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ProMag Energy Group A/C and Heating Inc. (Headquarters)

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41 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 9 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues5
Billing / Collection Issues2
Problems with Product / Service34
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints41

Additional Complaint Information

BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning multiple repair attempts being made to correct the same problem and unnecessary repairs are being suggested or done. Also, consumers are being contacted numerous times to set up maintenance appointments and have difficulty being removed from the call list.

BBB met with the company in July, 2014. In response to the pattern the company stated that due to logistics in regards to warranty fulfillment and home specific equipment that may be needed they cannot always repair and or service a home on the initial diagnostic trip. The company has hired a Quality Control Manager to ensure that consumers have one point of contact in these instances.

The company states they have a Telemarketing Manager to manage all their office in regards to customer data management to minimize the multiple calls to consumers once they have requested to be removed from the call list.

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Complaint Resolution Log (41)
01/27/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

See Attachment

The first weekend of November my a/c unit twice shut off and then restarted. On Tuesday, November
3rd, I called ProMag Energy Group. The technicians, Mike and Al arrived to check unit. When they
opened it, they found condensation had backed up. Mike told me that this can occur when a house
settles and causes a problem with the line. He said after he "cleared best as possible" he would suggest
a condensate pump at a cost of $1250.00. I told him that was a lot of money, but if needed, I would
have to put on my charge card.
Mario and Victor were the technicians that installed the pump. While in attic they found the 18-inch
duct was detached. Mario took picture and sent to ofce requesting a price to reattach. They said it
would be $700.00. On June 22, 2010, they repaired the same duct for $300.00. I informed Mario and he
advised me to call the ofce. I did not authorize repair and did make the call. After Mario and Victor
left, I found that the pump was installed in such a way that I could not open access panel to remove and
clean lter. This was an issue I told office about when I called about duct repair. It was after my fourth
call that Ken sent Al to move pump.
I called another company about the duct repair. They installed 20 feet of new duct with 3 collars for
$275.00 instead of the $700 quoted by ProMag. I asked their techs to check the drain line. They used
vacuum from outside and did not detect any blockage. I could feel suction on my hand along the line
from inside the garage. They questioned whether the condensate pump was indeed needed. It was also
their opinion that the $1250 was excessive.
Being concerned about cost of $1250, I found the retail price of the ********************************
pump to be $86 and can be purchased online for less. The housing on the pump is thin black plastic. We
believe the $1250 cost to be exorbitant. When discussing this with ProMag manager, Ken, I asked him
to provide me with arrival and departure time for initial visit, along with method for clearing line. He
informed me that they have a flat fee schedule and don't break down by parts and labor. He said they
are a large company with high overhead. He advised that he has been in the business for many years
and with other companies. I-Ie said some of the other companies could charge as much as $1800-$1900
for the same work.
I have called ProMag to express my displeasure. On December 14"' I again talked with Ken. He said he
would discuss the matter with Mike and either call me personally or have Mike call me about whether
the pump was actually needed. So far, no return call. I have trusted them in the past, but no longer do
I would suggest getting a second opinion for anyone considering work done by ProMag Energy Group.

Business Response
Promag Energy Group and Ms. ********* came to an agreement and Promag will refund Ms. ********* $150.00 and she agree to remove complaint from BBB stating that she was satisfy with the end results along with the refund

Consumer Response
From: ************************************************
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2016 5:42 PM
To: ***************************
Subject: ProMag Energy Group Case #********

After addressing my complaint, ProMag Energy issued a refund check of $150.00 and both sides consider the issue closed. Thank you for your prompt attention to my complaint. ****** *********

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11/13/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

From: **************************************
Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 2:21 PM
To: **********************************
Subject: Consumer complaint

My name:
Orlando fl, 32828
Cel: ************

Company name:
Promag energy group a/c & heating, inc.
3300 37th street
Orlando, Florida 32839
Office: ************
Fax: ************
Fl lic. Number *********

On September 4, 2015 Promag had sent a technician out named Mike due to my air conditioner was not cooling. He entered my house and went up stairs to where my inside air handler is I went with him. He opened up the top panel and said look there is your problem look at the mold this is what's wrong your gonna need a whole new unit inside and out with out looking at the out side unit yet. He then said he needs to go look at the out side unit. He never ran a diagnostic check on anything. I never left his sight while we were outside he said the compressor is shot a new compressor will cost me $2,200.00. Then he said let me try something he's gonna put a hard start kit on it and try to jump start it never explaining or asked me if that was okay. And again no price was discussed.
I had asked him several times that I need to know what's wrong and how much before he does anything. He then went to his truck to get Gage's to check for a puron leak, he said I had a leak. Why would you first fill a unit that's completely broke down and not gonna work. So not only did he put puron in it he says to me before he started don't yell at him or get upset with what he's about to do. He unscrews the blue line several times blowing puron it into the air while adding new puron to recycle the old out while putting new puron in. It was 410A puron which is not safe for the environment but safer than the old R22 puron either way it's illegal. So still no cost discussed it did not need puron nor a hard start kit if my unit was shot. He mislead me me to believe that he was running a test on the unit not that I was purchasing a part or paying for puron that was useless. So I asked again what needs to be done exactly and how much he said he did it he put a hard start kit on??? He never check to see if the unit was working outside with the kit nor did he go in the house and check the temp to see if it was going down nor did he ever check once the thermostat at all!!
I then asked well how much
Did I owe him on top of the $55.00 dollar trip charge and $55.00 for the diagnostic check I just wanted him gone.
He said it was $695.00 minus the trip and diagnostic
So I owed hi $585.00.
For what I asked the hard start kit is a $40 part and not necessary and nothing was discussed ever as far as what I exactly would need he was very evasive and dishonest. All he wanted to do was give me a price on a whole new inside and outside unit. I had no way to pay that kind of money at that time nor did I want to I knew I had been taken advantage of, so I asked if he could follow me to my bank and I paid in cash and singed off on my paper work in the bank parking lot I was afraid to not comply seeing I was by myself.

