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Orlando Dodge Inc

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Problems with Product / Service4
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08/19/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

There is a popping type sound and feeling present from steering column or steering gear area on turns. I took the car 3 times for the same problem.
the first time was in 10/09/2014,they siad problem found the second time was in 12/17/2014 they said no problem found the third time was 06/03/2015 they said interminent ratcheting stylecreak noise on turns seems to be RF strut area. found TSB to lube strut seat with NYE grease.ordered parts B/O at this time.and ever since I still havent recieve acall from then

Desired Settlement
If the business cant repair my car I want a replacement car because the noise is getting louder and I am afraid something would happen while Iam driving,specially with my family in the Im still making my payment on time.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Bryan M. Service Director
Contact Phone: **********
Contact Email: *****
In reference to the customer's concern listed above, the concern was verified and parts were ordered to repair the customer's vehicle on 6/3/2015. The part in question (Nye Grease/Part #**********) will be used to lubricate the upper strut mount bearing contact areas. Orlando Dodge has even questioned to use another product in the meantime to help dissipate some of the noise that the bearings make but any other product that is used may be detrimental to the effectiveness of the correct grease once applied.
The part is and has been listed on backorder from the vendor/manufacturer and currently has a release date as 9/1/2015. There are currently over 50+ of this product on backorder for our local Parts Distribution Center alone. Orlando Dodge will be in contact with Mrs. ***** as soon as the part has come available to remedy the situation.
We apologize for the inconvenience this has cause and are willing to do whatever is needed to rectify the situation once the sourced part is available.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
yes but Im want to let they fix the car and Im want back again for the same problem because if the noise back again I no want to keep this car thanks for you attencion

07/29/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

From: *****************************************
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 4:50 PM
To: ***************************

I took my car to Orlando Dodge on 4101 West Colonial Dr,Orlando FL have my fixed due to oil leakage. On the repair receipt, they said they added oil to my existing oil. That happened in January 14,2016( MILES (62,578) and before that I had already had my oil changed through ********* on S kirkman road on 12/15/2015 from the mileage of 59,942 to another oil change with the mileage of 61,907 and they gave me 3 months to or 3,000 miles to have my other oil change. I always follow my OIL CHANGE STICKER to change my oil on time. All the time I change my oil before the due date and mileage regardless. So on the 01/14/2016 when I took my car from Orlando Dodge I realized that my oil change sticker has been changed from ********* TO MOPAR(ORLANDO DODGE OIL CHANGE BRAND). And on their sticker was (NEXT SERVICE DUE DATE 07/12/2016 OR MILES :67,578).On April 28,2016, I went to Dodge to have my oil changed and when I got there I met one service advisor named Bryan B****, and I told him it is showing on my car dash board that I have to change my oil and he looked at MOPAR STICKER and told me they did not set the odometer maybe they forgot to reset it.So he put some machine in the car a cleared the CHANGE OIL INSCRIPTION from my car dash board and told its good to drive till the due date or mileage on the sticker which ever comes first. I insisted he should change the oil but he said (MAN YOU GOOD)And I said ok if you say so because I don't know anything about cars. On May 7,2016 early I was driving my car to work and the car just stopped running and I thought I was running out of gas and I checked and my gas was almost full. I immediately called ROAD SIDE ASSISTANCE to have my car towed to the Orlando Dodge. They checked and they concluded there was no oil in the car and I asked them how is that possible because I came a week ago and I was told I could drive this car till either 07/12/2016 or 67,578 miles whichever comes first but we are in 05/07/2016 and only 65.966 miles. They contacted my warranty group and they also did the diagnoses on the car and they said there were no oil in the car so the breakdown of my car engine is due to LACK OF MAINTENANCE so they will not give me even A PENNY. So I would like you to investigate into this issue and let me know who is responsible to pay for the cost incurred on my ENGINE BREAKDOWN. The warranty claimed that if the oil was changed by Dodge as they have their sticker on the car, why didn't they change the oil filter with their brand.. AND Orlando Dodge FIXED OPERATION DIRECTOR, BRYAN M****** also said they only added oil and my question is WHY WAS MY STICKER SERVING AS MY MANUAL TO HAVE MY OIL CHANGED GET CHANGED FROM ********* TO MOPAR(DODGE BRAND).

