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Pinnacle Property Management, LLC

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2 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service1
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints2

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06/10/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

They did not notify me that they were sending my account to collections when they did it. And when asked today why I was told I was notified now.
I called in April after receiving a notice that my account was past due for HOA dues. I notified Pinnacle in April that I had been making monthly payments. I received a notice looking like its from Pinnacle in May that my account would be going to a collection agency if I didn't contact them. I called them again and spoke to ***** the Collection Agency Manager. She said that my account was actually sent in March and the other notices were from the collection agency. I asked if they sent me a notice about sending my account to collection agency before it was sent and I was rudely told no and that I was notified now. I asked to speak to her manager, which she said was the President *** *****. I am waiting for a callback, but cannot believe the attitude given to someone that is making continued payments to the company. I will make sure to also bring this up to the HOA in hopes to get their contract pulled.

Desired Settlement
I deserve an apology from ***** for the way she treated me and would like the collection reversed on my account.

Business Response
Pinnacle Property Management has represented the Homeowners Association where this "gentleman" lives for the last six years. In all of that time, Mr. ******* has been consistently delinquent in the payment of his assessments to the association.

In January of this year, the Board of Directors authorized the use of a third-party reminder service (at a greatly reduced cost from the legal fees incurred when delinquent accounts are turned over to the attorney) commonly referred to as an Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) solution. The service is administered by Pinnacle Property Management in an effort to assist the association with delinquencies.

The association requires homeowners pay their assessments semi-annually (February 15 & July 15) in the amount of $288.00.

On March 31, 2014, Mr. *******'s account was turned over to the ARM - Phase I - for a cost to him of $20.00. Mr. ******* was sent five notices during the month of April and while he did make two partial payments between April 2nd and May 7th, he failed to settle his account. At that time, his account progressed to Phase II of the reminder service in mid-May (incurring an additional $20.00 charge) and was sent two notices in May, culminating in a phone call to my office on May 27, 2014.

He called our office again on May 28th and when my Collections Manager, *****, attempted to explain the process to him, he became incensed and proceeded to scream obscenities at her ....ordering her to put her *Expletive Deleted* boss on the phone!... repeatedly! She eventually hung up the phone after being subjected to Mr. *******'s vulgar language.

Following company policy, my Collections Manager immediately emailed the Board of Directors informing them of this man's reprehensible behavior. At that time, the board agreed to suspend Mr. *******'s account providing consistent payments going forward.

My staff followed proper protocol in administering a late-payment policy for our client. Mr. *******'s behavior in this matter was extremely rude and offensive. If anyone in this scenario deserves an apology - it is my Collections Manager!

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The story that is being painted here is completely one sided and I bet it was written by the collections manager herself. The treatment I have received is un acceptable and seeing the response from this I look forward to the day that Pinnacle Property Management is no longer with my HOA. I will be contacting my HOA also about the treatment I am receiving.

Final Consumer Response
I have spoken with the owner of Pinnacle and I now feel that the issue is resolved.

***** *******

01/22/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Pinnacle does not provide *NY notification regarding fees specific to disputes. They do not respond to phone calls.
We had a dispute regarding the location of the Satellite dish which we agreed to mediation, prior to mediation Pinnacle assessed us $922.00 - at NO TIME prior to this were we told we would be paying for all of the legal fees for Pinnacle. The documentation we received from and the phone calls requested of us by the association attorneys informed us we would be paying 1/2 of the mediation. clearly we were not in a position to afford this so we moved removed the Dish and paid which we were told in writing was $922- that was October 15th- to date PINN*CLE has NEVER provided us documentation to support this and we were then charged additional fees to request from the *ttorney what the fees were, and an additional fee of $25. To date we still have no idea what for, if you call Pinnacle they do not return phone calls- I am in the business of dealing with HO* companies- this is by far the WORST management company I have ever dealt with because of **********. ********** has zero customer service skills and witnessing her in a board meeting where I was in attendance only confirmed what I had suspected. She has no professionalism in her conduct or appearance.

Desired Settlement
My goal in this is to inform others when seeking out management companies to warn them of what they will be signing up for if they select Pinnacle.