What would satisfy my
complaint :
What would satisfy my complaint is for them to come pick up their $40 dollar part that was not necessary and dishonest and to be reimbursed $530.00 dollars of my $585.00. I have no problem if they keep their $55 dollars for their trip charge.

Thank you,

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Business Response
To whom it my concern, the technician Mike N. arrived on site and immediately checked t-stat and open Air Handler cabinet and found very rusty Evap, coil and found biological growth and customer was with the technician every step of the way. Immediately checked low voltage to make sure Air Handler is calling for cool to outside condenser, turned t-stat off, leaked checked Evap, coil no leaks found, turned t-stat back on, bypassed delay went outside to condenser, system was calling for cool, found bad capacitor.
Suggested to customer an Hard start kit and customer agree to have it install and stated she needs the A/C working because she had a wedding she stated she has a friend that works with *************** and her husband also.
(Customer did signed invoice agreeing with price and signed for work to be done)
Installed Hard start kit, ran amp draw on compressor found very high amp draw on cycle, explained to the customer that not sure as to how long the compressor will run for, which is all written in the invoice. Customer said again that she just needed it for the weekend and her friend that works for ******* will install the compressor for $1000.00.
System was found low on puron upon recharged, system had excessively high head pressures, bleed head pressures down so system can cool. Explained to the customer her options.
Option #1 Replacement of compressor
Option #2 replacement of system
Customer again stated she has her friend to install compressor of new system.
Closed system up went inside home turned t-stat on to 78 degrees, customer then stated she had no money in the home and she had to go to the bank and the technician followed her and customer paid.
Got a callback 4 hours later and customers husband was home, system was done, customer did not allow to check the system because they were going out to dinner.
Customers husband wanted to purchased a new system from us but the wife stated that the technicians from ******* where coming to install compressor.
Everything is stated on our invoice and the technician left the home.
Customer was very rude with employee's in the office they're for the owner gave her a refund of $100.00.

Consumer Response
From: **************************************
Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 12:20 AM
To: **********************************
Subject: BBB case#: ********

This is in reference to Promags response to my complaint. As I stated in my original complaint Mike N. Came in our home went straight up stairs looked at the top of the handler where there was a little mold and states there is your problem I can already tell your gonna need a new unit.
He then opens up the top plate sees a little more mold (biological growth). Never looking at the outdoor unit never checked the voltage never checked the t-stat.
He did check for leaks none upstairs but he says I have a leak outside. So why put Puron in a unit that has a leak??
But they claim I had no leaks. Please refer to their invoice.
Again never went anywhere near the t-stat never bypassed delay.
They claim again he found a bad capacitor?? That's news to me I was told it was the compressor that was bad exact words it's shot! Please refer back to their invoice it states 2 times The Compressor.
So where it clearly states on the invoice compressor over amp on start up and run just means The amps were to high so it won't run. So if the compressor is completely shot then a hard start kit won't work. It never ran before during or after his visit. And again no mention of a capacitor. No hard start kit was mentioned he just stated he wanted to try something. I then asked when he started to hook up a silver cylinder what was he doing his reply was its like a jump starter to see if it turns on.
Never said the words hard start kit nor that that would be a part that I later would be paying for. When I asked continuously to please let me know if I would need any parts first and the cost of the parts. I never stated I had a wedding to go to and how is that relevant to this complaint?
I never stated having any friends or knowing anyone in the a/c business nor did my husband. ******* is who we usually use for services. They were not able to come out for 2 days. I can provide a statement from them if needed.
I never signed or even saw any paper work or invoice until after I handed mike the cash at my bank. That was the first and only time I saw it. As I have stated in my original complaint my outside unit never ran before during or after he left. I followed him around and did not leave his side and continuously stated I need to know if I need parts and how much it will cost before any work is done. It was not told to me one time until he was all done.
Why would anyone request that they just need air for the weekend?? Common sense call an a/c company to come out assess the problem give you an explanation of repair or replacement and a price of what ever the problem may be. So the home owner can decide what they wanna do.
I find their whole reply to be very dishonest, unprofessional, contradictions and to many inconsistencies.
Again we do not & never had any friends who work for airflow and the $1000.00 stated in their reply Was never said at all.
As I stated again in my original statement why put puron in a unit that's shot and has a leak? Why put a hard start kit on if the compressor is completely shot?
Again he stats we need a new unit and it will cost us $2,200.00 dollars. Hard start kit?? Puron??
The dishonest & unprofessional non service that was presented is why I have filed this complaint to begin with it's the principle of it and why was it $585.00 for what.
So the total explained to me was
$695.00 minus the $55 for the trip charge $55 for the diagnostic fee which was never done.
That made my total $585.00
So what exactly cost $585.00
A hard start kit cost anywhere from $12 - $50 dollars.
In which it never would have worked and did not work seeing that my compressor was completely shot per the technician. Not my capacitor that they stated in their complaint, Please note on their invoice it states the word compressor 2 times not capacitor?.
Again they contradicted themselves very dishonest again.
Their statement contradicts their invoice that they want you to refer too.
And yes my husband did call back as soon as he got home from work we are an unhappy customer. Mike N. and another technician came out they stated we did not allow them to check the unit due to we were going to dinner is false. My husband walked in the back yard with them to the unit they did check it they spoke for a little bit I went around the corner and my husband said we need a new unit I said then they need to apply the $585.00 towards the new unit. Mike N. Replied they can do that. They all came back we stood in our garage we did not care about going out to dinner that was not what was important. The other technician wrote us out a quote for a Goodman for $6,200.00.
I have a copy of that quote. We said we would talk about it it was late and asked what's the fastest they could install it he said the next day and we then parted ways.
My husband then called their office right after they left he asked to speak to the owner the gentleman on the phone stated he was his son he will give him the message said its Labor Day weekend he's gone I'll have him call you Tuesday sept 8th.
Sept 8th - no call back
Friday sept 11th my husband made another call to the owner same thing he was gone he will call back on Monday sept 14th.
Monday sept 14th - no call back
Tuesday sept 15th I received a call on my cel phone early a.m. from a female in the office she was letting me know that she will be mailing a check out for $100.00 dollars. I stated that was not acceptable and the owner did not call my husband and he would never agree to $100 dollars. She proceeded to put me on speaker Underhandedly thinking I wouldn't notice I was explaining why I'm not agreeing to that and then the technician Mike N. Started to talk to me calling me a liar very unprofessional they were very rude to me.
So again please refer back to their statement at the very end where it states. Me the customer was very rude with employee's there for the owner gave me a refund of $100 dollars.
They called me and that was the very first thing that was said to me before any discussion ever took place. So I'm just saying if I was only receiving $100.00 due to being rude that's a dishonest statement.
We don't accept the check did not agree to it and will not cash it. Until this matter is settled reasonably and a proper check is Issued for $530.00 dollars.

