BBB Structure


BBB is an unbiased organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business behavior. Businesses that earn BBB accredited business status contractually agree and adhere to the organization’s high standards of ethical business behavior. BBB provides objective advice, free business Reliability Reports and charity Wise Giving Reports, and educational information on topics affecting marketplace trust. To further promote trust, BBB also offers complaint and dispute resolution support for consumers and businesses when there is difference in viewpoints. The first BBB was founded in 1912. Today, 113 BBBs serve communities across the U.S., Canada and Mexico evaluating and monitoring more than 3 million local and national businesses and charities.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus(CBBB) is the national umbrella organization for the North American system of Better Business Bureaus. Like the BBB system, CBBB is dedicated to fostering honest and responsive relationships between businesses and consumers -- instilling consumer confidence and contributing to a trustworthy marketplace for all.