There are MANY MANY OTHER Companies that can do a much better job and provide HOA the support and advise they need

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: *****************, ****
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: *****
This response is being provided by *****************, ****, counsel for Biltmore Townhomes Community Association, Inc. ("Biltmore HOA") and Pinnacle Property Management ("Pinnacle"). I personally handled the dispute with the consumer and therefore, I have personal knowledge that every single allegation in her complaint is ****** complete fabrication. As I will more fully explain below, consumer's complaint is completely without merit and solely consists of defamatory and slanderous statements that are devoid of any truth whatsoever.

The dispute with the consumer arises from her installation of ****** satellite dish in ****** location prohibited by Biltmore's Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions. Prior to my involvement, the consumer received the following notices from Pinnacle: (1) May 26, 2011 - Courtesy Notice; cited for not receiving prior ARC approval, (2) June 28, 2011 - Second Notice; cited for not receiving prior ARC approval; (3) July 11, 2011 - Pinnacle received ARC application for placement of satellite dish, which was approved with the stipulation that satellite dish would be located on back of the house; (4) August 30, 2011 - Violation Notice; cited for not relocating dish to back of home per stipulation in ARC approval; (5) September 30, 2011 - Violation Notice; cited for not relocating dish as stipulation in ARC approval; (6) October 27, 2011 - Notice of Violation; (7) December 20, 2011 - Notice of Violation; Cited for not relocating dish as stipulation in ARC approval; (8) April 13,REDACT31*****@pwillislaw.com34REDACTday Demand Notice.

Prior to my involvement, consumer received notification on seven (7) separate occasions that Biltmore required her to relocate the satellite dish to the back of her house. Finally, when she refused to comply, Biltmore requested my firm to move forward with ****** covenant enforcement action against the consumer. On June 25, 2012, my firm sent the consumer ****** covenant enforcement letter. The letter warned the consumer that Pursuant to Section 720.305, Florida Statutes and Biltmore's Governing Documents that ****** claim for all attorneys' fees and costs incurred in enforcing the governing documents would be pursued against the Consumer. I also spent several hours on the phone with the consumer, including on June 28, 2012 (.8 hours) and on July 19, 2012 (1.2 hours) wherein I repeatedly warned consumer that she was going to incur Biltmore's attorney's fees in this dispute if she failed to abide by the HOA's simple request that she move the satellite dish to the back of her home. Instead of listening to reason, the consumer made false accusations of racial bias against Biltmore and Pinnacle. Accordingly, consumer's allegation of lack of notice of the disputed fees is totally without any merit and she only has herself to blame that she incurred Biltmore's attorneys' fees, which were necessitated solely by consumer's failure to voluntarily comply with the Biltmore's governing documents. On October 15, 2012, Consumer advised Biltmore that the satellite dish had been removed and thus, the violation had been cured. Consumer did not incur any attorneys' fees subsequent to the date that she notified my firm that the matter had been resolved.

Consumer's allegation that she never received any documentation supporting the attorneys' fees and costs she incurred is also patently false. On December 5, 2012, an attorney with my firm provided the consumer with an explanation of the attorneys' fees incurred to date. On December 6, 2012, consumer was provided with billing records from my office detailing all attorneys' fees and costs charged to her.

Finally, consumer's allegations that Pinnacle is unprofessional and didn't respond to her phone calls are also frivolous. Nancy Piazza, the Director of Operations with Pinnacle, timely responded to all of the consumer's emails or phone calls. Consumer was told that the board of director's would only discuss this matter further with her at ****** regularly noticed board meeting, per the requirements of Chapter 720, Florida Statutes (statute prohibits the association from discussing community business except at ****** noticed board meeting). I can only speculate that consumer somehow became confused and construed this as ****** refusal by Pinnacle to speak with her. Either way, her assertions that Pinnacle was unresponsive are blatantly false. My firm represents over 50 Condominiums and Homeowners Associations and I deal on ****** daily basis with numerous property managers. Pinnacle is hands down one of the very best property managers that my firm deals with. Pinnacle is extremely responsive, professional and does an exceptional job managing its client's communities. It should further be noted that Biltmore's entire board completely and utterly rejects consumer's attempts to slander Pinnacle. Upon receiving notification of consumer's complaint, Biltmore's president wrote ****** glowing letter of recommendation for Pinnacle which is available upon request to the BBB.