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Final Business Response
To whom it my concern, both parties have come to an agreement and customer is satisfy.

Final Consumer Response
From: **************************************
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2015 2:12 PM
Subject: Re: Case ID ********

Dear Ms. **********,
I'm writing you to let you know that Promag had hand delivered to me a check today on November 12th, 2015 at 10:00 a.m.
And in return I handed back to them their $100 dollar check. I then proceeded to sign an agreement that they had typed up that both parties have come to an amicable settlement.
I then proceeded to cash the check at their bank to avoid any more problems.
Thank you for all your help.

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11/10/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Promag Energy Group refuses to do the right thing and put in a system that is sized correctly for its environment .
I paid $4600 for a new AC unit in June of 2015 and it has not cooled the environment since the time of install. No heat load test was ever preformed to determine the correct size unit. The company just guessed by using square footage as a reference. The system had multiple leaks since the day it was installed. They finally had a technician reinstall the lines from the inside unit to the outside unit to get rid of all the leaks. The tech (Patrick) that fixed those leaks said he needed to come back the following day to adjust the system to the right pressures. I waited a couple of weeks because i was ill and called Promag to ask why he never came back. They said he was no longer with the company. They then told me another tech was going to come out and address the issues with the system not cooling the environment. That tech showed up two days later and said that he felt the system was undersized for the building and that the liquid line dryer was plugged up because of junk , moisture and trash in the system and that i should not be running the system until it was fixed. I received a phone call, on my cell phone, from Promag while he was there and they asked to talk to their tech. He was told by the Cocoa office to leave my job and go to a job in Melbourne immediately to take out a system for a new installation. I waited 48 hours for Promag to contact me and they did not. On Sept 21 , 2015 a tech named Colton came out to address the problems. He informed me that he felt that the system was undersized for the environment and it needed a bigger system. He then called the owner (J.D.) while on my property and reported to me that the owner told him that they were going to have a meeting in the Cocoa office with Colton, J.D. and Stephen of the Cocoa office management on 9/22/2015 and come up with a game plan to resolve the outstanding issues with my system and i would have an answer but the end of the business day of 9/22/15. I never received a call and called the Cocoa office on 9/23/15 and talked to Megan. I asked why i had heard nothing about resolving my issues and i wanted to know what the outcome of the meeting was. Megan told me that she knew nothing about it and would have to call JD. I waited for 48 hours and heard nothing back from Megan. On 9/28/15 i called the Cocoa office and asked Megan what was going on with resolving this issue once and for all and asked why she never called me back. She said she had to check with JD and would call me back. I heard nothing. I called Megan on 9/29/15 and asked what was going on. I was told by Megan that she needed to call JD to find out. Megan called me back within 10 mins and told me that JD said he would put the correct size system in for an additional $2500. I told Megan that would never happen and i will seek help from other agencies and ended the call. I then called Megan back and asked her if she could please print all invoices for my system since the date of install. She agreed and i told her i was on my way to get them. About 5 mins later Megan called me and told me that she was told by Stephen , the Cocoa office manager, NOT to release any documentation concerning my system until it was approved by JD himself. I have been told by Megan and multiple techs that JD was going to call me and talk over the resolution with me. I texted JD on 9/28/15 and have never received a response. JD has never once called me and it certainly appears that he has no interest in doing whats right to resolve the issues other than attempt to get me to agree to giving him another $2500. I feel, at this point, that i have no other option than to reach out for help from other agencies to get Promag Energy Group interested in resolving these issues. Im disabled and my social security disability income won't allow me to pay JD another $2500 for something that his company is responsible for making right .

