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All Creatures Animal Hospital

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10/09/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

They state a service will be free on their website and tell me otherwise when I came in.
I came into the clinic today as a first time customer to get my kitten's first set of shots. I chose this clinic because on their website it says come in on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 1-3pm for no exam fee with paid vaccinations. Since I just got my kitten, I wanted to make sure she was healthy. I thought it would be great because the other clinic I was going to go to didn't offer examinations, just the vaccinations. I got into the exam room and a man came in (come to find out after internet research he is the Vet)and he asked if I was here for the shots. I said yes, he came back in gave my kitten the shots and said I was done. I said ok, I would like to have her examined. He said let me go get her. A tech came in and said I was all done and that I could leave. I said I wanted an examination, she said ok, it would be $50. I said no, I came in between 1-3 it should be free. She said no the exams are not free. I immediately became upset. I said I called, they told me that it would be and it's also stated that on your website. She refused unless I was going to pay. I said I would have never came here because you are way more expensive than the other place, but I thought I would get an examination with this service. She directed me to the check out counter, I said I am going to bring up your website and show you what I saw. So I did and she said, I see that, I will have to have them change that because that is not what we do. I told her that you obviously don't care, she said we do. I said this is a bait and switch. She gave me my reciept and I just walked away. What makes this even more upsetting is the tech that checked me in told me the same thing. That the exam fee is waived with paid vaccinations. She must have been at lunch because she wasn't up front any longer.

Desired Settlement
I want my $33 refunded back to me. I am extremely upset with the way my situation was handled. I have never done business with company who does not honor what they advertise. Even if it was a mistake, a company still honors it. I don't feel that this was a mistake, just a company who does not care and only wants money.

Business Response
Ms. ***** came in for vaccinations on 09/03/2014 for her new kitten, Elsia. When we put Ms. ***** into the room, she did not mention anything about an exam; she said she wanted vaccinations for her cat. The doctor went in to do the vaccinations, and that is when Ms. **** mentioned she wanted an exam. The doctor then let me know that she wanted an exam as well. I went into the room to let Ms. ***** know that the exam would be $50. She said she thought the exam was free, and I told her that the exam wouldn't be free, and it would be $50. I let her know that on Wednesday and Saturdays, between the hours of 1-3pm, the exam That is normally required is not, and clients can just come in and get the vaccinations and leave. She then stated that our website was incorrect and she pulled the website up for me to see. I saw the website and acknowledged that it was incorrect and I apologized for that. She then claimed that we did not care about animals and we were just in this business for the money. I let her know that we do care about pets. The staff member that put her in the room was standing directly behind me when I was checking Ms. ***** out. We only have two receptionists.

The pets' well beings have always been our main concern, if money was our main concern, we wouldn't have opened up a veterinary office. Every one of our staff members is pet loving. Our vaccination prices are very cheap, as Ms. *****. stated, she only paid $33.00 for all of her vaccinations.

Out of the several years that we've been doing this, this is the first time there has been confusion. I once again apologize to Ms. **** for this misunderstanding, however I do not feel that we have to refund Ms. ***** the $33.00 for the shots that were given. She was not charged for anything additional other than the services that were provided.

-****** *****

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
You have yet to change what the website says, you bait and switch your clients in hopes of them spending more money. Any legitimate business would honor what their website said even if it was done in error and then make sure it was changed ASAP. If I would have looked at your yelp reviews prior to coming in I would have never came in. That was poor research on my part. I have also come to find out that the veterinarian had cases against him regarding animals dying after being in his care. Thankfully, I have found a new facility and my kitten has received excellent care. This whole experience was a blessing in disguise.

03/03/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This was the absolute WORST Vet I have EVER been to. They only care about the money NOT the animals. I am not the first one to complain it has to stop
I woke up December 20th to my dog looking like he had some kind of infection. He had chocked on a piece of ham a few days prior, I assumed he had scratched the back of his had an infection. Our regular Vet could not get us in until the following day, so I called All Creatures Animal Hospital in Murrieta. This was the worst mistake I could have made.

