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Mercedes-Benz of Fresno

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Customer Complaints Summary

7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Problems with Product / Service5
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (7)BBB Closure Definitions
04/09/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I took 2006 ML 500 Mercedes to SELL for $11,002 on 3/7/14 and signed purchase order. Have not been paid after multiple requests, emails,contacts.
Sold 2006 ML 500 VIN: **************** to dealer on 3/7/14 and they took car into their possession. Dealer rep ****** ***** promised payment on 3/10/14. I arrived at dealership 3/10/14 and ****** said it would be 3/13/14 or 3/14/14 for payment. I went back on 3/14/14 and was told no payment until credit union SJPECU clears title. Credit union cleared title 3/31/14 and sent proof to ******** ******* and ***** ******* Told again by ******** ******* at Mercedes Fresno that I will have to wait up to 2 weeks. Still have not been paid for vehicle. Vehicle whereabouts are unknown as stated by various employees when I have inquired. Sent email complaints to owner ***** and ***** ***** but have received no reply.

Desired Settlement
I would like to be paid for my vehicle which has now been in possession of Fresno Mercedes Benz since 3/7/14.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** ***** - Owner
Contact Email: ******
I returned to my office on Monday April 6 after being away for 10 days and contacted ******* personally by email and resolved her problem and issued her a check for her car within 2 hours. We were not able to issue the check sooner without title from her credit union.
***** *****

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Mr. ***** did get payment issued immediately upon his return to work and I appreciate his diligence. Since payment was promised 3/10/14 by his employee, ******* it would be useful for employees to be trained properly so as not to misinform potential customers. Apparently, many of the employees were also misinformed as several employees gave me different scenarios of when I would be paid in the 4-1/2 weeks after the initial transaction. Finally, when the title was released by my credit union and proof was presented, employees still refused to issue a check. I would not recommend this dealership for the sale of a used car. Thank you.

12/18/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

unprofessional vehicle purchase experience.
1st experience 2011- Salesman ****** *** ran my credit and I didn't qualify, no problem with that but following were his actions: I was inquiring about a Mercedes Benz E550 and he said "you can not get that vehicle but you can get a different car." "Take these chips so you can leave with something" he had just returned from lunch with a sandwich and chips and he tossed me his bag of chips. Experience was unprofessional and I felt offended.
2nd experience 2013- While renovation was done on the building I ordered a Mercedes Benz 2014 SLK 55 AMG. I was told the vehicle would be here October 2013. October 2013 came around and I was told the vehicle would arrive in November 2013. November 2013 came around and I was told the vehicle would arrive 2nd week of December 2013. **** the new manager asked if I wanted to test drive a different year same model vehicle and I accepted. I waited outside 30 minutes with my girlfriend then I headed in the building and **** apologized but had no urgency to grab the keys nor did he offer to drive the car. Experience was unprofessional.
3rd experience December 9, 2013- The 2014 SLK 55 AMG I ordered finally came in December 2013. During negotiations ***** ********** in front of my father and a friend and the Mercedes-Benz staff raised his voice and admitted he was upset and attempted to give me a lecture and told me "dont come back here" "you're not a grown man" "i am upset" "you wasted mine and a salesman's time". Another salesman named **** ********* who also witnessed the events called me 12/10/13 to apologize for *****s outburst. Finance was ready but needless to say the vehicle was not purchased. Experience was unprofessional and ***** offended and humiliated me.

Desired Settlement
#1-Train the sales staff to keep composure during customer sales interactions, and educate them on arrival of ordered vehicles.
#2-Lower the price of the vehicle i am attempting to purchase: 2014 MERCEDES BENZ SLK 55 AMG to $75,000 with 3 years free-of-charge maintenance to compensate for the poor experience.

Business Response

On behalf of the dealership please accept my apology as to how you have been treated recently at our dealership. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and I am sorry we fell short this time. I have spoken to our team members and have addressed the issues with them. In the future you may contact me directly if you need any assistance however we will not negotiate a price on a vehicle through a BBB complaint, that is not something we would ever do.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