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Bryan M****** Svc Mgr
Contact Phone: **********
Contact Email:***********************
Mr. **** did have repairs done at Orlando Dodge on January 14, 2016. Those repairs entailed resealing the front engine timing cover and oil pan along with the replacement of the front crankshaft seal. At that time the technician added new oil to the engine but did not replace the filter due to the fact that window sticker had shown that it was done just less than 700 miles ago and one month prior. Orlando Dodge only uses synthetic blend and full synthetic oils. We do not carry conventional oil unless a customer makes a special request to order. At the time of the engine repair the engine was filled with a synthetic blend oil. The recommended interval for replacement of the synthetic blend oil is 5000 miles so the sticker was changed to 67578 miles.

Unfortunately, at 65966 miles the engine failed. It appeared based on the oil level that the engine was burning oil and was most likely the cause of failure. Based on this information, Mr. ********'s extended warranty stated that the engine failure was due to lack of maintenance which is clearly NOT the case based on the customer's service history and declined the replacement of the engine. Orlando Dodge is on the customer's side that the Extended Warranty he purchased should have covered the engine repair. Ralph (Service Advisor) even called The Warranty Group and spoke to a Supervisor named Jim ***** multiple times to try to overturn their decision. They stood by their decision unfortunately and would not cover the repair as we feel they should have.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept the response in the sense that for the past oil change I did at *********,nothing happened to my engine until I they changed my sticker.My question still stands that if they had not changed my sticker I would have changed my oil on the previous sticker that ********* pasted on my screen.My car was not burning any oil. I have driven car for 3 years in this state and have driven car since I was 19 years back home and I know when the engine burns oil. I personally do not think they did good job on my car for placing a wrong sticker on my windscreen causing this problem.This engine failure has put me through a lot.Even at ********* when it was time to change my oil,they use to tell me my time and mileage is not due and I tell them `men this is a machine and and this oil change money is nothing'.I change my oil before time when I had a ********* sticker so I was following the Dodge sticker too so I don't understand why they are creating this story.

Final Business Response
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2016 11:57 AM
To: '******************'
Subject: RE: Case ID*********

Bryan's mother passed away this morning he is the person that answered the complaint, he stands by his explanation and Mr. ****'s warranty company turned down the repair.

03/28/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Orlando Chrysler Dodge sold me a vehicle which they stated was never in an accident. Which I just found out it was 2 months before I purchased it.
Orlando Chrysler Dodge sold me a vehicle which they stated was never in an accident. Which I just found out it was 2 months before I purchased it.
Sales rep told me there was a clean car fax and even showed me. I called to speak with a manager after I found out that I was told misleading information and the manager hung the phone up on me. I feel that this dealership took advantage by leaving out crucial information that would have caused me not to purchase this vehicle.

Desired Settlement
I am currently looking to purchase a new vehicle and would like to be released from my current balance for vehicles.

Business Response
We received Mr. ******'s complaint on 3/10 and immediately started researching the issue. Unfortunately Mr. ******'s concern has to do with CarFax's reporting and not Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep. Mr. ****** even mentions in his complaint that he was provided with the CarFax on the car he purchased at the time he purchased it and it showed "no accidents" on the report. It does happen, from time to time, that CarFax updates their records and then retroactively placed accident reports on their vehicle history reports. Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep had no knowledge of the accident so we disclosed to Mr. ****** only what was available to us.

He mentions that he had no issues with the vehicle this issue came up when he tried to trade in his vehicle and the other dealer mentioned the accident, which brings us to the issue to date.

I spoke to Mr. ****** a number of times and explained to him the issue with the CarFax reporting and the fact that Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep had nothing to do with that. He further mentioned that he really wants to trade in his Journey for a Durango. Mr. ****** came into Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep and we appraised his vehicle and worked a deal on a new Durango. Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep offered Mr. ****** $3,000 more for his trade (trade value) than the other dealer did. We did this to show Mr. ****** that while Orlando Dodge Chrysler Jeep is not at fault for the Car Fax reporting, we do want to help him in any way we can.

