Most inquired business in the last two weeks

June 18, 2013

June 12, 2013, The BBB serving Central California would like to inform you of a local business named Business Evaluations Services located in Bakersfield, CA. The company is listed as a Shopping Service, Mystery Shopper and Work at Home company. Your BBB has received over 900 calls in the last 2 weeks asking about this company.  Business Evaluation Services currently has an F rating due to BBB concerns in which the industry operates. BBB serving Central California has made two or more requests for background information from the business but has not received a response from this business as of today. The business does not have any complaints filed against them.

Work-at-Home Offers


According to the Federal Trade Commission, work at home job opportunities appear in newspapers, mailings, national magazines, and on the Internet every day. Although the types of work at home vary; reading books, reviewing movies, and medical billing, the vast majority of inquiries and complaints to BBB are from companies promoting stuffing envelopes and assembling crafts as a means of work.


The BBB suggests using extreme caution when responding to such an offer. While ads claim high earnings and short hours with little or no experience, BBB files nationwide indicate no evidence of anyone making the promised money.

Mystery Shopper


The BBB advises applicants to carefully research any "mystery shopper" business.  Understand whether the company is offering to employ you directly.  If you are asked instead to purchase training materials or a directory of companies that supposedly offer mystery-shopping opportunities, exercise caution.  BBB experience shows these can be unproductive avenues.