Desired Settlement
Either refund me the $4600.00 and take this undersized system out or install a system that is sized correctly for the environment that its in, at no cost to me. I relied on Promag Energy Group to be knowledgable and professional enough to size the system correctly during the sale. No heat load test has ever been preformed to know the correct size for the heat load on this building. To date the system they installed has had multiple leaks and the sealed system has been open to the external environment multiple times. The techs that have worked on it did not follow standard industry practices for soldering and evacuation of the system during repairs. Not one single time did any of their techs run nitrogen through the lines during silver soldering causing flaking of the copper on the inside of the lines.
I have the old lines that were removed by Andrew to prove this. I overheard JD tell Bill, a Promag tech, "thats the worst install i have ever seen". That was after Bill had sent pictures of the original install to JD. I heard Bill tell JD that the system seems to be undersized for its environment. I also heard JD tell Bill that he would do whatever it took to make it right. Interestingly, that has never happened. Its just seems like empty talk to me considering the track record. Donnie, a promag technician heated the condensing unit combo valve multiple times with no heat barrier of any kind to protect the valve from heat. Their techs have used the compressor in the condensing unit to pull the system into a vacuum instead of a vacuum pump ( which they had in their truck ). This is not an acceptable industry standard practice and is very hard on the compressor and can lead to early compressor failure. Andrew from promag replaced the liquid line drier after he replaced the line set because of the sloppy install. And after only 8 hours of run time, the drier is restricted and plugged. This could only have happened this quickly from the shoddy installation practices of soldering with no nitrogen running through the system hence causing flaking of the copper on the inside of the lines which gets trapped in the drier. Also the system had 2 leaks in the suction line for over 2 weeks before Andrew finally fixed them. During that time, there is no way to tell how much moisture was allowed to enter the hermetically sealed system. The restricted drier on a brand new system tells the story. If you look at all the events of sloppy installation and service practices since this system has been installed, its easy to see that this system has a bleak future. Not to mention that it will not cool its environment any lower than 80 degrees, never satisfying the thermostat and running non stop. All i want is Promag to make this right, install the correct sized system and make sure its done professionally and use standard industry practices. Im tired of hearing empty promises and " i have to call JD, I will call you back ", and never hearing back from them. Its sad that its had to come to a point that I'm composing this complaint. I feel that after 4 months, its not going to be resolved any other way.

Business Response
The owner of the company went to the customer's home and made the repairs necessary and fix the problem, a new invoice was made and MR. ********* sign and was satisfy with work completed.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Thats about the boldest lie i have heard from a business owner.
I absolutely received no invoice, did not get any documentation, absolutely signed NOTHING and absolutely did not say i was satisfied in ANY WAY. I challenge Promag to produce any such document as it would be forged if it has my signature on it.

Yes, JD came to my home. Yes he found 2 leaks on the outside unit. But, he also said that it could have been leaking on the inside unit and he didn't know. He also waited to come to my home until there was next to no heat load on the building because it was in the morning and fall is here and its cool outside. I have been trying to get him to respond to this mess of an install since June of this year when it was installed. He now only responded because of the complaint he received from the BBB and a letter that Promag received from ****************************************************** dated 10-1-2015.

While here on 10-9-15 , JD the owner, admitted that he had no quality technicians currently. He also stated that he would put in writing this week , Oct 12-17, that he would stand behind this installation next year if the heat load was too great for the system he installed and he would make it right. Per my invoices, this will not be a viable option as it has already been proven and documented that they system is incapable of cooling the heat load of its environment. I have heard nothing from him as of this writing and honestly don't expect to. Their track record has been deplorable so far and I'm sick and tired of lies like their response they sent today.

He sent his top troubleshooter out here on 10-1-2015, John M*****, to analyze the problem and i have an invoice from him stating that the system is undersized for the environment , heat load and that it can't handle the heat of the summer . I also have an invoice from 7-19-2015 stating that the system is undersized for the heat load, no heat load test was done prior to sale and states that the tech called JD from my home and that JD told him "We will fix it and if system was still not properly cooling we will replace 4 ton with a 5 ton 16 seer Rheem at no extra cost to customer " . This is all documented.

It is shocking to me that JD would come out here and leave with the comment that it could still be leaking on the inside. I have completely had it with this type of business ethic. I will include invoice copies with this response. It appears that this boils down to the fact that this system was undersized during the sale, JD knows that its not going to be able to compete with the heat load of the Florida summers and he does not want to stand behind what my invoices states. Its like asking the same question until you get the answer that JD wants to hear. And when his technicians have documented the resolution, he ignores his own words on the invoice and decides to provide "JD's" answer that complies with Promag having escaped a failed sizing during the sale.

