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05/23/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Manco Abbott uses deceptive tactics, refusing to refund deposits and using terminated contracts to force residents into paying.
Manco Abbott failed to secure a valid lease contract after the previous contract had expired. They are making me responsible for charges for which they have no valid lease agreement. I went from a 7 month lease (terminated March 31, 2014) to what they term as a month-to-month lease. However, my obligation is based on the month-to-month lease that was never presented or requested to be completed by myself. I'm now responsible for a month's lease that I wasn't contracted for. I received an unsigned letter, threatening collects and court action should the balance not be forthcoming.

Desired Settlement
I made a good faith offer to pay a per diem of 10 days, my cleaning charges and my unpaid balance on my utilities, to which they declined. I plan to file small claim charges soon. Should the balance due become delinquent, I will pay the balance and ask the court to reimburse my losses.

Business Response
I have attached the actual portion of the lease in question number 4. TERM. This has been explained a couple of different times to Mr. ****** by two different associates. Mr. ****** did not vacate on March 31, 2014 when his lease expired, therefore as stated in the lease Mr. ****** signed, the tenancy then becomes month to month and the resident is required to give the landlord a written 30 days' notice of intent to vacate, which Mr. ****** failed to do. We are simply upholding the terms of the rental agreement, agreed to and signed by Mr. ******.

Term: The term of this Agreement begins on 09/01/2013 and ends on 03/31/2014. A holding over after the expiration of the lease
term will be presumed to be a month to month tenancy at the option of the landlord and the Resident will be responsible for a
minimum of thirty days rent thereafter unless the Resident has given the landlord a 30-day Notice of Intent to Vacate at least thirty
(30) days prior to the expiration of the lease advising that the Resident does not intend to remain in possession. Except as
prohibited by law, that month-to-month tenancy may be terminated by the Owner/Agent by service upon the Resident a written
60-day notice of termination of tenancy. However Civil Code Section 1946.1 provides that "If any Resident has resided in the
dwelling for less than one year", the Owner/Agent may terminate the tenancy by service upon the Resident of a written 30-day
Notice of Intent to Vacate.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

10/10/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I was told my situation did not warrant an emergency. I believe once it was escalated to the manager at Palo Alto Place, she refused in retaliation.
My name is ******* *****, I am a Relationship Banker-SB for a large commercial bank in the Fresno area and I also own a start up business. I am one of your current residents at Palo Alto place. I have lived here for over a year and was very happy until management changed. Let me first start by saying that I pay my rent on time each month like clock work and I have not ever formally made a complaint. What happened to me on Saturday night though was the straw that broke the camels back.

I was in a rush to meet up with my friend on Saturday evening around 7 pm. In my hurry, I mistakenly grabbed the keys to my 2nd car which does not have my apartment key attached. Big mistake. I locked my door by hand, as I always do and slammed it closed and scurried to my car with my 7 year old son in tow. This is when I realized I did not grab the correct key and I was now locked out of my apartment. I want too worried because a year earlier I did this but our on site maintenance man was able to come and let me in. The first incident was also after hours on the week end. I called our emergency line and explained the situation. This is when the problem began. I was told that my current situation was not there problem. I explained I did not have anyone I could contact or know in the area. After an hour of arguing and insisting they call maintenance I was ultimately told that management said to have me call a lock smith.

By this time it was 8 pm and definitely dark outside. My phone had 10% juice left. I called 3 places I found on Google only to find out either they were not truly 24 hrs or they did not have a driver to dispatch to me. I call Palo Alto emergency line again and explained I could not find a lock smith. They said sorry "we do not have a number we can refer you too." I demanded they call management. Within 15 min there was a gentleman calling me to say he was on his way to unlock my apartment. In the mean while my son was crying because he was afraid we would not be let in.

I have never in my life been treated as poorly as your management and call center team treated me. It says in my lease I am entitled to emergency maintenance. It is a slap in the face that my situation was not considered an emergency! They said if it wasn't a fire or robbery or something it didn't count as an emergency.

