Advanced Fee Loan Company Using Fake Local Address

April 08, 2014

MoneyPak CardsApril 8, 2014, Charleston, WV - The BBB is warning consumers of an advanced fee loan company that is using a fake local address in hopes to appear legitimate to loan applicants. 

The BBB has received numerous phone calls from consumers stating Lendwell Financial Services advertises loans for consumers with blemished credit at a significantly lower rate. As part of the loan process, applicants are asked to provide a cosigner or an insurance deposit in order to get the loan. The deposit is to be added onto a Green Dot MoneyPak card or sent via Western Union. Some applicants were instructed to send as much as $600 via the MoneyPak card before they would be able to receive the loan.

Investigations conducted by the BBB reveal that the address listed on the company's website of 1601 2nd Ave, Charleston, WV 25387 is actually occupied by several other businesses including: Right At Home and the Alzheimer's Association. The third space at the address is currently available for rent. 

Frank Cilona, BBB CEO states "It's heartbreaking when you hear about people sending advanced fees for these types of loans. Often times, the money they are sending could be used to pay their rent or buy groceries for their families. In the end, they have no loan, are out their $600 and they are worse off then when they started".

Further BBB investigation revealed the email address being used by a representative of Lendwell Financial Services is linked to another advanced fee loan company based in Georgia by the name of Blazer Financial. The Georgia BBB gives Blazer Financial an "F Rating". The BBB has made several attempts in contacting Lendwell Financial Services via phone,  however the company has not responded. 

The BBB would like to remind consumers, it is illegal for companies doing business in the United States to promise you a loan or credit card and ask you to pay fees for it before they deliver. Consumers should use caution when conducting business with this company or any business offering loans with an advanced fee.

Consumers should check on any loan company before signing loan paperwork or sending money by contacting the BBB at 800-362-0494 or