His statement that he currently has no quality technicians is not my burden to bear. I was told, during the sale, that the system was the correct size and i have paid in full. Since the installation, there has not been a single time that it has been able to cool the building during the dog days of summer. It can't even satisfy the thermostat at a cooling setting of 80 degrees. This has been witnessed by more than one of his technicians. His technicians have documented it, his best troubleshooter with 30+ years of experience ( John M***** ) has documented it and i have had to endure its lack of performance since the day it was installed.

Please just look at their response. Does that look remotely professional to you ? Is this how you or anyone would like the " Owner " of a business to handle the response on such a problem install that has a 5 month trouble history ? That type of blasé response is what i have been dealing with since day one of the install and i have had it.

Im infuriated that their response states that i have agreed to the repair, i have signed an invoice and that i have a copy of said invoice. JD coming out here on a cool day in the morning, ignoring his best troubleshooter with 30+ years experience and leaving with a comment that it could still be leaking on the inside unit, clearly represents his intentions of how he is going to handle this problem. He continues to try and get out of doing the right thing. He admits that they guess at the load by using a 1980's formula of 600 square feet per ton is good enough for figuring how the system will handle the heat load. That is absolutely not a standard industry practice. Standard practice is having a heat load test done to accurately determine what the actual BTU requirement is for the specific environment.

I stand on my original response and i either want Promag to remove this system and refund me $4600.00 or come out and do EXACTLY what JD agreed to on my invoice, replace the system with a NEW not used , 5 ton 16 seer Rheem unit. Anything other than that i will not agree to. I will not even accept an offer to address it next summer when the heat load is extreme on the building.

I shall proceed with filing complaints with the Florida Attorney General and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, I know that Promag has been fined by the FDBPR in the past and may be the reason that JD the " Owner " of Promag is not the contracting license holder for Promag energy group. I don't really why he does not hold the license. JD actually had the gall to say to me " if it won't cool when it gets real hot out, you have warranty ". ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?

JD left on 10-9-15 disgusted and in a hurry to get to another job. I have heard nothing from him or any of his employees since. Nor have i received an invoice stating that he would replace it with a bigger system if it didn't cool the building next summer, though i already have an invoice stating such and documentation that it currently cannot cool the heat load presented to it during the summer of 2015.

Thats what i have been dealing with and I'm completely done...

Either remove the current system and refund my $4600.00 or replace it with a brand new 5 ton 16 seer Rheem system at no cost to me.

Please ask Promag Energy group to provide me with the invoice that i signed on 10-9-15 for JD.
See attachments

Final Business Response
To whom it my concern, We Promag went to Mr. ********* and gave a refund of $4600.00 and removed all of our supplies, customer agree to the terms, all was taken care of and Mr.********* is satisfy.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

09/15/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Installation of complete new HVAC system in Sept of 2014 has never been stable. Countless service follow-ups and part replacements.system still broke
9/16/2014. I signed a contract with ProMag Energy Group for a complete HVAC replacement. The sales associate was James.
Total contract amount was $13,959. $4000 was charged to a personal credit card and the rest as financed thru their provided lender.

Over the next several days new condenser (model************* s/n **********), new variable speed blower (model ************ s/n **********) and a-coil (model ********** s/n***********) and new 4-zone zoning board.
Installation and integration with the zone board took several days. Each day new techs and frequent wiring changes between the condenser, air handler, zone board, and thermostats. They finally sent a tech who seemed familiar with zoning boards (Andy). He was very thorough and made fixes and part changes that showed the most positive results. New wireless thermostat were eventually installed and the system functioned properly cooling the house.
Problems stated in winter when the system was changed over to heat. The system would run for a few moments producing heat, but the heat pump would cut out after approx. 5 min and then re-engage a few minutes later. After 4-5 cycles the condenser would lock up and no longer engage.
Several more tech visits(mainly Andy) resulted in a new zoning board installed to match the same vendor as the thermostats (carrier). Issue was still not resolved. Pressures were checked on the condenser and significantly more Freon was in the system than should be. Technician (Andy) bled excess off into a 5-gal bucket. Heating issues were resolved for the remainder of the winter.
When A/C was needed again Feb/Mar. I began to hear a banging noise coming from the condenser. This was mentioned to tech during the routine maintenance visit 3/20/15 but the issue was not re-producible.
By June the noise was consistently happening and another service request was made. Tech came out on 6/23/15 and diagnosed the problem as a bent plate in the compressor causing issues regulating pressure. New compressor was ordered.
7/8/15 new compressor was installed (by Andy) and system was flushed and triple evaluation performed.
Between 7/8 and 8/4 the condenser locked up >6 times with a high pressure fault. System would not cool until the entire system was powered down at the breaker and restarted.
7/19 service visit tested pressure and no issue found.
8/3 service visit detailed diag performed(by Ryan). Tech recommended running more zones at the same time. Zones were reprogrammed to keep certain zone cooler over night-time hours. Issues found with improper wiring of the condenser fan wiring. Wires controlling the variable speeds were poorly connected and/or not making contact at all. I demonstrated that the fan was not starting at same time as the compressor..lagging by more than a minute at time. After the re-wiring the lag was reduced to 15-25secs.
8/4 system locked up again. Condensor not starting at all. Issue observed at 3am. 3 zones were calling for cool and condenser was not running. All 3 zones were at or within 1 degree of the programmed temp.

