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PatentHealth Retains Accreditation with the Canton BBB
July 17, 2012

Canton, Ohio – July 13, 2012

- The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Serving Canton Region/Greater West Virginia is announcing that after a lengthy review from its Board of Directors, PatentHealth, LLC has been re-instated as a BBB accredited business.

"I want to thank our Board of Directors, who put many hours of their personal time into working diligently with the principals of PatentHealth," said BBB President/CEO, Frank Cilona.

Over the course of nearly four years, the BBB, National Advertising Division (N.A.D.), National Advertising Review Board (N.A.R.B.) and PatentHealth have been reviewing an advertisement for one of PatentHealth’s products. "This matter needed to be addressed now so we can move forward and do what’s best for all parties involved," said Cilona. "Our objective is to help companies be better businesses and work within our standards. Those that don’t, we revoke their accreditation. Those who are willing to work to resolve issues and concerns, we help. PatentHealth has shown us an overwhelming desire to work through issues presented by the BBB," said Cilona.

In February 2012, the Board of Directors voted to revoke PatentHealth’s accreditation status due to the N.A.D ruling that stated PatentHealth did not conform to the recommendations they requested in their February 2011 report. The N.A.D.’s decision was upheld by the N.A.R.B. and subsequently, PatentHealth was informed that they had had not made a "bona fide" attempt to bring their advertising into compliance with the recommendations in the N.A.D. or N.A.R.B. decisions. Therefore, the N.A.D. felt that the self-regulatory process had been exhausted.

In April 2012, PatentHealth made an appeal to the BBB Board of Directors in an effort to respond to the N.A.D. ruling. At that meeting, Company Chairman, Rodney Napier; Managing Council, Monica Wallace; former FTC Attorney & former N.A.R.B. Panel Member, Barry Cutler; and local attorney, Lee Plakis represented PatentHealth. After the appeal hearing, the BBB Board of Directors met several more times to weigh the evidence brought forth by PatentHealth and developed an affidavit that

PatentHealth Chairman, Rodney Napier signed. The BBB Board then rendered its decision, and reinstated PatentHealth’s BBB accreditation and previous "A" rating.

The affidavit clearly lists five recommendations from the N.A.D. that Mr. Napier has committed to performing as of June 2012. Moving forward, the BBB serving Canton/Greater West Virginia will work closely with PatentHealth to monitor this agreement and will advise of any necessary alterations to PatentHealth’s advertisements. Any deviation from this affidavit will result in immediate revocation from the BBB. PatentHealth retains its original "A" rating, as it did prior to the N.A.D. ruling.

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