Medical ID Theft Part II - Action Line
As promised in last week’s column, we are back on the topic of medical identity theft and what you can do if you are the next unfortunate victim of medical id theft.
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Medical ID Theft Part I - Action Line
With all of the identity theft that we hear about, the data breaches from large companies and credit cards being compromised, what is being done to keep my medical information safe? I’m starting to hea..
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Hurricane Matthew continues to travel through the east coast of the U.S
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Modeling Agencies - Action Line
My daughter is really pretty. I have had lots of people tell me she could model and she has actually done a little bit of local modeling Over the weekend, she was approached by a man who said he could..
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BBB, The White House and National Cyber Security bring together Lock Down Your Login Campaign
The campaign is dedicated to empowering Americans to better protect their online accounts by moving beyond just passwords and using secure login tools and technology for online services.
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Roofers - Action Line
I made it through the hot, dry summer without losing my lawn and now I think my roof is in trouble. I notice that a couple of the shingles are loose and I want to have it looked at before the weather t..
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Scam Targeting Seniors
A new scam is targeting seniors, and their fears that they could lose Social Security benefits. Seniors are scared into donating to this fake cause and providing their personal information.
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Unlicensed Contractor - Action Line
I hired a contractor in June to remodel my kitchen. He gave us a bid and told us it would take 15 days to complete the remodel. I thought the bid and the time line were reasonable so I hired the contrac..
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Credit Card Fees - Action Line
I recently parked my car at the airport as I do quite often when I travel. For the first time last week, the parking attendant indicated there was a credit card fee. Can they charge a credit card fee?
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Yellow Pages - Action Line
I have my own business and just received what looks like an invoice of a yellow page directory. How do I know if this is something I want to pay?
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