Does Manco truly understand what a "luxury" property means?? How can we be luxury when there is not concierge service, no TRUE 24/7 maintenance, I also could not even rent out the club house for a baby shower (even though this is supposed to be an available amenity to residents). I have live in luxury communities and the service is a hell of a lot better. I feel the company failed to follow through on promises. Not only that, it takes at least 3 calls to get any service request fulfilled, yet I never complain. The property is always unkempt, which I never complain. There is graffiti on your "luxury" property that has yet to be painted over, despite my call to bring it to the managers attention over 6 months ago! What makes this a luxury property?

I believe the reason the property manager refused to send out maintenance is in retaliation because she and her daughter had a question about a product they were trying to purchase from my business the day before, on Friday and I did not call them back. She called my cell and left a message (even though my company has a 24/7 800 number for customer questions.) I have proof of the call made on that Friday.

Desired Settlement
At minimum I want the $60 locksmith fee refunded and an apology.

Business Response
We stopped managing the Palo Alto Place on August 2, 2012. Ms. *****'s complaint would be with the current management company

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
The issue was resolved

11/18/2013Problems with Product / Service
06/13/2013Problems with Product / Service
05/28/2012Problems with Product / Service
10/03/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I had to move during Christmas and had to stay in hotel with 5 year old disabled son and no Christmas tree it was real hard for him to understand
I moved out of marbella apts on dec 20 2013 due to my home being violated with graffiti put on my door with black spray paint I asked manco Abbott to let me out of my lease and they dented me so I filed a police report and had a medadtor contact them at Wich time then they agreed to alolow me to break it and when I moved I got wat over charged for cleaning and repairs that we're not needed got video to show that it wasn't also was provided with fraudulent pappers and recipits also got yo s

Desired Settlement
I moved out of my apt on dec 20 2013 due to destruction of my property (graffiti on front door) Not only did I have to get mediation. To help break my lease but when I moved out I got over charged and did not revive my deposit back when I asked to be sent recipits from the cleaning I got fraudulent papper works fake recipits I have video showing how great the apartment looked the day I moved I wrote a demand letter and got turned downed I am very unsatisfied with the way I have been treated by Maco Abbott and i had to not only move out and live in a hotel during Christmas because of how scared we were to stay there but I got charged for cleaning or repairs that the video will obviously will show were not needed I would not have broken my lease if I felt safe In my home but I didn't and I tryed to comply with everthing I could to recive my security back and I got treated real poorly I would love to show you tape and papper work please email with time and date

Business Response
Owners Response:

******* ***** was allowed to terminate her lease without liability for future rent. The landlord did nothing to either provoke or allow graffiti to occur. ******* ***** entered into an agreement with Manco Abbott via our Attorney, Mr. **** ******* The Agreement states that:
1. Tenants will vacate premises by December 20th, 2013 and deliver possession and keys at that time.
2. Tenants agree to pay landlord the sum of $921.67 representing rents and late charges through December 20th, 2013. Payment is due upon signing.
3. Tenants agree to leave premises clean and undamaged and will schedule a walk through.
4. If the Tenants vacate as promised and pay amount due, Landlord will agree to an early termination of the lease effective December 20th, 2013 and will waive any and all claims for future rent.
This agreement was signed by ******* ***** and ****** ***** both tenants residing at **** ******* ***** **** *** ******* *** XXXXX on December 13, 2013.
******* ***** charges on her final move-out are the following:
Final AUM Invoice (Water, Garbage & Sewer) $147.00
Replacement of Microwave Door due to Damage $128.79
Heavy Soil Carpet Clean $370.00
Apartment Clean $120.00
Labor and Paint Supplies $107.09
Total charges: $872.55
Security Deposit 1200.00
Refunded amount: $327.45

******* ***** was furnished copies of invoices from A & R Appliances, Frazee Paint, Unique Carpet Care, American Maid and the final invoice from AUM.
The Lease Agreement that was entered into on *** 7th, 2013 with ******* ***** states that under 3. Security Deposit: Owner *** withhold from the security deposit only such amounts as are reasonably necessary to remedy Resident defaults including but not limited to, the following:
i) In the payment of rent
ii) To repair damages to the premises caused by Resident.
iii) To clean and paint such premises, if necessary, upon termination of the tenancy in order to return apartment to the same level of cleanliness it was in at the inception of the tenancy and/or
iv) To restore, replace, or return personal property or appurtenances, exclusive of ordinary wear and tear.