Desired Settlement
I have been more than patient with ProMag to allow them to install what was promised and correct issues with that installation.
I have no confidence in the quality of the equipment in my home. I see no hope that I should get 15-20 yrs of worry-free operation from the system. I cannot go a week without issue now.

I want a full refund of my purchase price. ProMag can come take whatever components they want for parts or salvage.

Business Response
We are working to resolve the problem with the customer.

Consumer Response
System has been running very well since last parts were replaced.

I experimented with several options to address the moisture issues. Ultimately I was able to stop the moisture issues by applying some additional duct tape along some of the seams.

I do not have any moisture leaking out of the air handlers. I will still get some small water pooling outside but that is from condensation forming on the outside of the unit and running down. As the humidity levels drop in the garage so does the sweating.

I had information ProMag and told them all my current issues are resolved.

05/06/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Poor service on fixing an installation problem. Office is very nice in getting service for a quick fix but the larger issue (Leak in the system) is brushed under the rug and tosses aside a thorn in their side.
Product_Or_Service: Air conditioning and heating system
Account_Number: 9154

Desired Settlement
The manufacturer to force their dealer to step up and meet the obligation of the contract with the installer *******

Business Response
We are putting in a new line set today at no charge this resolve Mr.***** issues.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

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08/22/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Purchased a brand new Rudd system from ProMag. Found out that system was not working and they are not repairing the new system they installed.
I purchased a new Rudd 2 ton 14SEER system from ProMag after Mike and Frank encouraged me that I was making the right decision. Told me that my card would be charged only after installation and that they could pull permit and install on the same day. I went ahead and signed the contract. Install was done same day, though upon me asking the installer (Hector) about the permit, he said Mike was taking care of it. All of this took place on June 23, 2016. The system was left running after installation and temperature was set at 76 (while the thermostat showed a temp of 80). Came in next morning and the temperature had not dropped below 79. Also, the UV light was not installed as per the contract. Called Mike and he said someone would come in that day and UV light would be installed at the same time. After waiting around for a call, I called again after 5 hours and was only getting voicemail. Called the office on June 25 and was told that someone would be in that day in the afternoon around 3pm. Technician Al did not show up until past 9pm and then said it was too dark to be able to do anything. So I had to reschedule for Sunday morning so that he could come in and figure out what the problem was. After 2 hours of checking the system out, Al concluded that the AC Coil was faulty and needed replacing. Al even got the approval after speaking to the owner of the company and I was told someone would be in on Monday (June 27) with the part. Mike shows up on Monday with no part and says he has to double check all of the work Al did and does some additional checks in which he also concludes the AC Coil is faulty. I am told that the part will be replaced later in the week. Technicians from the company show up twice with no prior call to inform me that they are going to be there. When technician finally comes in on Friday, July 1 and replaces a heat component and does not do anything to the AC coil. Brand new AC system that I have paid for is still non-functional and the UV light is still not installed. Company has not been very receptive about getting the system in working order and charged my card without installation being complete (as per their contract, it states that card will not be charged until install is complete). I have been constantly chasing them to get this resolved and fixed.

It as been over 2 weeks since install and I still do not have a working AC. Nor have any permits been presented to me for the installation of the unit.

Desired Settlement
I would like to be compensated for the constant delay in addressing this problem and them not installing a proper working air conditioning system. I would like for the work to be completed as per the contract.

Business Response
I have reviewed all the details of Mr. ******'s complaint. The situation is as follows. Mr. ****** has a leak in his copper lineset. He was made aware of this some time ago and has not to this date corrected the issue. due to the fact he has run the a/c unit consistently without any refrigerant in the system he has burned up the compressor to his brand new unit. Which is equivalent to running a vehicle without oil. I did however after receipt of Mr. ******s complaint dispatched a tech once again to confirm previous findings. which have been confirmed. ProMag Energy group has no problem replacing the compressor under warranty at no charge to Mr. ****** even though it is not a manufacturer defect. But the unit will not cool until Mr. ****** addresses the issue with the lineset. through whatever company he may choose. until then replacing the compressor is useless as it will just burn up again. manufacturer warranties are in place to cover factory defects. The manufacturer has the right to deny replacement warranty parts that fail due to negligence. even knowing this information. We will replace Mr. ******s compressor at no charge to him and we will absorb the risk if the manufacturer denies the warranty claim. in reference to Mr. ******s permitting issue. The application has been submitted and we are waiting for the Orange County building department to issue final permit. which by their own admission they are way behind on issuing them. which is no fault of our own.

07/05/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Rip off
I have had nothing but trouble with my new a/c unit and I also paid for them to spray my duct work to seal it from mold and they only painted the vent so I was robbed as you can see it was never done. The compressor was replaced and other parts ,I phoned them today at 12:30 as my unit stop again and they just came at 7:00 and just put in freon and charged me $315.00 that's insane. I have had nothing but trouble with this, it should fall under the lemon law.I believe I am being ripped is under Warranty for 6 more yrs. They have repaird it a bunch of times and charged me for it.

