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3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Problems with Product / Service1
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints3

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08/25/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Will not swap grill from tradein vehicle to purchased vehicle as documented.
My wife an i went to Michaels Auto on 08-12-16,after desiding to purchase a 2013 E-350 Mercedes Benz,the salesman John F***** was informed by my wife that to close the deal she wanted the upgraded front grill from her car which was traded in,to be put on the new car that she purchased,Mr.F***** agreed an documented the swap of the grill an promised it would be done by their mechanic.We indicated that friday or the weekend would be the best time to bring the car back to the dealership to have the work preformed due to our work schedule.My wife was told by someone their she thought was the mechanic that the work would be done on 08-13-16.When we contacted Mr.F***** he told us that he was working on it an he had sent a text to his mechanic.We never heard back from Mr.F***** that day.The same thing on 08-14-16,Mr.F***** stated that he could not find anyone to install the grill.On 08-19-16 My wife called Mr.F***** an he indicated to her that the car had been sold an there was nothing he could do.On 08-22-16 i felt it would be best to speak to the General Manager Frank,i explained the problem we were experiencing with Mr.F*****,Frank informed me that Mr.f***** no longer worked there,he also informed me that the car was still close by at a wholesaler.Frank the Manager told me that he would have the car brought back to his dealership an i could pick up the grill the morning of 08-23-16,when i arrived at Michaels Auto as agreed upon Frank was not there nor the front grill,i was told by someone that he would not be there for several hours,he did not answer any text while i was there,i did not have the time to wait on him.It is very obvious to anyone that my wife an i have been lied to repeatedly,Frank is as bad as the salesman,will not honor documented agreement,anyone reading this can determine what type of business this is,sorry i ever dealt with these people,never again

Desired Settlement

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Wisam T*** Comptroller
Contact Phone: **********
Contact Email:*******************
Michaels Autos has been running an honest business for 21 years, there is a difference between intentionally lying and a misunderstanding.
You are right, John F***** promised to swap the grill for you as a courtesy. Honestly, I would be surprised if any other dealership would do this. First off, our entire team is trying to accommodate you and have tried to contact you repeatedly since yesterday when you left. We sell vehicles here and we do not have a mechanic. We were all trying to do you a favor by taking the grill off of your vehicle and put on the vehicle you purchased from us. Keep in mind, this is a first for us. This is not an everyday request. Regardless, when you came in we tried to help you, we even contacted the owner and explained to you that your car was at the wholesalers location. Within two hours your tradein vehicle was back on our lot to serve your needs. I would think this is acceptable. Please keep in mind, we do NOT have a mechanic because our vehicles are in pristine condition or they are usually under warranty. Further, we referred you to a trusted mechanic to help you out. None of this has to do with our vehicles or the vehicle you purchased. It is unfortunate that we tried to help you and now we get a complaint to taint our almost perfect reputation. Saying we will not honor documented agreement is slanderous and simply insulting when all we have been trying to do is help you with a part on your car that you sold to us.
We are a trusted company in the Central Florida Area and would appreciate your reconsideration of these heavy words. We always stand firm to our promises and maybe if you would respond to our calls we would be able to resolve this. It is extremely unfortunate that you resorted to a formal complaint instead of communicating with us, mind you, this took place a day ago and 4 times we contacted you.
We really appreciate our clients and still welcome you the Michaels Autos Family. We have your vehicle here but the wholesaler we sold it to wants it back, please contact Frank 407-382-3000 to arrange time.
Please understand we buy and sell vehicles here, we gave possession of your sold trade in to the wholesale buyer, keeping your vehicle on our lot was not an option once it was sold. It was out of our control. We tried to rectify it by having the wholesaler bring it back 2 hours after you stopped by yesterday. I understand there was a communication gap with arranging this between you and Frank however, we did not say we will no longer help you. Instead, we are still willing to do what we said, as always.
Client Satisfation Team

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Grill was swapped as documented.

