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Virginia College

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Customer Complaints Summary

15 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues8
Problems with Product / Service6
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints15

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (15)BBB Closure Definitions
03/09/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Virginia College over charged me for my course this term. The course I am taking is 6 credit hours. They charged me for 12 and have full knowledge of it. They over charged me taking all my money and then have on the statement I owe another 1600.00 plus dollars to them. They owe me a Stipend/Refund which in their policy is said to be released within 14 days. They give me a bogus story each time I call saying their IT is looking into fixing the website and this has been over a month ago...

Desired Settlement
1061.00 which is what they owe me.

Business Response
This statement is in response to Complaint #XXXXXXXX submitted by ***** *******.

We apologize for any inconvenience Ms. ******* experienced as a result of a technical issue. Her hours were corrected as promised and we expedited her stipend.

We look forward to seeing Ms. ******* complete her degree and begin her new career.

07/14/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Started College in 2007, had a advisor informing what classes to take.Need credit for classes. Need my transcript sent to Kaplan, 5 requests.
First, had a advisor assign to me at Virginia College and when I got my transcript I was told that some classes I did not need to take. What is the use of having someone tell you what to take and paying money for a class that I didn't need, but I paid for. What I wont is credit for the classes that I WAS TOLD to take. This is the reason we have advisor to assist.
I wont to be credit for classes I took so I can get my bachelor degree. Taking classes that I was advise to take took money away from the classes I need. THis is not far and I should have my degree in hand NOW.... If I'm reading right I attempted 193 and earned 177. So that's 4 classes that should take the place of the classes I needed to take and I should have my degree. Everytime I got ready for another quarter I was in touch with my advisor. I was advised incorrectly and I had to pay for it.2009 I called to withdraw from class the conversation didn't go no further and I was charge for the class I didn't take. That is not far. Service is not good at all at Virginia College. Every class I withdraw from I called in and told my advisor or sent a email and I got a F and charge with the class and That's not right.

Desired Settlement
Remove the "F" bc I called or sent email.
credit for the classes I was told to take by VC and give me my Bachelors DEGREE. Because I have earned it and I'm paying for it.

Business Response
Response to Complaint: XXXXXXXX

The most recent transcript was sent to ****** ********** on 5/31/2014 to the address below that was indicated by the student:

XXXX-XX-XX - ****** **********
Attn: ********* ***** admissions specialist
**** ****** ********** ******
**** *********** ** XXXXX

Ms. ******** attended classes during Fall 2009. These classes are as follows:
CRJ3030 - Introduction to White Collar Crime (Present for 14:00 hours)
ENG2510 - Contemporary Literature (Present for 14:35 hours)

Upon review by our registrar's office, Ms. ******** retook the ***** because the catalog of enrollment during that time stated the course had to be passed with a C or higher. She made a D in it the first time.
******* was a required course for the program when she enrolled to the program.
******* was being used as an Area of Concentration Elective for the catalog of enrollment she was under.
We welcome Ms. ******** to reenter into the Criminal Justice program at Virginia College.
If she were to re-enter today and assuming that the course curriculum has not changed and the courses she completed are not too old to apply to the program she would need the following courses to complete the bachelor program:

1. *******
2. *******
3. *******
4. *******
5. *******
6. *******
7. *******
8. 1 Course for Humanities and Fine Arts Gen Education category

We have found that there are no errors in advising at this time. We are performing a secondary review of Ms. ********'s classes to ensure that there are no possible errors. I am requesting an extension until Friday, June 20, 2014 to follow up with additional information if warranted.

Our absolute goal is for Ms. ******** to be successful. We would value the opportunity for Ms. ******** to return to Virginia College and complete her Bachelor Degree and continue on to further success in her life.

Please let us know if there is further information needed.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I was told at one time by **** ? from VC, I only needed to classes to finished. This is what is wrong with VC every time you call you never get the same person. I am looking for the email that was sent to me. So far I have not located that email. I was told I had 3 classes to take.
VC is saying they will let me come back and take 2 class and they will waive the tuition meaning I will have 4 classes to pay for that i dont have.
VC is wanting the tuition paid up front.
This is not right I have paid over $60,000 plus for my degree.....I got over the hours needed..
This is not right and I'm very disappointed.

Final Business Response
Once a student withdraws from a program and chooses to re-enter at a later time, they are subject to the current program. As the program is, Ms. ******** will be required to take the remaining, required classes in the program of study. At this time, we are still offering to waive the cost of her next two classes of her 6 remaining courses.
Our goal is for her to finish her degreeand be able to use what she has learned while at Virginia College earning her degree to enhance her life and future.

Please let us know if there is anything further that we can do to successfully resolve this situation.

