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Mossy Oak Fence

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Customer Complaints Summary

7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service6
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (7)
06/27/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The gate and lock that was installed is of inferior quality. The front corner section of the fence has a large gap in it.
On 01/11/16 I contracted with Mossy Oak to install 267 feet of board-on-board fence with 2 gates, one 4 ft and one 5 ft. We expressed that we would prefer a double gate to a 5 ft one but the salesman assured us that the 5 ft would be fine. Shortly after the installation I found that I couldn't open the 5 ft gate as it has shifted so much. I called Mossy Oak who sent the same crew out to do a replacement on the gate. Shortly after that was installed, the same thing happened again - I was trapped in my yard. I called Mossy Oak again and told them I wanted the double door gate installed as the 5 ft one obviously could not meet my needs. I paid an addition $450 to have the new gate installed. What I got was a very inferior product. The gate does not meet properly in the middle. The lock/latch installed is very flimsy and the gate has a large hole in it where the lock is installed. The gate constantly rattles with just a little bit of wind. As a senior women, I could probably push through the fence myself, not to mention that the hole leaves me with no privacy as anyone can see in. Also there is a good size gap in the front corner of the fence that is also unacceptable. Mossy Oak finally sent out someone to look at this 3rd gate that was installed and he said that was the best they could do. If this is their best, I am not impressed. He said he would come back with a sliding bolt that he could install on the fence to give it some stability and also that he would send people back to fix the gap in the corner. That was over a month ago and we have not heard back.

Desired Settlement
I would like the gate repaired so that it meets in the middle securely. Also I don't want a huge hole in the gate where the lock/latch is. There has to be a better solution. I want to be able to have security in the fence. Also I would like the gap in the corner fixed. I spent almost $6,000 for this fence and I am not happy with it.

Final Consumer Response
The president of Mossy Oak came out to investigate the issues with their fence immediately after they received the complaint. I was very happy with his speedy response. He listened to everything we had problems with and made suggestions on how he could have them resolved. He understood completely what the issues were and scheduled a crew to come out to make the repairs. They put another board on the corner to close the gap and replaced the flimsy lock with a sturdier one. This lock made the gate more stable. This is the best that can be done with a double gate. He also said that we could call anytime and they would come out right away to make any adjustments needed if the lock was not working out. I am satisfied with the repairs on the fence and would like to withdraw my complaint. The president was true to his word and had things taken care of within a 2 week period. I would now recommend them without hesitation.

03/04/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Workmanship and delivery of purchased product.
My wife and I contracted Mossy Oak Fence company to install a fence at our property located at ******************* in West Melbourne. We received their contact information off a neighbors fence who also had contracted them. We liked the product our neighbor had received and had asked if we could purchase the same type of fencing they had installed right next door to our home. The sales representative wrote up a contract in November and made us aware it would be a few weeks for materials to arrive. In January the new fence was installed; however, while the fence was the same we received a different style gate. We are unhappy that the product is different than requested mainly because of the latch that comes with the gate is quite easily knocked open by our dogs. This simple feature completely defeats the purpose of our yard being fenced in and would like some sort of action to correct it. In addition to this, the installers dug up a portion of our irrigation system. One sprinkler head was left protruding out of the ground facing perpendicular to the lawn. Unfortunately these rather simple matters have not been addressed. I have called their office and left several messages. The first time I was informed the sales rep, Bob, would call us back. He did not. The second time I was told that there was another installation in our neighborhood on a Monday and that they would have someone stop by. Nobody showed up. I have called several times today. The first time I was asked to call back in 20 minutes because I could not be assured someone would get back with me. The second time I was told the manager was busy and would call me by the end of the day. I feel as though there is little interest in customer satisfaction. This is sad being that we contracted them for nearly $3000 in work. I would also advise customers to be wary of their financing practices. The company failed to provide us with our purchase documentation and mailed us our 3-day right to cancel paperwork 1 week after the installation. At this point I want my issues addressed or my money back and we will take our business to an organization that values its customers enough to return a phone call.

Desired Settlement
My current challenges with our fencing addressed or our money back.

Business Response
Customer is completely satisfied and was supposed to of contacted you to remove his complaint.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Mossy Oak Fence did resolve all challenges at my property. I appreciated the assistance of their GM in regards to getting the job done. Out of respect for their organization and the dedication they put forth at the end of the job I would like to have my complaint REMOVED. Thank you.