06/28/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

This dealership lacks professionalism & courtesy on behalf of their management. They should be aware of that a dealership visit doesn't mean Purchase.
A visit to a dealership doesn't mean a sure purchase at no time or another. The meaning of shopping means just that. I understand that they want our business but under no reason should they try to entice or obligate a consumer into purchasing a vehicle. yes, I realize they want to make the sale but when the consumer says no it's NO. If a consumer doesn't feel comfortable with the payments well then bring the price down of the vehicle to a comfortable payment range and not put up an attitude like the So called GM of the dealership does. Very unprofessional. We the consumer always have the right to Ay or NAy and not feel threatened by aggressive Sales Managers. That's not a way to Seal a Deal. I had that issue with there Sales manager on a day that I went with my son to look at some vehicles. It was a coincidence that I also saw a vehicle of my liking. We first dealt with my son's vehicle then mine in which both times I had issues with the Manager at hand. He couldn't understand that I didn't feel comfortable with neither car monthly payments. I told him that the deal will no longer go on because of this and that I will go purchase elsewhere. That didn't go to well with them. I really didn't care if they liked it or not, it's our hard earned money. Push came to shove and we got got some half decent monthly payments even though I know they could've gone down some more without losing. After all said and done we took the vehicles home that evening and didn't realize until the morning that my son's car had some damage to the windshield in which we couldn't detect that late in the evening. We took the vehicle back the next morning and I kind of told them that I didn't want the vehicle with a damaged windshield. It had two(2) small cracks and quite a few chips on the windshield. The Sales managers smart answer was let the Insurance take care of it. Really, we just the bought the car. That is no way to run a business or less treat a consumer. When you run a dealership that sells cars of this magnitude and by that I mean Mercedes Benz, BMW's and other expensive vehicles. Those vehicles should be thoroughly inspected and certified. Another issue with this dealership is when questioned about an issue, they take forever to solve or contact you. There should be no reason for such delays. There answer is always that we're busy. They just don't put much emphasis in resolving and issue. I'm also having an issue with a tag transfer from the one car I turned in to the one I purchased from them. It's going on two(2) weeks since the purchase and they're still holding old tag in there office. There response is "You have a temp tag" still good. I want my tag, no temp tag. My wife purchased a car about Two(2) days later from a different dealership and had the tag transferred from my old car to her new one within 2 hours of the deal. So why such delays? I feel that's done intentional. This dealership needs to be more assertive in regards to attending to the consumer a little bit more prompt and courteous. They need to realize that most consumers know about vehicles and not try to treat them like if they knew nothing. A vehicle down payment isn't mandatory but it can help the deal but a trade in is as good. Don't lie on the prices of the vehicle and how they got them. I for one went to a local bank and questioned the price of the vehicles and was told that they were a little overpriced from the book value. In closing, treat the consumer with more respect and dignity. WHEN IT'S DEAL OR NO DEAL. DON'T GRIPE or SNARL.... They can make a better payment adjustment to our liking and satisfaction. By the way, the salesman handling my deals (cliff) and the financial personal were great and well mannered in handling our deals. Not much to say about the sales manager but replace him or retrain him in guest service etiquette.

Desired Settlement
A better payment plan to our financial needs and satisfaction. Something should give for the aggravation of putting up with this when we didn't need too. We just went there for a simple look around and not aggression 101 for not buying. I feel that there is still time to reconstruct the contracts.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Wisam T***
Contact Phone: **********
Contact Email:*******************
Dear Mr. **************

It is to my dismay that I find a long complaint. We take our clients and their opinions very seriously. We have been in business for 21 years and have an A plus rating with BBB for a reason. Our customer satisfaction is at 99% and our reputation has not been duplicated for the past two decades.

