Steer Clear of Gas-Saving Schemes

June 03, 2011

June 3, 2011 – With no end to high gas prices in sight, the Better Business Bureau warns consumers to not fall for tempting products and schemes said to help save money at the pump. Most of them are simply too good to be true.

When it comes to products that you can attach to your car or add to your fuel, be very skeptical of their performance. Over the past decade, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tested more than 100 gas-saving devices and hasn’t identified any that significantly improve gas mileage. In fact, they’ve determined that some could eventually cause engine damage.

Some products might make a slight difference, but claims of a drastic improvement in your fuel economy are red flags of a rip-off. Also, beware of anyone claiming their product has been “approved by the Federal Government.”

The marketing of supposed miraculous gas gadgets has occurred during every gas crisis period since the mid-1970s. But in more recent years we’ve been seeing problems with things like gas “prizes” and clubs.

When it comes to offers like free gas cards, vouchers or gas-saving clubs, understand that what is advertised may not be what you really get.

For example, consumers have reported to the BBB in Denver Colorado that a company called SA & Associates calls and claims the consumer has won a $300 gas card but the company needs to deliver in person. According to complaints, the company arrives without the gift card and tries to sell them a vacuum. Consumers state that instead of a $300 gas card they are given rebate form to apply for $25 rebates for every $100 they spend in gas, up to $300 in rebates.

The BBB advises to understand all of the details of any gas-saving program or product before you agree to participate or purchase.

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