BBB Breaks Record with 8th Annual Secure Your Identity Event

April 30, 2014

Downtown Ford’s Auction Lot was bustling with cars this past Saturday, not for the usual used car auctions that take place once a month, but for the BBB Secure Your Identity (Shred Day) event.

Over 340 individuals brought documents containing personal information to be commercially shredded totaling over 27,000 pounds and nearly 11,000 pounds of electronic equipment to be e-cycled.  That’s an 18% increase in attendance over last year.  

This BBB event is held annually in April to help promote identity protection and is sponsored by Huntington bank.

Amanda Tietze, spokesperson for the BBB states “Identity theft is more prevalent than ever and people need a safe and secure way to dispose of their personal information. This type of event, not only helps protect your identity, but is also beneficial to the environment. All paper and electronics are recycled keeping them out of landfills”.

According to the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC), Consumer Sentinel Network report for 2013, nearly 300,000 victims of identity theft were reported. Identity theft topped the list as the number one form of fraud with identity theft occurring once every 79 seconds.