I am looking into this letter and analyzing every phrase and word written. Of course we wish there was no complaint submitted and possibly you could have communicated to Cliff or Frank of your frustration. I know getting a "good deal" is very important and that is why the owner prices our quality vehicles to sell. He hand picks each vehicle and sells only what he would put his own family in. We also have a knowledgeable experienced staff that makes car buying easy and hassle-free. Everyone knows we are genuine and not the typical car dealership where our customers are not just a number rather they become part of the Michaels Autos Family!
Frank has been the GM for Michaels Autos for 7 years and everyone in Orlando loves him. He is from New York and our clientele who have met him make friends with him or come back over and over again asking for him to get them a second, third, and even forth car. I must say, I was personally surprised at the fact you felt this way about Frank.
Looking into this I found some discrepancies, first the first vehicle you purchased was on May 26. You came back the next day on Friday 5/27 when Frank went above and beyond to fix some cosmetics on the C250 proving how happy you were with this vehicle that you voluntarily purchased the 328I for yourself. The confusion is: if you felt "aggression" at this point most people would not buy a second vehicle. We are happy to serve you and get you not into one great car but two amazing and unique vehicles. I must say, I did review the pricing while comparing the packages and cleanliness of the cars and I want to personally assure you that you got a great deal.
Next I noticed a third inquiry for another vehicle I believe it was for your wife. Some might ask, why try for a third car if you were not happy with car 1 and 2? I understand we make decisions sometimes that we are weary about. Please understand that we really do our best to make each individual client happy. We try to make clients get into their dream cars everyday and with our long and strong history with over 20 banks we make things possible most other independent dealers can not.
You stated you were not happy with the vehicle you got for your wife and we are not happy to hear that. I am sure you know the vehicles you got from us are solid cars and are making heads turn, however your complete happiness is important to us. You are welcome to continue talking to Cliff or contacting Frank directly at (407) 382-3000.
At this point the contracts have been submitted to the banks in accordance to your signed and agreed paperwork. Let me know if there is anything further I can do for you. Remember, we are happy to have you as part of the Michaels Autos family and you will always be welcome to come back and choose from a fine selection of late model cars, especially imports like BMW and Mercedes. Thank you for your precious time.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Of course by no surprise to me that ownership would back up his GM (employee) no matter the issue. My answer to your statement as far as Frank going the extra mile to secure the deal. NO. He actually almost blew the deal at hand. He totally disgraced the deal with his uncanny and unprofessional behavior. The one who actually secured the deal was your salesman "Cliff". His professional and great salesmanship sewed up the deal. I really was on my way out the door with my son. Both deals at hand were blown to bits thanks to "Mr. Frank" your "Good Employee". The merit award goes again to Cliff, give him all the thanks, credit and ovation for the way he conducted himself after Frank almost blew the deal for him. Cliff saw my reaction and stood firm on his dealing with me and actually put some good words and numbers with his financial dept. and convinced me to go ahead with the deal. On my honest opinion, Frank should really thank Cliff for making him look good cause Frank really looked like a total fool on his performance. Frank should take a REAL GOOD look at Cliff on his performance and professionalism with prospective customers. He can learn a great deal from Cliff. As far as recommending your dealership to my friends or family, at first I said to myself "No WAY" but after thinking about I think I would just because of Cliff'e dedication to his job. I would recommend them to ask for Cliff and Cliff only. If by any chance Frank decides to Intervene on the deal I will let them know to have him butt out. Again, I would please like to have you guys really applause Cliff for his actions on dealing with me and the two(2) vehicles we purchased. As for the tags! They knew from day one(1) that the car and tag belonged to my wife's car and told that there was no problem. So after all said and done, you continue on relying on Frank and hopefully your business will prosper because I really think that you have been lucky so far. I feel that I've been the only one so far to step forward and let you know of his situation on handling your place of business. I just hope that other customers step forward someday and say something also. I really don't know if this his first issue like this that he has encountered but if he had others. He's been very lucky as well as yourself. Again, on behalf of Cliff and the rest of your team. Like the saying goes "They're Great". On a more friendly suggestion sir, Please secure your business with a better GM. I would to see a good dealership go sour because of one bad apple. FYI, please have those cars more thoroughly checked. And yes by the way, we're enjoying our cars..... Also before I forget, can I have the new tag mailed when you guys receive it and the old tag also in case you still have it. Thank you and have a great day. Mr. Cliff....APPLAUSE.......Thanks again....