We are sorry that ******* ***** feels that she was treated poorly and that her move-out charges are unfair. ******* was let out of her lease, which she agreed to. Again, ******* was provided all paid receipts that landlord incurred. We feel the charges are both reasonable and necessary.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
No I do not agree with you Manco Abbott Just had to roll with the punches I going to have my day and court and trust me with the evevadence I have you will see it my way . You were so sure of your selfs you didn't even bother looking at what I had against you but bbb will see it even if your response was not to !! See you and your unhonest employee in court

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Not satisfied going to court

Final Business Response
Thank you for the video tape. The resident was not charged for any holes in the walls, strictly touch up paint and a touch up clean. I provided BBB with an itemized move-in/move-out list with area's that needed touch up paint, touch up clean, damage to Microwave door and carpet clean. The video only shows, walls and a blind.
We stand by our charges.

08/19/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Theft of Personal Property; Failure to provide promised incentives (breach of contract/agreement)
Problem 1: Theft of Personal Property (Marbella Apartments)
Date of Incident: August 4-5, 2014

Details: We moved out of our apartment on Saturday, August 2, 2014. We moved all but 3 items from our apartment (leaving 3 items behind my mistake), left the keys in the drop-box and moved to our new house. Upon unpacking, we realized that we had failed to remove 3 floor cleaning machines from one closest. We contacted the location manager to advise of the items we left behind. Upon arriving at the old apartment, and opening the closet, we only found 1 remaining floor cleaning machine (one that was only valued at ~$100.) The two other machines had been stolen by someone that gained access to the apartment between August 4-5. The value of each machine was as follows: Oreck XL Power Scrubber - $399.00 (retail), and Bissell Quick Steamer - $99.99.

Problem 2: Failure to provide promised incentives (x2)
Date: August 6, 2014

Details: We renewed our lease two times for additional one year terms. One of the reasons we renewed each time was the promised incentives to clean the carpets for free. At the end of the lease, we were informed that neither incentive could be used any longer. However, at no time were we ever warned / told that these incentives expired at any time. Therefore, we were deprived of the monetary value of each incentive (x2).

Desired Settlement
We are seeking full reimbursement for the two stolen machines: Oreck XL Power Scrubber - $399.00 + Bissell Quick Steamer - $99.99 + sales tax: Total value = $539.99

We are seeking credit for our final bill for the full value of the two unused incentives - we don't know the actual value of these incentives but should be somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 each. Total credit = $300.00

We will likely be filing a police report as well for the theft of our personal property by the locations' staff and/or contractors.

Business Response
Problem 1: Theft of Personal Property

Response: The items claimed to be in the unit were not there. When Mr. ******** came back to the property to retrieve the items he claimed to have left behind, there was only one machine in the closet. The site staff had not starting working on turning that unit over yet so other than the manager walking the unit at move out, no one had been in the unit. Furthermore, it is clearly defined in the lease that the "Resident's property is not insured by owner or agent", "Management is not responsible for fire, theft or damage to personal effects" and "Owner/Agent strongly recommends that the resident obtain renters insurance". I have attached below the actual policy from the rental agreement.

Insurance: Resident's property is not insured by Owner or Agent. Resident is not a co-insured and is expressly excluded from any insurance policy held by Owner or Agent, which is now in effect or becomes effective during the term of this Agreement. Management is not responsible for fire, theft or damage to personal effects, etc. in the premises, laundry, storage lockers, garage, or any portion of the building. For your own protection, keep all apartment doors locked at all times. Owner/Agent strongly recommends that the Resident obtain "Renter's Insurance" covering personal possessions immediately upon occupying.

Problem 2: Failure to provide promised incentives (x2)

Response: All flyers that are handed out to the residents listing incentives for renewing their lease clearly state on the flyer "Offer expires 1 month from renewal". Therefore, a resident cannot come back 1 or 2 years later and claim they never received their incentive.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept the business response at all. First, the statement that site staff had not started working on the unit is simply patently false. Upon return to the unit to remove the three items that were accidently left behind (2 of which were already stolen from the apartment), there were obviously things the site staff had done inside the unit, based upon miscellaneous things that had been removed from cabinets, etc., things that were obviously not in that same position when the unit was turned over. For management to give a blanket "we're not responsible" statement, when they clearly were the only ones that had access to the unit during the time period in question (e.g. there was no broken windows or other evidence that a break-in had occurred), is patently absurd and defies all common sense.