Desired Settlement
I should not have to pay for repairs for a new unit that keeps breaking down and for service I paid for that wasn't never finished.
There were two kids working on it and they did nothing,they just wanted to finish and leave. And the coating of the ducts was never done.

Business Response
we are sorry to hear that one of our consumers is unhappy with their air conditioning unit and have no problem working with Mr. ********** to resolve any issues he may have. In response to Mr. **********'s complaint. His duct cleaning was included with his install at no additional charge and completed within company guidelines. Based on Mr. **********s complaint it would appear the majority of the issues revolve around the air conditioning manufacturer as opposed to our company. We have responded with service every time we have received a call from Mr. ********** in order to assist him and would be more than happy to continue to do so. However warranties do not cover Service call and/or Diagnostic charges however after researching Mr. **********s records we have gone out to his home several times at no charge. We however understand Mr. **********s frustration and appreciate his business. Even though we are not responsible as a company for the the production of the air conditioning unit. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr ********** for his business and offer him a $100.00 refund for services rendered.

02/29/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Dear Better Business Bureau Agent,
Enclosed you will nd a copy of my ****************************** Air Conditioner unit dated Decemher
9, 2014, purchased from ProMag Energy, 3300 37"' Street, Orlando, Florida 32839. This I paid in full
using my American Express credit card. The payment was for the unit (and a ten year parts and labor
warranty contract that was an extra charge also included in this contract).
Last September 2015 there was a very loud noise coming from the unit. I shut off the unit and called
ProMag Energy for a technician. This was mid-morning and the temperature was in the high 90's. They
promised to send out a technician that very afternoon. I waited all day, in that heat, for them to come
x the unit. By late afternoon they hadn't come yet, I called the ofce and was told they were scheduled
to come. when evening came and still "no" show. I called the ofce again, yes they would be there
soon. Finally about seven PM the technician, Mike, arrived. The technician said that critters got into the
unit causing the noise. He cleaned the unit and the noise stopped.
Mike, the technician, wanted money for the service call. I was upset as I felt this service call came under
the "parts and labor warranty". Apparently not. Mike and I argued, then he left angry, saying he wasn't
charging me anything. I thought the dispute was settled. I never received a bill for this charge.
Sometime later, someone from the ofce called to schedule a service check per the contract agreement.
This, I agreed to pay, but the problem was they never came nor did they call to let me know they
weren't coming. I waited all day for them to call or come. So the next day I called the ofce for an
explanation. I was told by the ofce secretary, Sophia, that according to Mike, the technician, I had
swore at him on the previous call when we had the dispute. l admit I was angry after spending 8-9
hours in a house with 95 degree heat worrying if they would ever show up to x the unit. I disputed the
service call charge as I thought the charge came under the "parts and labor" contract that I had paid the
extra for a ten year warranty on parts and labor when I paid for the unit. He said the service call fee
wasn't covered in the original contract. Then he left in a huff before I could wn'te him a check. My
question is' "why didn't they call me, or tell me about this bill before they scheduled the
appointmenti-I?" Instead of another "no show"???
Again, sometime later I received another call to schedule a service check. And, again, it was a "no show"
and no call to explain they were not coming. Next day when I called the ofce, I was told the reason they
did not come was because when Mike came the rst time he said l swore at him and kicked him out.
None of this is true, he left on his own accord in a huff.

Business Response
This would appear to be a misunderstanding between Mrs. **** and our office. Mrs. **** did purchase an air conditioning system from us which did include a 10 year parts and labor warranty. Mrs. **** did call our office in September of 2015 due to her unit making a noise. We typically charge a $55 service call fee and a $55 diagnostic fee which we waive if the customer moves forward with any suggested repairs. Due to the age of the unit, we only charged Mrs. **** a $55 service fee. Which she refused to pay due to the fact she felt the service call fee should fall under her parts and labor warranty, after the technician discovered the noise she was referring to was frogs which got stuck between the fan blades on her outside unit. There was nothing mechanically wrong with her system. When Mrs. **** requested her PM check up for $59.95 she was informed she has an outstanding balance of $55 and that we would not run the call until her balance from the previous call was paid off. It does not make good business sense to continuously go to a customers home whom is not willing to pay for the services performed. I was finally able to speak to Mrs. **** and it was my understanding this situation was rectified. I explained to Mrs. **** that service call fees were not included in a parts and labor warranty that covers all parts and any labor involved replacing any parts on the inside and/or outside unit. I even went the extra step of waiving the $55 charge that Mrs. **** owed for her last visit. The conversation was left that Mrs. **** was going to call back to schedule her Preventative maintenance. So I am unsure why Mrs. **** would be writing this letter. The facts of the situation are we honored our appointment. The cost of the visit was reduced from $110 to $55 at the time of the call. She did not pay the $55 fee whether she felt like she should or not. There was nothing wrong with the unit upon arrival or departure. Mrs. **** did call us to schedule her preventive maintenance for $59.95 after the service call and it was explained to Mrs. **** we would not feel comfortable running her a maintenance while she still owed us money from a previous one. From a customer service standpoint I waived the $55 fee Mrs. **** owed he company even though she legitimately owed it. It is the companies belief we have gone above and beyond for Mrs. **** based on the situation and we would be more than happy to continue to service her air conditioning system.

