! - This wasn't really a problem, but we were disappointed, and this wasn't what
we thought was to transpire.

Furthermore, no one ever called us back to confirm the date, let us know what time, or if the wood again had to be acclimated prior to installation. Even when I asked in the previous emails below, the

Desired Settlement
We just would like them to honor the advertised gift promotion! Copies of both Florida Today Advertisements are available. We were told we didn't qualify for the LG 42" HD TV, but have not received any promotional item, nor an update or explanation of what we will be getting and when, or why we aren't receiving anything as promised. We just want what they advertised. the iRobot Braava Robot (advertised as valid thru April 28th with a $1,500 purchase) or the GoPro Camera & Drone. We've had very poor customer service, lack on communication, and not all details disclosed at the time of purchase and contract signing at our home. - Thank you.

Business Response
I don't know where the confusion is with this complaint. We ordered a Go Pro Camera which she qualified for her order. She then said she preferred to have an Irobot that we were giving away during a different month. I responded to her email telling her we would allow her to have the Irobot instead of the camera. We sent the camera back and have had an Irobot for her here at the store. She can come pick it up at anytime. My email to her must have gone to a spam file? So please call your sales person and let us know when you want to pick it up?

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They never called or emailed in response to any of our inquiries, other than the original request, and the BBB has copies of those on file.

I know my emails to them were received, as I got the "read receipt." But there was not one reply from the Sales Person,*********, or ***********, once he was contacted, after I contacted them with a request for the iRobot. She never said she could order it, or that they'd already ordered the camera! Nor has it gone into any SPAM folders!... checked daily.

I find their word and response to you less than honorable, and at this point, feel they should ship the package to our home address. We've spent enough time and energy on what should have been no problem!

We live in Palm Bay, and are nowhere near this store. Consequently, since we've had to wait so many months for "this less than honest response" we feel that shipping it to us as soon as possible, would be the best resolution.

To further my case, please note that I purchased my husband a BETTER GRADE ROBOTIC FLOOR VAC FOR $400, AFTER NOT HEARING FROM THEM! Obviously, I would NOT have purchased such an item, if I had gotten any response from Flooring America.

You (BBB) have copies of all the emails and responses, just exactly as they were sent and received. So please help us resolve this, so we can move forward. - Thank you.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Thank you for your reply, *****. As we would love to see this totally resolved as well, we will accept the iRobot, but would appreciate your sending it to our home, as we're located nearly 20 miles from you (one way). At this point, the iRobot isn't 'needed' as I purchased a different $400 unit when I received no responses from you or*********. So the problem wasn't just with your Spam folder. --- We were pretty much ignored... or at least that's what the non-responses appeared to be. Please let me know if you can accommodate our request, and we can finalize this and put it to rest. -- Thank you.

Final Business Response
Customer must come in and sign for the Irobot in the store. We also have to register the Irobot at the same time. Please schedule a time to come in to do this.

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