08/25/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Their employee drew up plans for the fence installation directly over the septic tank even thou he had the survey. He said the tank was ten ft. away.
contract # XXXXX The installers discovered the septic tank directly under the proposed fencing. They decided to install it anyway and just leave the gate opening over the tank. they did not have all the needed parts since they were making a last minute change that did not match the location of the gate opening on the written and approved plans. The interior of the vinyl fence is still exposed( no caps ). the septic tank has been pumped twice. It is a biohazard as there is no other way to enter the back yard directly from the house interior. Me or the dog having to walk through raw sewage is a big problem. They have a 5 year guarantee. It has been less than a year.

Desired Settlement
If they do not want to finish/correct the job by at least moving the gate opening to the other side ..then give me a partial refund so that I can pay someone else to move the opening.

Business Response
After conducting an investigation into this complaint it was determined that our crew did in fact install the fence over the septic area mentioned.
Per the homeowners request Mossy Oak Fence will have a crew scheduled to come out and move the fence to their desired location no later than 8-21-15.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
They moved the fence today ( 8-25-2015 ) and the installer was courteous.

07/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Install no correct with no call backs or emails
Gate install is still not correct and I am not receiving returned calls or emails by ******* at the Melbourne Branch.

Desired Settlement
Please call me to coordinate repair and put this behind us.

Final Consumer Response

Thank you so much for staying involved.

They "**********" has been communicating with me on this matter and I believe as of yesterday the issue is resolved at this gate.

I greatly appreciate BBB being an advocate for the consumer. I truly believe you helped in getting this resolved and that Mossy Oak hired an operations manager Todd E**** which was monumental in getting this resolved.

Let me know if I need to do anything else to close this case.


06/24/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Failure of management to respond to multiple complaints. Failure of business to provide guidance or support regarding potential irrigation damage.
01/09/15 - on site quote from Mossy Oak Fence salesperson ***** ****

02/02/15 - met with ***** and signed fence contract. Asked ***** if it was necessary to flag sprinkler heads prior to fence installation. ***** said no, and that the installation crews carry basic repair tools in the event of damage.

02/23/15 - despite what ***** said, we went ahead and flagged all sprinkler heads in the yard. Mossy Oak crew installed the fence. I was given a checklist by the crew leader which contained nothing about irrigation (whether it was damaged, functioning, etc)., and the crew didn't mention the irrigation system at all. The crew seemed hurried and was quick to leave.

03/01/15 - sprinkler system ran for the first time since the fence installation. We realized that the fence had been installed directly on top of four sprinkler heads. Upon closer inspection, we found that the crew had actually bent the sprinkler flags to accommodate the fence with no regard for installing the fence on top of the sprinkler heads.

03/02/15 - called Mossy Oak regarding fence being installed on top of four sprinkler heads. Appointment was made for Mossy Oak employee **** to come to the house.

03/04/15 - Had to leave work and meet with ***** On the south side of the house, the fence appeared to have an inward taper that did not follow the property line. **** measured and found that there was a 1.5 inch inward taper at the front of the house, where one of the sprinkler heads was covered by the fence. Per the contract, we were to receive 19 feet of fence off the front wall on the south side of the house. **** measured this at 18 feet 5 inches, and said that this "rounds up to 19 feet." **** then said that I needed to contact my builder regarding the sprinkler heads on the north side of the property because the fence was built to contract specifications. **** did not offer any remedy or apology. I explained that the crew said nothing about the sprinkler heads, and that if we had gotten what we paid for (19 feet of fence), we would not have a sprinkler head covered on the south side of the property. ******* attitude was poor and he reluctantly offered to have a crew fix the ONE sprinkler head. **** then went over the installation checklist with me and said he "thought" there was a mention of the irrigation system. We went over the checklist line by line and there was nothing about irrigation. **** said he would have to "look into that not being on the list" but never said anything about it again.

03/05/15 - **** called me at 6:42AM (ridiculous) and tried to arrange to have ONE sprinkler head repaired. I ignored that call and hired an irrigation company to adjust four sprinkler heads that were covered by the fence, at a cost of $150.

03/06/15 - called Mossy Oak, spoke with ******** ************** and asked to speak with a supervisor regarding ****'s handling of the situation. ******** asked me to explain the problem and after I did so, told me that someone would call me back.

03/09/15 - called Mossy Oak and again spoke with ********. I was again told that the someone would call me back.

03/14/15 - sent an e-mail to ******** referencing the two phone calls and asked again for a supervisor/manager to call me back.