Final Consumer Response
From: ************** (mailto:************************)
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2016 5:39 PM
To: Better Business Bureau
Subject: (SPAM) Re: BBB Complaint Case#*******************************************
Importance: Low

Mr. ***************,

Good afternoon Mr. *******, hope everything is going well. I would like a favor from your office at this time in reference to complaint ********* if it's possible. Recently I stopped by the Michael's Auto Sales location where I purchased my vehicle and my son's to pick up my new tag. Upon my arrival I was greater with the up most respect by there staff including Mr. Frank himself. Once I received my tag I had a closed door one on one discussion with there finance manager. We had a pretty good discussion in reference to my complaint I filed against their dealership and Mr. Frank. Don't think that at no time or another I felt threatened by this conversation. It was a good one on one conversation between him and I. All aspects of the complaint that I filed was bought out into the open and why. I sat down and heard on there behalf the history of their company and the business of their staff. He also heard why I filed my complain against Frank and why. I explained to him that it was nothing personal against Frank himself but a business related issue. Before going to pick up my tag today from them I spent the last few days discussing with my wife the complaint that I filed against this person in question, Frank. After discussing the matter more and more with my wife and thinking about it I've decided that I wanted at this time to formally Withdrawal my complaint against Michael's Auto Sales and Frank. We had a pretty productive meeting and discussion in which we both saw both sides of the story. At that point Mr. Frank came into the office and joined us in the discussion. All aspects of that day in time was bought into the discussion. After all said and done everything was wiped clean and straightened out hand shaken and done. So going further again I would like it please to have the complaint taken off record if possible. Let bygones be bygones. Life is to short to hold grudges.
Thank you for your attention in this matter and hopefully can do this for us.
Thank you

01/18/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Was promised floor matts for my Mercedes Benz C250 Coupe and never got them. 3 weeks later and still getting the run-around from the sales guys.
Frank N****** is very rude and hung up on me repeatedly.

Desired Settlement
I want replacement factory mercedes floor matts mailed to me or a refund of $272 so that I can purchase floor matts from mercedes

Business Response
Good Morning *****,

Congratulations on your 2012 Mercedes C250 Coupe vin#****************** that was purchased on Saturday December 12, 2015. Our reviews online speaks for themselves, it is sad you want to taint our reputaion for floor mats. The retail cost is $140. Our cost is less. You have insulted Frank and our sales team and our company. As a courtesy we will work with you if you apologize first. Our dignity and work ethics have been violated by your words. We have been and will always be loyal to our clients but Michaels Autos stands united as a team against slander!

Please notice your purchase contract states your vehicle was purchased as is. When the vehicle was delivered to you, there were no floor mats in the car. You took possession of the vehicle without floor mats and you did not mention a problem. In addition to the contract you were shown auction papers that clearly stated our cost of the vehicle. We both know you saved thousands on this vehicle purchase. The cost of floor mats is petty compared to the loss selling you this vehicle. As we try to make every client happy even after purchasing a vehicle, we attempted to make you happy. Our clients really do become family and we do have a 99% client satisfaction. Frank spoke to you on several occasions explaining AS A COURTESY we would get you floor mats. When anyone at Michaels Autos makes a promise we keep it. We stand firm behind our words because unlike many other dealerships we are honest and genuine.
First, legally we have done nothing wrong. You are accusing us and insulting us. This is something the owner takes personal. Trying to corner us by leaving a bad review to get your floor mats is not going to work. Our sales team and Sales Manager, Frank are hard working, caring, professional, and honest. You got the vehicle on Saturday 12/12/15 and barely 17 days later which contains only 9 business days you left this insulting review. For a fact that is not 3 weeks. There was no run around because the floor mats were really ordered. We don't waste time here and we have no interest in delaying an order purposely. This accusation is a personal insult to the owner because you are saying this about our sales team. After this I want to personally tell you, trying to taint our reputation for floor mats is flabbergasting. Moving on to leaving three bad reviews is repelling. The actual value of the floor mats is $140, yes only $140 and that is retail cost, our cost is less. Do you really think after the thousands we lost in your deal, we would stop at $140 and purposely make you upset? Let us be realistic, I am still willing to help you but not in this way. You need to apologize to my team, especially Frank who really goes above and beyond. Then if you kindly ask and wait patiently we will be happy to get you floor mats as a courtesy.

Documents will be submitted if needed to support that floor mats was not included in the purchase contract. But I trust ***** will make the right decision and speak kindly to Frank soon.


Wisam T***
(************* ******************

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