Also, the statement that there is a disclaimer that incentives must be used within one month of renewal is also patently false. Perhaps they recently added this verbiage in the newest incentive flyers, however, the flyers we previously received (and relied upon when deciding to renew for (2) 1 year terms), did not include such language. Also, if the business' statements about this disclaimer were true, why didn't management at the location inform us of this when we provided our 30-day notice letter - a letter which clearly stated our intention to use these incentives if the location decided that carpet cleaning would be necessary upon our end of lease.

Also, it is clear from the business' response that management has no regard for its former tenants - tenants that were perfect tenants and stayed for a very long period of time for an apartment rental (almost four years), and tenants that paid on time. Anyone reading this complaint and considering doing business with this establishment should understand that being a good tenant, for an extended period of time, buys you nothing in the way of receiving proper and just customer service after your lease is over. How loyal and good long term tenants (like us) have been treated after leaving should make anyone think twice about all the business' claims about caring about providing a high level of customer service. In the end, if you leave, you will be treated as coldly as a person off the street.

Additionally, after further review of our final bill, there are three items that require immediate adjustment and credit.

First - we need credit for returned Mailbox keys: $25.00 (returned as discussed with the property's onsite manager on 8/7; 3 keys were in fact returned on 8/8).

Second - we need credit for invalid billing of "living room blind damaged": $54.45. There was no damage to the blind itself. There *** have been a top piece that came off, but we cannot and will not pay for a blind when the blind itself had zero damage when we left the apartment

Third - we need credit for invalid billing of "freezer door rail missing": $12.29. One of the shelf rails, given its advanced age, simply cracked and fell out one day. The rail itself was not missing - it was put inside the freezer, as it was. We cannot be responsible for prior wear and tear of the locations' equipment.

Final Business Response
It is unfortunate that Mr. ******** does not accept our response; however, we stand by our initial response. We feel we were fair and followed all necessary legal procedures.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The business continues to demonstrate a lack of professionalism, lack of common courtesy, and most seriously has not responded to billing for items that were in fact not damaged upon turning the units over.

The final bill is not accurate - We will not pay for a blind that was not damaged to any real extent. The top cover that is installed at the top of the window - and not part of the blind itself - costs much less than the $54 they are charging on their final bill.

If the final bill does not remove this charge, or greatly reduce it to reflect the actual costs to fix the cosmetic portion of the top of the blind area, we will sue in Small Claims court - for all items that the business is responsible for. A reasonable third party will not find in their favor.

10/18/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

California law states that a landlord "cannot routinely charge each tenant" to "prepare the unit for the next tenancy". Manco does this exact thing.
I started renting a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit at 2540 Herndon Ave. Apt.203 at the Marbella apartments on March 17, 2011. In August of 2013 after fulfilling the requirement of 2 leases, I gave my 30 day notice to vacate the apartment after discussing my lease and month to month options with the leasing agent at Marbella and realizing how much I would be penalized for staying month to month.

A week before the 30 day notice was completed I called the leasing agent to ask what my cleaning requirements would be to obtain my entire deposit of $300. I didn't want their to be any misunderstandings on my part of what Manco Abbott's definition of "wear and tear" would be. I was told at that time that I would be charged with cleaning the carpets and painting the walls and at least a minimum of a light cleaning. I searched for the california department of consumer affairs information and read that a landlord "cannot routinely charge each tenant for cleaning carpets, drapes, walls, or windows in order to prepare the rental unit for the next tenancy. Instead, the landlord must look at how well the departing tenant cleaned the rental unit (or a portion of it) less clean than when he or she moved out."

After reading that I realized that I must have misunderstood the leasing agent and asked for her to come to my unit in person to tell me exactly how I needed to clean my unit to get my deposit refunded. I also mentioned the california law and the agent stated that they had lawyers and they knew the law too.

The agent came to my apartment (as we had scheduled) and stated again that they needed to use bonded maid service to "sanitize" the unit and that I would be charged with those costs and the cost of the carpet cleaning and that my deposit was relatively low anyway so I shouldn't expect it back and I might even be sent a
bill. She also went through my unit (which I was still living in and hadn't cleaned yet obviously) and stated what would be considered "light" cleaning and "medium" cleaning. She also mentioned that I would be charged $5 to clean each fan and window blind. And the painting of the unit would be charged to me but prorated.