Consumer's behavior, including her baseless assertions of racial bias, her irrational refusal to voluntarily comply with Biltmore's governing documents and her complete misrepresentation of every single fact in her complaint indicates that the consumer has ****** tendency towards erratic behavior and that she is either incapable of accurately recalling events as they actually occurred or instead, is willfully attempting to mislead. Either way, her allegations are completely lacking in credibility and should be treated accordingly by the BBB.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This is ****** reply to Mr. ****** response on behalf of Pinnacle. My complaint was not to seek anything in this venue from Pinnacle but rather ****** review or warning to others seeking services by an management company and to warn them of the service that Pinnacle has provided.

Mr. ****** had 3 telephone conversations with myself and my husband AT HIS REQUEST and charged us without our knowledge as well as exchanged several emails.

Mr. ****** did not EVER meet with us nor visit and view where the satellite dish was located. It is against the law to prohibit the use of ****** satelite dish - the ONLY reason we did not continue this in ****** mediation type of scenerio which we were lead to beleive that we would be incurring "our" costs to try and amicably work out this disagreement. Had we been informed, we never would have engaged in any communication with Mr. ****** at all

Mr. ****** is ****** friend of ****** ****** the owner/manager of Pinnacle- If in fact Mr. ****** advised us that we would be paying all of the fees wouldn't that be in writing and provided to me as requested. Why would I not be provided accurate accounting and notification in ****** timely manner - and since I pay these to Pinnacle why would they STILL to this date not provide me with ****** detailed accounting as well as other fees.

There are 3 people on the board- 1 who I have known for years who sold me my townhome, the other lives across the street- the only one who I don't know is the President of the HOA who does not attend the meetings- the same person who wrote ****** "glowing review" the same person who at the last meeting when the budget was being approved who was not present and it was questioned rhetorically I presume why the President is not present at the extremely infrequent meetings (not monthly as most Management companies maintain)

I was making ****** formal request to meet with the board- Which was denied- I will attend the next board meeting whenever it is to be scheduled- I was advised it would be in January - yet it is the 6th and no date has been set yet.

Mr. ****** has chosen to make an allegation to my behavior based on my desire and right to challenge ****** ruling made by 2 people, and they have made it financially impossible for me at this time to do so.

Mr. ****** has made ****** nice bit of money at our expense. It is unfortunate that ****** from Pinnacle would not respond to the complaint, but rather have her Attorney friend make written slanderous accusation about my "behavior" when as I stated from the beginning my ONLY GOAL in this is to warn others of the experience with Pinnacle/****** ****** before entrusting the management of their communities to Pinnacle Management.

I have lived in communities that have had management companies my entire life - this would be the first one that I have ever had issue and this is the first one that I have lived in that is managed by Pinnacle.

Business' Final Response
This is ****** rebuttal to the consumer's reply. The consumer clearly does not grasp the fact that Pinnacle Property Management was simply acting as the agent of the homeowners association and that it was the association that was enforcing the deed restrictions against the consumer. The association has ****** duty to enforce the covenants and restrictions as they are written in the community's governing documents. When ****** homeowners association has to pursue ****** covenant enforcement case, per their governing documents and also Chapter 720, Florida Statutes, they are entitled to recover their attorneys' fees as the prevailing party. The consumer's contention that she never authorized any charges against the consumer completely misses the point. The consumer incurred the legal fees because her actions necessitated the legal action in the first place. As previously noted, once the consumer cured the non-compliance, the legal fees stopped accruing. Per the FCC's Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule, an HOA is allowed to restrict the placement of ****** satellite dish, i.e., require that it be placed on the back of the house, provided that ****** signal can still be obtained. Consumer's assertion to the contrary, like the rest of her assertions, is inaccurate.

It is very telling about the consumer that she is now also lashing out at members of the board in addition to Pinnacle Property Management. Contrary to her implications, the entire board authorized the covenant enforcement action against the consumer. Additionally, the entire board is also very happy with the exceptional work and services provided by Pinnacle Property Management. If consumer has any further concerns then she should raise them in person at the next board meeting of the association. Notices of board meetings are posted in the neighborhood at least 48 hours in advance per Chapter 720, Florida Statutes.

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.