03/16/15 - ******** called me regarding my email and asked me to explain, again, what the problems were with the fence installation. This time, ******** said the owner would contact me.

03/24/15 - while trying to install concrete donuts around sprinkler heads in the yard, we discovered that the sprinkler head had been cemented to the fence post. It had to be delicately chiseled away. We have postponed this project and do not know exactly how many sprinkler heads are cemented to the fence.

03/24/15 - Sent ******** a final e-mail explaining the latest issue with the cemented sprinkler head. Pleaded for a management reply by 03/27/15 and went as far as to say I would explore legal remedies if no one contacted me. No reply whatsoever.

Desired Settlement
First and foremost, an apology! And at least a partial refund for costs incurred in repairing irrigation system, time spent corresponding with the business to no avail, yard labor and time away from work, and failure to fulfill contract by installing 18'5" of fence on the southeast side of the property instead of 19'.

Business Response
Response to BBB complaint #XXXXXXXX: Mr. ****** ********
We regret that Mr. ******** had a bad experience with Mossy Oak Fence.
Mossy Oak Fence's contract is very clear about potential irrigation damage. It is on our contract that we cannot be held responsible to damage to irrigation. It is in the terms and conditions on our contract and before installation, the paragraph regarding irrigation is read to each of our customers when we schedule the installation. Our crews take every precaution to avoid doing damage, however, we are required by permit to install the fence inside or on the property line. At the time of permitting, we call in locates so that we know where the property line is and any underground wiring (cable, electrical). We do not, however, locate irrigation systems. Mr. ******** indicated that he did this on his own, however, if the sprinkler heads were outside the property line, we would not install the fence to include sprinkler heads.
**** ***** is our Installation Manager. Mr. ******** called in his complaint and **** went out to meet Mr. ******** at an agreed upon time. Per Mr. ********'s contract, his fence installation was for 19' on the left side. According to Mr. ******** we installed 18'5". Fence installation measurements are not exact. There are many factors that could make an installation 6-7" shorter or longer (slope of yard), tie-in to existing fence, etc. Our crews are instructed to install the fence on the property line to just inside the property line. If sprinkler heads are outside the property line, as it appears that some of these were, we cannot install a fence encroaching on a neighbor's property to include these sprinkler heads.
**** ***** is a member of our management team and is in the capacity to make customer service decisions. As a good will gesture, **** was going to arrange to have two of the sprinkler heads repaired by our company. We did not receive a call back from Mr. ********. **** suggested to Mr. ******** that he contact his builder as the other 3 sprinkler head were outside his property line. Between 3/5/15 and 3/9/15, **** called Mr. ******** 3 times and no return phone call. On 3/9/15, **** sent an email to Mr. ******** wanting to resolve this issue and did not receive a response.
We are sorry that Mr. ******** feels he did not get his contract fulfilled, however, we have tried to address his issues and he has not contacted us again.
From: **** *****
Sent: Monday, March 9, XXXX X:XX AM
To: *************
Subject: Sprinkler Repair

Good Morning Mr. ********,

I just left you a message on your voice mail and wanted to follow up with you via email. I left a couple of messages last week to schedule your repair of the sprinkler head that we discussed the other day. Please return my message so we can get this taken care of for you. My cell number is #XXX-XXX-XXXX

**** *****
General Manager

2120 N. Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32804

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The business response does not address my complaints in any way shape or form.

Why is there no mention of the business repeatedly failing to reply to my calls and e-mails?

The business response does not address the fact that the fence is tapered inward, which is NOT consistent with the property line, or the contract, and IS the reason that one of the sprinkler heads was outside the fence. I didn't make this up, Mr. ***** is the one that took the measurements. And Mr. ***** did not offer to fix two sprinkler heads as stated in the business response. Mr. ***** clearly states "one" in a voicemail that I have retained. And it wasn't a "gesture;" I had to demand it.

There is also no response from the business as to why irrigation system functionality isn't on the final installation checklist. Mr. ***** seemed to "think" that it was. But it isn't, correct? Why? Because this happens all the time?

The end of the business response - "We have tried to address his issues and he has not contacted us again." Did anyone at Mossy Oak actually read the BBB complaint? I contacted the business at least five times in an effort to circumvent **** ***** and have someone else contact me.

What is the name/title of the Mossy Oak employee who is responding to this complaint?