01/26/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I contacted ProMag for service on my Air Conditioning. The service representative lied to me several times about my system.
On 05-20-15 I contacted ProMag for service on my Air Conditioning because it was not maintaining the desired temperature. A black service man named Scooter arrived and proceeded to check my system. I noticed early in the process that he more interested in increasing sales than he was in servicing my system. He lied to me several times about my system.

First he told me that my system was more than 10 years old. My system is only 6 years old.

Second he told me that my system needed to be replaced. I got a second option from ********************** that my system is in fine working condition.

Third he told me my system was leaking coolant. ***** did not find any leaks in my system.

Forth he told me he had done the require maintenance. ***** found that the main problem with my system was that the drain pan needed to be drained and this required maintenance work was not performed by ProMag during their visit.

I was charged $110.00 service that was not performed. I was not given a receipt and ProMag has no record of this service call.

I explained all this to Nicole at ************. She told me that they had hired new service representatives and the Scooter was no longer working there. She said she would investigate my concerns and call back in 24 to 48 hours. I did not receive a return phone call from Nicole.

I explained all this to Bianca at ************* She told me that they had hired new service representatives and the Scooter was no longer working there. She said she would investigate my concerns and call me right back. She called back but she could not find the $110.00 service invoice. She found Invoice ***** dated 01-23-15 for $40.00. She became annoyed waiting on me to find documentation and told me to call back. When I called back with the information she became arrogant and obnoxious and hung up on me.

On 01-08-16 I contacted Lisa Marie L******* at ************ and she located invoice number ***** dated 05-20-15 for $110.00. Lisa was pleasant and e-mailed me a copy of the invoice for my records.

Desired Settlement
I would like a refund of the $110.00 I paid for work that was not done. I would also like to have my experience shared to serve as a warning to others to avoid doing business with ProMag.

Business Response
An arrangement was made with Mr. **** and Promag Energy Group and we will refund $55.00 to the customer's credit card Both parties are satisfied with resolution. Customer stated that he will remove the complaint from BBB.

10/12/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Issues with the a/c handler since its installation, services which have not been performed, as well as unprofessional service.
We contacted this company on 8/11/15 for our a/c that was not cooling. We decided to pay the high price charged since they claimed they would have appointment next day, 8/12/15 at 12 noon and they seemed like a professional company. We did not want any headaches, just to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, it has been anything but quick or professional.

First, the appointment was between 12-2pm; however, their a/c technician did not arrive until 9pm. I was on the phone with the company all afternoon and evening and was constantly told the tech was "on his way". This forced my children and myself to be in the home all day/evening at 90+ in our home. This was extremely unprofessional. The tech arrived at 9pm and was not done with the install until 1:30 in the morning. My children were up until this time as the heat was unbearable and I had to go to work in the morning. If they did not have technicians available, I should have been told and I could have made alternate arrangements.

I reached out to the company multiple times to discuss the service I received and was given the run around and never received a call back.

On 8/20/15, my new system stopped cooling and my home reached 85+. I contacted the company and they came out and discovered the drain line had not been drained during installation causing the system to shut off. They drained the line and got the system cooling again.

On 8/28, I arrived home to a hot house again, the system not cooling. I checked the a/c handler to see if the drain line had backed up again and instead discovered the a/c copper piping frozen. Called company and they came out to check, but could not troubleshoot until next day due to rain. 8/29 they came out and told me a part was damaged and could not be replaced until Monday. I have been informed that this part becomes damaged when the copper line is not replaced or properly flushed when changing from an old to new a/c system, which uses different chemical to cool with. My contract stated the copper lines were supposed to be replaced and they were not. This was another reason given for the high price we were charged.

Since 8/31, my a/c has not been cooling as it did in the past and I have to lower the temperature to 70 for the house to cool. This was not the case before, where I could maintain the house at 76 or 78 and be comfortable. This is even with the installation of new ceiling fans. I was promised that this new unit would lower my electric bill and I believe in part to the problems we had with the installation and working condition, my bill has remained the same.

I finally spoke to JD, who said he was the owner of the company on 8/31, after threatening a complaint here and on all social media. My husband received a call and was told we would receive a 10 year labor and parts warranty, the tech that came out knew nothing about it and did not leave anything in writing. We still have not received anything in writing about the warranty. The technician also stated that someone would be out within a week to follow up and make sure system was running properly. I have not heard from anyone at all.

It has been two weeks since the last repair and now with the new issue of it not cooling, I am beyond frustrated with this company as even the owner told me you get what you pay for. We paid extra to have a quality job done, not to have to repeatedly have issues with a brand new a/c unit.

Desired Settlement
1. Copper line replaced as stated in contract or credit of $2000 for a combination of services not rendered and poor service.
2. Resolution for the new installed unit that is still not cooling home properly, including a replacement unit if current unit was damaged from not properly flushing the lines during installation.
3. The promised 10 year labor and parts warranty in writing.

Business Response
We have contacted the customer and we are sending a technician to resolve any issues and a copy of her 10 years warranty on parts and labor has been mailed out.
She was advised line set was tested and did not needed to be replace.

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09/15/2016Problems with Product / Service

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