Thank you

02/05/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I was told I had enough financial aid to cover my classes by **** ****** and later was told I did not by someone else in fiancial aid the next term.
In October 2010, I sent an email to my financial aid advisor **** ****** asking if I had enough to cover me for the remainder of my classes because ******* my academic advisor had called me and said that I did not have enough. **** assured me through email that as long as I sent back in the verification documents there would be enough to cover my tuition cost. I sent in those documents and also let her know that if there was not enough aid or even if it looked like it would possibly not be enough to let me know because I could not afford anything out of pocket. Her response was that I was okay and had enough to cover it. I went ahead with my classes and when it was time to register for the next term I was informed of a balance of around $800/900. I called and called trying to explain what **** had told me through email and everyone kept passing me to someone else but no one wanted to talk to me. I left voicemail after voicemail and no one called back. I dont understand where the balance came from and never got anything explaining it. I always thought tuition had to be covered before you could take classes but at Virginia College that was not the case. This balance appeared several months later. The college even sent me a refund check right before I was informed of this mysterious balance. At this point I am trying to get back in school and need my transcript but ****** ***** stated it could not be processed and I explained my situation to her but as of right now she has not responded either. I should not owe a balance because the person who figures the amount of aid available messed up. It is not fair and I cannot get around needing my transcript. I started school there in 2007 and left in 2011. I regret ever attending because all I have is debt and no one helped me find a job like I was promised and now I have to start from scratch because no other school will take my credits but I need the transcript. I want my balance cleared. I can provide the emails as proof.

Desired Settlement
I want this balance removed and my transcript sent.

Business Response
We understand that *** ******** is frustrated with the requirements regarding federal funding, however, disbursement requirements and the budget periods are mandated by the Department of Education. Therefore, we are unable to apply *** ********'s suggestion of budgeting students by term instead of by the payment period regulations. Students are provided their budget information at the beginning of the budget period so that they can see what their charges are and their incoming disbursements for each term within that budget period.

We do have a Career Services department as well, and I have forwarded *** ********'s information so they can reach out to her to provide support in securing employment. This is a benefit offered to all of our graduates, we simply need to be notified when they are not working and need our assistance.

We sincerely wish *** ******** the best of luck, and look forward to receiving a returned call so that we can provide support.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Final Business Response
******* ******** disclosed personal financial information previously withheld on January 26th. Due to this additional information, *** ********'s transcript will be released. This information can be provided to the BBB if a signed release by the student is provided to share this information.

We sincerely wish the best for *** ******** in the future!

07/30/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Virginia College failed to provide information regarding balance on my account, I disgree and want balance removed and I'm requesting my transcipts.
I am filing this complaint due to customer service issues and mostly billing/collection issues. Virginia College has refused to release my transcripts stating I owe a balance of approximately $300. I have never been notified in writing or by phone of this balance. I have had the same contact information and address since I first enrolled in school. My address recently changed in 2012. Back in 2010 I received an official and unofficial copy of my transcripts. The transcripts were also sent to ********** of ******* back in 2010 as well. On around June 17, 2013 I contacted ******* **** (XXX-XXX-XXXX) requesting my transcripts. She then advised me of this balance on my account and stated I could not have my transcripts until the balance was paid. I explained to her that I should not have a balance and requested something in writing stating my account history and to show where this balance accumulated from. I also explained that I received financial aid the entire time I was enrolled at Virginia College and that it is not my fault if the school did not apply or disburse the funds appropriately. I was told that she would have to get with her supervisor to find out where this balance was from. She informed me that she would speak with someone because she could not tell where the balance was from. She advised me that she would call me back once she had some information for me. I never received a call back and I have had to call ******* repeatedly for a resolution. Virginia College has failed to correct these billing errors, substantiate the charges or provide me with billing statements reflecting what the charges are for. Finally, on June 28, 2013 I called to advise ******* that I have waited almost 2 weeks and that this was unacceptable that she still had not resolved this issue. At that point, I requested to speak with a supervisor. She transferred me to someone named *****. He then put me on hold for over 20 minutes and then the phone disconnected. I attempted to call back immediately, but could not get through because the recording said the office was closed. The supervisor ***** did not attempt to call me back at all after he had me on hold for that long period of time or after the phone disconnected. I have received terrible customer service from Virginia College and this issue still has not been resolved. There have been several people I have spoke with regarding this issue and has been told this is something that the school always does in regards to someone requesting their transcripts. I want to reiterate that there is just no way I should have a balance or owe Virginia College any amount of money.

Desired Settlement
I am requesting that Virginia College send an official copy of my transcripts to ****************** at ******************************************* PHONE: ************ FAX:************** I'm also requesting an unofficial copy to be mailed to me at my home address: *******************************, ********* Last, I am requesting that this incorrect balance on my account be removed so that I do not encounter these same issues in the future.

Business' Initial Response
Response for Complaint #XXXXXXXX:

We do not want to prevent *** ****** from continuing her education due to a balance that was created in 2008. In an effort of good faith, we are willing to take care of this balance for *** ****** and release her transcript to address she will need to provide.

We are attempting to reach *** ****** by phone to communicate this decision directly.
*** **** ****** & ** ********
************************ *******
************** XXXXX

Business' Final Response
Since the original submission of the complaint response on 7/16/13, we have spoken to Ms. ******. Her transcripts have already been mailed and a copy of her ledger reflecting the resolution of her balance was provided as she requested.