05/22/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

On April 18th 2013 I took my 2004 c230 Mercedes to have the sunroof diagnostic.
April 18th 2013 I took my 2004 C230 hatchback to the service department to have a diagnostic test on my sunroof.2) they also found a recall for a defected Cam Coil. they said they would need to keep the car overnight. I waited half the day for a phone call. So I decided to go down there to find out what the out come was. To my surprise my car was ready. I went to talk to the service advisor ************, It just happen to be his day off so I then spoke to ***** the service director regarding my sunroof, he said the sunroof was not worth fixing. I asked him what was wrong with it and he couldn't give me a direct answer. just that the whole unit would need to be replaced. for an amount of 6500.00. So I started out of the parking lot and noticed that my engine light was on, when back in to talk to ***** regarding this new problem, they took my car back and forgot to put wire plug back in. I drove my car home opened up the hood to find out that my engine cover was cracked with a huge hole in the cover, I was very upset that they sent me home and didn't even mention that they had cracked my engine cover. I stared looking at the inside of my headliner to see what else they broke, and on the driver side headliner cover was bent and they broke the clip trying to snap it back on. I took the car back again to show them what they had done. ***** said that his service technician must of left a screw driver inside when he shut the hood. ***** said they would need to order the engine cover and to bring the car back on Monday. So I went home again very dissatisfied and at any time did anyone of the Mercedes service people apologize for all the inconvenience they caused. on April 21st I took my car to my brother-in-law to look at the sunroof, it took him 10 min. to open it. and the Mercedes benz service department said they couldn't open it. I think that they are crooks and I wonder how many other people that they are taking advantage of.

Desired Settlement
I want the public to know, when they take there car to get serviced that they are not being ripped off or taken advantage of. I also want to be repaid for my time and gas running back and forth 6 times for problems that they created. 80.00

Business' Initial Response

01/10/2013Problems with Product / Service
01/23/2012Problems with Product / Service
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11/12/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Service Manager's son drove my Mercedes recklessly during car wash. Manager defended son's action by cussing me out & not allow. me future car washes.
On Aug. 31, 2013, I took my car to have it washed at the Mercedes Benz of Fresno as I routinely have done for nearly every Saturday for the past 22 years. However, this one Saturday, my 1991 Mercedes Benz 300E2.6 was driven by a young employee who usually works at the entrance of the service drive-up. This employee, whose name was later provided to me, is **** ****. **** drove my vehicle recklessly after it had been washed and dried by the car wash crew. (When I approached my vehicle, I noticed that all the books, supplies, and materials in my front seat, back seat, and in my trunk had been tossed all over the vehicle, including on the floor and across the opposite direction of where these items were originally located. I confronted **** **** about this matter and asked him why all my books & supplies had been tossed all over the place and why he had driven my vehicle so recklessly. **** provided the following explanation to me in an unapologetic manner, "I turned the corner fast. You shouldn't have all those things in your car. I talked to the other guys in the car wash who agreed that you shouldn't have all those books in your car. If you don't like it, why don't you bring your car to Jack's Car Wash down the street?" I couldn't believe how rude **** **** was responding to my concern. He walked off when I asked him again as to why he had driven my vehicle so fast and recklessly. So I asked for a manager to explain the matter to him. ******* (******) *********** approached me and had me explain the entire ordeal to him. He explained to me that he was one of the customer service managers who is a very close friend (for many years) with the owner of Mercedes Benz of Fresno, ***** *****. He took a look inside my vehicle and inside my trunk and apologized repeatedly for ****'s inappropriate behavior and comments to me. Mr. *********** asked me if there was anything he could do. I told him that he needed to relay this issue and concern to the owner, ***** *****, and have a serious talk with the employee, **** ****.
As I drove home, I later detected that the Mercedes emblem which I always remove prior to the car wash and which had been located under the bottom of a stack of books was damaged. The spring had been broken partially. So I contacted Mr. *********** who said that he talked to the owner, ***** *****. Mr. ***** had told him to order a brand new one and "do whatever it takes to please this customer."
However, approximately one month later, I drove up to service/car wash entrance for the service staff to issue a green tag to have my vehicle washed. An employee whom I had never met before identified himself as ***** ****, the service manager. He approached me in a mean and unfriendly manner and stated, "I heard that you treat my employees like "****". You don't have your vehicle serviced here any longer so I am telling you that you will not be allowed to come of the car wash again. Have a great day!" I was furious the way ***** **** treated me unprofessionally and cussed me out. I immediately called the owner, ***** *****, who was cold on the phone after I explained the situation to him and then asked him if he would like my phone number. He said he would have his assistant call me back and didn't need my phone number. So I then called ******* *********** who apologized again and said that he no longer had any control over the matter since **** **** was the son of ***** ****, the serv. manager. It was then that it became apparent that nepotism was occurring and that the serv.manager was protecting his son despite his negative actions/inappropr. behavior. So a few weeks later I contacted ***** *****, the co-owner, and explained the entire ordeal to her. She said that she would do a thorough investig. into the matter and call me back. Both ***** and her husband, *****, never returned my call until I had to call them back about a week later. I spoke to ***** who said that her husband would call me back.