I vacated the unit, after 2 1/2 years of occupancy, on August 31st. 4 of us scrubbed the apartment, cleaning each fan and window blind, cleaning each shelf, the bathtubs, the sinks, getting rid of all mildew and scrubbed the refrigerator and oven. We also cleaned the drip pans on the stove, however, the agent had said she would most likely charge me for replacement of those as they are hard to clean. Although, $300 might be a small deposit and insignificant to Manco Abbott it is a huge amount of money to me so it was my determination that I would, in fact, leave the apartment as clean as it was when I got it.

I received a summary from Manco Abbott in the mail this last week. In it they are taking $165 out of my deposit for a "medium" clean. I find this amazing since I scrubbed the apartment and of course the carpet cleaning which after 2 1/2 years of receiving my money would obviously be the cost of doing business. I was also after 2 1/2 years charged $23.37 for painting and paint supplies of $11.02 and $6.08. I am charged for the drip pans really? The total charges are $305.47 which conveniently takes all of my deposit from me and charges me $5.47.

If a landlord cannot routinely charge each tenant for cleaning and must look at each case separately then how could I be told I would already be charged a carpet cleaning fee and maid service? AND of course the painting would need to be touched up after almost 3 years of living. We all know the cheapest paint is painted on these rental units.

Desired Settlement
I would like to receive $210 of my $300 deposit refunded to me. Routinely charging for "sanitizing" and carpet cleaning is a direct violation of the law. I am truly due the full $300 but will concede that maybe there were some items that needed to be cleaned so I could be charged the $90 for light cleaning according to their maid price list.

Business Response
Hello - the move-out charges for ******* **** (*****)'s apartment were determined by vendors, maintenance, and the Community Manager. The charges were based on the condition of the apartment and the amount of time that it would take to return the apartment into the condition it was when ******* moved in.

The apartment required a partial paint job which was prorated based on the three year life span of the paint. The supplies needed were to prep the apartment for paint and also to replace the drip pans. According to our vendor, the drip pans were not cleanable. The $5 charge for the blinds is also to include windows and screens. The blinds were dusty upon inspection and still needed attention.

An initial inspection took place on 8/27/13 at the request of the resident. The items that were pointed out during this inspection were to advice the resident of what the basis for the deductions from the security deposit would be. I pointed out seals around the fridge/freezer, scratches in the sink, soap buildup and water spots on the shower doors. These are just a few of the items that were not completed and still in need of cleaning after the resident vacated the apartment. American Maid was the vendor used for cleaning and based on their expertise this apartment met the guidelines for a "medium" clean.

The resident's final AUM bill for water, sewer, and trash was closed and balance due deducted from the security deposit. That charge alone was for $98.96.

Thank you

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept this resolution, because it still results in a balance due after I spent hours cleaning an apartment I lived in for almost 3 years.

Yes it is routine cleaning when you tell the tenant that they will be charged for professional carpet cleaning and professional maid cleaning no matter what so that the apartment is sanitized!
Manco Abbott should just charge a nonrefundable cleaning charge since that is in effect what it is. That would be obviously illegal so they try to get around a more subjective law thinking no tenant will question it or take them to small claims court.

Final Business Response
Thank you for your response.

The charges that took place out of your security deposit were not to routinely charge for cleaning. As stated in your lease agreement under Security Deposit: Section iii): the owner may withhold from the security deposit "to clean and paint such premises, if necessary, upon termination of the tenancy in order to return the apartment to the same level of cleanliness it was in at the inception of the tenancy."

Please keep in mind that there are other charges that took place besides cleaning of the apartment that you are responsible for. Following state law and the "wear and tear" of the unit, some of these charges were prorated.

Total Security Deposit was $300:
AUM Bill: $98.68
Carpet Cleaning: $100
Paint & Labor: $23.37
Paint Supplies and Stove Drip Pans: $17.10
Apartment Cleaning: $165
Total: $404.15

We are willing to lower the cleaning charge to the $90 that you have requested. We understand that you made an effort to clean the apartment prior to leaving. The other charges will still be due. The new total is $329.15.

10/12/2012Problems with Product / Service

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