The fist thing that I noticed was the ''Dr. ***** ****** DVM'' would not make eye contact with me when he introduced himself. I should have trusted my instincts and took my dog to another location.

The fist thing the ''Dr.'' asked was ''had my dog had any trauma?'' When I told him other than chocking on a large piece of ham. NO'' He asked me this question at least 4 times. When I told him that we had lost a dog to cancer the day before, he began to tell me that my dog could die and he needed all kinds of treatments. He never once could explain what was wrong with my dog, just that he would need treatments. I told him that I could not afford a lot of money he said, ''Don't worry, the money will come'' ''don't you love your dog?''

Instead of initially taking x-rays to see what was wrong, he proceeded to put my dog under anesthesia, fluids and an antibiotic (all of which was over priced). I told the Dr. that the dog had been drinking plenty of water. When I explained to the nurse that I could not afford to pay all of this up front she got extremely upset and told me I had to pay every thing right now, and they did not accept payments. She then proceeded to walk me to the counter. I noticed a Care Credit sign in their window. When I asked her about it she seemed upset. I told her that I wanted to apply for it. She told me the interest was too high. I insisted and she took my application.

After I was approved for a $2000.00 credit limit, the girl went back and told the ''Dr.'' he called me in the back room where it was obvious that my dog was not fully sedated and was struggling with the tube he had down his throat. He proceeded to rip his jaw open and rip his tongue out as far as he could showing me nothing was in his throat but he took x-rays and there was nothing there.
He said that the dog needed his teeth cleaned. I also asked how much it would cost to have his ears cleaned. He said $90 dollars, no, $125 dollars. I said never mind, just clean his teeth, I'll clean his ears.
After the teeth cleaning, he called me back in. He showed me blood along his gum line and said he now wanted to take some dental x-rays. I said no! Just get him ready to leave.

He then suggested pulling 3 teeth. I refused. Again he said '' Don't worry, the money will come''. I asked him to stop being so rough with my dog he just kept saying ''don't worry the money will come!!!!'' ''Don't you love your dog?'' ''He could die''. After he dropped my dogs head on the table I ran out and told the receptionist I can not talk to him and I want my dog awake and I am taking him home.
He told her that he could not take my dog off of sedation for 4 hours and I had to leave him there so the Dr. could watch him and that they would give me antibiotics and pain killers in pill form (my dog could not open his mouth with out crying). I told him ''no'' take him off the sedation drip and give me liquid meds to take home for him. Once again he told me my dog could die. Then, 5 minutes later, he left the building! He told the receptionist she was to bandage my dog after he woke up. Then, 5 minutes later, he left the building! It was about 35 minutes later; they said we could take my dog home.

All of this extra expense could have been avoided with one x-ray and just giving my dog antibiotics.

Now I am left with a $1000.00 vet bill from a crook that took advantage of a girl who was in mourning from losing her a pet the day before and terrified that she could lose another. NO ONE SHOULD EVER TRUST THIS MAN! Dr. ***** ****** DVM or All Creatures Animal Hospital in Murrieta, Calif

Desired Settlement
I do not feel I should have to pay this outragous amount for this ridiculous "doctors" awful behavior and malpractice! I don't want any other animal or person to have to go through anything like this at this establishment again. He's a scam artist! And a crook! This hospital needs to be closed!

Business Response
To whom it may concern,

On December 20, 2013 ***** ******** brought her dog, Monkey to our facility for an exam. She expressed concern that her pet could not open his mouth and would cry in pain when he tried. The dog's face was swollen and all this had started three days prior after he choked on some pork, Upon examination, Dr. ***** determined the best thing to do for the dog would be to take x-rays to see if there was something stuck in the dog's mouth. In order to do the x-rays, Monkey would have to be sedated due to the amount of pain he was in. When sedating an older dog we always recommend using an IV/Fluids to keep the pet stable, especially if the pet is not eating. We also recommended a couple injections be given to start an antibiotic and some pain control. All of this was accepted by the owner, and we proceeded with the treatment. Upon doing the x-rays, no foreign body was found and doctor recommended doing some routine dental work while Monkey was already sedated. It is a great benefit when there are any issues with the mouth to do dental work to get the area clean and free from any more infection.