Desired Settlement

It was quite interesting that ***** ***** whose position title is "CUSTOMER RELATIONS" couldn't handle this matter herself but threw it on to her husband to handle. She didn't have the audacity to return my call after she stated that she would call me back. ***** ***** finally called me that afternoon and asked me when I purchased my vehicle. I told him that I bought it brand new from the Mercedes Benz on Blackstone. ***** said that he didn't have a record of it. I told him that I have had my vehicle washed by Mercedes Benz for over 22 years. He then replied that his records show that I haven't had it services at his location for 17 years or so. I told him that I used to have it serviced there all the time until his mechanics drove it recklessly and tossed all the books/materials/supplies all over the floor. The mechanics didn't care how they drove or handled my car. So I discontinued having it serviced there. ***** ***** said that he would not be able to allow me to continue to have my vehicle washed at his place. I told him that I am very upset at how his employees were rude to me ****** and **** **** (father and son) and how he seemed to be protecting them over his customers. ***** said that he can't discuss with me how he handle this matter with his employees and had a talk with both of them.
I feel that Mr. ***** and his wife, *****, are protecting their employees over their customers and not being sincere in their message as they try to portray in their "hypocritical" commercials on television.

I am requesting that this matter be settled in the following way:

1. The employee, **** ****, who drove my vehicle recklessly and made rude comments to me be terminated from working at the Mercedes Benz of Fresno.

2. ****'s father, ***** ****, the service manager, who used profanity and was rude to me without even finding out my side of the story, be put on administrative leave without pay until this matter is resolved.

3. That I continue receiving complimentary car washes at the Mercedes Benz of Fresno.

4. That the car wash employees at the Mercedes Benz of Fresno receive training on how to drive vehicles properly and receive sensitivity training in how to speak and address customers professionally.

I was considering purchasing a new Mercedes Benz at the Mercedes Benz of Fresno during the next couple of years but now have reservations of purchasing a new vehicle at the Mercedes Benz of Fresno due to how I was treated by the service manager, ***** ****; his son, **** ****; ***** ***** and his wife, ***** ***** (Partial owners of Mercedes Benz of Fresno).

I would like for this complaint to go directly to the "real" owners of Mercedes Benz of Fresno who own 95% of the business and are located in another city. Please locate their name and address and forward this complaint to them also, since they need to know what is actually occurring at their dealership. They will be shocked at the unprofessional treatment customers like myself are receiving.

****** *******
Owner of a Mercedes Benz

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** *****
Contact Phone: (XXX)XXX-XXXX
Mr. ******* is unreasonable in all of his requests. According to our records we have not been able to verify any record of his purchase from any of the previous Fresno Mercedes-Benz dealerships and he he has not serviced his vehicle with the dealership since May 30, 1997 over 16 years ago and that and all previous service requests were under warranty at the time.The records indicate the car was purchased new on 6/29/1991 from dealer # XXXXX. We have no record of that dealer # being assigned to a Fresno Mercedes-Benz dealer. Mr. ******* claims he purchased the vehicle new from Herwaldt in 1991, however the Herwaldts did not own the dealership until 1993. There have been 4 ownership changes regarding the dealership in those 23 years as well. I have informed Mr. ******* that any disciplinary action with my employees is confidential and I will not be discussing it with him. He is also wrong in stating ownership percentages and I will also not be discussing that matter as well. He is upset becaue he has been asked to not come in to the dealership for "complimentary car washes" that we provide to our "customers" and is complaining of the quality and also the free service. At this time we respectfully have asked Mr.******* to not return to our dealership.

Final Consumer Response


Mr. ***** *****'s response provided a lot of inaccurate information, spelling errors, and an irrational explanation. (Perhaps he needs to have his so-called "assistant" or wife proof-read all of his correspondences prior to sending them in the future.)

First of all, I DID PURCHASE a brand new Mercedes Benz from Premier Mercedes Benz which changed its name to Herwaldt Mercedes two years later and then changed its name to Mercedes Benz of Fresno (which is now located on Palm & Herndon).
If Mr. ***** ***** had accurate records in his files, he would have been able to locate the name of the salesman who sold a brand new Mercedes Benz to me. The salesman was the top sales person of Mercedes Benz when I purchased my car. His name was ***** ******* What is ironic about this matter is that Mr. ***** ***** should have this salesman's name on file, since he continued to work for Herwaldt Mercedes Benz (located at Blackstone & Sierra) and then at Mercedes Benz at Fresno (Palm & Herndon location). When he worked at the Mercedes Benz of Fresno, ***** ****** worked part-time due to health issues. He later retired from this same dealership.

