Out-of-State Security Company Soliciting Local Consumers Door-to-Door

July 30, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012 - Canton, Ohio - The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been receiving an influx of phone calls from consumers concerning an out-of-state security company that is going door-to-door in local neighborhoods. Vivint, Inc., based in Utah, sells wireless home security systems nationwide.

"Calls started coming in to our office last week. As the week went on, the calls increased", said Amanda Tietze, VP of Public Relations for the Better Business Bureau.

"The company is really targeting this area right now and it's making consumers leery; we've received over 100 calls int he past week alone", said Tietze.

Vivint, Inc. currently has a C- rating with the Utah BBB, several governmental actions, and nearly 1,400 complaints from consumers. The governmental action suits were filed from the states of Oregon, ARkansas and California from between 2009 - 2011. Some of the judgments against the company include:

  • using various false or misleading sales tactics by door-to-door;
  • sales representatives including offering "free" security systems to consumers;
  • aggressive sales tactics;
  • refusing to leave consumers'' homes;
  • claiming partnerships with fire or police associations in order to close the sale;
  • misrepresented the character and nature of the goods and services being marketed and sold;
  • failed to provide an accurate description of the terms and conditions applicable to the sale of its goods and services;
  • violated the consumer's absolute right to cancel by installing alarms prior to the expiration of the three-day cancellation period;
  • falsely represented that consumers have been specially selected to receive the services for free in exchange for displaying a sign;
  • committed acts which constitute a deceptive trade practice;
  • provided a consumer with an agreement which contains provision that were not included in the Defendant's oral sales presentation;

The Better Business Bureau recommends the following tips when dealing with any door-to-door salesperson.

  1. Ask for identification before allowing someone in your home - Always ask the salesperson for their name, company information and license verification. Do not accept general statements such as from "the security company" or "your alarm company".
  2. Take time to read through the contract before signing anything. - Beware of a salesperson who insists that you sign a contract immediately. A professional salesperson will take time to answer your questions and clarify information. Read each worked of the contract and understand exactly what you are signing. Make sure you get, in writing, your monthly rate, the length of your contract and any other fees you will incur from this product or service.
  3. Know your rights - Consumers who purchase an alarm system from a door-to-door salesperson and later feel they have been deceived may be eligible for a refund. Under the FTC's Cooling-Off Rule, they can void a contract and get a full refund if you contact the company within three days of the sale.
  4. Get more than one quote - Consumers should contact more than one company to get a quote for any service.
  5. Check out the company - Be proactive in researching the company. Check the internet, and with the Better Business Bureau for complaint history.

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