04/08/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Account is showing a balance that I should not be responsible for due to communication issues.
I attended the online program through Virgina College. The last semester I attended I was enrolled in 3 classes, when I logged in for the 1st time I saw the semester had already began. I contacted the professors and they told me I was responsible for the past 3 weeks of assignments or I would receive an F. I immediately logged out and contacted my adviser, she explained that she forgot to inform me about the semester already being 3 weeks in (and at this point she informed me not to log in). I asked to be withdrew from classes because there was no way to catch up in 3 classes. She advise me she would take care of it, and was sorry. I then receive a bill for almost********* I call my adviser she told me I was responsible for the balance because I logged into my classes. I voiced my complaint because I never did the 1st thing in these classes, was only logged in about 5 mins. I then talked to her supervisor, and a financial rep. I was then told the issue would be looked into. I never heard anything back for the school. I then received a collection notice, and a hold on my transcript. I should not have to pay $********* for classes I did not take, and since I was not informed about the semester already being 3 weeks in. If I was told that simple fact I would have never logged in.

Desired Settlement
I want the balance on my account taken care of (credit report fixed), my transcript fixed to show I withdraw from those classes instead of Failing, and my transcript hold lifted.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title:******************
Contact Phone: ************
Response for Complaint #********
**************** enrolled at our Virginia College - Online campus in June 2008, withdrew effective June 2009, and later reentered in June of 2011.

Ms. ********* delayed entry and concerns about catching up with her classes are well documented and valid. For this reason, the institution has agreed to waive the portion of tuition that she was charged so that she has no tuition obligations for the referenced term. Had the student followed our Grievance Process established to assist students with their concerns, we would have been able to rectify this unusual situation much sooner. The satisfaction of our students is of great importance to our institution and we have created this process to give them every opportunity to be heard.

Ms. ******* also requested that we remove the failing grades from her transcript. This, unfortunately, cannot be done because they were not a result of her withdrawal from her re-entry. The F's Ms. ******* received were from when she withdrew from her original enrollment at the end of a term.

The final request listed was the release of her transcript. Today I received confirmation that a copy of her Official Transcript has been mailed to the address provided by the student. She should expect to receive this by the middle of next week and is more than welcome to contact me directly if she does not receive it for any reason.

I have attempted to reach Ms. ******* by phone to review all of these items but I was unsuccessful. I left a voicemail with my contact information and I hope to receive a returned call so that I can speak with her personally. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and I hope to see her return to school to complete her degree so that we can help her reach her career goals. We have staff in place to assist with any additional questions or concerns and this information is available in our catalog which can be found on our website************

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01/22/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I signed up for an online course and the software didn't work so I drop the course. They gave me an *** and the **** recouped $1000 from me.
Back in 2009 I signed up to take a couple of online courses. I passed the 1st course and then I started the second course which was "Keyboarding" and the software the school sent me would not work on my computer at home. I spoke several times with their IT department and we could not get it to work so i dropped the class. They gave me a**** and 4 years later the ******** recouped $1000 from me because the school still took the*********** money even though I dropped from the program. Now they will not return any calls and they will not payback the military the $1000 they gave and also failed to tell them I dropped the program asa whole after the horrible costomer service I received from the school as well.***************************************************** it was a pretty big hit when the was $1000 missing from one of my paychecks. The********* will not reimburse me until the school pays back the Army.

Desired Settlement
I want them to pay the ******** back the $100 they accepted even after I dropped from the program even though they accepted the money fully knowing I had a bunch of technical issues. HORRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Business Response
Student claims he signed up for an online course with Virginia College Online (VCO) in 2009 and the software didn't work, so he dropped the course. He was disgruntled that VCO gave him a grade of** and the***** recouped $1000 from him four years later (recently) since that is standard practice for veteran students who do not pass a course. He was further frustrated because he claimed that VCO would not return his calls nor pay back the ******** the $1000 tuition. He was deducted the money from his paycheck from the **** and states that he will not be compensated the monies until the***** is paid the $1000 by VCO.

In order to ameliorate the student's complaint, VCO elected to write off the $1000 and send that amount directly to the student since he was impacted financially.

We sincerely wish *********** the best of luck with his future education and career!

Final Consumer Response
I have called over 5 times and left messages and****** or anyone in her office has called me back or emailed regarding the $1000 that is being recouped from me regarding a course I dropped years ago. They said they were going to write of the $1000 and send me a check however they will NOT get in contact with me after I have left several messages with *********** (Dean of Students). Once again the professionalism of this schoola nd communication is nothing short of embarassing. Someone call me or email please so I can make this problem go away.

Final Business Response
The first and only voicemail received by Mr. O'Brien was received on 1/21/14. We have spoken with him today and he expressed gratitude on the phone. We unfortunately cannot be by the phone each time a call comes in, so it is important to leave messages. We expect ************* requests to all have been met by this Friday. Should he need any additional information, we would like to suggest using email to ensure timely and appropriate responses. The email address provided to student with grievances is as follows:*************************** There are two individuals in the ********* role who will both receive and respond to his emails timely.

08/06/2014Problems with Product / Service
05/16/2014Advertising / Sales Issues
03/27/2013Billing / Collection Issues
06/08/2012Problems with Product / Service

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