New Accredited Businesses


 Welcome New BBB Accredited Businesses...

The following firms have joined us during March, April & May. Accreditation is by invitation only and we must refuse a number of firms which don't meet our standards. 

Business Joined State
663 Exteriors LLC 4/11/2016 OH
Absolute Auto & Truck Technicians, Inc. 4/1/2016 OH
Accident Referral Services 5/1/2016 OH
All Comfort Heating and Cooling, LLC 5/18/2016 OH
Alley Cat Signs Inc 3/1/2016 WV
Appalachian Machine Inc 3/3/2016 WV
Belden Drive Thru 5/5/2016 OH
Bethel Miller Memorials 4/27/2016 OH
Bill's Cobbler Shop 5/1/2016 OH
Bleifus Tire Service Inc. 5/18/2016 WV
Brown and Sons Construction LLC 5/10/2016 WV
Canton Air Sports 3/22/2016 OH
Canton Christian Home Inc 4/19/2016 OH
Canton Hardwood Sales 5/1/2016 OH
City Auto Sales 5/17/2016 OH
City Motors 5/17/2016 OH
Corbett Construction 4/15/2016 OH
Corbett Construction 4/15/2016 OH
Core Development LLC 3/10/2016 WV
CottageCare, Inc 3/8/2016 WV
Crawl Space & Basement Solutions 3/3/2016 WV
Critter Control of Akron Canton LLC 4/13/2016 OH
Cross Country Mortgage, Inc. 4/5/2016 WV
Dan Buck Chevrolet LLC 5/5/2016 OH
Dean Paving Co Inc 4/18/2016 WV
Drive Now Automotive Inc 4/19/2016 OH
Earp Construction & Excavating Company Inc 3/3/2016 WV
Elkins Motorsports & LEV Autos Inc 5/12/2016 WV
Exit 111 AAA Tractor Trailer Repair 5/1/2016 OH
Farmside Furniture LLC. 4/21/2016 OH
Feazel 5/18/2016 OH
Feuchtenberger & Barringer Legal Corp 3/17/2016 WV
Five Star Store It - Alliance 4/21/2016 OH
Friel Family Construction LLC 5/3/2016 OH
Friends And Family Credit Union 4/18/2016 OH
GNW Aluminum, Inc. 5/24/2016 OH
Gold -N- Gallery Inc 4/4/2016 OH
Gold Star Security 5/2/2016 OH
Goldy Auto LLC 4/6/2016 WV
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co 4/22/2016 OH
Grandview Landscaping & Decks 4/8/2016 OH
Grove Lawn & Marine, Inc. 5/3/2016 WV
Hackney's Carpet & Cleaning Service 3/3/2016 OH
Harless Construction, Inc 5/1/2016 WV
I-68 Towing, LLC 3/3/2016 WV
Integrity Caulking & Sealing, LLC 4/5/2016 OH
JD Remodeling LLC 4/19/2016 OH
JEC Construction 5/13/2016 WV
Joe A Brand 5/12/2016 OH
Knob View Woodworking 4/14/2016 OH
Lanora's Picture Framing 3/9/2016 WV
Leeson's Import Motors Inc 5/12/2016 WV
Let Me Do It Construction 3/3/2016 WV
LifeSeeds LLC 3/1/2016 WV
Lifetime Dreams Real Estate Services LLC 3/3/2016 WV
Lutz Landscaping & Management Inc 4/4/2016 OH
Mackenzie's Flowerworks & Gifts LLC 4/4/2016 WV
Managers Resource Group Inc 3/3/2016 WV
Meadowlane Furniture 5/13/2016 OH
Miller's Hickory Rockers 5/26/2016 OH
Mother Goose Land Child Care Center 3/3/2016 WV
Move It Now of Canton 5/18/2016 OH
Mt Eaton Trailer LLC 5/1/2016 OH
Murphy Builders 5/27/2016 WV
Neel's Fence Company Residential LLC 5/19/2016 WV
Opening Day Lawn & Landscape LLC 4/14/2016 OH
Perfect Power Wash Canton Ohio 4/19/2016 OH
Pleasant Valley Plumbing LTD 4/13/2016 OH
Pray Technology Solutions 3/3/2016 WV
Right Choice Exteriors 5/12/2016 OH
Rinker's Automotive, LLC 5/1/2016 WV
Safe Streets USA, LLC 4/18/2016 WV
Schrock's Heritage Furniture LLC 4/4/2016 OH
Setzer's World of Camping, Inc 5/5/2016 WV
Six Pac's LLC 4/4/2016 OH
Skip's RV & Auto Repair Inc 5/26/2016 WV
Somerdale Inn 3/16/2016 OH
Spartan Restoration 3/11/2016 OH
Stennett Insurance Agency LLC 3/16/2016 WV
Todd Michel Construction LTD 3/3/2016 OH
Top Hat Stoves & Pools Inc 5/19/2016 WV
Top Tec Transmissions 4/8/2016 WV
Toys And Tots Daycare 3/3/2016 WV
Trent Insurance Services LLC 5/13/2016 WV
Tri State Truck & Diesel LLC 3/1/2016 WV
Tri State Welding Supplies Inc 4/11/2016 WV
Troyer's Windmill Sales 3/4/2016 OH
Two Guys Towing & Recovery Corp 5/5/2016 WV
Vapor Station 3/22/2016 OH
Varner Construction Company LLC 3/16/2016 WV
Windy Hill Hardwoods, Inc. 3/29/2016 OH