Doctor recommended that Monkey stay for hospitalization and continued IV/Fluids for support. The ******** family did not want to leave their dog at the hospital. ***** then informed me that they had just lost their other dog a few days prior and didn't want to be without Monkey. She was concerned with the cost of treatment as well and decided they would take their pet home with only two of the recommended medications.

Dr. ***** will always recommend all treatments that are best for the pet. It is the owner's right and choice to decide which treatments they wish to accept, The ******** family did not accept all treatments, however some were accepted and performed. These treatments were signed for and paid for on the day of service. It is our goal to help pets, and keep the owner happy at the same time. This is the first we have heard of the ******** family being unhappy with our services, and we are deeply sorry.

To Whom This May Concern,
Ms. ***** ******** brought her dog, Monkey, along with her parents to our facility on December 20, 2013, with the chief complaint that Monkey could not open his mouth and he seemed that he was in a lot a pain. This condition had been going on for the past three days. After the doctor took a look at Monkey, he proceeded to make the estimate sheet as he always does. He then explained the condition to me and asked me to go into the room and give the estimate sheet. I went into the room, and went over everything that the doctor wanted to do, Both Ms. ******** and her parents had questions about everything. I thoroughly answered each question and told them what the total would be.

After about five minutes, Ms. ***** asked if we took payments. I then replied that we did not accept payments and that everything had to be paid up front. She replied, "So you guys just abandon pets if the owner could not pay, that's ridiculous". I did not say anything to that. After a few minutes, Ms. ***** and her parents agreed to all the treatment recommended by the doctor. I proceeded by having them sign the estimate sheet, with all of the prices on it, and took Monkey to the treatment room, and before leaving, I told them that I would meet them up front to check them out. I went back told the doctor that they had agreed to everything and he could proceed with the treatment.

I came back up front, and I noticed that Ms. ***** had stepped outside to call her work and, let them know she was going to be late to work. While I was making the invoice, her father was standing right in front of me, and her mother was going through the pet store and looking for toys. She joined her husband a few minutes later and handed me the toys. After completing the invoice, I told Mr. ******** the total once again. He then took a pause, and told me that his daughter would be in to make the payment, while his wife paid for the toys in cash. After a little while, Ms. ***** came back and asked me about Care Credit, since she had seen our Care Credit sign while she was on the phone. I let her know that we run the application through our machine. I also told her that we weren't the only ones that accepted Care Credit, and that many hospitals and dental facilities accept Care Credit. I also let her know that if she was approved, it was recommended that she pay off the bill within six months, as Care Credit will not add any interest if it's paid off within six months. If she paid after six months, then it would be a 12%-13% interest rate. We then proceeded with running her application for Care Credit. Ms. ***** was approved for about $2,000. After checking Ms. ***** out, I went back to the treatment room to see how Monkey was.

The doctor then asked me to call Ms. ***** to the back so he could show them Monkey's x-rays, I came back to the treatment room with both Ms. ***** and her parents. Monkey was on the treatment table while the doctor was showing them the x-rays on the screen. After about two minutes, Ms. *****'s mother walked back up front. The doctor told Ms. ***** that he did not see anything in the x-rays and he believed that if Monkey's teeth were cleaned, it would help his condition a whole lot, due to the fact the Monkey's teeth were poor and that could be causing an infection. At first, Ms. ***** said asked the price, and the doctor said "$95, actually, sorry $120". $125 would cover the ultrasonic cleaning and polish (S95) and the teeth cleaning ($25). Ms. ***** first said no due to the cost, but then the doctor reminded her that it was a lot cheaper since Monkey was already sedated. She then agreed to the procedure, and after a while, I took her back up to the front to check her out for the teeth cleaning. She had some questions about the invoice and I answered any question that she had. The main concern that she had was why there was a "T" next to some of the prices, and I let her know that it meant that item was taxed She then sat down with her parents.