02/24/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Fence was installed in April, and repair never made correctly.
********* sales Manager) Install was on april,they paint half of fence because they run out of paint, came back a week later with more paint, now we have two colors of browm. Call for repairs and some of them were made several weeks later.also the handle of the gate is install wrong making very dificult for you to open the gate (you are trap on your onw house), They make apointements for one day and dont show up and they call you one or two day later fron the front of the house (with out having an apointment). ( ****** Sales Manager) We keep calling and emailing asking for our fence get rught.In August after all the frustration we did showup at the office and ask to talk with the owner ****** ******) We talk and exprese our frustration and our good faith to finish our fence. Very nice ***** show up at our house and promise will be great. But he sopouse to call after his two days off and didnt happen, a month later I recive a call form ***** and they want to came in three day, I did explained to him is a really busy time of the year in my work lets schudele for Dicember 20 and I will be there to over see the work.
Midle December we got another sales manager (***) in chage (thrid one) he came to do last mesurements on the 17th and did not to much about what needs to be done one more time we did take our time and went over with him.
December 20-they show up on time, with the wrong color of the material, the new 5 gallon pain for finish the back area was just the white base (not prep or mix)also per the employees they didnt have enoght material on the truck to complete the job. I did call ***** 10 times and txt him,withnot succes, he didnt pickup. They left and we will have to re schedule anther day for them came back, per ***. 20 minutes after I did reciev a call from *** saying, ***** want us to came back and finish the job nomather what, did say ask ***** to call me.***** call and start screaming and thereting (all the lawer in town will call you and you will payme and ....) I did try to talk to him in a low voice and call him but he hangup.
This person is conducting bussines under screaming customers and telling the employees get this fix and we get pay, imagime if I didnt finish pay them and I have all this trouble to get my repairs right, how I can hold them accounable for the warranty. The remainder of the payment is been a separate anck account since August, waiting for our fence get finish correctly.

Desired Settlement
At this point I dont trust this company any more and the proper way to finish it is to do it all over again.

Business Response
Mossy Oak Fence contracted with Mr. ******* for a new fence totaling $10,400.00 on 4-30-13. Our customary deposit amount is 50% which would have been $5,200.00 but a deal was struck with ************* a former employee for $2,000.00 leaving a balance of $8,400.00. Mr. ******* took a full year to get ready for the installation which took place in April 2014. The fence was stained after installation and there was a week delay before returning with the additional stain required to finish. Upon completion Mr. ******* felt that the colors didn't match. Mossy Oak Fence had repeatedly for a period of 8 months tried to schedule times to that would accommodate Mr. *******'s schedule to address not only the stain issue but also any other complaint's he may have had. Mr. ******* complained of scheduling mishaps from our office with some accuracy but failed to mention that he has gone out of his way to provide long range narrow windows of opportunity for us to schedule him including our last attempt on Dec. 20th 2014 when we were forced to wait for over 30 days to accommodate once again his schedule. Our final effort to help resolve Mr. *******'s complaints ended on Dec. 20th because once again Mr. ******* didn't like the stain color match. The company offered to go immediately to Sherman Williams for a better match and return within a couple of hours. Mr. ******* then refused to allow our crew to return to his property once again delaying any final repairs.
Mossy Oak Fence has continued trying to work out a reasonable solution for Mr. ******* and to do whatever is necessary to make him happy including having the entire fence stain stripped away and re-stained. It is our belief that Mr. ******* has no intentions of paying his remaining bill for $8,400.00 and hasn't from the beginning. Mossy Oak Fence has now turned over the contract to our Attorney to proceed with legal actions.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This response is unacceptable, it took a month and half for this company to answer my complain. This is the reflection how they work.
Now they are inside my financials and assuming things, great.
What lack of (internal)information they have, we did pay the down payment in advance under the condition to hold until we are completed with our remodeling inside the house (who install fence with trucks and all kind of contractors working) them we will do the fence and after the pavers and landscaping and we will be done. But thank to company I still on hold for those ( pavers and Landscaping). The times for the beginning of the job were agreed by both parties.
We always open the doors for the company employee's even on crazy hours (7:40pm)
On Dic. 20th, They show up with not the colors and the employees don't not what to do and they decide to leave after they realize don't have what they need for the job. I have pictures of the color they bring and also the (white) mix on the can, I have to give them the original mach formula. I did have more than 20 contractors, who did work on my renewal for two years and every single one got pay on time, the full amount for a job well done and bigger quantities than this, I always pay. The issue here is not about the money for me is about the poor and not completed job.
Can you imagine if I did not pay them jet, and they still not coming to finish the repairs. How they will show after they got pay.

08/19/2016Problems with Product / Service

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