Senior Citizens League Soliciting Donations From Local Seniors

May 06, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013 - Canton, Ohio - The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received several calls from local elderly consumers concerned with mailings received from Senior Citizens League (SCL).

The Senior Citizens League is a lobbying group for seniors and related issues. The organization is known for lobbying the cause that fights for social security reform on behalf of "notch babies" a term used to describe people born between 1917 - 1926. sums the issues as:

Changes to the Social Security system in the 1970's intruduced cost of living adjustments to benefits. However, the formula was flawed and boosted benefits by more than inflation. With red faces all around, Congress ordered a rethink on the formula. So, the Social Security Administration phased in a new system over five years from 1977.

The SCL supposedly has lobbied for years for social security reform for "Notch baby". As a result, this age group received less than people who benefited from the original, flawed formula. Some new receipients claimed they lost out. A chart graph plotting the benefits shows a deep plunge or the shape of a "V" or a "notch" promting the term notch baby.

The urgent sounding mailings sent to seniors on behalf of SCL are seeking donations that will help promote the organizations agenda to preserve the social security trust fund.  SCL's mailings describe how the Social Security Trust Fund is being raided by politicians and/or inform the beneficiary he or she is not receiving the appropriate benefit amount.

"These Seniors are scared that if they don't contribute to help sustain the trust fund, they will eventually risk losing the check from Social Security they depend on to survive", states Frank Cilona, BBB CEO. "When in reality, there is no guarantee that Senior Citizens League will get their bills introduced, read or passed by Congress and there are no guarantees you will receive any settlement".

The direct mailings ask for campaign donations for as must as $50. It does allow citizens to declare they cannot bive, but support the cause.

If you or someone you know receive a similar mailing the Better Business Bureau suggest you contact your local elected officials directly regarding legislation that may affect your Social Security benefits, rather than sending money time after time to intermediary organizations. 

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