After a while, she came back up front and told me that she would like to take Monkey home, said that should be fine, however let me ask the doctor just to double check. I went back and told the doctor that Ms. ***** would like to take Monkey back home. He said that he would not recommend it at all, since Monkey had just been sedated. I then told the other receptionist, ******* to tell Ms. ***** what the doctor had said. ******* then explained to Ms. ***** that since Monkey had just woken up from sedation, we would highly recommend her leaving Monkey here, at least until he is fully awake. She then told the doctor that Ms. ***** was being persistent and that she wanted to take Monkey home. Her mother also began saying to give them Monkey back. The doctor then came up front and told them that he would highly recommend leaving Monkey here for at least another 4 to five hours. They then refused, and ******* had them sign a release of liability form.

Doctor ***** will recommend services that he believes will help the patient feel better. This is the first time learning that Ms. ***** lost a pet a day before, and I am sorry for her loss. This is also the first time I am hearing of her not being satisfied with our services. We called Ms. ***** the day of, the day after, and a few days after Monkey's treatment. Ms. ***** clearly agreed to what was done beforehand. Once again, I am sorry for the loss of her pet, and the fact that she was not happy with our services.


****** *****


Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I would like to begin by saying check out the yelp account on this man's practices. I am not the only one who is having this kind of issue. Monkey (My dog) is not old he is only five years old. I told the doctor over and over that my dog had been drinking and eating every day from the time the pain started. He is not dehydrated or hungry. Also, this was not the first time that I expressed I was unhappy with his service. While we were there, I was telling the Dr that I could not understand what he was trying to tell me. The nurse (his daughter) had to explain to me what he was trying to say. Also, I told him every time he called me in the back room he was being too rough with my dog. My mother and I had to leave the room crying because of his roughness and Monkey's response to the doctor's roughness. I had to tell the receptionist, ********, that I could not longer speak to the man or watch the way he was mishandling my dog. Everyone in that office was VERY aware that myself and my parents were very upset at the doctor and the things he was saying to us and doing to Monkey. He wanted to keep him to observe him but left the office for "another appointment". My mother read that he did this to another person and their dog died. All and all, it was a very unpleasant experience and everyone was very aware that we were feeling just that! We were told the Monkey was under one kind of anesthetic and then told a different kind was used. We were told Monkey's gums were bleeding and that he needed his tooth pulled yet the Vet kept sticking his gums with a sharp instrument.
I started a dispute with the credit card company before I wrote to the BBB. ********, the receptionist, called me and asked why I was concerned with the payment. I explained every thing and she told me she would get back to me the following Monday. To date, I have not heard from them.
Dr **** did not tell me that he wanted to keep Monkey till he was fully recovered from the anesthesia. He said he wanted to keep him sedated for 4hs. The medications they said they recommended that he wanted me to take home were in pill form. As the Dr said, my dog could not open his mouth so I asked for liquid form of the medications. I did not refuse any medications offered. I gave Monkey his pain meds once the next day and he started rapid breathing and scared me. So, I did not continue with it. I only continued his antibiotic until it ran out.
The Dr. also wanted to do dental X-Rays and Ear cleaning. I told Him I could not afford this. My total bill was nearly $1,000 by the time we took Monkey home.

Final Business Response
We are very sorry that Ms. ******** had such a rough experience at our hospital. I understand it is very hard at times to understand Dr. *****'s accent. Any time anyone has any questions or trouble understanding, any one of our nurses can help explain things more clearly for them. We only want what is best for the pet and like to do whatever that takes. If an animal is in pain, they are going to cry at the slightest touch, that's how they express themselves. One of *****'s complaints was that her dog couldn't open it's mouth without yelping in pain. Dr. ***** is not rough with any animals. I understand that the ******** family was going through a rough time after just losing their pet, but that was the only issue I was aware of when they were here.

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