The next issue of concern is that Mr. ***** ***** failed to mention that I paid quite a bit of additional money to include an additional five/six year warranty from Mercedes Benz. Because I paid for this additional warranty, the Mercedes Benz dealership in Fresno covered all major expenses when I brought my vehicle there to have it serviced. I even brought my vehicle to the Mercedes Benz dealership on Palm & Herndon when I had an oil leak (after the warranty expired). However, after discovering that the Mercedes Benz of Fresno's service staff drove my vehicle recklessly and charged two to five times the amount that HERNDON AUTO SERVICE (380 West Herndon: Corner of Herndon & Maroa) charged, I decided to stop bringing my vehicle to the Mercedes Benz of Fresno.
After getting numerous quotes on numerous occasions from both the Mercedes Benz of Fresno and Herndon Auto Service (Phone: ******** (located on the corner of Herndon and Maroa), I discovered that the Mercedes Benz of Fresno was charging in excess of two to fives times as much as Herndon Auto Service. Mercedes Benz of Fresno was charging hundreds and even over a thousand dollars more than Herndon Auto Service for the same service repair. (when I contacted each business for comparison purposes)
This huge discrepancy disturbed me and raised some red flags. I stopped trusting the service staff at the Mercedes Benz of Fresno and started to bring my vehicle for repair at Herndon Auto Service. Mr. ***** ******* the owner of Herndon Auto Service, treated me like "royalty" as I learned he did to ALL of his customers. He was very careful and meticulous when driving my vehicle. He always took my vehicle in for repair IMMEDIATELY without ever having to wait. His rates were very good for service repair compared to the Mercedes Benz of Fresno. Mr. ***** ****** would even allow me to drive his own vehicle (either his company truck or his personal Mercedes Benz) when I needed to leave my vehicle in for repair in excess of one day. He even allowed me to use his vehicle for 4 - 5 days at a time if he needed to complete major repairs. Herndon Auto Service would treat my vehicle like "gold" compared to Mercedes Benz of Fresno.
This is why I stopped bringing in my vehicle for repair at the Mercedes Benz of Fresno. I am sure that when the public finds out about the way customers have been treated in the service department at the Mercedes Benz of Fresno and how excessive their service/parts/repairs charges are in comparison to Herndon Auto Service, they will move their business down the street (about 1/2 mile) to ***** ****** instead.

Mr. ***** ***** doesn't want to discuss any disciplinary action with ***** ****, the service manager (who used profanity and cussed me out) and the service manager's son (**** ****), because he wants to protect his employees who should be reprimanded instead. This is not the quality of a good leader or owner. To this day, I never received an apology from either one of them. Instead, I was told by a Customer Service Associate that his hands are tied, since the two employees in question are related to each other. This proves the fact that Mr. ***** is showing partiality to his employees and treating his customers with disrespect and almost like "trash", contrary to the phony and misleading commercials he and his wife are seen as trying to portray on local television commercials.

Mr. ***** ***** doesn't realize that he will be losing a lot of customers once they find out how he, his service manager, ***** ****, and his son (who drives the vehicles to the car wash) treat customers like me and get away with it. It is unfortunate that he has lost so many customers to Herndon Auto Service (on the corner of Herndon & Maroa) just because of similar situations like this. It appears that ***** ***** and his wife, *****, have difficulty handling customer service complaints, tend to show favoritism towards their employees over the customer, and portray a "false/fake" ownership picture to the public. Perhaps both of them should reconsider their positions and go back to working as cars salesmen!

What is interesting about this entire ordeal is that there are other customers who purchased their vehicles from the Mercedes Benz of Fresno (or former owners) still bring their vehicle to the complimentary car wash but no longer bring their vehicle to them for service. This matter concerns me about the fairness of how Mercedes Benz of Fresno operates. They allow some customers to continue the complimentary car wash but not others. Is this based on who they like or dislike or based on who just happened to file a complaint against two of their employees for using vulgar language and driving my vehicle recklessly? Had I not filed a complaint against the service manager's son for driving my vehicle recklessly, telling me to remove all of office books/materials from my vehicle, because they were in the way, and telling me to go to "Jack's Car Wash" if I don't like it, I would have been allowed to continue getting my vehicle washed at the Mercedes Benz of Fresno. What lack of standards this business, Mercedes Benz of Fresno, has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.