We were able to get Mr. ****** a great deal on a new Durango. Giving him a great interest rate (36% lower interest rate than last time) and a great deal on the Durango. Unfortunately Mr. ****** does not want the payment that accompanies the Durango.

At this point Mr. ******'s issue is with the economics of picking out a more expensive vehicle than a CarFax complaint. Mr. ****** purchased a $20,000 car from us nearly one and a half years ago and he is now trying to purchase a $36,000 vehicle from us. The increase in car will come with an increase in payment. Mr. ****** does not want his payment to go up to the point it will go to in order to purchase the Durango. At this point Mr. ****** will decide if he wants to agree to the higher payment and buy the Durango, look at a less expensive vehicle option or keep the Journey he is driving now, which he admits does not have any issues.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this case.

03/14/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Ref BBB Case #********
The above complaint is in regards to the same veh. which I took to Orllando Dodge after the cooling line was not fixed at **.
The morning of 1/11/16, I took my truck to *****/Altamonte to seek their assistance in repairing the fluid leak on the front of my truck After *****/Altamonte Springs was able to diagnose the problem with my truck and the manager did have the common decency and the courtesy to admit that they could not correct the problem. Instead the very competent, efficient, and hospitable manager did make a recommendation as to where I should take it. I accepted his recommendation and took my vehicle to Orlando Dodge. In addition to the problem with the Transmission Cooling Line, I also informed the Service Advisor, Mr. R********* that the glove box was not accessible. It was not damaged before turning it into ************** on 12/24/15. My owner's manual is in the Glove Box and I recall using it after returning from Jacksonville on 12/21/15. My truck remained parked in front of my home, almost exclusively from the time that I discovered ** had not corrected the fluid leak on 12/24/15 and nor was it corrected for the second time on 1/6/16.After the second failure of ************** I again parked my truck in front of my home and it remained there until I drove to *****/Altamonte Springs the morning of 1/11/16. Before driving to Orlando Dodge, I stopped by ************** and told him of this same problem and he asked why did I not come back to him. At that moment, I knew that I would not be returning to ** ever again. I arrived at Orl Dodge soon after leaving *****/Altamonte, at approximately 12-1 PM. I remained in the customer waiting area while they inspected my truck. Between 5-6PM, the service advisor informed me that they would be unable to repair my truck, so they gave me a courtesy car ride to my home. After numerous calls and phone consultations between 1/11/16-1/21/16 (11 days). The night of 1/21/16, I picked my truck up and charged my credit card in excess of $1400 in repairs, including a change of the "Radiator" ($282), replacing 2 Tube Oil, and labor which amounted to $1104 of the total cost of $1416.(Invoice is available for your review) The invoice is stamped "PAID, Jan 21, 2016" and also annotated with a statement, "24 month unlimited miles warranty on all parts and labor" and signed by the service advisor.
After arriving home, it was too dark to determine if the leaking fluid problem had been corrected. And when I checked the next morning, (1/22/16) the problem was still the same (leaking yellowish fluids).Called Orlando Dodge on 1/22, 1/23, or 1/24. Also, called on 2/6/16 and left messages with the service advisor as well as the Service Manager Left messages for Mr R********* to return my call. Departed for Georgia the morning of 1/25 to attend to unrelated business. Upon my return, I repeated calls to Mr R********* and Mr M******, Service Manager, before continuing the charade of trying to make sense of these unscrupulous individuals.
At that point in time, I decided that I had enough of this and made the decision to address this matter with the Chrysler Corporation. My case has been assigned to a Case Manager and he has made contact with me on several occasions. The most recent being this morning, 2/18/16 at 8:04 AM.
I informed him that I have turned my vehicle over to an independent repair facility that came highly recommended. The Case Mgr informed me that this was fine, but to let them know that they must use MOPAR parts on my truck. I called the repair facility and informed the Manager of this requirement.
My Case MGR also informed me several days ago that he was having problems with the maintenance staff, including the Service Mgr in returning his calls.
I have disputed these charges with my credit card company and they have given me until 2/23/16 to respond back.
I contacted the company that has possession of my truck now and informed them that the Glove Box has to be repaired also.

Desired Settlement
I just want these charges, ($1416.72) reversed from my credit card. Some types of sanctions or disciplinary actions taken against those responsible for this involved.
My credit card company (***** VISA) has given me a deadline of 2/23/16 to have this resolved after I submitted a dispute of these charges to them.
At my age, I should not have to go through this type of extreme hardships with these equally extremely difficult people.
Thank you.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Bryan M****** Service Mgr
Contact Phone: ************
Contact Email: **********************
Mr. ****** did have these repairs as listed on his Repair Order performed as authorized. The repairs were for the radiator replacement and for the 2 transmission cooler lines (oil tubes) as listed on the Repair Order.

On 2/26/16, Bryan M****** SM,Stew S**** GM and Ronnie R********* SA tried to contact customer by phone and Ronnie sent customer an e-mail. Awaiting customer reply to converse about the situation and work toward a resolution.

Bryan M******

Consumer Response
See Attacthment

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
No I do not accept Orlando's Dodge insulting response to reimburse $123.30 for the fraudulently repairs/labor that were done to my truck. I chose not to have further conversation or dealings with Mr. M******, after our conversation on 3/3/16, because I came away with a clear understanding that he was a character that I considered to be insincere as well as untrustworthy. Instead of going to ***** to fax documents to him, instead I took all additional documents to the BBB office on Grant St. in Longwood, Fl. I believed they were better suited and experienced in dealing with humans such as he. And to his assertion that "No clear answer was given" to his question of what was an agreeable resolution. I chose not to respond since I had not spoken to the person handling my dispute at my credit union (VISA), and he (M******) should have had a copy of all documents that were or would be given to the BBB. Including; the document dated 2/23/16 (TO MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY'S DISPUTE SPECIALIST) which has the following statement in bold print:
My vehicle should not be held hostage to the bogus "24 month unlimited miles warranty" because of this company's unscrupulous business dealings and their possible motivation to sabotage my vehicle if I had to return it for any reason. That would be akin to asking the fox to guard the chicken coop.
1. There is a value for this built into the $1400+ that they have charged my card.
2. Mr. M****** disregarded my comments about the radiator and other parts that were removed from my vehicle.
3. My credit card was charged $726.40 in labor charges and I am doubtful if any of those charges are valid. When my truck was returned to me, the condition that was present when it was presented to Orlando Dodge was still present WHEN IT WAS RETURNED TO ME after it was in their care for 11 days.
4. Have other consumers complained about this company (Orlando Dodge)and their unwillingness to exercise sound, fair, reasonable, and just business practices? If so, have these complaints been found to be justified?
5. Have complaints been made about their lack of "BASIC COURTESIES" in returning a customer phone calls after a vehicle has been with them for 11 days and $1400+ of possible bogus charges.
6. Because of their deceit and neglect of my vehicle, I am requesting a complete refund of all or most of these disputed charges.
7. My complaint and experience with Orlando Dodge should be broadcast on the local TV stations, so consumers (especially Senior Citizens)can avoid the unpleasant experience that I have endured.
8. In my e-mail response to Mr. R*********, dated 3/1/16, I included a statement at the end, which read as follows: "I felt confident that I would be treated "honorably" by a fellow VET!".
Does the BBB have special provisions for handling complaints by honorably discharged veterans? (27 yr U S Air Force veteran ***********


Final Business Response
As we go further through this process, I find it very unfortunate how Mr. ****** is viewing Bryan M******'s sincerity and willingness to attempt to make this situation right. The conversation was very civil. Bryan apologized for the concerns up to that point and was very sincere.
We also find it unfortunate that Mr. ****** would insinuate that we would sabotage any one of our customers' vehicles. This implication is grossly unfounded.
In reference to the warranty, it holds no customer hostage, as stated by Mr. ******, to any specific dealer. The customer is free to have any of the listed repairs done at any dealer. The Mopar part warranty is a nationwide 24 month/unlimited mileage warranty on the components listed by part number, on the repair order for defect in workmanship and/or part defects.
The parts removed from Mr. ******' vehicle would have been discarded unless otherwise requested by the customer to save.
Orlando Dodge and the aforementioned staff
will diligently continue to try to come to an agreeable resolution.

05/07/2015Problems with Product / Service

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